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Alachua County Land Patent Descriptions
Descriptions FL0420__.006 to FL0420__.497

This is a list of all Homestead, Cash Entry and Armed Occupation Act Patents for the area that became present day Alachua County.
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Last Name Accession Number Land Office Parcel Description Section/Township/Range
Wimberly FL0420__.006 Newnansville N2 21/7 South/18 East
Boulware FL0420__.013 Newnansville NESE 22/9 South/22 East
Smith FL0420__.015 Newnansville NWSW 10/8 South/17 East
Wilson FL0420__.022 Newnansville NESE 20/7 South/20 East
Wilson FL0420__.023 Newnansville NWSE 14/8 South/18 East
Remington FL0420__.025 Newnansville SESE 18/9 South/18 East
Remington FL0420__.025 Newnansville SESE 18/9 South/18 East
Remington FL0420__.026 Newnansville 2 24/8 South/19 East
Remington FL0420__.026 Newnansville 2 24/8 South/19 East
Hague FL0420__.038 Newnansville 8 34/8 South/19 East
Hague FL0420__.050 Newnansville SWNW 20/7 South/20 East
Rawls FL0420__.051 Newnansville SWSE 4/9 South/18 East
Rawls FL0420__.051 Newnansville SWSE 4/9 South/18 East
Scott FL0420__.052 Newnansville NWSW 34/7 South/19 East
Carver FL0420__.056 Newnansville S5 18/8 South/20 East
Bennett FL0420__.060 Newnansville N3 30/8 South/20 East
Kennedy FL0420__.071 Newnansville SWNE 22/9 South/17 East
Fagan FL0420__.074 Newnansville SSE 32/7 South/19 East
Standley FL0420__.078 Newnansville SENE 10/9 South/17 East
Wiggins FL0420__.083 Newnansville SESE 12/8 South/19 East
Wimberly FL0420__.086 Newnansville NWNW 21/7 South/18 East
Osteen FL0420__.100 Newnansville SNW 4/8 South/17 East
Downing FL0420__.101 Newnansville SENE 25/7 South/17 East
Varnadore FL0420__.107 Newnansville S 12/8 South/17 East
Standley FL0420__.108 Newnansville NENE 20/8 South/19 East
Scott FL0420__.121 Newnansville NWSW 13/7 South/18 East
Boston FL0420__.125 Newnansville SESE 24/7 South/18 East
Johnson FL0420__.128 Newnansville SWSE 14/8 South/18 East
Brown FL0420__.129 Newnansville NWNW 25/7 South/17 East
Dearing FL0420__.130 Newnansville SW 24/10 South/22 East
Scott FL0420__.136 Newnansville ESE 9/7 South/18 East
Bernard FL0420__.137 Newnansville WSW 14/8 South/18 East
Warren FL0420__.140 Newnansville NESW 28/8 South/18 East
Parker FL0420__.149 Newnansville NENW 34/7 South/19 East
Bernard FL0420__.150 Newnansville WNE 22/8 South/18 East
Huggins FL0420__.151 Newnansville SENE 24/8 South/17 East
Hague FL0420__.154 Newnansville N4 34/8 South/19 East
Hazel FL0420__.156 Newnansville N1 27/6 South/18 East
Hazel FL0420__.157 Newnansville S1 27/6 South/18 East
Dell FL0420__.160 Newnansville NSE 27/7 South/17 East
Bevill FL0420__.161 Newnansville S12 6/8 South/20 East
Futch FL0420__.167 Newnansville NSE 20/7 South/19 East
Hagler FL0420__.172 Newnansville NWSW 28/8 South/17 East
Jackson FL0420__.173 Newnansville S13 6/8 South/20 East
Bradford FL0420__.174 Newnansville ESE 10/8 South/19 East
Harod FL0420__.175 Newnansville SSW 4/8 South/17 East
Harod FL0420__.175 Newnansville NNW 9/8 South/17 East
Jones FL0420__.177 Newnansville SNW 6/10 South/18 East
Wasasseur FL0420__.180 Newnansville SWSW 10/8 South/19 East
Dell FL0420__.181 Newnansville 2 19/7 South/18 East
Mott FL0420__.182 Newnansville NENW 22/7 South/19 East
