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Index to Surname W-Z Interments in Bay County, Florida

Name Born Died Cem + Sec  Comments
Waddell, Charles Foy, Sr 16-Jul-1920 05-May-1993 8 sec S ssw Jacqueline Waddell, Cpl USArmy WWII
Waddell, Jacqueline 06-Jan-1918 No date 8 sec S ssw Charles Waddell, Wife Mother
Wade, Aline 1929 1993 14 sec B ssw Vernon Wade
Wade, Edna, Mrs. Marie 24-Mar-1914 27-May-1994 8 sec N
Wade, Edward W 01-Feb-1889 15-Dec-1962 8 sec R "Ft. Payne Ala"
Wade, Elizabeth Meachum 09-Jun-1910 25-Apr-1993 8 sec K "Jean", Mother Grandmother
Wade, Infant Daughter 23-Dec-1943 23-Dec-1943 21 sec I W.L. Wade plot; inf. d/o Mr. & Mrs. Walter Wade
Wade, Infant Daughter 26-Mar-1945 26-Mar-1945 21 sec I W.L. Wade plot; inf. d/o Mr. & Mrs. Walter Wade
Wade, Merita F 20-Sep-1921 No date 10 sec M wife mother
Wade, Mollie S No date No date 17 sec J Spiva plot
Wade, Vernon L 1922 No date 14 sec B ssw Aline Wade
Wade, Vivian Maxine 23-Jun-1954 No date 10 sec M daughter
Wadkins, Floyd L. 25-Dec-1870 03-Feb-1957 25 sec J Wadkins Plot, HUSBAND.
Wadkins, Mary Francis 09-Jun-1873 16-Feb-1945 25 sec J Wadkins Plot, WIFE
Wadsworth, Elbert C 1930 No date 10 sec H ss with Mary
Wadsworth, Glenda Faye 25-Aug-1927 01-Apr-1976 21 sec G ss w/James Walter Wadsworth
Wadsworth, Jabe O 1907 1991 8 sec K ssw Johnnie Wadsworth
Wadsworth, James Walter 09-Oct-1922 01-Dec-1979 21 sec G ss w/Glenda Faye
Wadsworth, Johnnie M 1914 No date 8 sec K ssw Jabe Wadsworth
Wadsworth, Jr., Perry 25-Jul-1927 29-Dec-1941 21 sec J Wadsworth plot
Wadsworth, Mary L 1934 No date 10 sec H ss with Elbert
Waechter, Manferd A 26-Aug-1911 04-Jan-1981 8 sec N Msgt USAF
Waechter, Mynelle W 17-Dec-1921 22-Aug-1979 8 sec N ssw Manferd Waechter
Waff, Joseph A 03-Mar-1921 No date 6 Husband, Daddy, & "greatest Ji Ji"
Waff, Mary C 10-Mar-1934 23-Sep-1986 6 Wife, Mommy & "greatest Baba"
Wagenschein, Dana Taylor 02-Oct-1896 22-Sep-1957 33 sec A
Wages, Charles Edward 15-Jan-1972 04-Feb-1983 10 sec J
Wages, David Leo 03-Oct-1956 14-Oct-1977 10 sec J
Wages, Rebecca 1901 1980 5 sec F mother
Waggoner, Wayne A 25-Aug-1951 23-Sep-1971 8 sec L
Wagher, Loren O 31-Jul-1898 No date 26 sec D
Wagher, Olive A 13-Apr-1902 15-Jun-1971 26 sec D
Wagner, Barron C, Sr 28-Dec-1905 26-Feb-1982 19
Wagner, Charles L 1910 No date 10 sec H ss with Jean
Wagner, Currie D 08-Aug-1888 07-Jun-1973 17 sec E Campbell plot ssw Mary Wagner
Wagner, Edward R 1892 1960 8 sec U
Wagner, Jean M 1912 No date 10 sec H ss with Charles
Wagner, Joseph E 1919 1963 10 sec H
Wagner, Marie L 26-Jul-1925 17-Apr-1980 19
Wagner, Mary P 14-Jan-1885 14-Jan-1966 17 sec E Campbell plot ssw Currie Wagner
Wainright, Dorothy L 1911 No date 8 sec R ssw William Wainright
Wainright, James E 17-Jan-1929 01-Apr-1985 21 sec E TSGT, US Air Force
Wainright, William C 1909 1986 8 sec R ssw Dorothy Wainright
Wainwright, Nettie Ruth 24-Nov-1911 27-Aug-1994 8 sec P
Waites, James R 1935 1984 14 sec A
Wakefield, Paul R, Jr 03-Aug-1948 02-Feb-1988 19
Wakstein, Hy 1922 No date 8 sec G ssw Lee Wakstein
Wakstein, Lee 1921 1992 8 sec G ssw Hy Wakstein
Walden, Ceal P 19-Jun-1905 15-Dec-1983 17 sec P Calloway plot, Husband Father ssw Evelyn C Walden
Walden, Eddie B 10-Nov-1912 01-Feb-1989 21 sec J Hood plot
Walden, Emmet Sanders 27-Jun-1931 22-Dec-1974 8 sec A Lt Col USAF
Walden, Emmett S 1894 1961 8 sec A ssw Lina Walden
Walden, Evelyn C 02-Feb-1918 No date 17 sec P Calloway plot, ssw Ceal P Walden
Walden, Harry Robert 01-Jun-1921 13-May-1984 21 sec J Hood plot;Tec 4 US Army,WW II,Smith Funeral Home marker
Walden, Lina M 1902 1992 8 sec A ssw Emmett Walden
Walden, Louise J 1911 1984 8 sec B ssw Willie Walden
Walden, Mildred Zara 16-Aug-1913 14-Apr-1989 21 sec H Walden plot
Walden, Sarah 10-Jun-1851 06-Mar-1906 38 No tombstone 1994
Walden, William Henry 26-Dec-1911 25-Dec-1982 21 sec H Walden plot
Walden, Willie L 1904 1975 8 sec B ssw Louise Walden
Waldo, Earl W, Sr 1886 1971 8 sec S ssw Margaret Waldo
Waldo, Margaret Marie 1899 1965 8 sec S ssw Earl Waldo
Waldorff No date 23-Mar-1948 5 sec B Infant twin girls of M&M M E Waldorff, Jr
Waldroff, Mary A 16-Mar-1934 No date 10 sec A ss with William
Waldroff, William E, Jr 07-Apr-1924 14-Jun-1977 10 sec A ss with Mary, Cpr US Army WW II
Waldrop, Charles E 07-Sep-1916 17-May-1982 5 sec C
Waldrop, Clausen D 31-Jan-1929 12-Dec-1955 10 sec C FL FFC CoD 12Inf
Waldrop, Ennis 17-Feb-1899 22-Oct-1986 17 sec Y
Waldrop, Era L 1905 1990 8 sec D ssw William Waldrop
Waldrop, Irene Howell 17-Mar-1892 10-Aug-1956 5 sec C ssw James Waldrop
Waldrop, Jack Elmore 29-Aug-1921 09-Aug-1970 5 sec C ssw Louise Waldrop, FL Pfc USArmy WWII
Waldrop, James Edward 24-Apr-1882 23-Aug-1973 5 sec C ssw Irene Waldrop
Waldrop, Louise R 21-Mar-1926 No date 5 sec C ssw Jack Waldrop
Waldrop, Minnie H 14-Apr-1900 18-Feb-1963 5 sec C Tec3 1262 Area Svc Unit WWII
Waldrop, Wanease No date No date 17 sec Y
Waldrop, William D 1893 1977 8 sec D ssw Era Waldrop
Walker, Alfonzo 08-Mar-1924 12-Mar-1977 19 Pvt USArmy WWII
Walker, Ama 02-Jan-1862 20-Aug-1927 17 sec T Byrd plot, "Miss"
Walker, Annie A 18-Mar-1900 03-Feb-1980 19 Ss/w William Walker
Walker, Asa Lyonell 26-Mar-1916 19-Dec-1992 8 sec J ssw Lee Walker, Capt USN WWII Korea
Walker, Bessie E Brown 1904 1957 17 sec D Mother Brown plot
Walker, Bonnie E. Carlile 31-Jan-1904 10-Jul-1951 25 sec D Walker Plot
Walker, Brayton B 28-Sep-1910 25-Feb-1988 8 sec M
Walker, Charles Nelson 1891 1977 10 sec C
Walker, Cody Edward 30-Oct-1919 15-Sep-1993 8 sec I ssw Lola Walker, Sgt USArmy
Walker, Conrad J No date No date 6 Btry G ILL Arty
Walker, Dalton A 1903 No date 10 sec H ss with Pearl
Walker, Doshie 1890 1957 17 sec E Smith Fun Hme
Walker, Eddie Mae 23-Feb-1918 24-Sep-1977 19 Ss/w John Walker
Walker, Edgar A 05-Sep-1952 27-Jul-1953 17 sec AA Walker Plot
Walker, Edna M 1930 No date 10 sec I ss with Lawrence
Walker, Emly Z. 02-Dec-1900 05-Jan-1960 25 sec H
Walker, Ervin S 1890 1972 5 sec H ssw Nancy Walker, Son, Walker plot
Walker, George W. 26-May-1905 17-Aug-1975 25 sec H
Walker, Gina Ellene 16-Mar-1973 16-Mar-1973 17 sec B Walker plot
Walker, Goldia A 1910 No date 10 sec I ss with Wilbern
Walker, Gustus 13-Feb-1917 28-Nov-1956 5 sec H Tec5 WWII, Walker plot
Walker, Harvey King 25-Mar-1896 09-Apr-1962 5 sec H ssw Mary Walker, Walker plot
Walker, Helen Ann 14-Aug-1943 01-May-1960 8 sec U
Walker, Helen C 20-Oct-1926 12-Feb-1986 8 sec K ssw Joseph Walker
Walker, Ishmael W. 01-Jun-1932 22-Feb-1951 25 sec H Fl., Pfc Co K, 5 Cav Inf,1 Cav Inf Korea-SS-PH
Walker, James "Jimmy" 1926 1986 10 sec A
Walker, James F. 13-Aug-1948 13-Feb-1991 25 sec H Cpl US Marines, Vietnam
Walker, Jessie James 21-Sep-1935 04-Feb-1971 31 sec B Pfc USArmy
Walker, Jimmie Lee 06-Jan-1947 20-Jul-1952 25 sec H Son Of Noah & Mary Walker.
Walker, Joe Wayne 23-Apr-1947 No date 17 sec B Walker plot ssw Marrianne O Walker
Walker, John 16-Aug-1938 30-Sep-1964 31 sec D FL Sp4 USArmy
Walker, John (Bo) 14-Feb-1909 31-Jan-1986 19 Ss/w Eddie Walker
Walker, John Albert 12-Apr-1896 02-Sep-1936 17 not found in 1995
Walker, John Clark 12-Mar-1912 06-Dec-1965 17 sec AA Walker Plot
Walker, John Hillery 29-Apr-1916 02-Jul-1987 17 sec C Walker/Gage plot
Walker, Johnnie Caldwell 1896 1990 8 sec F MEMA
Walker, Joseph B 02-Apr-1925 No date 8 sec K ssw Helen Walker, Mason
Walker, Kristina Nichole No date 07-Dec-1989 10 sec B infant
Walker, Lawrence R, Sr 1927 1992 10 sec I ss with Edna
Walker, Lee Ola 07-Oct-1915 No date 8 sec J ssw Asa Walker
Walker, Lester B (Buck) 19-May-1923 12-Sep-1972 8 sec U
Walker, Lillie B No date No date 31 sec D Mrs.
