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ROBERT G. BASS (of Evinston), the son of Maston Green BASS and Mahulda BRADLEY, is my greatgrandfather. Robert G. Bass married Rena DONALD.  My grandfather was his son Robert D.  Bass, Sr. who married Myrle DICKERT and my Dad is Robert Donald Bass Jr. (who married Eugenia M. KING). I am Donna Bass Buchanan and have one brother Kenneth A.Bass. More information on this family is available on our homepage at:

Submitted by: Donna Bass Buchanan Tampa FL


FLEMING BATES - My Bates ancestors migrated from Virginia to Georgia to Florida to Texas. My GGG Grandfather was a Baptist preacher and came to Florida in the 1830s. He is listed in the 1840 US Census - Alachua Co., FL-M704 -Roll 36- Ft Clark - Fleming Bates. 

One of his sons, and his grandson are listed in the 1840 US Census - E Dist - Alachua Co., FL M704 Roll 36 Page 165 - Ln 5 - WILSON BATES and again in the 1850 US Census - 7 / 11 / 50 - Alachua Co., FL - M432 Roll 58 - Precinct - 14th Division - Pg 11 - Ln 149 - - Bates, Wilson - M - 55 - VA --- BATES, GEORGE W. - M - 22 - GA 

Wilson Bates was granted land under the Florida Armed Occupation Act of 4th August, 1842 RE: Florida Land Records: Name: Wilson Bates Acres: 160 Sign Date: Dec. 1, 1849 Land Office: Newnansville Access #: FL0970.288 Image #: 00019282 Auth. Code: 250006 Act / Treaty: Aug. 4, 1842 Stat. Ref.: 27 Stat. 502 

Permit No. 712 Certificate No. 288 Land Office at Newnansville, Fla. - Vol. 1 page 288. Dec. 1, 1849 - The land description was: E 1/2 of SW 1/4 & W 1/2 of SE 1/4 of Sect No. 36 in Township No. 23 S, of Range 20 E., S & E in the Alachua Land District - containing 160 acres 

I believe Wilson Bates died before the 1860 US Census 

Submitted by: Earl R. Bates 1505 St. Catherine's Drive, Waycross, GA 31501


BENNETT MAXEY DELL - Son of Joseph DELL (1753-) and Miss MAXEY (-) was born 1794 in Georgia. Married 1. Love MISS. Children: Phillip DELL (-); Mary Boston DELL (-). Married 2. Eliza Dorothy BOSTON. Children: Delia DELL (abt 1830-); Amos DELL (abt 1832-); John Boston DELL (25 Sep 1838-21 May 1914); George W. DELL (abt 1843-); Sarah DELL (abt 1845-); James Maxey DELL (abt 1848-). Census 1850 in Hague, FL (age 56) Residence Family Farm (1830 or earlier). 
Submitted by: Etienne A. Brunet

JOHN BOSTON DELL - Son of Bennett Maxey DELL (1794-) and Eliza Dorothy BOSTON (1807-) was born 25 Sep 1838 in Alachua, FL. Death 21 May 1914 in Gainesville, FL (age 75); Burial 22 May 1914 in Evergreen Cemetery, Gainesville, FL (age 75). Married 1. Laura L. STANLEY Marriage 11 Oct 1860 in Alachua, FL (age 22). Children: John Boston Stanley DELL (8 Oct 1862-2 May 1864) George A. DELL (27 Feb 1864-23 Mar 1889) Charles M. DELL (9 May 1866-21 Oct 1911) Fileous DELL (29 Sep 1868-25 Feb 1889) Camilla DELL (9 Sep 1870-1872) John Boston DELL JR. (7 Aug 1872-7 Oct 1878) Allie DELL (12 Feb 1875-21 May 1950) James Blaxton DELL (25 Dec 1877-15 Sep 1927) A.E. (Bessie) DELL (9 Dec 1879-20 Apr 1915) Loring DELL (3 Jan 1880-Infancy) McKay DELL (3 Jan 1880-Infancy) Eliza DELL (3 Jan 1884-) Julius Bloxham DELL (2 Dec 1887-12 Jul 1928). 
Submitted by: Etienne A. Brunet