Dudley FL0420__.184 Newnansville NESE 36/9 South/17 East
Bennett FL0420__.188 Newnansville SESW 20/8 South/18 East
Hagler FL0420__.191 Newnansville SESW 20/8 South/17 East
Jones FL0420__.194 Newnansville NW 4/10 South/18 East
Hill FL0420__.195 Newnansville NWSW 4/10 South/18 East
Grissett FL0420__.203 Newnansville SESW 36/9 South/17 East
Underwood FL0420__.204 Newnansville NWNE 1/8 South/17 East
Underwood FL0420__.204 Newnansville NWNE 1/8 South/17 East
Cathcart FL0420__.205 Newnansville NWSE 20/8 South/18 East
Sparkman FL0420__.206 Newnansville NNW 4/8 South/20 East
Garvin FL0420__.210 Newnansville SWSW 32/7 South/18 East
Cason FL0420__.212 Newnansville SESE 6/7 South/19 East
Pyles FL0420__.213 Newnansville NWSW 15/7 South/18 East
Lites FL0420__.214 Newnansville NENE 15/8 South/17 East
Gunnin FL0420__.215 Newnansville NENE 22/8 South/17 East
Gunnin FL0420__.216 Newnansville NW 23/8 South/17 East
Brown FL0420__.219 Newnansville SNE 27/8 South/17 East
Stephens FL0420__.221 Newnansville SWSW 30/7 South/19 East
Mott FL0420__.222 Newnansville NENW 28/7 South/19 East
Moody FL0420__.224 Newnansville NNW 35/7 South/17 East
Downing FL0420__.228 Newnansville SWNW 30/7 South/18 East
Downing FL0420__.229 Newnansville NESE 25/7 South/17 East
Clark FL0420__.230 Newnansville NESW 19/7 South/18 East
Barr FL0420__.235 Newnansville SWNE 10/8 South/17 East
Jameson FL0420__.236 Newnansville NSE 3/8 South/17 East
Underwood FL0420__.241 Newnansville 4 6/8 South/18 East
Downing FL0420__.242 Newnansville NWNW 31/7 South/18 East
Garrett FL0420__.244 Newnansville NSW 34/9 South/17 East
Stephens FL0420__.245 Newnansville SENE 22/7 South/19 East
Underwood FL0420__.246 Newnansville SWNE 1/8 South/17 East
Crews FL0420__.250 Newnansville NESE 30/6 South/18 East
Huggins FL0420__.251 Newnansville NENE 24/8 South/17 East
Grimes FL0420__.255 Newnansville W 32/9 South/17 East
Christmas FL0420__.258 Newnansville SENW 30/7 South/18 East
Baggett FL0420__.259 Newnansville NNE 25/7 South/17 East
Fraser FL0420__.261 Newnansville S2 12/8 South/19 East
Smith FL0420__.266 Newnansville NESW 10/8 South/17 East
Barry FL0420__.269 Newnansville S3 4/8 South/19 East
Mott FL0420__.273 Newnansville NWNW 26/7 South/19 East
Hodge FL0420__.275 Newnansville SWSE 28/9 South/17 East
Price FL0420__.276 Newnansville SENE 36/8 South/17 East
Wiggins FL0420__.280 Newnansville NWSE 12/8 South/19 East
Wideman FL0420__.285 Newnansville ESE 23/8 South/17 East
Wideman FL0420__.286 Newnansville NNE 27/8 South/17 East
Wideman FL0420__.287 Newnansville SE 22/8 South/17 East
Lites FL0420__.288 Newnansville NNE 26/8 South/17 East
Lites FL0420__.289 Newnansville SE 26/8 South/17 East
Evans FL0420__.292 Newnansville NWNW 36/8 South/17 East
Evans FL0420__.293 Newnansville NSW 36/8 South/17 East
Wideman FL0420__.294 Newnansville WSE 24/8 South/17 East
Lindsay FL0420__.301 Newnansville SENE 15/8 South/17 East
Bradley FL0420__.303 Newnansville NSE 13/8 South/17 East
Wideman FL0420__.304 Newnansville ESE 14/8 South/17 East
Wideman FL0420__.305 Newnansville WSE 14/8 South/17 East
Lewis FL0420__.308 Newnansville SW 2/9 South/17 East
Cathcart FL0420__.309 Newnansville NWNE 2/9 South/17 East
Oreagin FL0420__.310 Newnansville SWSW 10/8 South/17 East