Walker, Lola Ruth 12-Nov-1924 No date 8 sec I ssw Cody Walker, Mother
Walker, Lorrie M 26-Oct-1918 05-Aug-1974 10 sec M Tech5 USArmy
Walker, Louise S 18-Apr-1918 11-Aug-1977 8 sec B
Walker, Louise S 25-Sep-1907 No date 10 sec M ss with St Julian
Walker, Marrianne O 22-Jul-1949 02-Jun-1973 17 sec B Walker plot ssw Joe Wayne Walker
Walker, Martin 06-Oct-1952 13-Apr-1976 17 sec AA Walker Plot
Walker, Mary C 28-May-1909 No date 8 sec J ssw Pleas Walker, Wife Mother
Walker, Mary Ellen 15-Sep-1922 17-Mar-1988 25 sec H Walker Plot
Walker, Mary Lizzie 11-Nov-1895 12-Feb-1980 5 sec H ssw Harvey Walker, Walker plot
Walker, Myrtice 28-Oct-1915 28-Oct-1976 10 sec C mother
Walker, Nancy Ann 1859 1952 5 sec H ssw Ervin Walker, Mother, Walker plot
Walker, Nell Kruse 1888 1965 10 sec C
Walker, Noah Henery 1898 1956 25 sec H
Walker, Pearl L 1903 No date 10 sec H ss with Dalton
Walker, Pleas Milton 03-May-1909 07-Sep-1983 8 sec J ssw Mary Walker, LCDR USN WWII
Walker, Rebecca Alice 08-Feb-1945 No date 26 sec B.
Walker, Robert No date No date 25 sec D S.D Walker Plot, Jr., only date=5 Feb 1931.
Walker, Robert Lee 13-Jan-1888 16-Dec-1963 25 sec D Walker Plot ALABAMA, WW 1, US Army
Walker, Rosa Bell 15-Mar-1883 20-Jun-1964 31 sec C
Walker, St Julian M 29-Dec-1893 11-Mar-1972 10 sec M ss with Louise, So Car Sgt USArmy WWI
Walker, Vodie M. 1910 No date 25 sec K
Walker, Wesley A. 1902 1962 25 sec K
Walker, Wilbern M 1906 1989 10 sec I ss with Goldia
Walker, William R (Rev) 04-Mar-1887 09-Dec-1969 19 Ss/w Annie Walker
Walkley, Capt Sam T No date No date 17 sec H Co 129 IL Inf Anderson plot
Wall, Amanda B 25-Aug-1907 25-Feb-1945 31 sec A
Wall, Cleve H 27-Aug-1918 No date 8 sec A PFC WWII 1942-45
Wallace, Alvie G 1901 1975 10 sec E
Wallace, Augusta Viola 1870 1959 26 sec K Wallace Plot.
Wallace, Carrie 1897 1976 8 sec D ssw Coe Wallace
Wallace, Charles M. 26-Jul-1872 01-Mar-1918 26 sec K W.O.W.
Wallace, Coe 1890 1970 8 sec D ssw Carrie Wallace
Wallace, Florida S 30-Jan-1896 27-Sep-1982 8 sec D ssw Waldo Wallace
Wallace, Joseph M. No date No date 17 not found in 1995
Wallace, Louisa B 28-Nov-1917 02-Jun-1966 10 sec C
Wallace, Mary Agusta No date No date 26 sec K Age 12 yrs. Wallace Plot.
Wallace, Rev W. C. 1848 1930 26 sec K Wallace Plot.
Wallace, Ruth U 1916 1980 8 sec A
Wallace, Waldo W 12-Jun-1893 02-Jul-1964 8 sec D ssw Florida Wallace
Wallace, Winona Lawrence 28-Sep-1880 28-Jan-1963 26 sec K
Waller, Charles B "Bill" 16-Oct-1929 03-Apr-1963 8 sec C
Waller, Infant No date 24-Oct-1912 26 From obit. Infant of Rev & Mrs W T Waller.
Waller, Karen Marie 24-Sep-1953 13-May-1982 8 sec C
Waller, Mrs W T No date 24-Oct-1912 26 From Obit. Mrs Waller buried in Dothan. AL.
Waller, Rufus J 18-May-1890 31-Jan-1971 38 Ala Pvt USArmy WWI
Waller, Stella Nixon 26-Mar-1894 20-Oct-1982 38
Walley, Claude C 1908 1978 8 sec C
Walley, Eula M 1911 1980 8 sec C
Wallis, Charles D 14-Feb-1956 08-Jun-1981 21 sec C name on stone as Charles D. "Jeff" Wallis
Walls, Brenda G 1946 1989 8 sec A
Walls, Claudia Sue 17-Jun-1951 18-Jun-1951 25 sec H Walls Plot
Walls, Henry H 1900 1989 8 sec A ssw Lee Walls
Walls, Lee Annie 1904 No date 8 sec A ssw Henry Walls
Walls, Winona R "Winnie" 1913 1973 8 sec A Eastern Star
Wallum, Frank Michael 27-Jan-1894 05-Aug-1975 17 sec CC Pfc US Army WWI
Walsh, Edward F. 1890 1953 17 not found in 1995
Walsh, Edward Lee 25-Jun-1928 06-Mar-1990 8 sec J USNavy WWII, Husband Father
Walsh, George E 18-Mar-1930 09-Mar-1983 6 SS/w Geraldine
Walsh, George P 09-Jun-1906 18-Oct-1947 5 sec B
Walsh, Geraldine J 15-Jan-1932 No date 6 SS/w George
Walsh, Jo Ann 31-Oct-1956 No date 28 Infant daughter of Earl & Betty Walsh
Walsingham, W Alvin 1921 1990 8 sec P Mason
Walston Jr, Floyd F 08-Dec-1917 No date 17 sec P
Walston, Dorothy S 24-Jan-1925 03-Oct-1985 17 sec P
Walston, Floyd F 29-Dec-1893 20-Dec-1946 17 sec P
Walston, Frederick Brud Kare 25-Nov-1915 02-Apr-1982 17 sec P
Walter, Kenneth L. age 67 06-Oct-1997 35src: Bennett 2005
Walters, Beatrice 14-Feb-1922 10-Feb-1983 10 sec M
Walters, Clara B. 1951 1954 17 not found in 1995
Walters, Coy Lee 14-Aug-1913 No date 26 sec D Walters Plot; ssw Wealthy H Walters.
Walters, Dovie No date No date 25 sec C next to Jennie Walters
Walters, E Evelyn 1925 No date 17 sec A ssw James H Walters
Walters, Evelyn Lorena 12-Sep-1955 31-Aug-1966 8 sec D
Walters, James B 11-Dec-1912 23-Sep-1983 8 sec K ssw Tera Walters
Walters, James H 1920 1970 17 sec A ssw E Evelyn Walters
Walters, James J. 1909 1962 17 not found in 1995
Walters, Jennie 1893 1942 25 sec C nnext to Dovie Walters
Walters, John Wesley 1886 1957 17 not found in 1995
Walters, Linnie 24-Mar-1917 No date 17 sec B Walters plot ssw Willie Walters
Walters, Major 08-Dec-1923 04-Dec-1985 14 sec E Ssgt USAF
Walters, Marjorie Stevenson 09-Mar-1916 22-Jul-1989 26 sec D ssw Walton Burgess Walters.
Walters, Patrick Charles 03-Jul-1946 13-Oct-1978 8 sec M
Walters, Ronnie L. 1947 1955 17 not found in 1995
Walters, Tera A 09-Dec-1916 No date 8 sec K ssw James Walters
Walters, Walton Burgess 27-Jun-1911 No date 26 sec D ssw Marjorie Stevenson Walters.
Walters, Wealthy H 26-Jun-1909 03-Nov-1975 26 sec D Walters Plot; ssw Coy Lee Walters.
Walters, Willie 30-Oct-1912 23-Oct-1968 17 sec B Walters plot ssw Linnie Walters Southerland Fun Hme
Waltman, Edward 04-May-1917 31-Jan-1966 10 sec A Miss. Ssgt USAF WW II
Waltman, Reubin Lamar 16-Apr-1945 31-Aug-1994 8 sec P
Walton, Angela Louise No date 10-May-1981 19 No tombstone
Walton, Edward Ellis 1919 1983 8 sec K
Walton, Mardrie P 25-Aug-1912 11-May-1990 19
Walton, Robert H 1902 1975 8 sec H ssw Sylvia Walton
Walton, Sylvia F 1910 1975 8 sec H ssw Robert Walton
Walton, Willie 26-Jun-1910 21-Mar-1993 19
Walton, Willie J No date 15-Apr-1974 19 No tombstone
Waltz, John A, Sr 22-Nov-1937 24-Nov-1989 10 sec J ss with Patricia, HMC USN Vietnam
Waltz, Patricia D 12-Aug-1942 No date 10 sec J ss with John, wife mother
Wands, Naomi Ruth 17-Jul-1916 10-Nov-1981 10 sec I
Wanika, Harold S 1916 1989 10 sec H ss with Ruth
Wanika, Ruth 1926 No date 10 sec H ss with Harold
Ward, Alice M. 1888 1975 21 sec I
Ward, Alto 1892 1965 22
Ward, Baby 04-Feb-1922 No date 25 sec D
Ward, Bertha No date 1993 19 Gainer FH
Ward, Bryan Christopher 07-Mar-1990 01-Apr-1990 10 sec B
Ward, Charles Hugh 24-Sep-1905 25-Jul-1977 26 sec H. Taylor Plot.
Ward, Charles V. 12-May-1873 06-Jan-1933 25 sec D
Ward, Charley J. 24-Sep-1945 04-Apr-1964 25 sec D
Ward, Cleveland 1924 1987 19 USArmy WWII
Ward, Cora E. 1858 1952 21 sec I
Ward, Cora Suggs 27-Aug-1909 25-Jan-1989 10 sec A
Ward, Dorthy Jean 12-Dec-1941 17-Feb-1942 25 sec D
Ward, Forest Thomas 19-Mar-1899 03-Jun-1981 25 sec K
Ward, George T. 12-Nov-1841 03-Mar-1925 25 sec D
Ward, Georgia A. 01-Mar-1856 23-May-1910 17 not found in 1995
Ward, Harold L, Jr 07-Jan-1930 04-Oct-1955 8 sec C
Ward, Hattie Mae 12-Jun-1941 08-Sep-1941 31 sec C
Ward, Henry 22-Jul-1900 12-Feb-1977 19 Ss/w Marie Ward
Ward, James C 04-Nov-1923 26-Dec-1966 17 sec BB
Ward, Jeanette May 12-May-1893 18-Mar-1982 21 sec I Ward plot; ss w/ William David
Ward, Jene Buford 03-Jan-1928 06-Oct-1993 14 sec B ssw Reditha Ward, Msgt USAF WWII Korea
Ward, Jessie M 10-Sep-1929 11-Sep-1929 18 sec B S/o Charlie and Elizabeth Ward
Ward, Jewel Hodge 1914 1978 8 sec R
Ward, John Edward 25-Jun-1925 23-Mar-1976 26 sec H. US Army PVC WW II; Southerland Funeral Home.
Ward, John J 1879 1954 17 sec BB ssw Maude F Ward
Ward, Lillian H 29-Aug-1925 07-Mar-1991 21 sec A&B Kent F.H.