ETIENNE LARTIGUE - Son of Charles Etienne LARTIGUE (21 May 1839-12 Nov 1904) and Mary Cornelia SALLEY (16 May 1847-27 Mar 1919) was born 1 Aug 1870 in Blackville, SC. Married 1. Allie DELL in 1893 in Gainesville, FL (age 23). Children: Gerard Dell LARTIGUE (10 Mar 1898-28 Jun 1900); Marie Isadora LARTIGUE (1901-1960); Laura Dorothy LARTIGUE (18 May 1906-). Occupation: Worked as druggist at Bodiford's before medical school; Graduate Baltimore School of Medicine. Studied at East Florida Seminary from 1888 to 1890; Physician (bet 1897 and 1917) (age 27). Death 11 May 1917 in Gainesville, FL (age 46); Burial 12 May 1917 in Evergreen Cemetery, Gainesville, FL (age 46). 
Submitted by: Etienne A. Brunet
Dr. Harry McCreary MERCHANT (13 Nov 1898 - 1 Mar 1966) married Elizabeth WILLIAMS (1903-1991). H. M. Merchant's parents were George S.  MERCHANT  10 Oct 1856-13 Mar 1913) married 31 Mar 1864 to Sarah RICHARDSON (1864-1943). Harry's siblings were: T. Curry; S.F.; George S.; Margaret (1892-1973); James R. (1883-1911); George Everett (1882-1883); Edgar Leon (1900-1902) and Sam T. (1890-1947). 
Submitted by: Dianna Thomas


There is confusion between David Mizell b.1770, St. Matthew Parish, GA (son of Charlton Mizell and David Mizell b.1784, GA (son of David Mizell and Sarah _____).  David Mizell b.1770 moved to Camden Co, GA and is listed in these censuses: 1820 Camden Co GA, 1830 Alachua Co  FL, 1840 Columbia Co FL. The other David Mizell b.1784, GA moved from Bulloch Co, GA about 1810 and settled in Washington Parish, LA. 

The biggest area of confusion deals with the marriage of David Mizell and Sarah Albritton.  Both David Mizell b.1770, GA and David Mizell b.1784, GA have been identified as the husband of Sarah Albritton.  Research clearly shows that it was the David Mizell b.1784, who married Sarah Albritton.  This becomes clear when the probate of Richard Albritton is examined.  It is in St. Helena Parish, LA; 1816, File A-2.  In a list of heirs is written, "David Measels husband of Sary Measels Alias Sary Allbritton who departed this life about twelve months ago last April leaving three children legitimate heirs of her body, viz: John, Elvira, and Avarilla Measels."  Other significant names in that list are: Robert Sibley, Reddick Sibley, John Richardson.  These are significant because they also tie back to Bulloch Co, GA. 

All the records of Bulloch Co, GA apparently refer to David Mizell b.1784, GA and his father David Mizell, SR (brother of Charlton) and the records in Camden Co, GA refer to the David Mizell b.1770.  These families were closely tied together.  It appears that Charlton Mizell was the brother of David Mizell, who married Sarah Carter.  In 1793, Platt Book "B" of Effingham Co, GA, pg 134 is a survey of the land of Isaac Sibley.  It is bordered by David Mizell and James Mizell.  I think these two were brothers of Charlton.  Avarilla Albritton (daughter of Richard Albritton) married Robert F. Sibley (son of Isaac Sibley).  Many of the Sibleys, Albrittons, Richardsons, and Mizells moved to Washington & St. Helena 
Parishes in LA. 