Oreagin FL0420__.311 Newnansville SENW 9/8 South/17 East
Brown FL0420__.312 Newnansville SESE 10/8 South/17 East
Lites FL0420__.313 Newnansville SWNW 15/8 South/17 East
Wells FL0420__.314 Newnansville N 34/8 South/17 East
Mckinney FL0420__.315 Newnansville N 28/9 South/17 East
Mckinney FL0420__.318 Newnansville E 32/9 South/17 East
Smith FL0420__.326 Newnansville WNW 32/8 South/17 East
Wilkes FL0420__.328 Newnansville N 4/9 South/17 East
Crawford FL0420__.329 Newnansville NNW 28/8 South/17 East
Huggins FL0420__.330 Newnansville SESE 13/8 South/17 East
Andrews FL0420__.331 Newnansville E 21/8 South/17 East
Downing FL0420__.333 Newnansville NENE 36/7 South/17 East
Barry FL0420__.334 Newnansville SWNW 26/7 South/19 East
Huggins FL0420__.335 Newnansville SWSW 8/8 South/18 East
Osteen FL0420__.336 Newnansville SW 7/8 South/17 East
Stephens FL0420__.337 Newnansville NENE 28/7 South/19 East
Whitehurst FL0420__.338 Newnansville NSE 31/8 South/17 East
Griffin FL0420__.348 Newnansville SESW 30/10 South/18 East
Sparkman FL0420__.349 Newnansville 1 28/8 South/22 East
Earle FL0420__.350 Newnansville ESW 32/8 South/22 East
Earle FL0420__.351 Newnansville WSE 32/8 South/22 East
Earle FL0420__.352 Newnansville ESE 32/8 South/22 East
Earle FL0420__.353 Newnansville 6 4/9 South/22 East
Kitler FL0420__.354 Newnansville WNE 8/9 South/22 East
Munds FL0420__.355 Newnansville 8 30/7 South/20 East
Kirkland FL0420__.357 Newnansville S10 18/8 South/20 East
Bevill FL0420__.358 Newnansville S1 34/9 South/18 East
Bevill FL0420__.358 Newnansville S1 34/9 South/18 East
Jenkins FL0420__.368 Newnansville NESE 24/7 South/17 East
Griffin FL0420__.378 Newnansville SWSW 30/10 South/18 East
Lane FL0420__.382 Newnansville NE 32/9 South/18 East
Lane FL0420__.382 Newnansville NE 32/9 South/18 East
Guthrie FL0420__.383 Newnansville SENE 32/9 South/22 East
Carver FL0420__.391 Newnansville N6 18/8 South/20 East
Malphurs FL0420__.393 Newnansville S3 18/8 South/20 East
Bevill FL0420__.394 Newnansville 10 6/8 South/20 East
Malphurs FL0420__.395 Newnansville NESW 8/8 South/20 East
Bonham FL0420__.396 Newnansville WNW 2/10 South/22 East
Holson FL0420__.418 Newnansville NNW 4/10 South/17 East
Garrett FL0420__.419 Newnansville NSE 34/9 South/17 East
Mott FL0420__.421 Newnansville SWNE 22/7 South/19 East
Varnadore FL0420__.422 Newnansville NENE 12/8 South/17 East
Beall FL0420__.430 Newnansville NE 20/9 South/17 East
Strickland FL0420__.431 Newnansville WNE 30/7 South/21 East
Colson FL0420__.435 Newnansville NESW 14/7 South/19 East
Spires FL0420__.440 Newnansville SSW 28/8 South/18 East
Thompson FL0420__.441 Newnansville SENE 2/8 South/19 East
Underwood FL0420__.443 Newnansville NWNE 12/8 South/17 East
Huggins FL0420__.444 Newnansville NWNE 8/8 South/18 East
Boston FL0420__.445 Newnansville NSW 24/7 South/18 East
Standley FL0420__.446 Newnansville SENW 18/8 South/18 East
Beall FL0420__.451 Newnansville SE 20/9 South/17 East
Knight FL0420__.453 Newnansville SE 12/10 South/17 East
Dell FL0420__.458 Newnansville 5 35/7 South/18 East
Roundtree FL0420__.472 Newnansville NWSE 28/10 South/22 East
Stokes FL0420__.493 Newnansville NNE 26/10 South/17 East
Cathcart FL0420__.497 Newnansville NWSW 21/8 South/18 East

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