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Alachua County Land Patents 1898 - 1899

This is a list of all Homestead, Cash Entry and Armed Occupation Act Patents for the area that became present day Alachua County.
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Last Name First Name Signature
Authority Acres
Harrell Joseph W. 2/24/1898 FL0930__.241 Homestead Entry 160.4
Lanier Marcus S. 2/24/1898 FL0930__.274 Homestead Entry 40.09
Means Rosetta 2/24/1898 FL0930__.301 Homestead Entry 160.04
Sheffield John B. 4/6/1898 FL0930__.362 Homestead Entry 62
Harrison Wesley 4/6/1898 FL0930__.375 Homestead Entry 40.04
Bennett Joseph A. 5/16/1898 FL0300__.070 Sale-Cash 159.75
Trapp Anthony J. 8/15/1898 FL0940__.166 Homestead Entry 40.69
Sams Harry S. 10/4/1898 FL0940__.224 Homestead Entry 39.05
Purvis Abram 12/12/1898 FL0940__.307 Homestead Entry 40.2
Johnson Roland 12/17/1898 FL0940__.345 Homestead Entry 79.91
Mcleod Harvey 12/17/1898 FL0940__.346 Homestead Entry 120.12
Long Nancy 1/23/1899 FL0940__.366 Homestead Entry 120.04
Williams Hector 5/12/1899 FL0940__.471 Homestead Entry 40
Webb Scipio 5/12/1899 FL0940__.477 Homestead Entry 79.98
Davis David 5/12/1899 FL0990__.015 Homestead Entry 47.95
Hunt James 5/12/1899 FL0990__.063 Homestead Entry 40.02
Gray Julia 5/12/1899 FL0990__.084 Homestead Entry 40.04
Young Della 5/22/1899 FL0990__.118 Homestead Entry 160.04
Rogers William R. 5/22/1899 FL0990__.141 Homestead Entry 80.11
Durant Sidney 6/13/1899 FL0990__.186 Homestead Entry 80.09
Goff Elizabeth 6/28/1899 FL0990__.247 Homestead Entry 159.92
Berry Frank 6/28/1899 FL0990__.252 Homestead Entry 79.69
Canty John M. 9/7/1899 FL0990__.411 Homestead Entry 80.08
Dean Charles 9/30/1899 FL0990__.422 Homestead Entry 75.5
Brewer Frank 11/4/1899 FL0990__.452 Homestead Entry 39.05
Amos George 11/4/1899 FL0990__.453 Homestead Entry 39.64
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