Two other items of note in Bulloch Co, GA: 

Conveyance Record A, pg 35.  7 May 1800.  David Mizell to Hardy Richardson.  Witnesses Simon Williams, William Williams, John Sharp. Sworn before Richard Albritton, J.P.  NOTE: William Williams & Simon Williams also moved to Washington Parish, LA bef 1820.  This David Mizell is the brother of Charlton Mizell. 

Conveyance Record A, pg 80.  21 Mar 1803.  David Mizell to Daniel Boatwright.  Signed by David Mizell & Sarah Mizell.  In presence of Hardy Richardson, E.S.P.   NOTE:  I think this is the same David Mizell as above and gives the wife's first name as Sarah ______.  THIS IS NOT SARAH ALBRITTON, since they David Mizell and Sarah Albritton married in 1808.  This appears to be the father and mother of David Mizell b.1784. 

What is the maiden name of Sarah?  Dr. E. Russ Williams, Jr. in a phone conversation said her maiden name was Carter.  I have found some items that support this.  David Mizell  b.1814, LA and son of John Mizell b.1790, GA (son of David Mizell & Sarah ______) and Polly Griffin; named his 3d child Carter Mizell.  John Mizell is listed in the 1820,1830,1840 and 1850 censuses of Washington Parish, LA.  In the 1850 census with John Mizell and his wife is listed Ben Carter age 74, NC.  Could this Ben Carter be a younger brother of Sarah Carter Mizell?  This is all that I have at this time that supports the theory that Sarah's maiden name was Carter. 

Here is what I have on David Mizell b.1784, GA: 

Name:   David MIZELL 
Father: David MIZELL (abt 1760-) 
Mother: Sarah CARTER (-) 

Individual Facts 
Birth   abt 1784 in GA 
Passport        1810 in GA (age 26) 
Census  1820 in Washington Parish, LA (age 36) 
Census  1830 in Washington Parish, LA (age 46) 
Census  1850 in Washington Parish, LA (age 66) 
Census  1860 in Washington Parish, LA (age 76) 

Marriage        27 Dec 1808 in Bulloch Co, GA (age 24) 
Children        Avarilla MIZELL (bet 1810 and 1816-) 
                    John D. MIZELL (1812-) 
                    Elvira MIZELL (2 Sep 1813-22 Nov 1848) 

2. Jenny WILLIAMS 
Marriage        30 Nov 1815 in St Tammany Parish, LA (age 31) 
Children        David MIZELL (1819-) 

Passport1: Georgia Passports: 
1810 David Mizell, wife, one child  from Bulloch Co, GA 
Census: 1820  David Meazles     Male:  Und 10  3; 26-45   1 
                                                 Female:  Und 10  4; 26-45   1 
Census: 1830  SHT 089 
  David Misell      Male:  10-15   1, 15-20   1, 40-50   1 
                          Female:  Und 5   1, 10-15   1,  15-20   1, 30-40   1 
Census: 1850   David Measels   66m      GA 
Census: 1860  In HH of Hardy Richardson 
   David Mizell   75m   Gardner   GA 

Karl Albritton (Oct 1992): From Albritton Book: David was the son of David Mizell, SR. 
David and Sarah Albritton were married 27 Dec 1808 Bulloch Co, GA. David was born 
about 1788. Sarah died in 1815 St Tammany Parish, LA.  David moved to St. Helena 
Parish.  He remarried date unknown to Jenny Williams. According to the census of 1850 
for St. Tammany Parish, LA  David and Sarah Mizell had 3 children: John, Averilla 
(m.Enoch Salley) and Elvira.  This info was located in the BOOK OF ALBRITTONS 
1609-1979 by Fran Wylie Lomas from San Angelo, TX. 

NOTE:  I have found no record of Enoch Salley. 