Ward, Louis R 14-Mar-1910 29-Jan-1976 8 sec L ssw Ouida Ward, USNavy WWII
Ward, Mack 05-Apr-1897 05-Sep-1973 31 sec B FL Pvt USArmy WWI
Ward, Maggie May 23-Mar-1917 01-Mar-1985 21 sec I McLemore plot
Ward, Marguerite L 23-Mar-1923 No date 21 sec J Ward plot;same stone w/Roy;no dd in 1991
Ward, Marie 10-Oct-1913 No date 19 Ss/w Henry Ward
Ward, Mary M. 06-Sep-1888 20-Aug-1930 25 sec D , same marker as Charley J.
Ward, Mary Williams 24-Nov-1881 16-Feb-1984 5 sec B ssw William Ward
Ward, Maude F 1885 1959 17 sec BB ssw John J Ward
Ward, Maude Stone 10-Jun-1890 05-Aug-1968 8 sec A Mother
Ward, McArthur Aug ? 13 ? 19?? 26 sec H. mm. Smith Funeral Home.
Ward, Mrs Myra Virginia 01-Oct-1929 17-Dec-1985 17 sec CC Cranmore Plot Smith Fun Hme
Ward, Orell Quinton 27-Oct-1912 23-Dec-1981 8 sec R CMM WWII USNavy
Ward, Ouida B 12-Apr-1928 No date 8 sec L ssw Louis Ward, Wife Mother
Ward, Pamela Sharon No date 18-Nov-1958 17 sec D infant
Ward, Pearl O 1922 1990 8 sec T
Ward, Reditha 29-Oct-1942 No date 14 sec B ssw Jene Ward
Ward, Roy 17-Mar-1925 11-Jan-1989 21 sec J Ward plot;same stone w/Marguerite L.
Ward, Sunie W 09-Apr-1901 11-Aug-1988 22
Ward, Thomas Wayne 18-Dec-1952 28-Jan-1986 5 sec F Quinn plot, USNavy Vietnam
Ward, Thos J. no date no date 21 sec I US Navy
Ward, W C No date No date 19
Ward, W. A. 22-Aug-1868 29-Mar-1921 25 sec D
Ward, Wilbur F. no date no date 21 sec I Co. F-9 Me Inf.
Ward, William 1920 1980 25 sec D WW 11 US Army
Ward, William B 13-Jun-1880 05-Jul-1968 5 sec B ssw Mary Ward
Ward, William David 16-Oct-1879 17-Jul-1941 21 sec I Ward plot; ss w/ Jeanette May; 42nd Div, 167 Inf.
Ward, Willie 27-Aug-1903 04-Nov-1958 31 sec D
Wardwell, Windy A 28-Aug-1978 11-Sep-1983 3
Ware, Albert N 21-May-1891 22-May-1892 17 sec J Ware plot son of F H & Sarah M Ware
Ware, Alberta A 04-Sep-1893 06-Dec-1895 17 sec J Ware plot dau of Frank & Sallie M Ware
Ware, Christine Lyn 23-Jan-1963 28-Nov-1971 6
Ware, Clarence A 1887 1963 8 sec E ssw Gertrude Ware
Ware, Claude A, Jr 25-Aug-1941 04-May-1966 8 sec B
Ware, Curtis E 11-Jan-1890 17-Sep-1974 17 sec X
Ware, Elizabeth Ann 02-Sep-1961 29-Nov-1971 6
Ware, Francis H 1857 1952 17 sec J Ware plot ssw Sarah Ware
Ware, Frank A 28-Jan-1916 01-Nov-1984 26 sec H.
Ware, George No date 29-Aug-1979 19 No tombstone
Ware, Gertrude M 1893 1974 8 sec E ssw Clarence Ware
Ware, Gladys W 20-Sep-1914 17-Nov-1960 8 sec E
Ware, Harrold 26-Dec-1884 19-Dec-1888 17 sec J Ware/Gwaltney plot,son of Lillia A & Lambert Ware
Ware, Hassie 03-Jan-1891 22-Feb-1920 17 sec J Ware plot wife of Clarence Ware
Ware, Infant 24-Dec-1910 10-Jan-1911 17 sec J Ware/Gwaltney plot,son of Ottway & Mary E Ware
Ware, Infant No date 02-Jun-1907 17 sec J Ware/Gwaltney plot, son of L M & Zadie H Ware
Ware, Infant girl 21-Nov-1921 21-Nov-1921 17 sec F
Ware, Jacqueline Moates 03-Nov-1900 21-Nov-1921 17 sec F Moates plot died childbirth
Ware, Lambert M 09-Feb-1852 04-Jul-1905 17 sec J Ware/Gwaltney plot
Ware, Lambert Milbank 02-Feb-1881 21-Apr-1934 17 sec I
Ware, Laura O 16-Jul-1906 23-Apr-1992 31 sec D Battle FH
Ware, Lillian M 24-Sep-1859 13-Jun-1888 17 sec J Ware/Gwaltney plot, wife of Lambert M Ware
Ware, Lloyd K 07-Dec-1913 No date 8 sec J ssw Ruby Ware
Ware, Lydia Day 1867 1939 17 sec H
Ware, Mary Ellen 18-Nov-1889 22-Dec-1949 17 sec J Ware/Gwaltney plot
Ware, Nellie Surber 12-Nov-1895 09-Apr-1968 17 sec W
Ware, Otway 01-Nov-1886 17-Aug-1978 17 sec J Ware/Gwaltney plot
Ware, Pallie Mae 1921 1986 26 sec H. mm. Southerland Funeral Home.
Ware, Pearl E 29-Apr-1890 29-Oct-1979 17 sec X
Ware, Rebecca E 30-Sep-1926 08-Jul-1981 19
Ware, Ruby I 26-Nov-1916 12-Jun-1981 8 sec J ssw Lloyd Ware
Ware, Sarah M 1867 1952 17 sec J ssw Francis Ware Ware plot
Ware, Van Harold 10-Jan-1926 21-Nov-1943 25 sec J
Warfield, Beverly A 1935 1993 8 sec L ssw David Warfield
Warfield, David A 1934 No date 8 sec L ssw Beverly Warfield
Warford, Lucille N 02-Dec-1915 31-Oct-1985 8 sec N
Warmoth, Beatrice W 1897 No date 8 sec R ssw Walter Warmoth
Warmoth, Walter O 1897 1983 8 sec R ssw Beatrice Warmoth, Mason
Warnke, Henry Karl 15-Nov-1914 04-Dec-1988 21 sec F Smith Funeral Home
Warnock, Ethel Queen 1900 1988 8 sec A Wife, Mother
Warnock, William H 1889 1973 8 sec A Mason
Warr, Johnie W 11-Mar-1905 09-Jan-1971 5 sec E ssw Lillie Warr, Warr plot
Warr, Lillie Mae 30-Oct-1904 No date 5 sec E ssw Johnie Warr, Warr plot
Warr, Matilda Powell 06-Apr-1880 05-Apr-1961 5 sec E ssw William Warr, Warr plot
Warr, William Henry 10-Jun-1882 09-Jul-1951 5 sec E ssw Matilda Warr, Warr plot
Warren, Carline P 29-Jun-1936 No date 8 sec U ssw Jimmy Warren
Warren, Christoper 25-Oct-1957 10-Jul-1958 17 not found in 1995
Warren, Doreen Helsing 1925 No date 8 sec H
Warren, E Louis 1900 1961 8 sec A ssw Mollie Warren
Warren, Elmon Edgar 15-Sep-1899 09-Apr-1968 8 sec L
Warren, Fannie 28-Mar-1913 29-Aug-1972 31 sec B
Warren, Frank, Jr 13-Dec-1909 24-Sep-1940 17 sec I Warren plot
Warren, Frank, Sr 02-Nov-1866 13-Jul-1946 17 sec I Warren plot
Warren, Gene A 19-Jan-1939 23-Oct-1967 8 sec T Husband
Warren, Glenn G 06-Oct-1947 09-Mar-1969 8 sec E FL Ssgt 202 ASA CO 1 Arm Div
Warren, Hosea Lee, Sr 19-Dec-1902 21-Jan-1967 17 sec I Warren plot
Warren, Irene R 06-Nov-1910 04-Aug-1986 10 sec I ss with John
Warren, J Elton, Sr 1913 1983 8 sec E
Warren, James 1855 1932 25 not found in 1995
Warren, James A 1913 1990 8 sec E
Warren, James Lee 13-Jul-1941 17-Mar-1942 25 sec I Moore Plot
Warren, James Roy 16-Sep-1938 25-Aug-1987 17 sec O Scott plot
Warren, James Russell 1885 1959 25 sec D Wilson F.H.
Warren, James W 1937 1980 8 sec B ssw Margaret Warren
Warren, Jimmie L 1896 1975 8 sec T ssw Lorah Warren
Warren, Jimmy Lee 07-Apr-1930 27-Feb-1994 8 sec U ssw Carline Warren, USNavy Korea
Warren, John B 04-Aug-1908 23-Dec-1978 10 sec I ss with Irene, WO USArmy WWII
Warren, John Slay 24-Jun-1896 19-Mar-1965 17 sec N Warren plot, US Army WWI
Warren, John Slay, Jr 03-Mar-1927 05-Sep-1975 17 sec N Warren plot, US Navy WWII
Warren, John W, Sr 1910 1973 8 sec B ssw Maud Warren
Warren, Lorah 1901 1964 8 sec T ssw Jimmie Warren
Warren, Mallie Daniels 12-Jan-1890 09-Apr-1990 25 sec D 100 Yrs. Wilson F.H.
Warren, Margaret 1936 No date 8 sec B ssw James Warren
Warren, Mark Ivan 22-Dec-1956 27-Sep-1977 17 sec O Warren plot
Warren, Mary Belle 24-Nov-1904 10-Sep-1988 17 sec N Warren plot
Warren, Maud L 1909 1986 8 sec B ssw John Warren
Warren, Mazie 1921 1945 17 sec O Warren plot
Warren, Mollie L 1906 1988 8 sec A ssw E Louis Warren
Warren, Myrtle C No date No date 8 sec T ssw W Lafayette Warren
Warren, Nancy Danley 25-Sep-1881 27-Apr-1963 17 sec I Warren plot
Warren, Pearl 1893 1970 17 sec O Warren plot
Warren, Preston 1879 1955 17 sec O Warren plot
Warren, Russell William 12-Apr-1914 15-Mar-1985 17 sec O Warren plot, Husband Father
Warren, Sally Mae Stockman 03-Dec-1942 21-Aug-1989 14 sec C
Warren, W Lafayette 16-Oct-1920 10-Oct-1991 8 sec T ssw Myrtle Warren
Warren, W W No date 1914 21 not found in 1995
Warriner, Alfred James 22-May-1956 04-Jan-1987 17 sec X Lost at sea
Warriner, Robert J 23-Apr-1919 04-Apr-1989 17 sec X Papaw
Wascey, Cindy 16-Oct-1973 07-Nov-1990 8 sec U
Wasden, Alonzo 23-Oct-1869 24-Sep-1962 25 sec A Wasden Plot.
Wasden, Catherine 30-Nov-1894 16-Jun-1962 25 sec H
Wasden, Joella 15-Feb-1912 11-Jul-1912 25 sec A J.W. [footstone]
Wasden, Nancy E. 11-Oct-1869 23-May-1930 25 sec A Wasden Plot, Wife of A.L. Wasden.
Wasden, Walter Leon 18-May-1896 23-Dec-1915 25 sec A Wasden Plot, W.L.W. [footstone].
