Baker County Seal


Compliments of Linda Rosenblatt is this list of men from Baker County who served in WW I (all are US Army except where noted):

From the Baxter community were Pvt. Robert Fulton Bracewell, Pvt. Dencie Ganey (Gainey), Pvt. Washington Mack, and Pvt. Hardy Raulerson.

From Glen Saint Mary were PFC Ozzie Anderson, Pvt. Alfred E. Barker, Pvt. Andrew Blair, Sgt. Fred E. Briles, Pvt. Ardell Crawford, Pvt. Jasper Crews, Pvt. Edward Crocket, Pvt. Eugene Dallas, Pvt. Jeff R. Dunn, Bugler John Durham, Pvt. Leland I. Durham, Pvt. Lloyd W. Futch, Pvt. Eph Gatlin, Pvt. Paul Harvey, Pvt. William Otis Hicks, Pvt. David J. Jeffords, Cpl. John E. Johns, Pvt. Lewis C. Johnson, PFC Dan S. Keene, Pvt. Ernest Mathis, PFC George D. Mathis, Pvt. Eugene Mikell, PFC Henry Mikell, Pvt. Darling Rhoden, Pvt. Hassie Cole Rhoden, Pvt. Lewis Rhoden, Pvt. William Riley (? Rhoden), Pvt. Earl I. Steele, PFC Samuel B. Taylor, Pvt. Brantley F. Thomas, Pvt. Cris J. Walker, Pvt. Ernest Williams, Pvt. Joe Williams, Sgt. Walter B. Williams, and Sgt. James O. Yelvington.

From Macclenny were Fireman 1st Class Ira Moncy Anderson (US Navy), Seaman 2nd Class Charles Edwin Appleton (US Navy), Pvt. Ralph I. Appleton, Pvt. Archie Bacon, PFC Middleton H. Barnes, Pvt. Foster Barton, Pvt. Will Brown, Pvt. Eugene Burges, Pvt. Henry Burnsed, Machinist Mate 1st Class Jacob I. Carstensen (US Navy), Pvt. Jesse Carter, Pvt. Willie Carter, Pvt. Mansfield Coleman, Pvt. Charley G. Crews, Pvt. George F. Crews, Nathan F. Crews (no rank given), Sup. Sgt. Oscar J. Demps, Sgt. Fredrick E. Dorman, Mechanic Louie Dorman, Pvt. Paul D. Dorman, Capt. Arden Duane Doty, Cook Clarence C. Durham, PFC Granville A. Geiger, PFC Eli O. Griffith, Pvt. William Haines, Pvt. Herman Harris, PFC Claude M. Henson, Cook Duff Hodges, Cpl. John I. Hoover, PFC George J. Hunter, Pvt. Troy T. Hunter, PFC Judge Jackson, Pvt. Richard Jackson, Pvt. George H. Jordan, PFC Robert Livingston, Pvt. John I. Lundy, Pvt. Henry N. Lyons, Pvt. James C. Milton, Cpl. Philip N. Milton, Pvt. Henry Mitchell, Pvt. George H. Pellum, Pvt. Jessie J. Pellum, PFC Thomas Jefferson Pierce, PFC Willie Andrew Pierce, PFC Herman F. Powers, Pvt. Sidney Powers, Pvt. Ivy Rhoden, Pvt. Henry Ross, Pvt. John W. Rowe, Pvt. John H. Thomas, Cpl. Charles C. Thompson, Cpl. Dorsey E. Thompson, Sgt. James M. Thompson, Pvt. Spencer Thrift, PFC Covington Tomlinson, Pvt. James Washington, Pvt. Ruben Washington, PFC Ellis B. Wester, Pvt. Francis A. Williams, and Pvt. Herbert Robert Williams.

From Manning were Pvt. Husey Campbell and Pvt. Lester Fields.

From Olustee were Pvt. Samuel Arline, Pvt. Chestly Barber, PFC Irving Cason, Pvt. Timothy Gibson, Cook Henry F. Harrington, Pvt. John Lewis, Pvt. Harley H. Markham, Mess Sgt. William J. Moore, Pvt. Barney Parrott, Pvt. Gilbert Robinson, Pvt. Joseph Robinson, Pvt. Willie Smith, and Cpl. Samuel J. Wadley.

From Sanderson were Pvt. Will Adkins, Pvt. Leonard I. Arline, Sgt. QMC Thurmon W. Arline, Cook Clyde Burnsed, PFC Cole Y. Combs, Pvt. John Combs, Pvt. Charlie Corbett, Pvt. Walter C. Crawford, Pvt. Auzzie Davis, Pvt. Jasper Davis, PFC Ressie Dopson, Pvt. Tholon Dorman, Pvt. Curtis Dowling, Pvt. Otis Farmer, Cpl. Clement C. Fraser, PFC Lewis C. Fraser, Pvt. McKinley Gaskins, Pvt. Elton Givens, Pvt. Leo Givens, Pvt. Frank Givins, Pvt. Will Gordon, PFC Harry Stanton Green, Pvt. Jesse Harris, Pvt. Marion Victor Harris, Sgt. Joseph R. Harvey, Pvt. Lewis O. Harvey, Pvt. Wiley Lee, Pvt. Willie Lemacks, Pvt. James Long, Pvt. Frank H. Mann, Pvt. John H. Mann, Pvt. James Page, Seaman William Henry Reynolds (USCG), Sgt. 1st Class William H. Richardson, PFC Clarence E. Roberts, Pvt. Sylvester Roberts, Pvt. Fulton Smith, Pvt. Rufus E. Stewart, Pvt. Lonnie Williams, and Pvt. Shade Williams.

From Sapp community were Pvt. Jesse James Anderson, PFC Wilson Bryan, PFC Stephen Davis, Pvt. Henry B. Ellis, Pvt. Verty V. Ellis, Pvt. John Franklin, PFC Dee Gillson, Pvt. Calvin Griffis, PFC Ernest M. Johnson, Pvt. Benjamin F. Jones, Pvt. Henry D. Jones, Pvt. Howard Joyner, PFC James McNeil, Pvt. Abe Smith, Cook Ralph E. Stone, Pvt. Adrian B. Waller, Mechanic Charlie I. Ward, Pvt. Walter Whitaker, and Sgt. Elisha W. Wilkinson (Wilkerson).

From Taylor were Pvt. Auzzie Combs, Pvt. Wesley Keen, Pvt. Corlie Raulerson, Pvt. Laut (Lawt) Rewis, and Pvt. George Newton Russell.

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