There are also a couple of other Mizells in the same area of LA, which I have not 

In 1820 census there is another David Mizell (not sure which is which) 
1820 St. Helena Parish, LA 
   David Meazell     Male:  Und 10  2; 26-45   1 
                            Female:  Und 10  3; 16-26   1

IN 1850 St. Tammany Parish, LA  SHT 292B, ln 5 
    David Measels   62m        GA    Who is this David? 
    James Kinny      55m      Ireland 
    John Myres       21m        MS 

There is an Ann Measels  age 59, SC in the 1850 census of St. Tammany Parish, 
LA  SHT 290B, ln 41.  With her is James Tally  25, LA and William Tally, 23, 
LA.  She was evidently m.(1) ____ Tally. 

Submitted by: Dan Franklin


Around 1850-1860 a family named Boulware moved to Waldo head of household being Martha (husband's first name I'm looking for). According to the census report from Fairfeild county S.Carolina 1850 Martha had I believe 7 children - oldest to youngest being: Anna age 24, Sarah -22, Benjamin -21 , William -19 , Thomas -17 , Robert -16 and Eliza -12. Sarah had four children Martha -6 , Falcoln -4 and Henry -1 and a son from a previous marriage or relationship name being Thomas Lewis -8. Martha had a net worth including slaves in 1850 of roughly $3,500.00. 

Falcoln moved to the Hawthorn - Cross Creek area and raised a family and went on to sit on the board of county comissioners in Alachua county from 1905-1909 and died in 1931. There is a plaque on the old Alachua county courthouse west wall north end with some men listed {Falcon being one of them} as serving in a regiment that was commanded by Stonewall Jackson . This my father showed me years ago and I have been 
researching on and off ever since. 

I have more information but need the name of Sarah's husband to make the right connection to my family. The Paulding-Paulling family has resided as a permanent fixture here in Alachua county ever since Martha moved here around 1850. We are also related to the Hawthorn and Johnson families. Hawthorn being the name to which the town of Hawthorn was named for. I also discovered that Marjorie K. Rawlings mentioned some of my family in one of her books. I would say that a large population of the people buried in the old and new cemeteries in Hawthorne are related to my family. 

Submitted by: Theodore R. Paulling - 26615 NW 174th Avenue, High Springs, FL 32643


1. Colonel Samuel R. Pyles  Glynn Co., GA to Alachua in 1824.
2. Charlotte Wynn w/o Samuel. 2m, Richard R. Crum
3. Michael Garrison, Alachua Surveyor & Representative in 1845, Effingham Co., GA to Alachua in 1833.
4. Mary Zetrouer w/o Michael.
5. Darius Garrison father of Michael & Isaac.
6. Mary Ann(a) Evers. Lived in Newnansville 1840-1843. w/o Darius.
7. David Hope from Liberty Co., GA. Married Frances Sophia Pyles d/o Samuel and Charlotte.
8. Henry Hope bro/David mar. Alatha Frances Garrison, d/o Michael & Mary.

David, Henry, Mary Ann(a) and Michael received AOA 160 acre permits and relocated to what became Hernando County in 1842. Samuel R. Pyles (SR.) buried in Newnansville Cemetery. Charlotte killed by Indians on 12 September 1842 between Chocochatta Settlement and Toachoada.

Submitted by: C. C. Blankenship - 55 Country Club Cove, Jackson, TN 38305

My Grgrgr Grandfather Elijah O'QUIN and his family settled near the Santa Fe River in the early 1830's. It is believed that his wife's name was either Mary or Annie EDWARDS. Elijah served with Capt. Roberts Co. 6th Regiment, 2nd Brigade, Florida Militia during the 2nd Seminole War. Tragically he and all his family, except for one son were killed by Indians in July of 1838.  The family story is that they were picking peaches in an unattended orchard and were almost finished when attacked. Elijah, his wife, and two children were killed, and one daughter, about 13 years of age was abducted.  The only 
survivor was my grgr grandfather, James Bates O'QUIN.  According to the story, he was protected somehow by his dog, who dragged into the river and kept the Indians away. 

There is an accounting of this story in the Florida Herald, dated July 8, 1838, this paper was published in St. Augustine.  The newpaper account spells the name "GWINN", but since  this is a varient spelling of O'QUIN, it is believed to be the same family.