Washington, Alice F No date 17-May-1980 19 No tombstone
Washington, Bessie 25-Feb-1886 08-Sep-1942 31 sec A
Washington, Cecil G 20-Aug-1906 26-Nov-1986 19
Washington, Charlie, Jr 14-May-1923 14-Apr-1973 31 sec B FL Pvt USArmy WWII
Washington, Dolphus 22-Feb-1901 18-May-1984 31 sec C
Washington, George No date 27-Nov-1979 19 No tombstone
Washington, Henry 23-May-1884 18-Dec-1947 31 sec A
Washington, Homer Clark Gilmore 04-Jul-1915 09-Mar-1974 17 sec B TSGT US Air Force WWII
Washington, James A, Sr 16-Nov-1913 No date 14 sec D
Washington, Lynn F 13-May-1935 24-Feb-1989 19 Robinson plot, 1Lt USArmy
Washington, Mable A 31-Oct-1914 11-Nov-1985 14 sec D
Washut, Ester 15-Aug-1905 28-Dec-1969 31 sec B
Wassom, Chester Roland 22-Oct-1922 05-Oct-1991 8 sec Q ssw Clio Wassom, Lt Col USAF WWII Korea Vietnam
Wassom, Clio D 04-Dec-1924 12-Dec-1994 8 sec Q ssw Chester Wassom
Wasson, Donald A 20-Nov-1910 29-May-1978 17 sec A ssw Inez Gray Wasson
Wasson, Inez Gray 30-Oct-1909 20-Jan-1987 17 sec A ssw Donald A Wasson
Wasson, Leon R 1884 1964 8 sec T ssw Nina Wasson
Wasson, Nina S 1885 1974 8 sec T ssw Leon Wasson
Waterfield, Earle 1905 1972 17 sec A
Waters, Adelaide R 25-Feb-1927 02-Jul-1986 10 sec L
Waters, Amanda M 1913 1987 8 sec F ssw L C Waters
Waters, Carrie Ansley 1907 No date 8 sec S
Waters, Charlie J 1881 1961 5 sec B Waters plot
Waters, Henry N 1915 1979 28 Waters plot, WWII
Waters, J Paul 31-Aug-1927 29-Mar-1985 5 sec B Waters plot, USNavy
Waters, Jessie 09-May-1892 22-Aug-1979 19
Waters, Katie Mae 1891 1972 5 sec B Waters plot
Waters, L C (Jake) 1909 No date 8 sec F ssw Amanda Waters
Waters, Leila M 1919 1967 8 sec H
Waters, Patricia Ann 25-Aug-1943 16-Apr-1973 5 sec H
Waters, Thomas King No date 20-Oct-1994 19 Burial record
Watford, Delphia May 25-May-1893 16-Sep-1957 8 sec O ssw Walter Watford
Watford, Edgar N 05-Aug-1908 29-Dec-1968 8 sec N
Watford, Lena B 1898 No date 8 sec E ssw Olive Watford
Watford, Linda Jo 1949 1987 8 sec P
Watford, Lucille H 02-Dec-1915 31-Oct-1985 8 sec N
Watford, Olive O 1893 1974 8 sec E ssw Lena Watford
Watford, Walter W 28-Oct-1887 27-Nov-1978 8 sec O ssw Delphia Watford, Mason
Watkins, Addie M 1912 1953 37
Watkins, Addie Melissa 1912 1953 37 This appears to be a second marker with first one recorded as Addie M. Watkins
Watkins, Agnes 1917 1988 14 sec E ssw Henry Watkins
Watkins, Cindie 30-Sep-1889 12-Aug-1942 33 sec C wife, mother
Watkins, Clifford W 05-Apr-1909 17-Nov-1978 37
Watkins, Corrie Evelyn Everett 01-Mar-1913 05-Feb-1984 8 sec I ssw Orlando Watkins
Watkins, Gertie Pruitt 07-Jun-1889 07-Aug-1962 17 sec T Watkins plot
Watkins, Harry P 28-May-1915 09-Apr-1942 17 sec T Watkins plot, Sgt US Army WWII
Watkins, Henry 1907 1986 14 sec E ssw Agnes Watkins
Watkins, Hesiciah 28-Dec-1912 10-Feb-1969 37 Florida, PFC 10 ARMD Engineers, WW II
Watkins, John A 1920 No date 8 sec C ssw Myrtle Watkins
Watkins, L C 09-Sep-1878 29-Apr-1962 31 sec D
Watkins, Mack E 13-Jan-1905 10-Apr-1992 18 sec C H/o Pauline Watkins "Father, not my will buth thine be done"
Watkins, Myrtle E 1917 1992 8 sec C ssw John Watkins
Watkins, Nathan Emory 28-Jun-1882 23-Jul-1957 17 sec T Watkins plot
Watkins, Orlando J 27-Oct-1895 21-Jan-1987 8 sec I ssw Corrie Watkins, Pvt C Troop 6th Cav WWI
Watkins, Pauline W 14-Feb-1924 07-Jan-1995 18 sec C W/o Mack Watkins "None knew her but to love her" Mother of Donald, James, Paul, and Jerry Weeks "Thy trials ended, thy rest is won"
Watkins, Pugh M 03-Sep-1919 16-Feb-1986 21 sec A&B Watkins plot
Watkins, Ruby Singletary 30-Dec-1919 16-May-1988 37
Watkins, Thomas C 06-Aug-1922 26-Sep-1945 17 sec T Watkins plot, SC Capt 43 AAF omb Gp WWII
Watkins, Wayne Lee 27-Jul-1931 30-Jan-1973 31 sec D Pvt USArmy Korea
Watkins, Will W 1872 1955 3
Watkins, Zetta 01-May-1913 13-Dec-1980 19
Watson, Calvin, Jr 31-Jul-1904 21-Jan-1985 19
Watson, Carl No date No date 39 No dates
Watson, Christine P 15-Jun-1912 No date 14 sec E ssw Jeff Watson
Watson, Cleo 08-Oct-1934 31-May-1988 19
Watson, Demetra 10-Jan-1932 02-Jun-1991 10 sec J wife mother grandmother
Watson, Dixie Stubblefield 25-Aug-1920 No date 8 sec J ssw Richard Watson
Watson, Ford 04-Feb-1898 17-May-1990 17 sec R
Watson, Infant No date No date 39 No dates
Watson, Jeff, Sr 10-Apr-1909 29-Jan-1991 14 sec E ssw Christine Watson
Watson, Jud 14-Dec-1896 20-Aug-1956 11 Cpl CoI 164Inf WWI
Watson, Karl Anderson 26-Dec-1891 29-Apr-1965 10 sec A Ala Pvt US Army WW I
Watson, Lawrence B 05-Dec-1916 25-Sep-1989 21 sec D stone between his & Rosetta w/rings & 4 Mar 1944
Watson, Luzanier (Mrs) 30-Nov-1910 12-Mar-1992 19 Battle FH
Watson, Marshall L 1923 1987 10 sec I ss with Sybil
Watson, Michael E 29-Aug-1961 05-Oct-1983 14 sec E
Watson, Mrs Killie 15-Apr-1861 06-Feb-1920 17 sec F
Watson, Richard Leroy 19-Dec-1909 15-Nov-1991 8 sec J ssw Dixie Watson
Watson, Rosetta R 21-Feb-1925 No date 21 sec D stone between her & Lawrence w/rings & 4 Mar 1944
Watson, Saxton No date No date 39 No dates
Watson, Sybil C 1919 1977 10 sec I ss with Marshall
Watson, Ted Leroy 19-Dec-1937 09-May-1974 8 sec J
Watson, Tessie No date No date 39 No dates
Watson, Thomas Joseph No date 24-Jul-1975 25 sec G Etheridge Plot, Jr.
Watson, Thomas W 1913 1965 8 sec N
Watson, Viola 17-Mar-1898 07-Feb-1947 39
Watson, W L 04-Apr-1930 25-May-1962 17 sec D Husband
Watt, Shirley P 04-Feb-1936 12-Feb-1984 8 sec L Wife Mother
Watts, Dorothy E 1921 No date 8 sec J ssw James Watts
Watts, James W 1912 1980 8 sec J ssw Dorothy Watts
Watts, Sudie Adeline 18-Jun-1887 01-Jan-1957 17 sec P
Watts, W Angus 1901 1989 8 sec U
Watts, William L 19-May-1914 23-Nov-1979 17 sec P Husband & Father
Watts, William Troy 27-Mar-1965 25-Feb-1987 8 sec O
Watts, Wilton W 19-Mar-1874 13-Feb-1946 17 sec P
Wave, Bessie C 1915 1993 8 sec B ssw Hjalmar Wave
Wave, Hjalmar C 1910 1964 8 sec B ssw Bessie Wave
Wayland, Mary Alice 1903 1983 8 sec K "MeeMaw"
Weathermon, Beatrice M 1923 No date 8 sec J ssw Laymon Weathermon
Weathermon, Laymon R 1920 1983 8 sec J ssw Beatrice Weathermon
Weathers, Carl Crawford 12-Oct-1914 No date 8 sec B ssw Mildred Weathers
Weathers, Elbert J 01-Jun-1932 No date 14 sec D
Weathers, Flora M 1911 1986 8 sec M ssw Joseph Weathers
Weathers, Joseph T, Sr 1907 No date 8 sec M ssw Flora Weathers
Weathers, Louie 1928 1979 10 sec C father
Weathers, Marjorie L 23-Apr-1932 No date 14 sec D
Weathers, Mildred Suggs 31-Mar-1917 No date 8 sec B ssw Carl Weathers
Weathers, Renee' Carol 19-Jul-1959 27-Jan-1985 8 sec B
Weathers, Tom Everett 27-Dec-1980 08-May-1990 8 sec B
Weathers, Walter J 1876 1965 8 sec B ssw Zuma Weathers
Weathers, Zuma Mize 1882 1960 8 sec B ssw Walter Weathers
Weaver Sr, William Dewey 28-Feb-1899 15-Oct-1944 26 sec J
Weaver, Althea No date 18-Dec-1993 19 Burial records
Weaver, Annie Mae No date 1984 10 sec A Kent/Forest Lawn FH marker only
Weaver, Barbara C No date No date 10 sec H ss with James
Weaver, Ben 25-Apr-1892 18-May-1962 31 sec C FL Pvt USArmy WWI
Weaver, Clarence 1901 1945 26 sec J mm.
Weaver, Clifford 1901 1967 17 sec H
Weaver, Dallas O 1910 1970 26 sec D mm Southerland.
Weaver, Elijah, Jr No date 24-Oct-1986 19 No tombstone, infant
Weaver, Flora 1877 1968 33 sec E
Weaver, Gladys Diana Dec Jan 26 sec C.
Weaver, Jacob no date no date 21 sec I Corp., Co. C, 54 Pa. Inf.
Weaver, James H 1924 1985 10 sec H ss with Barbara
Weaver, Joseph T 1903 1980 10 sec A
Weaver, Louie Q 1914 1979 8 sec S ssw Lucile Weaver
Weaver, Lucile L 1916 No date 8 sec S ssw Louie Weaver
Weaver, Lucile L 1916 No date 8 sec S ssw Louie Weaver
Weaver, Lula Belle Evans 14-Jan-1895 18-Feb-1977 26 sec D
Weaver, Mary Ann No date 16-Nov-1975 19 No tombstone
Weaver, Olive 1906 1973 17 sec H
Weaver, Paul Phillip 23-Jun-1929 27-Sep-1951 17 sec V USAF
Weaver, Richard 23-Sep-1906 19-Jan-1928 33 not found in 1995
Weaver, Rosemarie 1954 1954 17 sec CC infant grave
Weaver, Thelma M 09-Sep-1908 30-Mar-1948 17 sec R Mother
Weaver, Vera Burma 1907 1990 26 sec D mm Southerland.
