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Alachua County Land Patent Descriptions
Descriptions FL0890__.023 to FL0990__.453

This is a list of all Homestead, Cash Entry and Armed Occupation Act Patents for the area that became present day Alachua County.
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Last Name Accession Number Land Office Parcel Description Section/Township/Range
Sylvester FL0890__.023 Gainesville S11 30/8 South/20 East
Sylvester FL0890__.023 Gainesville S11 30/8 South/20 East
Perkins FL0890__.040 Gainesville NESW 32/9 South/18 East
Perkins FL0890__.040 Gainesville NESW 32/9 South/18 East
Mckinney FL0890__.130 Gainesville SSW 5/8 South/17 East
Mclaughlin FL0890__.131 Gainesville SENW 24/10 South/17 East
Cooper FL0890__.162 Gainesville SSE 18/8 South/22 East
Mcdaniel FL0890__.221 Gainesville SWSW 36/9 South/22 East
Thomas FL0890__.243 Gainesville NNE 18/8 South/18 East
Mulberry FL0890__.245 Gainesville SWSW 2/8 South/20 East
Fields FL0890__.251 Gainesville NSW 32/7 South/19 East
Anderson FL0890__.341 Gainesville SESW 27/7 South/17 East
King FL0890__.377 Gainesville NNW 28/10 South/17 East
Stroder FL0890__.380 Gainesville WNW 31/6 South/18 East
Brown FL0890__.428 Gainesville ESE 24/8 South/17 East
Bowing FL0890__.487 Gainesville 10 22/10 South/18 East
Bennett FL0900__.026 Gainesville SWNE 25/6 South/18 East
Griffin FL0900__.151 Gainesville SWSE 36/6 South/17 East
Carter FL0900__.163 Gainesville SWSW 8/10 South/18 East
Woods FL0900__.182 Gainesville WSW 26/10 South/17 East
Burnett FL0900__.213 Gainesville NWNE 28/7 South/19 East
Micheal FL0900__.261 Gainesville 6 22/10 South/18 East
Serry FL0900__.283 Gainesville NENE 20/8 South/22 East
Wood FL0900__.376 Gainesville SWSE 5/7 South/19 East
Berrien FL0910__.082 Gainesville SWSW 32/7 South/19 East
Jones FL0910__.083 Gainesville SWSE 20/7 South/19 East
Wyley FL0910__.089 Gainesville SE 36/10 South/17 East
Wilkerson FL0910__.131 Gainesville NWSE 6/11 South/17 East
Wilkerson FL0910__.131 Gainesville NWSE 6/11 South/17 East
Roberts FL0910__.144 Gainesville N4 30/8 South/20 East
Turner FL0910__.251 Gainesville SESE 20/7 South/19 East
Wynne FL0910__.305 Gainesville WNW 32/9 South/18 East
Kittles FL0910__.365 Gainesville WNE 22/9 South/22 East
Mccoy FL0910__.376 Gainesville NW 32/10 South/17 East
Williams FL0910__.482 Gainesville NE 32/10 South/17 East
Goolsby FL0920__.028 Gainesville N12 18/8 South/20 East
Martin FL0920__.109 Gainesville WSW 32/9 South/22 East
Martin FL0920__.110 Gainesville SSE 8/11 South/17 East
Holder FL0920__.159 Gainesville NW 6/11 South/17 East
Motrey FL0920__.242 Gainesville SESE 2/7 South/17 East
Sallet FL0920__.243 Gainesville SESE 35/6 South/17 East
Butler FL0920__.270 Gainesville NSW 32/10 South/17 East
Brisco FL0920__.440 Gainesville WNW 12/11 South/17 East
Curtis FL0920__.442 Gainesville SW 28/10 South/17 East
Hogans FL0930__.004 Gainesville SE 28/10 South/17 East
Davis FL0930__.024 Gainesville SWSE 10/11 South/17 East
Mcnish FL0930__.072 Gainesville NSW 2/7 South/17 East
Harrell FL0930__.241 Gainesville SE 23/7 South/17 East
Lanier FL0930__.274 Gainesville SENE 22/9 South/17 East
Means FL0930__.301 Gainesville NE 34/10 South/17 East
Sheffield FL0930__.362 Gainesville 3 6/9 South/20 East
Harrison FL0930__.375 Gainesville NESE 26/10 South/17 East
Goodson FL0940__.018 Tallahassee 8 14/9 South/22 East
Ford FL0940__.019 Tallahassee SWNW 24/9 South/22 East
Nobles FL0940__.020 Tallahassee WSE 24/9 South/22 East
Trapp FL0940__.166 Gainesville SWSW 10/10 South/18 East
Sams FL0940__.224 Gainesville NWSE 32/11 South/18 East
Purvis FL0940__.307 Gainesville NENW 34/10 South/18 East
Johnson FL0940__.345 Gainesville ENW 36/10 South/17 East
Mcleod FL0940__.346 Gainesville SESE 26/10 South/17 East
Long FL0940__.366 Gainesville SWNE 28/10 South/17 East
Williams FL0940__.471 Gainesville NWNE 14/8 South/20 East
Webb FL0940__.477 Gainesville NSE 30/10 South/17 East
Galligher FL0970__.001 Newnansville SW 1/11 South/22 East
Daniels FL0970__.029 Newnansville SE 2/11 South/22 East
Barber FL0970__.030 Newnansville NE 11/11 South/22 East
Dampeer FL0970__.031 Newnansville NW 36/10 South/22 East
Eigle FL0970__.032 Newnansville SE 35/10 South/22 East
Daniels FL0970__.033 Newnansville NE 2/11 South/22 East
Stokes FL0970__.034 Newnansville SE 24/10 South/22 East
Gillett FL0970__.094 Newnansville NW 23/10 South/22 East
Kingsley FL0970__.123 Newnansville NW 12/11 South/22 East
Conyers FL0970__.125 Newnansville NE 12/11 South/22 East
Mizell FL0970__.133 Newnansville NE 22/10 South/22 East
Carroll FL0970__.137 Newnansville NW 24/10 South/22 East
Hogan FL0970__.140 Newnansville SW 11/11 South/22 East
Mizell FL0970__.142 Newnansville SW 29/10 South/22 East
Davis FL0990__.015 Gainesville 1NE 34/10 South/18 East
Hunt FL0990__.063 Gainesville SENE 28/10 South/17 East
Gray FL0990__.084 Gainesville SWNE 26/10 South/17 East
Young FL0990__.118 Gainesville NW 34/10 South/17 East
Rogers FL0990__.141 Gainesville ENE 4/11 South/17 East
Durant FL0990__.186 Gainesville ENW 8/8 South/20 East
Goff FL0990__.247 Gainesville NW 8/11 South/17 East
Berry FL0990__.252 Gainesville NNW 15/8 South/17 East
Canty FL0990__.411 Gainesville N3 18/8 South/20 East
Dean FL0990__.422 Gainesville W6 30/7 South/20 East
Brewer FL0990__.452 Gainesville NENW 32/11 South/18 East
Amos FL0990__.453 Gainesville SESE 36/6 South/17 East

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