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Where did these tombstone readings originate?

Between 1990 and 1995, a comprehensive survey and reading of all then-known cemeteries in Bay County, Florida was conducted by the Bay County Genealogical Society under the direction of Nancy Roberts. She was assisted by many BCGS volunteers, including Natalie Thompson, Wallie Waltonen, Barbara Winge, and many others whose contributions and efforts have largely gone unheralded.

Even earlier, tombstone surveys were conducted by Bay High School students under the direction of Tommy Smith in the 1960s, and by Marlene Womack in the 1970s. Some of the markers noted in the earlier surveys were not found during the BCGS surveys, most likely a result of neglect, vandalism, or simply the passage of time. The Gunlock cemetery survey has been replaced by a newer one conducted in Oct 2008 by Suzanne Shay. Section I of the Lynn Haven Cemetery, which was inexplicably omitted from the electronic files, has been replaced in 2010. Numerous corrections have been submitted by interested persons, whom we thank very kindly, and they have been incorporated on an ongoing basis.

All of these results are included in the present index, which now contains approximately 22,654 names in 41 cemeteries

Those who now use these results in the comfort of their air conditioned homes owe a debt of gratitude to all those who braved the bugs, brambles, broiling sun, and bushwhackers for their dedicated work.

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