Weaver, W W 15-Oct-1867 07-May-1948 33 sec E husband, father
Weaver, William D 1872 1952 26 sec J
Weaver, William S 22-Apr-1903 06-Feb-1958 17 sec R
Webb, Alice B 17-Jan-1886 20-Apr-1947 17 sec P ssw Leslie E Webb
Webb, Allen S 1917 No date 8 sec D ssw Anne Webb
Webb, Allen, Jr 1926 No date 10 sec J ss with Annie
Webb, Anne C 1925 1972 8 sec D ssw Allen Webb
Webb, Annie E 1926 1977 10 sec J ss with Allen
Webb, Betty M 02-Nov-1924 21-Sep-1971 8 sec L
Webb, Carl B 10-Jun-1945 30-Jun-1971 21 sec H "Memory of Our Beloved Son"
Webb, Carrie 1890 1977 31 sec A
Webb, Docie C 02-May-1914 13-Aug-1984 8 sec L ssw Rodney Webb
Webb, Dona Luray 29-Jan-1931 20-Nov-1985 10 sec M wife mother
Webb, Edith R 06-Aug-1915 08-May-1950 17 sec S
Webb, Henry C 09-Oct-1905 16-Mar-1977 5 sec B
Webb, Henry Donald 28-Jan-1943 04-Sep-1987 5 sec B
Webb, Jessie Thelma 01-Sep-1916 05-Mar-1992 10 sec E
Webb, Jo Ann 23-Apr-1932 12-Mar-1969 8 sec O
Webb, John 04-May-1893 11-May-1948 31 sec D FL Pvt Engr WWI
Webb, John B. 12-Nov-1909 25-Nov-1948 25 sec K
Webb, John M, III 04-Feb-1930 22-Nov-1968 8 sec T
Webb, John M, Jr 1903 1986 8 sec T ssw Rubye Webb
Webb, John T. 31-Dec-1882 27-Jul-1951 25 sec K A devoted husband and a loving father.
Webb, Leslie E 14-Oct-1883 25-Mar-1965 17 sec P ssw Alice Webb
Webb, Nettie Mae No date 10-Aug-1980 19 No tombstone
Webb, Robert E 1936 1985 8 sec K
Webb, Roderick C 29-Jul-1914 25-Mar-1968 8 sec N Tenn. Maj. USArmy WWII
Webb, Rodney T 06-Jul-1908 30-Jul-1965 8 sec L ssw Docie Webb
Webb, Rubye C 1898 1981 8 sec T ssw John Webb
Webb, Terry Wayne 13-May-1958 13-May-1958 17 sec W
Webb, William Ivey 1941 1992 5 sec B Southerland FH
Webb, Willie M 1925 No date 8 sec F Billie
Webb, Z T Buddie 13-Mar-1907 27-Sep-1973 17 sec S
Webbs, Sam No date 1946 31 sec C age 65
Weber, John 1893 1982 8 sec U ssw Victoria Weber
Weber, Karl 31-Oct-1897 30-Sep-1976 10 sec M father
Weber, Paula Vivian 05-Mar-1944 09-Jun-1944 26 sec C.
Weber, Victoria M 1887 1966 8 sec U ssw John Weber
Webster, Charlotte A No date Oct-64 10 sec C
Webster, Christoper Lee 20-Feb-1952 27-Dec-1957 17 not found in 1995
Webster, James R. 1888 1942 25 sec J Webster Plot, "Bob"
Webster, Lavern L 17-Nov-1931 20-Apr-1992 10 sec C ET3 USN
Webster, Minnie 1888 1967 25 sec J Webster Plot, MOTHER
Webster, Priscilla Eleanor 13 Nov ???? 13-Feb-1928 17 sec I
Weckherlin, Frederick Andrew 1896 1987 8 sec J ssw Helen Weckherlin
Weckherlin, Helen Adele 1912 1975 8 sec J ssw Frederick Weckherlin
Wedge, Joyce Eileen 20-Sep-1928 No date 8 sec H ssw Richard Wedge
Wedge, Richard M 10-May-1926 05-Aug-1990 8 sec H ssw Joyce Wedge
Weed, Elizabeth 27-Apr-1925 No date 14 sec B
Weed, Elizabeth A 1910 1990 8 sec B ssw Pete Weed
Weed, Pete 1906 1967 8 sec B ssw Elizabeth Weed
Weeks, A C "Lum" 10-Feb-1891 18-Dec-1952 39
Weeks, Acie Don 22-Dec-1932 06-Jan-1986 39
Weeks, Albert S. 1873 1950 25 sec E next to Dessie L. Weeks in large Plot.
Weeks, Allie Mae Diamond 11-Apr-1899 30-Mar-1969 28 Daughter of John Robert & Patsey Emmonds Diamond
Weeks, Annie May 27-Nov-1927 14-Oct-1972 28 Ssw Douglas Weeks, md Jul 14 1947
Weeks, Charles Borden 26-Feb-1894 02-Dec-1969 28 Son of William Alonzo & Dora Lee Parker Weeks
Weeks, Dessie L. 1893 1969 25 sec E next to Albert S. in large plot.
Weeks, Dorothy Mae 29-Oct-1924 20-May-1926 28
Weeks, Douglas R 11-Feb-1927 01-Aug-1986 28 Ssw Annie Weeks
Weeks, Edna R 1910 1989 8 sec R ssw William Weeks
Weeks, Emerson E 19-Mar-1913 10-Mar-1987 8 sec M ssw Mable Weeks, Msgt USAF WWII Korea Vietnam
Weeks, James Hollis 1886 1964 33 sec A s/s with Mary
Weeks, Jeff 14-Mar-1902 01-Aug-1986 5 sec F USArmy WWII
Weeks, Jerry Lee 29-Jul-1946 06-Nov-1971 18 sec C S/o Pauline Anderson Weeks Watkins
Weeks, Mable 04-Sep-1934 No date 8 sec M ssw Emerson Weeks
Weeks, Mary Annie 1889 1960 33 sec A s/s with James
Weeks, Stephen 1847 1929 25 sec E in large plot.
Weeks, William T 1908 1965 8 sec R ssw Edna Weeks, Mason
Weems, Baby 1962 1962 5 sec F
Weems, Floyd Hendricks 20-Mar-1914 18-May-1990 10 sec L ss with Mildred, Lt Col USA WWII
Weems, Mildred L 07-Nov-1916 No date 10 sec L ss with Floyd
Wegele, Philip 17-Aug-1915 16-Feb-1990 8 sec K Pfc USArmy WWII
Wegren, Mary Lou 23-Apr-1894 09-Dec-1968 21 sec E
Wehnes, Conrad 02-Apr-1856 24-Jul-1923 17 sec I ssw Emma Wehnes m. 5 Jul 1883
Wehnes, Emma W 20-Jun-1858 05-Sep-1939 17 sec I ssw Conrad Wehnes m. 5 Jul 1883
Welbes, George Henry 15-Jan-1908 12-Mar-1957 8 sec C K of C
Welbes, Marian B 06-Aug-1906 24-Oct-1985 8 sec C
Welbes, Patricia Ann 30-Jul-1937 20-Jun-1956 8 sec C
Welborn, Dolores P 01-Sep-1915 24-Apr-1991 8 sec O ssw Eldon Welborn, Eastern Star
Welborn, Eldon H 19-May-1913 04-Jun-1984 8 sec O ssw Dolores Welborn, Tec4 USArmy WWII
Welch, A. Z. 07-Sep-1912 31-Aug-1972 25 sec I
Welch, Adam Levi 03-Mar-1840 26-Sep-1916 17 sec H Welch plot
Welch, Anna Bell 29-May-1878 02-Feb-1944 25 sec I MOTHER
Welch, Bob No date 28-Oct-1963 17 sec D
Welch, Christopher Columbus 14-May-1905 08-Mar-1940 17 sec H Rusty Lost at sea Welch plot
Welch, Clarence J 1890 1980 17 sec H Welch plot
Welch, Crocia Lee 19-Sep-1896 04-Apr-1936 17 sec H Welch plot, wife of E Welch, 4 children named
Welch, Delilah Glisson 05-Oct-1865 31-Jan-1908 17 sec H Welch plot
Welch, Dora Baggett 1910 1990 17 sec D
Welch, Edward Frank 1930 1986 8 sec S Cpl USArmy Korea
Welch, Emanuel Benjamin 1894 1963 17 sec H Welch plot, bur. Magnolia Cem, Baton Rouge, LA
Welch, Ernest Victor 1905 1987 10 sec H ss with Ruby
Welch, Ettie Louise 1900 1938 17 sec H Mother
Welch, Evelyn A 1925 1970 17 sec B
Welch, George W 01-Feb-1895 No date 26 sec D ssw Hattie Sue Welch; md 18 Apr 1920.
Welch, Halver Nix 21-Nov-1912 24-May-1983 17 sec D Cpl US Army WW2
Welch, Harry Ted 06-Feb-1921 19-Sep-1989 17 sec D ssw Mary Mathol Welch
Welch, Hattie Sue 09-Jun-1900 29-Jul-1990 26 sec D ssw George w Welch; md 18 Apr 1920.
Welch, Hopestill Steve 1834 1923 25 sec F [broken marker]
Welch, I {?} T. 07-Aug-1916 04-Sep-1943 25 sec I
Welch, Ivey Lee 1917 No date 8 sec Q ssw Vernon Welch, Mother
Welch, K Charmine Cox 08-Jan-1952 28-May-1972 17 sec D ssw Thomas a Welch Jr
Welch, Lillian Masker 10-May-1925 No date 17 sec D ssw Thomas Alfred Welch
Welch, Lillie Mae 08-Jan-1894 04-Apr-1975 17 sec D
Welch, Lois 27-Mar-1917 07-May-1977 17 sec D
Welch, Mary Mathol 27-Nov-1920 No date 17 sec D ssw Hary Ted Welch
Welch, Ruby Laird 1909 1991 10 sec H ss with Ernest
Welch, Ruby Lee 1913 1959 17 sec D
Welch, Sharee 04-Jun-1943 29-Nov-1959 17 sec D
Welch, Silas Merion 02-Sep-1892 09-Apr-1969 17 sec D
Welch, Thomas A, Jr 11-Oct-1946 28-May-1972 17 sec D SGT FL USAF Vietnam ssw K Charmine Cox
Welch, Thomas Alfred Tommy 22-Oct-1922 04-Oct-1985 17 sec D ssw Lillian Welch,SMSGT USAF WWII Vietnam
Welch, Thomas Lambert 04-Apr-1900 23-Jan-1984 17 sec D SGT US Army WWI
Welch, Vernon Wesley 1914 1994 8 sec Q ssw Ivey Welch, Msgt USAF WWII Korea
Welch, Wiley Frank 07-May-1902 07-Feb-1957 25 sec I
Welch, William B Billy 05-Apr-1932 28-Sep-1961 17 sec D Daddy
Welch, William Ray 05-Oct-1924 20-Oct-1924 17 sec H Welch plot, son of E & Crocia Welch
Welcome, South W 07-Jan-1896 18-Apr-1966 31 sec C SC Pvt Engr WWI
Weldon, Charles Edward 23-Jul-1953 31-Jul-1972 31 sec B
Weldon, Ed No date 08-May-1978 19 No tombstone
Weldon, Ernest W 1891 1985 10 sec H ss with Lorene
Weldon, Lorene M No date No date 10 sec H ss with Ernest
Weldon, Walter 02-Jul-1902 13-Nov-1969 31 sec D
Welker, Deward 22-Oct-1901 22-May-1971 21 sec K Welker & Hazlett plot
Weller, Thomas Carroll No date 27-Jul-1993 20 Died at age 82
Welles, Emma McReynolds 1862 1954 17 sec E McReynolds plot
Wells, Alb't No date No date 17 sec H Co H 14th IL Cav
Wells, Anna Belle 24-Jul-1899 No date 33 sec F ss with William, Wells plot
Wells, Brenda Christine 30-May-1945 No date 10 sec E ss with Melvin, md Nov 5 1967
Wells, Carrie 12-Mar-1929 24-Jun-1989 19
Wells, Delores Jean 08-Jul-1962 30-Jul-1981 19
Wells, Douglas Paul 1948 1987 8 sec Q
Wells, Essie L 1892 1972 8 sec U
Wells, James Ray 16-Aug-1892 28-Jul-1966 17 sec R AL SC3 USN WWI
Wells, Joel Reaves 1864 1923 26 sec H.
