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Alachua County Land Patent Descriptions
Descriptions FL0330__.047 to FL0350__.599

This is a list of all Homestead, Cash Entry and Armed Occupation Act Patents for the area that became present day Alachua County.
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Last Name Accession Number Land Office Parcel Description Section/Township/Range
Warren FL0330__.047  St. Augustine  NW  12/7 South/18 East 
Mott FL0330__.053  St. Augustine  E½NE  14/7 South/18 East 
Stanley FL0330__.060  St. Augustine  NW  8/8 South/19 East 
Clark FL0330__.061  St. Augustine  SWSW  32/7 South/20 East 
Sanchez FL0330__.062  St. Augustine  E½SW  25/8 South/18 East 
Sanchez FL0330__.063  St. Augustine  NW  36/8 South/18 East 
Cason FL0330__.077  St. Augustine  NESE  6/7 South/19 East 
Cason FL0330__.081  St. Augustine  SWNE  5/7 South/19 East 
Garner FL0330__.090  St. Augustine  NWSE  34/7 South/21 East 
Parson FL0330__.095  St. Augustine  NESW  34/8 South/21 East 
Kelly FL0330__.102  St. Augustine  E½SE  25/8 South/18 East 
Dell FL0330__.189  Newnansville  W½NW  35/7 South/18 East 
Munro FL0330__.190  St. Augustine  NWSW  35/7 South/21 East 
Piles FL0340__.032  St. Augustine  NENW  15/7 South/18 East 
Dell FL0340__.033  St. Augustine  W½NW  26/7 South/18 East 
Townsend FL0340__.034  St. Augustine  W½NW  27/7 South/18 East 
Dell FL0340__.037  St. Augustine  E½NW  22/7 South/18 East 
Garrason FL0350__.006  Newnansville  SW  34/8 South/19 East 
Hague FL0350__.008  Newnansville  SWNW  34/8 South/19 East 
Monroe FL0350__.013  Newnansville  SENE  34/7 South/21 East 
Williamson FL0350__.042  Newnansville  SWSE  1/8 South/19 East 
Williamson FL0350__.043  Newnansville  NWNE  12/8 South/19 East 
Standley FL0350__.052  Newnansville  W½NW  17/8 South/19 East 
Standley FL0350__.053  Newnansville  E½NE  18/8 South/19 East 
Standley FL0350__.054  Newnansville  NESW  7/8 South/19 East 
Dell FL0350__.056  Newnansville  W½NE  27/7 South/18 East 
Dell FL0350__.057  Newnansville  E½SW  27/7 South/18 East 
Standley FL0350__.058  Newnansville  E½NW  17/8 South/19 East 
Worthington FL0350__.064  Newnansville  E½SE  30/6 South/19 East 
Worthington FL0350__.066  Newnansville  SW  33/6 South/19 East 
Worthington FL0350__.067  Newnansville  E½SE  32/6 South/19 East 
Worthington FL0350__.068  Newnansville  S½  29/6 South/19 East 
Worthington FL0350__.069  Newnansville  NENW  32/6 South/19 East 
Mccormick FL0350__.078  Newnansville    23/12 South/21 East 
Sparkman FL0350__.145  Newnansville    11/9 South/22 East 
Cason FL0350__.152  Newnansville  SE  12/7 South/18 East 
Alderman FL0350__.154  Newnansville  SENE  1/11 South/22 East 
Hague FL0350__.159  Newnansville  NENE  29/8 South/19 East 
Allen FL0350__.162  Newnansville  SESE  34/7 South/21 East 
Fagan FL0350__.163  Newnansville  SWNE  28/8 South/19 East 
Howell FL0350__.167  Newnansville  NENE  33/8 South/22 East 
Clark FL0350__.168  Newnansville  NWNE  5/8 South/20 East 
Matthews FL0350__.211  Newnansville  W½NW  30/6 South/18 East 
Standley FL0350__.214  Newnansville  E½SE  8/8 South/19 East 
Morrison FL0350__.221  Newnansville  NENE  36/10 South/22 East 
Morrison FL0350__.222  Newnansville  SESW  25/10 South/22 East 
Morrison FL0350__.227  Newnansville  NESW  25/10 South/22 East 
Dell FL0350__.229  Newnansville  SWNE  34/7 South/18 East 
Clark FL0350__.240  Newnansville  1 6/8 South/20 East 
Clark FL0350__.242  Newnansville  12 31/7 South/20 East 
Dell FL0350__.246  Newnansville  SESW  23/7 South/18 East 
Holbrook FL0350__.269  Newnansville  SESE  9/7 South/19 East 
Underwood FL0350__.282  Newnansville  NWNW  6/8 South/18 East 
Olmsted FL0350__.389  Newnansville  N½SW  36/8 South/18 East 
Dell FL0350__.394  Newnansville  W½SE  36/7 South/18 East 
Hague FL0350__.396  Newnansville  NESE  33/8 South/19 East 
Standley FL0350__.405  Newnansville  W½SE  17/8 South/19 East 
Standley FL0350__.406  Newnansville  NESE  18/8 South/19 East 
Standley FL0350__.407  Newnansville  NWNE  17/8 South/19 East 
Standley FL0350__.409  Newnansville  N½NE  14/8 South/18 East 
Standley FL0350__.410  Newnansville  SWNE  14/8 South/19 East 
Underwood FL0350__.412  Newnansville  NENE  1/8 South/17 East 
Prevatt FL0350__.423  Newnansville  NWNW  12/8 South/18 East 
Underwood FL0350__.424  Newnansville  S½SE  36/7 South/17 East 
Burnett FL0350__.428  Newnansville  E½SE  13/8 South/18 East 
Burnett FL0350__.429  Newnansville  W½SW  18/8 South/19 East 
Dell FL0350__.455  Newnansville  SWSW  23/7 South/18 East 
Moore FL0350__.456  Newnansville  12 30/7 South/20 East 
Howell FL0350__.457  Newnansville  2 27/8 South/22 East 
Mott FL0350__.476  Newnansville  NWNW  15/7 South/19 East 
Piles FL0350__.477  Newnansville  W½SE  15/7 South/18 East 
Piles FL0350__.478  Newnansville  NWNW  14/7 South/18 East 
Colson FL0350__.496  Newnansville  E½NW  20/7 South/19 East 
Dell FL0350__.510  Newnansville  E½NW  34/7 South/18 East 
Dell FL0350__.511  Newnansville  W½NE  33/7 South/18 East 
Holder FL0350__.525  Newnansville  NWNE  25/7 South/20 East 
Townsend FL0350__.551  Newnansville  E½SE  27/8 South/18 East 
Love FL0350__.557  Newnansville  SENW  1/8 South/18 East 
Standley FL0350__.558  Newnansville  NENE  17/8 South/19 East 
Tompkins FL0350__.565  Newnansville  12 22/11 South/22 East 
Sharp FL0350__.569  Newnansville  E½SW  3/8 South/18 East 
Standley FL0350__.599  Newnansville  SWNE  7/8 South/19 East 

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