Submitted by: Susan Mahoney


BARTLEY E. SAPP and wife MARTHA. My GrGrandfather 

Ref: Florida Land Records Name: SAPP, BARTLEY E. Acres: 79.6 Sign Date: 11 Dec 1890 Land Office: Gainesville, FL Access #: FL0810_.461 Image #: 00012125 Auth. Code: 251101 Act / Treaty: 20 May 1962 Statutory Ref: 12 Stat. 392 Entry Class: Homestead Entry Orig. 

Final Certificate No. 7913 Homestead Application No. 12204 

Land Office at Gainesville Fla. Feb. 11th, 1890 Sect. 18, Town 10 S, Range 18 E Approved Oct 6th, 1890 Patented Dec. 11, 1890 Recorded, Vol. 15, page 461 

Receiver's Duplicate Receipt No. 12204 Application No.12204 - Homestead - Receiver's Office, Gainesville, Fla., July 16, 1883 

Received of Bartley E. Sapp the sum of seven dollars --- cents; being the amount and fee for compensation of Register and Receiver for the entry of W 1/2 of NW 1/4 of Section 18 in Township 10 S of Range 18 E, under Section 2290, 79.60 acres 

His homestead house was a two room clapboard over log dwelling, with porch on front and back, with seperate kitchen and smoke house. By this time he and Martha had five children. 
Submitted by: Earl R.Bates


Gottlieb Sherouse (or Shearouse) was the son of Johannes and Anna M. Mohr (also spelled Maurer or Moore) Shearouse.  He was born in the Salzburger settlement of Ebenezer, Effingham Co, Georgia around 1794.  He was descended from one of the original Salzburger colonists to arrive in Georgia with General Oglethorpe. His grandfather, Johannes Schraus was 12 years old when the ship Loyal Judith arrived at Savannah in 1734. 

Gottleib Sherouse and Sarah Salome Freyermuth, daughter of John Peter and Anna Catherine Groll Freyermuth of Saxe Gotha, were married in Ebenezer, Ga on 29 Jan 1818.  They would become the progenitors of the Florida branch of the Shearouse/Sherrouse/Sherouse family. 

Gottlieb appears in the 1820 Lowndes County, Georgia census and in 1825 is in Alachua County.  Gottlieb served in the Florida Mounted Volunteers during the  Seminole Wars. Gottlieb Sherouse applied for land under the Armed Occupation Act of Florida 1842 which he successfully homesteaded as evidenced by his receipt of  title to 150 acres of land.  Gottlieb farmed the land and worked as a carpenter. His sons, John C., Israel and Cletus (or Clatus) were also granted land under this same Act.  Israel and John Christian also settled in Alachua County. 

Gottlieb is listed in the records as one of the first voters in the first statehood election held 26 May 1845.  He voted at the Ebenezer Meeting House Precinct along with his sons John C. and Israel Sherouse and Benjamin Grantham.  The Grantham and Sherouse families would become closely allied over the years through the marriages of Benjamin's and Gottlieb's descendants. 

Gottlieb and Salome Sherrouse had the following children: Mary Sherouse m. Abraham Guthrie; John Christian Sherouse b. 25 Jan 1820 m.1st. Emily Grantham and 2nd. Matilda Grantham - both daughters of Benjamin Grantham; Israel Shearouse b. 1821 m. Jane Wiggins; Cletus Sherouse b. 1826 m. Mary Grantham; Annie Sherouse b. 1827 m. David Carter; Susan Ellen Sherouse b. 1828 m. Alfred D. Sykes; Henry Sherouse b. 1831 m. Margaret Heathcox; Louis Sherouse b. 1833 m. Hannah____; James E. Sherouse b. 1835 m. Elizabeth Annie Touchton; Littleberry Sherouse b. 1840; Jane Shrouse b. 1843; Moses Emanuel Sherouse b. 1844. Gottlieb died in 1866 and Salome Sherouse died in 187?.  They are buried in 
Marion County, Florida. 
Submitted by: Susan (Gay) Peterson


