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Alachua County Land Patent Descriptions
Descriptions FL0250__.294 to FL0320__.485

This is a list of all Homestead, Cash Entry and Armed Occupation Act Patents for the area that became present day Alachua County.
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Last Name Accession Number Land Office Parcel Description Section/Township/Range
Campbell FL0250__.294 Tallahassee   24/2 North/4 West
Bennett FL0300__.070 Newnansville NW 28/8 South/18 East
Bailey FL0300__.113 Gainesville WSE 12/8 South/20 East
Sikes FL0300__.144 Newnansville SENE 34/8 South/18 East
Bryant FL0300__.147 Gainesville SESE 8/7 South/18 East
Jones FL0300__.175 Newnansville NESW 34/7 South/21 East
Vinzant FL0300__.212 Tallahassee ESW 25/6 South/18 East
Sikes FL0300__.226 Gainesville 2 26/8 South/18 East
Thomas FL0300__.227 Newnansville NWSW 32/7 South/21 East
Turner FL0300__.267 Newnansville NWNE 13/8 South/19 East
Desha FL0300__.269 Newnansville 3 21/8 South/22 East
Rawls FL0300__.290 Gainesville NWSE 28/8 South/18 East
Stokes FL0300__.346 Newnansville SNW 4/10 South/22 East
Goolsby FL0300__.379 Gainesville S12 18/8 South/20 East
Sanders FL0300__.387 Gainesville NWSW 28/8 South/18 East
Gibbons FL0310__.005 St. Augustine WNE 2/9 South/18 East
Delaney FL0310__.007 St. Augustine ESW 24/9 South/18 East
Thompson FL0310__.010 St. Augustine ENE 12/9 South/18 East
Warren FL0310__.012 St. Augustine ENE 14/9 South/18 East
Reed FL0320__.006 St. Augustine ESW 33/7 South/18 East
Dell FL0320__.016 St. Augustine ESE 28/7 South/18 East
Mattair FL0320__.022 St. Augustine SW 26/7 South/18 East
Dell FL0320__.043 St. Augustine ESE 35/7 South/18 East
Stanley FL0320__.046 St. Augustine NENE 14/7 South/19 East
Townsend FL0320__.050 St. Augustine ENE 28/7 South/18 East
Dell FL0320__.055 St. Augustine ENE 15/7 South/18 East
Townsend FL0320__.056 St. Augustine WSW 10/7 South/18 East
Stanly FL0320__.057 St. Augustine SW 8/8 South/19 East
Carter FL0320__.058 St. Augustine ENW 32/8 South/19 East
Stanly FL0320__.059 St. Augustine SE 7/8 South/19 East
Mattair FL0320__.066 St. Augustine NE 26/7 South/18 East
Dell FL0320__.070 St. Augustine ESE 27/7 South/18 East
Mattair FL0320__.071 St. Augustine ENW 27/7 South/18 East
Thomas FL0320__.072 St. Augustine WSW 35/6 South/17 East
Dell FL0320__.075 St. Augustine ESW 11/7 South/18 East
Tucker FL0320__.077 St. Augustine SESE 29/7 South/18 East
Mattair FL0320__.081 St. Augustine ESE 23/7 South/18 East
Mattair FL0320__.085 St. Augustine WNE 23/7 South/18 East
Dell FL0320__.097 St. Augustine WNE 15/7 South/18 East
Lowe FL0320__.099 St. Augustine NWNW 33/7 South/18 East
Dell FL0320__.110 St. Augustine NW 13/7 South/18 East
Mott FL0320__.112 St. Augustine SW 12/7 South/18 East
Sanchez FL0320__.116 St. Augustine NWNW 35/6 South/17 East
Richard FL0320__.185 St. Augustine E3 2/7 South/18 East
Cason FL0320__.199 St. Augustine ENE 2/7 South/18 East
Cason FL0320__.201 St. Augustine   1/7 South/18 East
Dell FL0320__.202 St. Augustine WNE 22/7 South/18 East
Richard FL0320__.216 St. Augustine ESW 35/6 South/18 East
Richard FL0320__.217 St. Augustine W1 2/7 South/18 East
Worthington FL0320__.218 St. Augustine NW 33/6 South/19 East
Worthington FL0320__.219 St. Augustine WNE 32/6 South/19 East
Mott FL0320__.221 St. Augustine WNE 21/7 South/19 East
Tucker FL0320__.227 St. Augustine SWSW 28/7 South/18 East
Dell FL0320__.233 St. Augustine WSW 35/7 South/18 East
Dell FL0320__.234 St. Augustine ENE 34/7 South/18 East
Lowe FL0320__.237 St. Augustine SENW 33/7 South/18 East
Forman FL0320__.251 St. Augustine 5 25/12 South/21 East
Forman FL0320__.252 St. Augustine 6 26/12 South/21 East
Thomas FL0320__.276 St. Augustine 1 27/8 South/22 East
Thomas FL0320__.277 St. Augustine 1 34/8 South/22 East
Mcneil FL0320__.280 St. Augustine WSE 18/8 South/19 East
Searle FL0320__.303 St. Augustine NWNE 36/10 South/22 East
Searle FL0320__.305 St. Augustine WSW 36/10 South/22 East
Searle FL0320__.306 St. Augustine WNW 1/11 South/22 East
Tucker FL0320__.343 St. Augustine SESE 17/7 South/19 East
Carter FL0320__.353 St. Augustine WNW 6/8 South/19 East
Carter FL0320__.361 St. Augustine NE 6/8 South/19 East
Mott FL0320__.365 St. Augustine WNW 7/8 South/19 East
Taylor FL0320__.367 St. Augustine WNE 18/8 South/19 East
Taylor FL0320__.369 St. Augustine SSW 7/8 South/19 East
Mcneill FL0320__.372 St. Augustine NENW 6/8 South/19 East
Dell FL0320__.385 St. Augustine WNW 18/7 South/18 East
Olmsted FL0320__.401 St. Augustine SE 3/8 South/18 East
Standley FL0320__.404 St. Augustine WNE 29/8 South/19 East
Dell FL0320__.406 St. Augustine WNW 2/8 South/18 East
Dell FL0320__.407 St. Augustine ESW 35/7 South/18 East
Worthington FL0320__.413 St. Augustine ENE 32/6 South/19 East
Horn FL0320__.419 St. Augustine SE 1/8 South/18 East
Pendarvis FL0320__.422 St. Augustine SW 2/8 South/18 East
Dell FL0320__.424 St. Augustine ENE 27/7 South/18 East
Standley FL0320__.425 St. Augustine SW 17/8 South/19 East
Dell FL0320__.426 St. Augustine ENE 33/7 South/18 East
Dell FL0320__.427 St. Augustine WNW 34/7 South/18 East
Goodbread FL0320__.431 St. Augustine ENW 11/8 South/18 East
Heck FL0320__.451 St. Augustine WSE 33/8 South/19 East
Reed FL0320__.466 St. Augustine WSE 34/7 South/18 East
Mott FL0320__.478 St. Augustine NWNW 22/7 South/19 East
Mathews FL0320__.479 St. Augustine ENW 30/6 South/18 East
Mott FL0320__.481 St. Augustine SWSW 15/7 South/18 East
Sparkman FL0320__.485 St. Augustine 2 10/9 South/22 East

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