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Alachua County Land Patent Descriptions
Descriptions FL0390__.002 to FL0390__.500

This is a list of all Homestead, Cash Entry and Armed Occupation Act Patents for the area that became present day Alachua County.
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Last Name Accession Number Land Office Parcel Description Section/Township/Range
Warren FL0390__.002 Newnansville N7 28/8 South/19 East
Gillett FL0390__.012 Newnansville SWSW 20/10 South/22 East
Hines FL0390__.014 Newnansville SWNE 2/10 South/22 East
Sanchez FL0390__.016 Newnansville NESE 28/8 South/18 East
Sparkman FL0390__.030 Newnansville NESE 25/9 South/22 East
Dell FL0390__.032 Newnansville NENW 36/7 South/18 East
Peacock FL0390__.039 Newnansville NENW 22/10 South/22 East
Meadows FL0390__.045 Newnansville 12 26/12 South/21 East
Gay FL0390__.051 Newnansville WNW 28/11 South/18 East
Davis FL0390__.055 Newnansville SSE 14/7 South/18 East
Adkins FL0390__.056 Newnansville NENE 10/10 South/22 East
Hudson FL0390__.060 Newnansville SESE 3/10 South/22 East
Adkins FL0390__.061 Newnansville NWNE 10/10 South/22 East
Adkins FL0390__.062 Newnansville SSW 21/10 South/22 East
Sanchez FL0390__.064 Newnansville SWNE 11/8 South/19 East
Sanchez FL0390__.066 Newnansville NNE 33/8 South/18 East
Gavin FL0390__.068 Newnansville SNW 5/8 South/18 East
Peacock FL0390__.071 Newnansville NNW 26/10 South/22 East
Standley FL0390__.075 Newnansville 4 28/8 South/19 East
Waits FL0390__.078 Newnansville SESE 10/10 South/22 East
Dell FL0390__.087 Newnansville 3 15/8 South/18 East
Sparkman FL0390__.089 Newnansville SNE 3/8 South/20 East
Thomas FL0390__.099 Newnansville SESE 22/8 South/18 East
Johnson FL0390__.100 Newnansville N1 23/8 South/18 East
Waits FL0390__.112 Newnansville NWNW 11/10 South/22 East
Standley FL0390__.119 Newnansville   36/8 South/18 East
Sparkman FL0390__.123 Newnansville SSE 1/10 South/22 East
Adkins FL0390__.131 Newnansville SWSE 3/10 South/22 East
Clark FL0390__.133 Newnansville S11 30/7 South/20 East
Stanaland FL0390__.142 Newnansville SESE 31/7 South/17 East
Wilson FL0390__.143 Newnansville 1 4/9 South/22 East
Wilson FL0390__.146 Newnansville N2 13/8 South/18 East
Pindarvis FL0390__.148 Newnansville N1 8/8 South/18 East
Rawls FL0390__.155 Newnansville NENE 34/8 South/18 East
Wilson FL0390__.158 Newnansville SWSE 12/8 South/18 East
Mott FL0390__.159 Newnansville SESE 21/7 South/19 East
Richard FL0390__.162 Newnansville SWSE 2/7 South/18 East
Richard FL0390__.163 Newnansville NENE 2/7 South/18 East
Sandlin FL0390__.164 Newnansville NWNW 25/6 South/18 East
Fritch FL0390__.170 Newnansville SWSE 17/7 South/19 East
Scott FL0390__.171 Newnansville ESE 21/8 South/18 East
Frier FL0390__.172 Newnansville NWNE 17/7 South/19 East
Standley FL0390__.182 Newnansville N5 24/8 South/18 East
Standley FL0390__.183 Newnansville SWSW 23/8 South/18 East
Fennel FL0390__.195 Newnansville SESE 22/9 South/22 East
Wiggins FL0390__.196 Newnansville ESW 12/8 South/19 East
Standley FL0390__.198 Newnansville N1 5/8 South/19 East
Scott FL0390__.219 Newnansville 1 22/8 South/18 East
Exley FL0390__.220 Newnansville NENE 15/8 South/18 East
Paisley FL0390__.221 Newnansville S1 9/8 South/18 East
Scott FL0390__.222 Newnansville SWSE 21/8 South/18 East
Boytt FL0390__.230 Newnansville ENW 21/11 South/18 East
Bryant FL0390__.232 Newnansville S1 8/8 South/18 East
Halliday FL0390__.233 Newnansville 6 9/8 South/18 East
Blair FL0390__.240 Newnansville NENE 10/8 South/18 East
Hazel FL0390__.261 Newnansville NENE 26/6 South/18 East
Holder FL0390__.276 Newnansville SNE 10/8 South/20 East