JOHN B. STANLEY married PENELOPE BARROW. Penelope was born 1825 in Florida. Children 1. John B. STANLEY Marriage 2 Jan 1839 in Florida (age 14) Children: Laura L. STANLEY (28 Nov 1844-1892). 
Submitted by: Etienne A. Brunet


SAMUEL THOMAS and his family were in Alachua County by 1834 and continued living there until 
after the Civil War when they moved to Marion County.  Samuel THOMAS came from Colleton County, SC where his son Joseph was born in 1820.  Samuel voted at Spring Grove in Alachua in 1834 and he and Joseph served in George Center's militia company out of Micanopy in November, 1835.  Samuel voted at Fernando Underwood's house in 1836 and the family appeared on the US Army's list of refugees from Alachua County who took refuge from the Indians at Ft. Heilman in Duval County on July 18,1837.  The family consisted of Samuel and his wife Sophia plus Joseph, James, George, Sophia and Milley. 

Samuel and his family had been living in the Sampson River area of what is now Bradford County, and consequently became residents of Columbia County for a time when the boundries changed.  When the first election was held after Florida became a state in 1845, Joseph voted in the same precinct as before 
but was in Columbia County at that time.  Samuel died in 1849, and Joseph's appointment as administrator of his estate, along with W.C. Crosby and Thomas J. Prevatt is recorded in Bonds and Letters Book A of Alachua County's public records.  Joseph had been included in the Alachua County tax roll again from 1846, but the family may have never moved despite being in three different counties in the space of ten years. 

Joseph had married Lucinda UNDERWOOD in Nassau County in 1840 and the had their first child, Charles, in 1843.  The family is shown in the 1850 census of Alachua County.  In 1853 Joseph purchased 180 acres near Theressa, which was then in Alachua County but now in Bradford.  Joseph was shown on the Alachua County Tax rolls through the 1850's and the family is included in the 1860 Alachua County Census.  The family contintue to live at Theressa until after the Civil War, moving to Marion County in 1866.  Descendents of the family still live here in Marion and have contributed to the development of 
this county since leaving Alachua. Joseph's son Charles Thomas enlisted in Company C of the 7th Florida Infantry at Camp Lee in Gainesville in 1862 and served in all of the campaigns of the Army of Tennessee.  He was wounded at Missionary Ridge on November 25, 1863, but finished the war with his unit as 4th Corporal. 
Submitted by: Jim Thomas Ocala, FL 


Descendants of GABRIEL WATERS I - Generation No. 1

1. GABRIEL1 WATERS I was born Abt 1780 in North Carolina, and died Aft 1846.

Notes: Gabriel is believed to have been born in North Carolina; he lived in South Carolina until about 1806 when his first child, Abigail, was born. Around 1806 he removed to Tatnall County, Georgia to that area which is now Toombs County. Some time around 1808, Gabriel and family removed to Camden County, Georgia, where more of his children were born. Gabriel lived in Camden County for about twenty years, but made numerous trips back to Tatnall County and about 1828 he removed to Alachua County, Florida to that area of present day Levy County. In the 1830 Florida Census Gabriel is listed as living near the St. Afee River; there were 8 people in the household and Gabriel was between fifty and sixty years old. 