Wells, John M 06-Jul-1914 02-Jun-1991 8 sec I Msgt USAF WWII Korea
Wells, Larry G 06-Dec-1952 02-May-1991 19
Wells, Lawrence Stanley 27-Aug-1951 27-Aug-1951 5 sec D Wells plot
Wells, Mary M 1837 No date 17 sec J sister of M D Howlett
Wells, Matilda A. 1879 1968 25 sec I Next to William J. Wells.
Wells, Melvin Guy 09-Sep-1941 24-Nov-1989 10 sec E ss with Brenda
Wells, Ruth Warnock 1870 1946 26 sec H.
Wells, Sing (Rev) 22-Mar-1889 27-Feb-1989 19
Wells, Single L 07-Jan-1927 03-Aug-1986 19
Wells, Susye Belle Rollins 1897 1992 8 sec Q sIrvin Myers, Eastern Star
Wells, William J. 1878 1941 25 sec I next to Matilda A. Wells.
Wells, William Jesse 16-Feb-1894 14-Jun-1963 33 sec F ss with Anna, Wells plot
Wells, Willis F 09-Apr-1930 09-Nov-1972 33 sec A NJ A3C USAF Korea
Welsh, B M 1894 1948 17 sec R Welsh plot
Welsh, Bertha L 13-Oct-1942 No date 17 sec R Welsh plot
Welsh, Emily C 13-Oct-1942 No date 17 sec R Welsh plot
Welsh, R D 1900 1951 17 sec R Welsh plot
Werle, Hermine 1909 No date 10 sec J ss with Otto
Werle, Otto P 1904 1983 10 sec J ss with Hermine
Werner, Robert H 11-Jun-1899 09-Mar-1970 17 sec B
Wescott, Oley 28-Apr-1932 17-Jan-1992 10 sec M Cmsgt USAF Korea Vietnam
Weser, Edith B 1889 1976 10 sec I
Wesley, Calvin 19-Sep-1901 13-Jan-1969 31 sec C
Wesley, Chas. 16-Mar-1850 14-Dec-1916 24
Wesley, Clara 04-Jun-1912 20-Oct-1987 19
Wesley, Emily York 1893 1968 17 sec N ssw William T York
Wesley, Howard E 1903 1969 17 sec B Southerland Fun Hme
Wesson, Virginia June 1918 1970 8 sec N
West, Andrew M 04-Sep-1904 13-May-1971 22
West, Charles P 1924 1987 10 sec I ss with Dorothy
West, Dora No date 03-Nov-1984 19 No tombstone
West, Dorothy Lee 1925 No date 10 sec I ss with Charles
West, Frances G 04-Jan-1916 No date 8 sec U ssw Raymond West
West, Fronie 25-Apr-1899 07-Jan-1961 31 sec D
West, George Mortimer 1845 1926 26 sec K West Plot; Founder of Panama City
West, Johnny Ray 18-Sep-1963 18-Mar-1986 10 sec A
West, Joseph H 29-Jul-1922 25-Feb-1963 37 Florida. TEC 5 91 ConstaB 2Q. WW II BSM & OLC - PH
West, Lillian Carlisle 30-Aug-1884 26-Aug-1970 25 sec B S/
West, Luella V. S. 01-Jul-1863 30-Apr-1908 26 sec K West Plot.
West, Maggie B. 03-Dec-1883 19-Jun-1931 26 sec K West Plot. Wife of Phillip B. West. MOTHER.
West, Maud M 23-Jun-1876 16-Oct-1965 17 sec H ssw Ralph West Masker/Welch plot
West, Oscar 26-Nov-1909 01-May-1965 31 sec B FL Tec5 USArmy WWII
West, Ralph M 24-Nov-1879 25-Feb-1965 17 sec H Masker/Welch plot, ssw Maud West
West, Raymond R 26-Aug-1916 23-Jun-1985 8 sec U ssw Frances West, EM3 USNavy WWII
West, Sha'kena Romine No date 06-Oct-1982 19
Westbrook, Gussie Croley 07-Jul-1893 20-Sep-1977 17 sec V Croley/Westbrook plot
Westbrook, John W 13-Sep-1883 26-Sep-1963 17 sec V Croley/Westbrook plot
Wester No date No date 21 sec A&B Wester fenced but no graves
Wester, Christopher Lee 20-Feb-1952 27-Dec-1957 17 sec D
Wester, Edward D 02-Jun-1898 07-May-1943 17 sec N Wester plot
Wester, Mrs Jessie Dunn 20-Aug-1924 29-Apr-1990 17 sec D age 65
Westervelt, Frank H 1923 1985 8 sec R ssw Mary Westervelt, Mason
Westervelt, Mary H 1919 No date 8 sec R ssw Frank Westervelt
Westinghouse, Tracey H 12-May-1971 23-Jun-1990 19
Weston, Ada D 07-May-1895 03-Mar-1967 28 Weston plot
Weston, Ancil S 17-Feb-1894 14-Dec-1957 28 Weston plot
Weston, Clinton S 31-Mar-1884 14-May-1966 31 sec C
Weston, Edward C 08-Oct-1916 18-Mar-1990 28 Weston plot, Msgt USAF WWII
Weston, Emma M No date 24-Dec-1986 19 No tombstone
Weston, Hubert Ancil 19-Jun-1919 03-Jan-1963 28 Weston plot, FL SM SGT USAF DFC-AM & 9 OLC
Weston, James William No date 08-Nov-1972 10 sec B infant
Wetherbee, Tina B 1972 1987 10 sec J
Whaley, Manuel J 1912 1975 8 sec F ssw Mary Whaley
Whaley, Mary J 1919 No date 8 sec F ssw Manuel Whaley
Whatley, Christine 07-Oct-1913 No date 8 sec L ssw Lucius Whatley
Whatley, Lucius Dennis 15-Apr-1920 31-Jan-1991 8 sec L ssw Christine Whatley
Wheeler, Alexander Leo 23-Jun-1906 No date 19 Ss/w Ethel Wheeler
Wheeler, Alisa Olga 21-Jun-1961 08-Oct-1972 17 sec C ssw Vera Ottis Wheeler
Wheeler, Ethel Jenkins 13-May-1915 22-May-1989 19 Ss/w Alexander Wheeler, md Sep 7 1940
Wheeler, Forrest A 16-Jan-1917 30-Aug-1967 17 sec BB Wheeler plot, Pvt Co E 156 Inf WWII
Wheeler, H F Mann 09-Apr-1912 29-Oct-1974 17 sec BB Wheeler plot, husb of Leslie S Wheeler
Wheeler, James W 17-Jul-1913 26-May-1942 26 sec A. Turnage Plot. Lost in U S Merchant Marine.
Wheeler, Leslie S 18-Mar-1909 18-Nov-1963 17 sec BB Wheeler plot
Wheeler, Merrill R 1931 1981 8 sec N A1C USAF Korea
Wheeler, Michael 12-May-1944 30-Jan-1985 17 sec BB Wheeler plot
Wheeler, Robert L 08-May-1915 25-Feb-1992 17 sec BB Wheeler plot, ssw Sylvia Wheeler
Wheeler, Sylvia S 06-Jun-1923 No date 17 sec BB Wheeler plot, ssw Robert L Wheeler
Wheeler, Vera Ottis 03-Sep-1917 No date 17 sec C ssw Alisa Olga Wheeler
Wheelus, Kathryn Snead 20-Jan-1930 19-Apr-1981 17 sec BB Snead plot
Whelchel, John Travis 11-Sep-1907 21-Jun-1963 10 sec A
Whetstine, Clarence E 1920 1987 10 sec J Sgt USMC WWII
Whidden, Twin sons No date 22-Jan-1953 25 sec E Twin sons of Fred & Ruth Whidden.
Whiddon, Buddly B 07-Apr-1883 05-May-1972 17 sec C
Whiddon, George W 1901 1981 3
Whiddon, Minnie Ola 1885 1964 5 sec B
Whiddon, William Bennett 1889 1965 5 sec C Wilson FH
Whiddon, William Penn 1907 1956 5 sec B
Whigham, Jeanette J 1930 No date 10 sec M ss with Milton
Whigham, Milton H 1910 1981 10 sec M ss with Jeanette
Whinnery, John E No date No date 26 sec I Corpl Co A 14 IND Inf.
Whirley, Bobby J 1938 1988 10 sec E ss with Wanda
Whirley, Eldridge H 28-Nov-1892 24-Dec-1970 10 sec E ss with Rosa, Fl Pfc WWi
Whirley, Frances 01-Nov-1923 27-Feb-1991 14 sec A wife, mother
Whirley, Wanda D 1945 No date 10 sec E ss with Bobby
Whitaker, Alma F 1901 1981 8 sec A ssw Griffin Whitaker
Whitaker, Clydie M 24-Oct-1909 18-Mar-1981 8 sec K ssw William Whitaker
Whitaker, Griffin 1897 1979 8 sec A ssw Alma Whitaker
Whitaker, Infant son 1955 1955 25 Infant son; not found in 1995
Whitaker, Jasper Elzie 22-Feb-1915 16-Mar-1990 8 sec K ssw Winnie Whitaker, WWII
Whitaker, Joseph S 17-Sep-1930 05-May-1994 8 sec O AGC USNavy Korea, Husband Father Grandfather
Whitaker, Kathleen D 1914 1987 8 sec A ssw Roy Whitaker
Whitaker, Linda Sue 1945 1980 8 sec K
Whitaker, Luriae 19-Feb-1918 16-Apr-1960 25 sec B
Whitaker, Roy 1903 1983 8 sec A ssw Kathleen Whitaker
Whitaker, Veola P 03-Feb-1916 12-Apr-1988 8 sec D
Whitaker, William A. 12-Jan-1920 30-Jan-1980 25 sec B
Whitaker, William F 19-Jun-1900 25-Dec-1990 8 sec K ssw Clydie Whitaker
Whitaker, Winnie L 30-Nov-1914 08-Jun-1989 8 sec K ssw Jasper Whitaker
Whitam, Robert Keith 03-Dec-1961 04-Jul-1981 8 sec L USNavy
Whitchard, Claude B 1897 1973 17 sec H ssw Louise Whitchard
Whitchard, Freida Louise 1937 1957 17 sec H
Whitchard, Louise Day 1912 No date 17 sec H ssw Claude Whitchard
White Sr, Vance Anthony 05-Jul-1904 15-Jun-1991 17 sec H b. Lockport, LA son of Joseph & Martha Grabert White
White, Alonzo, Sr 12-Mar-1901 10-Jun-1992 22
White, Arleeta K 28-Dec-1935 12-Jun-1992 34 Ssw Charles White
White, Baby No date No date 33 sec A Barfield plot, infant
White, Bell 05-May-1883 14-Mar-1964 31 sec B
White, Belle Smith 10-Jun-1876 13-May-1969 8 sec D
White, Bernice Lee 12-Mar-1931 01-Jan-1994 22
White, Beulah 20-May-1904 04-Feb-1967 31 sec D
White, Beulah Davis 13-Jul-1900 16-Mar-1986 17 sec R Booba
White, Carl 1904 1980 37
White, Charles E 09-Mar-1932 No date 34 Ssw Arleeta White
White, Charles T 20-May-1882 28-Dec-1935 26 sec A. White Plot.