Pendarvis FL0390__.278 Newnansville NW 17/8 South/18 East
Strothar FL0390__.281 Newnansville 2 3/7 South/18 East
Sandlin FL0390__.282 Newnansville SENE 26/6 South/18 East
Parrish FL0390__.284 Newnansville 2 29/8 South/22 East
Hawthorn FL0390__.289 Newnansville SENE 11/10 South/22 East
Adams FL0390__.290 Newnansville NNW 10/10 South/22 East
Adams FL0390__.291 Newnansville NESW 3/10 South/22 East
Traxler FL0390__.316 Newnansville NWSW 10/7 South/17 East
Thompson FL0390__.319 Newnansville SESE 26/7 South/19 East
Peeples FL0390__.320 Newnansville NWSE 25/6 South/18 East
Green FL0390__.323 Newnansville SENW 35/7 South/19 East
Rawles FL0390__.334 Newnansville NWSE 4/9 South/18 East
Rawles FL0390__.334 Newnansville NWSE 4/9 South/18 East
Standley FL0390__.335 Newnansville NWSE 12/8 South/18 East
Parchman FL0390__.359 Newnansville SWSE 20/11 South/18 East
Parchman FL0390__.360 Newnansville SSW 21/11 South/18 East
Cathcart FL0390__.362 Newnansville NESW 21/8 South/18 East
Sparkman FL0390__.364 Newnansville SWNW 2/8 South/20 East
Pyles FL0390__.366 Newnansville NNW 15/9 South/18 East
Pyles FL0390__.366 Newnansville NNW 15/9 South/18 East
Clark FL0390__.369 Newnansville NWNW 5/8 South/20 East
Boston FL0390__.376 Newnansville NENE 25/7 South/18 East
Colson FL0390__.379 Newnansville SWSE 9/7 South/19 East
Earle FL0390__.380 Newnansville N5 6/8 South/20 East
Clark FL0390__.382 Newnansville N2 6/8 South/20 East
Parker FL0390__.383 Newnansville NSE 33/7 South/19 East
Brown FL0390__.384 Newnansville 3 31/7 South/20 East
Barry FL0390__.386 Newnansville N2 2/8 South/19 East
Earle FL0390__.387 Newnansville 14 33/8 South/22 East
Richardson FL0390__.406 Newnansville NNE 30/10 South/18 East
Vanlandingham FL0390__.411 Newnansville NW 30/9 South/18 East
Vanlandingham FL0390__.411 Newnansville NW 30/9 South/18 East
Barry FL0390__.412 Newnansville WSE 35/7 South/19 East
Beattie FL0390__.413 Newnansville SNE 30/9 South/18 East
Beattie FL0390__.413 Newnansville SNE 30/9 South/18 East
Allbritton FL0390__.414 Newnansville SESE 11/8 South/20 East
Weeks FL0390__.415 Newnansville 11 29/8 South/22 East
Wilson FL0390__.419 Newnansville S4 5/8 South/19 East
Thompson FL0390__.421 Newnansville NESE 35/7 South/19 East
Thompson FL0390__.422 Newnansville N4 31/7 South/20 East
Ridought FL0390__.426 Newnansville SWNE 34/7 South/19 East
Stokes FL0390__.427 Newnansville NWSW 30/10 South/18 East
Stokes FL0390__.428 Newnansville NESW 30/10 South/18 East
Cathcart FL0390__.432 Newnansville NESE 20/8 South/18 East
Standley FL0390__.433 Newnansville NNE 31/8 South/18 East
Standley FL0390__.434 Newnansville NSW 17/8 South/18 East
Smallwood FL0390__.442 Newnansville WNW 24/9 South/17 East
Hawkins FL0390__.444 Newnansville NENW 33/9 South/18 East
Hawkins FL0390__.444 Newnansville NENW 33/9 South/18 East
Bryant FL0390__.445 Newnansville 7 9/8 South/18 East
Hazel FL0390__.446 Newnansville S4 26/6 South/18 East
Gavin FL0390__.451 Newnansville ESE 5/8 South/18 East
Johnson FL0390__.458 Newnansville ENE 23/8 South/18 East
Thomas FL0390__.459 Newnansville NWSE 22/8 South/18 East
Thomas FL0390__.460 Newnansville NENE 28/8 South/18 East
Pyles FL0390__.466 Newnansville NENW 17/7 South/19 East
Pyles FL0390__.474 Newnansville NNE 10/7 South/18 East
Earle FL0390__.475 Newnansville 3 4/9 South/22 East
Burnett FL0390__.492 Newnansville NENW 15/7 South/19 East
Roberts FL0390__.496 Newnansville SWNE 23/10 South/22 East
Davis FL0390__.497 Newnansville NESE 14/7 South/18 East
Baldwin FL0390__.500 Newnansville 9 9/9 South/22 East

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