Children of Gabriel Waters are: i. ABIGAIL2 WATERS, b. December 19, 1805, South Carolina; d. May 02, 1893, Nassau County, Florida; m. (1) UNKNOWN TUCKER, September 10, 1821, Camden County, Georgia; m. (2) JOHN B SIKES, June 17, 1824, Tatnall County, Georgia. ii. NOAH WATERS, b. Abt 1809, Camden County, Georgia; d. Aft 1885, Polk County, Florida; m. RACHEL TUCKER, September 08, 1837, Camden County, Georgia. iii. JOHN WATERS, b. Abt 1811, Camden County, Georgia. iv. WILLIAM WATERS, b. Abt 1815, Camden County, Georgia. v. INFANT WATERS, b. Abt 1820. vi. JOSEPH WATERS, b. 1825, Camden County, Georgia; d. January 08, 1864, Dalton, Georgia; m. MARGARET KNABB, March 07, 1852, Emanuel County, Georgia. vii. INFANT WATERS, b. Abt 1827. viii. INFANT WATERS, b. Abt 1829. 2. ix. GABRIEL WATERS, b. May 24, 1833, Alachua County, Florida; d. August 30, 1908, Georgia. x. MARY MATILDA WATERS, b. Abt 1834, Alachua County, Florida; m. WILLIAM MOORE, April 27, 1851, Emanuel County, Georgia. 

Generation No. 2

2. GABRIEL2 WATERS (GABRIEL1) was born May 24, 1833 in Alachua County, Florida, and died August 30, 1908 in Georgia. He married IRENA YEOMANS December 13, 1852 in Emanuel County, Georgia, daughter of John Yeomans and Sarah Herrington. 

Notes: Corporal, Company K, 10th Georgia Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia. Wounded July 2, 1863 at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Captured at Gettysburg and sent to a hospital prison in New York harbor. Paroled and exchanged at City Point, Virginia. Absent, wounded, in Georgia during 1864. Returned to Regiment in February 1865, surrendered at Appomattox Court House with The Army of Northern Virginia. Gabriel and Irena are buried in the Waters Cemetery in Emanuel County, Georgia

Children of Gabriel Waters and Irena Yeomans are: 3. i. WILLIAM3 WATERS, b. July 20, 1853, Emanuel County, Georgia; d. 1916, Emanuel County, Georgia. 4. ii. EPHRAIM T WATERS, b. January 20, 1855; d. October 10, 1933, Spring Hill District, Georgia. 5. iii. SARAH WATERS, b. November 24, 1857; d. Unknown, not traced. 

Generation No. 3

3. WILLIAM3 WATERS (GABRIEL2, GABRIEL1) was born July 20, 1853 in Emanuel County, Georgia, and died 1916 in Emanuel County, Georgia. He married MARY MOSLEY in Emanuel County,Ga. 

Children of William Waters and Mary Mosley are: i. MATTIE L4 WATERS, b. December 1875; d. Unknown. ii. LAURA WATERS, b. February 1882; d. Unknown. iii. LUGINIA WATERS, b. July 1886; d. Unknown. iv. MINNIE L WATERS, b. May 1889; d. Unknown. v. MISSOURI WATERS, b. September 1891, Emanuel County, Georgia; d. Unknown, Emanuel County, Georgia; m. JOSEPH E BYRD. vi. GROVER C WATERS, b. February 1894; d. Unknown. vii. MARY O WATERS, b. May 1897; d. Unknown. viii. EDITH S WATERS, b. March 1900; d. Unknown. 

4. EPHRAIM T3 WATERS (GABRIEL2, GABRIEL1) was born January 20, 1855, and died October 10, 1933 in Spring Hill District, Georgia. He married LOUISA PHILLIPS December 12, 1897, daughter of Jordan Phillips and Mary Calhoun. 

Notes: Ephraim was the son of Irena Yeomans and Gabriel Waters (CSA). Ephraim was a farmer and grew up in Emanuel County, Georgia near a community called Bridge. Bridge was near The Ohoopee River; this area is now part of Treutlen County and Bridge no longer appears on any contemporary maps. Ephraim’s father, Gabriel was severely wounded in the Battle of Gettysburg and it appears that Ephraim stayed with his mother and father and ran the family farm until he was in his early forties, as he and Louisa did not marry until he was 42 years old. In the 1880 Emanuel County census, Ephraim lived with his mother and father, his sister Sally, and her son Shelton. Ephraim, Louisa, and their sons John and Jordan are in the 1900 Emanuel Couny census in the Ohoopee Township. Ephraim is buried in the Clements Cemetery in Wheeler County, Georgia along with Louisa and their son Hudson; the graves are not marked but have concrete slabs which were poured by John and Jordan Waters.