White, Christine B 20-Jun-1921 23-Aug-1970 8 sec B
White, Clara 05-Jul-1918 29-Jul-1976 22
White, Clara Mae 12-Sep-1915 19-May-1991 11
White, Clarence E 24-Mar-1901 26-Apr-1970 8 sec U
White, Cornelius 09-Apr-1926 20-Mar-1972 31 sec D
White, Coy E 1917 1989 8 sec J ssw Mildred White
White, Dennis Clayton 10-Jun-1904 02-Apr-1994 8 sec M
White, Donald Reed 12-Dec-1949 24-Jan-1977 17 sec B Husband Father
White, Dorothy 08-Dec-1925 10-Jan-1990 19
White, Dorothy Mae 13-Jul-1922 10-Mar-1967 17 sec B
White, Douglas 12-Feb-1941 08-Jun-1967 31 sec D
White, Edward J 13-Sep-1928 18-Nov-1989 11 White plot
White, Edwin Perry 01-Dec-1884 14-Aug-1966 8 sec L FL Cook 140 Ord Depot Co WWI
White, Effie Taylor 01-Jun-1893 02-Aug-1984 17 sec W Taylor plot
White, Elizabeth 18-Jun-1912 16-Nov-1983 14 sec E
White, Ella Bell 22-Jun-1919 27-Feb-1991 31 sec B
White, Esletta 28-Oct-1893 24-Mar-1983 22
White, Estelle R 20-Nov-1911 No date 10 sec C ss with Roy
White, Eugene 22-Nov-1903 27-Jan-1986 14 sec E ssw Eva White
White, Eugene LeBlanc 16-Apr-1882 29-Aug-1957 21 sec F Day/White plot;ss w/Frances Ethel;Pvt US Army, WW I
White, Eva J 12-Jan-1908 No date 14 sec E ssw Eugene White
White, Evelyn 17-Nov-1926 No date 11 White plot
White, Frances Ethel 15-Mar-1902 22-Mar-1980 21 sec F Day/White plot; ss w/Eugene LeBlanc White
White, Frank Andrew, Jr 27-Mar-1951 19-Sep-1990 31 sec D
White, Franklin G 1933 1991 8 sec R ssw Marlene White
White, Homer A 1891 1968 8 sec K
White, Jack Walter 01-Sep-1923 02-Jan-1984 8 sec S Ssgt USArmy WWII
White, James Lynn, Jr 23-Apr-1918 29-Jul-1968 8 sec B
White, James M 1916 1992 8 sec I ssw Mae White
White, Janet Renee' 15-Jan-1958 14-Jun-1982 8 sec K
White, Jimmy L 1944 1980 10 sec J
White, Joe 18-Aug-1899 16-Mar-1983 31 sec B
White, Joel Lynn 23-Dec-1968 08-Jun-1971 8 sec M
White, John David 01-Jun-1891 17-May-1967 31 sec B
White, Johnathan F 08-Dec-1964 23-Oct-1967 31 sec D
White, Josephine A 06-Nov-1912 12-Jan-1988 6
White, Lee A. 1900 1955 17 not found in 1995
White, Leo 05-Aug-1909 25-May-1975 22
White, Lewis H 1911 1967 10 sec C ss with Vadie
White, Lucy C 1898 1969 31 sec C
White, Lula Mae 30-Aug-1942 03-Dec-1944 25 sec J
White, M, Rev. L 06-Jul-1879 02-Feb-1963 22
White, Mae Jean 1933 1990 8 sec I ssw James White
White, Mamie 1908 1989 37
White, Marcus H 07-Jul-1947 No date 10 sec C ss with Martha, father
White, Margaret E 11-Jul-1914 22-Nov-1983 22
White, Marlene M 1938 No date 8 sec R ssw Franklin White
White, Martha 1870 06-Oct-1932 31 sec C
White, Martha F 06-Jul-1951 No date 10 sec C ss with Marcus, md Oct 4 1969, mother
White, Mattie C 18-Oct-1882 11-Feb-1963 8 sec S
White, Mattie Lee 1903 1982 8 sec D ssw Willie White
White, May E 28-May-1884 04-Jul-1965 8 sec B
White, Mildred P 1926 No date 8 sec J ssw Coy White
White, Mittie C 06-Jul-1891 14-Feb-1976 17 sec A Kirkland plot
White, Nettie 19-Mar-1905 12-Jun-1984 26 sec H. Mills Plot. md. 4 Mar 1922.
White, Nora Lee 26-Jan-1896 02-Aug-1981 11 White plot
White, Ralph B 1904 1979 11
White, Ray Charles 19-Dec-1952 22-Mar-1990 31 sec B Minister
White, Raymond 1905 1987 8 sec B
White, Robert E. 03-Apr-1892 23-May-1931 25 sec G White marker nearby, but no information.
White, Robert F 16-Nov-1917 14-May-1982 10 sec M Tec5 USArmy WWII
White, Robert George 27-Aug-1960 26-Feb-1977 10 sec I
White, Roy Jack 16-Feb-1912 11-Apr-1986 10 sec C ss with Estelle
White, Sharon Renee 14-Oct-1960 27-Dec-1978 8 sec E
White, Steven Allen 26-Jul-1956 23-Feb-1962 17 sec C
White, Thomas B 13-Mar-1911 11-Sep-1964 17 sec R Tec 5 294 Fld Arty WWII
White, Timothy Franklin 31-Jan-1961 25-Sep-1984 8 sec R
White, Vadie S 1922 1986 10 sec C ss with Lewis
White, Vernon C 21-Apr-1904 03-Apr-1957 8 sec T
White, William C 27-Dec-1908 15-Jul-1988 6
White, William H, Sr 31-Dec-1927 05-Oct-1970 8 sec D FL S2 USNavy WWII
White, Willie Lester 1898 1983 8 sec D ssw Mattie White
White, Windley Carl No date 21-Jun-1981 19 No tombstone
White, Winton Buford 14-Jul-1923 07-Jun-1977 8 sec N Pfc USArmy WWII
White, Wm Cecil 02-Apr-1903 07-Feb-1960 8 sec S RX
Whited, John W 09-Jun-1912 07-Nov-1961 8 sec D
Whited, John W 18-Mar-1941 31-Jan-1982 8 sec D Mason
Whited, Maggie S 1891 1980 8 sec O ssw Millard Whited
Whited, Millard 1884 1966 8 sec O ssw Maggie Whited
Whitehead, Annie 05-Jun-1867 07-Jan-1939 33 sec F mother
Whitehead, Annie Belle 18-Oct-1881 16-Aug-1944 25 sec J Our Beloved Mother.
Whitehead, Bessie V 13-Feb-1897 09-Jan-1930 33 sec G wife of Lee Whitehead
Whitehead, Betty 16-Jun-1922 17-Jul-1985 8 sec P
Whitehead, Carry 1849 Apr-09 33 sec F mother
Whitehead, Dell 04-Jun-1892 04-Nov-1963 21 sec K ss w/Ila A; md 4 Sept 1912
Whitehead, Della 17-Feb-1883 17-Feb-1969 31 sec C
Whitehead, Faye S 1929 No date 8 sec O ssw Glen Whitehead
Whitehead, G H 24-Mar-1870 16-Apr-1917 33 sec F Woodmen of the World marker
Whitehead, Glen R 1912 1991 8 sec O ssw Faye Whitehead
Whitehead, Ila A 08-Apr-1891 13-Jun-1989 21 sec K ss w/Dell; md 4 Sept 1912
Whitehead, James Carlton 05-Aug-1918 16-Feb-1991 33 sec A Creamer plot, s/s with Thelma, md Apr 26 1941
Whitehead, Jennifer Renee 1980 1981 33 sec E Southerland FH
Whitehead, Jimmie J 1907 1977 8 sec D ssw Pallie Whitehead
Whitehead, Julia 1947 1987 8 sec S ssw Onice Whitehead, daughter
Whitehead, Lee 1885 1959 33 sec G
Whitehead, Lillian Elder 16-Dec-1913 18-Feb-1969 8 sec T
Whitehead, Neta 04-Mar-1916 18-Jul-1965 8 sec A
Whitehead, Onice Dale 1912 1972 8 sec S ssw Julia Whitehead
Whitehead, Pallie H 1908 1961 8 sec D ssw Jimmie Whitehead
Whitehead, Thelma L 24-Oct-1924 16-Jun-1990 33 sec A Creamer plot, s/s with James
Whitehorn, Clark A, Jr 17-May-1950 07-Jun-1972 8 sec N
Whitehorn, Pearl M 25-Mar-1897 20-Dec-1985 8 sec N ssw Rex Whitehorn
Whitehorn, Rex 07-Jul-1895 07-Dec-1977 8 sec N ssw Pearl Whitehorn
Whitehouse, Albert R 1914 1987 8 sec H ssw Dorothy Whitehouse
Whitehouse, Dorothy M 1924 No date 8 sec H ssw Albert Whitehouse
Whitehouse, Jay 13-Jul-1965 15-Aug-1981 10 sec E
Whitehurst, A Laura 1906 1971 8 sec P ssw Herman Whitehurst, Eastern Star
Whitehurst, Beauty 18-Jul-1902 27-Jun-1990 19
Whitehurst, Charles Sporman No date 24-Jan-1942 17 sec CC Pvt 90th Div Field Arty Gainer/Shaw/McDaniel Plot
Whitehurst, Ferney O 1903 1970 8 sec N ssw Mattie Whitehurst
Whitehurst, Herman E 1901 1970 8 sec P ssw A Laura Whitehurst, Mason
Whitehurst, Hubbert 12-Mar-1916 07-Mar-1984 25 sec J Whitehurst Plot, PFC US Army WW 11.
Whitehurst, Infant twin Daughters No date 03-Apr-1950 17 sec N children of Mr & Mrs Sam Whitehurst
Whitehurst, J Walter 27-Jul-1876 29-Aug-1944 38 ssw Nancy Whitehurst
Whitehurst, James Oscar 1899 1961 25 sec J Whitehurst Plot, Three unmarked graves.