Children of Ephraim Waters and Louisa Phillips are: 6. i. JOHN4 WATERS, b. November 25, 1898; d. October 1984, Tampa, Florida. 7. ii. JORDAN S WATERS, b. November 25, 1898, Statesboro,Georgia Emanuel County; d. September 26, 1980, Melbourne, Florida. iii. GABRIEL HUDSON WATERS, b. January 30, 1901; d. August 13, 1924, Spring Hill District, Georgia. 8. iv. LAVADA IRENA WATERS, b. August 30, 1903; d. February 06, 1984, McRae, Georgia. v. EPHRAIM DANIEL WATERS, b. December 21, 1904; d. October 1971, Adrian, Georgia; m. NELLIE. vi. LOUISA ARVELIA WATERS, b. August 20, 1908; d. October 16, 1994, Wrightsville, Georgia; m. (1) WALTER O POPE, January 05, 1934; m. (2) PIERCE WEBB, Abt 1960. 9. vii. SULAR ROSETTIE WATERS, b. August 06, 1912; d. April 02, 1976, Florida. 

5. SARAH3 WATERS (GABRIEL2, GABRIEL1) was born November 24, 1857, and died Unknown in not traced. She married (1) JOHN MORRISON. 

Child of Sarah Waters is: 10. i. SHELTON GABRIEL4 WATERS, b. December 10, 1875, Emanuel County, Georgia; d. September 28, 1943, Georgia. 

Generation No. 4

6. JOHN4 WATERS (EPHRAIM T3, GABRIEL2, GABRIEL1) was born November 25, 1898, and died October 1984 in Tampa, Florida. He married MARGARET CLEMENTS Unknown. JOHN and MARGARET had one child. 

7. JORDAN S4 WATERS (EPHRAIM T3, GABRIEL2, GABRIEL1) was born November 25, 1898 in Statesboro,Georgia Emanuel County, and died September 26, 1980 in Melbourne, Florida. He married EVA INEZ HORTON September 28, 1928. JORDAN and EVA had five children. 

Notes: Buried at Fountainhead Cemetery, Melbourne,Fl

8. LAVADA IRENA4 WATERS (EPHRAIM T3, GABRIEL2, GABRIEL1) was born August 30, 1903, and died February 06, 1984 in McRae, Georgia. She married JAMES ARTHUR TURNER March 25, 1922 in Spring Hill District, Georgia, son of John Turner and Margaret Maddox. LAVADA and JAMES had six children. 

Notes: Lavada was a farmer in Wheeler County, Georgia, near Alamo,Georgia. Lavada's husband, James, died as a young man in 1941 and Lavada raised their children and ran a farm also. She grew corn, cotton, dipped tar for turpentine, and had a pecan orchard also. Lavada loved flowers and had an uncanny knack for growing them. Her yard was always colorful in the spring and summer and attracted many butterflies and hummingbirds to keep her company. Lavada is buried in the Spring Hill Cemetery in Wheeler County beside James and a daughter, Barbara Jean.

9. SULAR ROSETTIE4 WATERS (EPHRAIM T3, GABRIEL2, GABRIEL1) was born August 06, 1912, and died April 02, 1976 in Florida. She married ALVA HORTON. SULAR and ALVA had three children.

10. SHELTON GABRIEL4 WATERS (SARAH3, GABRIEL2, GABRIEL1) was born December 10, 1875 in Emanuel County, Georgia, and died September 28, 1943 in Georgia. He married (1) MARY FROST. SHELTON and MARY had eight children. He married (2) SYNTHIA HAMMOCK. SHELTON and SYNTHIA had one child. 

Submitted by Ray Roddy