Whitehurst, Laura Pauline No date 1991 8 sec P Infant
Whitehurst, Mattie E 1909 No date 8 sec N ssw Ferney Whitehurst
Whitehurst, Nancy G 26-Aug-1880 17-Jun-1963 38 ssw J Walter Whitehurst
Whitehurst, Richard Keith 05-Aug-1952 08-Oct-1990 8 sec O
Whitehurst, W W 06-Nov-1897 31-Mar-1931 17 sec F
Whitehurst, Wesley Carlile 22-Jun-1950 25-Oct-1967 10 sec C "Family of Aubrey Whitehurst"
Whitehurst, William F 1909 1976 24
Whitehurst, William R 1962 1982 8 sec N
Whitehurst, Winnell Nov 1912 05-Nov-1935 25 sec B
Whitfield, Annie L 1908 1978 8 sec K
Whitfield, Carolyn V 1929 No date 8 sec K ssw Joseph Whitfield
Whitfield, Clinton No date 26-Jan-1994 19 Burial records
Whitfield, Gene L 1918 1969 8 sec H ssw Lester Carlson
Whitfield, Henry 22-Sep-1914 31-Mar-1978 19
Whitfield, Joseph E 1928 No date 8 sec K ssw Carolyn Whitfield
Whitfield, Owen, Sr 1903 1978 8 sec K
Whiting, Howell T 18-Nov-1895 05-Feb-1986 10 sec A SS with Vera, Pfc US Army WW I
Whiting, Ivan 1950 1993 8 sec H ssw Shelby Whiting
Whiting, Shelby 1981 1989 8 sec H ssw Ivan Whiting
Whiting, Vera Whelchel 30-Jul-1902 31-Mar-1984 10 sec A ss with Howell
Whitley, Jack Adrian 23-Aug-1916 06-Jan-1969 8 sec K TX Lt Col USAF WWII Korea
Whitley, Patricia Renita 09-Jan-1961 30-Mar-1988 10 sec E
Whitlock, Dora 1897 1950 5 sec F
Whitlock, Orvil J. no date no date 21 sec I Co. I, 8 Mich. Cav.
Whitmire, George M 1902 1985 8 sec A ssw Lucile Whitmire
Whitmire, George, Tsgt Layton 13-Oct-1929 11-Sep-1967 8 sec A USAF
Whitmire, Lucile 1907 No date 8 sec A ssw George Whitmire
Whitsett, Lois 09-Mar-1928 06-Jun-1964 31 sec B
Whittington, Anna M 04-May-1890 12-Nov-1984 17 sec C Mother
Whittington, Bertha Drake 10-May-1890 03-Dec-1969 10 sec G ss with Riley
Whittington, Bret Alan 06-Nov-1970 15-Jun-1988 10 sec I
Whittington, Eunice D 1916 1987 10 sec I ss with Horace
Whittington, Horace O 1918 1977 10 sec I ss with Eunice
Whittington, Riley Richard "Dick" 07-Jan-1890 08-Jul-1975 10 sec G ss with Bertha
Whittington, Roy L 22-Oct-1890 05-Jul-1961 17 sec C Dad
Whittington, William David 1863 1950 17 not found in 1995
Whittle, Harriet C 03-Jan-1863 11-May-1917 17 sec I ssw William Whittle
Whittle, Kirby Lee 20-Nov-1889 29-Jan-1964 17 sec I
Whittle, William Edward 09-Oct-1866 04-Mar-1937 17 sec I ssw Harriet Whittle
Whitton, Aubrey D 11-Jun-1924 10-Jun-1971 17 sec B Whitton plot
Whitton, C Jeanette 1935 No date 8 sec K ssw W Howard Whitton
Whitton, Mary Frances 19-Dec-1949 21-Jan-1968 17 sec B Whitton plot
Whitton, W Howard 1926 No date 8 sec K ssw C Jeanette Whitton
Whitus, Grady W 1907 1965 8 sec N "a seaman"
Whitus, Mildred A 1915 1971 8 sec N Mother
Whitworth, Barney G 24-Mar-1925 No date 8 sec F ssw Esther Whitworth, Smsgt USAF WWII Korea Vietnam
Whitworth, Esther M 20-May-1920 25-Jun-1980 8 sec F ssw Barney Whitworth
Wiant, Martha P 1880 1964 8 sec P ssw Tully Wiant
Wiant, Robert A 15-Jun-1917 03-May-1988 8 sec P
Wiant, Tully M 1864 1963 8 sec P ssw Martha Wiant, Mason
Wichtendahl, Herbert L 05-Apr-1885 05-Oct-1968 8 sec R ssw Mary Wichtendahl
Wichtendahl, Mary E 30-Mar-1901 03-Nov-1958 8 sec R ssw Herbert Wichtendahl
Wicker, Addie L 09-Jul-1923 27-Apr-1989 17 sec I Hutto plot, ssw Joseph Wicker, md Dec 29 1943
Wicker, Evangeline Bonifay 1898 1959 17 sec K
Wicker, Gladys L 1917 No date 8 sec I ssw Rufus Wicker
Wicker, James T 27-May-1910 25-Jun-1964 17 sec A
Wicker, Joseph Daniel 22-Sep-1919 05-May-1992 17 sec I Hutto plot ssw Addie Wicker, USAAC WWII
Wicker, Rufus R 1908 1974 8 sec I ssw Gladys Wicker
Wicker, Stephen Andrew 03-Nov-1959 09-Nov-1980 17 sec A son
Wicker, William Charles 01-Jun-1918 20-Dec-1973 26 sec D Wicker Plot.
Wickett, Lida Williams 21-Sep-1900 07-Nov-1961 17 sec S
Widdley, Connie T 16-Jul-1910 24-Jul-1966 37
Widdley, Luther James 04-Sep-1904 09-Dec-1985 37
Widdley, Willie H 15-Mar-1908 20-Aug-1975 37
Widencamp, Christopher Columbus 20-Dec-1869 29-Jul-1936 25 sec A Widencamp Plot
Widencamp, Susie Winnie 11-Apr-1885 29-Jul-1966 25 sec A Widencamp Plot
Widener, Preston R 08-Feb-1906 03-Feb-1985 10 sec J
Widincamp, Arthur, Sr 24-May-1912 No date 5 sec D ssw Bessie Widincamp, Widincamp/Strickland plot
Widincamp, Bessie 19-May-1913 No date 5 sec D ssw Arthur Widincamp, md Jun 1 1934, Widincamp/Strickl.
Widincamp, Ottis Columbus 23-Sep-1907 01-Mar-1963 25 sec J Skipper Plot
Wiggin, William H. 03-Nov-1922 19-Apr-1973 25 sec C
Wiggins, Brian Alexander 04-Jun-1990 06-May-1992 22
Wiggins, Charles No date 26-May-1974 19 No tombstone
Wiggins, Hilda Anne 1957 1982 14 sec E
Wiggins, Katina Ronay No date 21-Oct-1972 19 No tombstone
Wiggins, Lester No date 27-Apr-1975 19 No tombstone
Wiggins, Mary Louise No date 27-Apr-1975 19 No tombstone
Wiggins, Mary Sudduth 01-Aug-1888 19-Nov-1980 17 sec X Sudduth plot
Wiggins, Ray L 1906 1961 17 sec A
Wightman, Betty S 07-Oct-1946 03-Mar-1986 21 sec A&B same stone w/Merle E;md 18 July 1964
Wightman, Merle E 03-Jan-1939 No date 21 sec A&B same stone w/Betty S.;md 18 July 1964;only date 1991
Wilborn, Laura No date 07-Oct-1978 19 No tombstone
Wilcox, Alice Darby 21-Apr-1899 26-Jun-1968 17 sec I
Wilcox, Angeline 15-Oct-1862 27-Sep-1928 33 sec F mother, next to J H
Wilcox, Charles B 1897 1978 8 sec B
Wilcox, Eddie Hiram 12-Dec-1890 19-Jan-1974 17 sec P Wilcox plot
Wilcox, Edna May 20-Nov-1906 16-Aug-1908 17 sec H dau of J T & Dora Wilcox
Wilcox, Effie Anderson 30-Oct-1893 04-Dec-1980 17 sec P Wilcox plot
Wilcox, India Anna No date 14-Apr-1957 17 not found in 1995
Wilcox, J H 02-Jun-1851 07-Oct-1914 33 sec F father, next to Angeline
Wilcox, Jackson H 28-Oct-1914 04-Mar-1937 17 sec I
Wilcox, Jewel Walker 24-Feb-1935 25-Jun-1957 25 sec K
Wilcox, Leonard Lee 27-Feb-1917 01-Jan-1967 17 sec P Wilcox plot
Wilcox, Leonard Lee, II 13-Dec-1944 02-Feb-1947 17 sec P Wilcox plot
Wilcox, Willie Long 26-Aug-1918 25-Mar-1972 17 sec P Wilcox plot
Wilcox, Wm Franklin 13-Sep-1886 26-Nov-1966 17 sec I
Wilder, Alice R 1905 1985 10 sec H ss with John
Wilder, Ernest J 13-Nov-1906 05-Apr-1952 17 sec W
Wilder, John W 1901 No date 10 sec H ss with Alice
Wilder, Lois M 17-Oct-1907 08-Nov-1956 17 sec W
Wildman, Ike 19-Jul-1913 15-Jul-1973 38 ssw Sis Wildman
Wildman, Sis 19-May-1920 No date 38 ssw Ike Wildman
Wilds, Phillip Joby, Jr 02-Dec-1923 24-Jun-1978 10 sec C
Wildy, Shirley, Jr 13-Jun-1949 28-May-1968 19 Cpl-COL Vietnam
Wiley, Curtis Edward 03-May-1913 27-Nov-1989 8 sec J F2 USN WWII
Wiley, Lois Johnson 10-Nov-1917 01-May-1983 8 sec J
Wilkerson, Charles G 28-Mar-1962 10-Jun-1969 10 sec E
Wilkerson, Charlie 15-May-1880 26-Aug-1964 31 sec D
Wilkerson, Eddie L 29-May-1919 19-Dec-1983 19
Wilkerson, Ernest Hume 25-Aug-1869 13-Sep-1941 17 not found in 1995
Wilkerson, Guy Edward 14-Jul-1964 06-Feb-1994 11 Brother
Wilkerson, John R 1960 1986 21 sec A&B marker Forest Lawn
Wilkerson, Lloyd Herschel 11-Mar-1910 31-Oct-1988 11
Wilkerson, Louis C 02-Sep-1919 27-Nov-1986 21 sec A&B WW II, US Army
Wilkerson, Nellie Welch 1873 1953 17 not found in 1995
Wilkes, Bobby Hugh 05-Jul-1927 26-Jul-1972 10 sec C ss with Mary
Wilkes, John Wise 26-Jan-1883 11-Dec-1943 26 sec A.
Wilkes, Leana Hutto 20-Sep-1887 05-Jul-1945 26 sec A.
Wilkes, Mary F 25-Jan-1926 No date 10 sec C ss with Bobby
Wilkes, Shannon S 21-Oct-1904 20-Apr-1968 8 sec K
Wilkes, Tim Lee 17-Sep-1922 04-May-1974 8 sec N
Wilkins, Lois Bearden 1909 1974 8 sec S
Wilkinson, Barbara Elaine 16-Mar-1964 11-Feb-1986 17 sec BB Wilkinson plot
Wilkinson, Carlos F 07-May-1927 28-Apr-1987 8 sec J ssw Merriel Wilkinson
Wilkinson, Chester C 1898 1972 8 sec K ssw Edison Wilkinson
Wilkinson, Della Kate 12-Jul-1870 18-Apr-1952 17 sec Q Gainer/Jones plot
Wilkinson, Della M 14-Dec-1903 26-Apr-1993 8 sec H
Wilkinson, Edison (Ity) 1910 1993 8 sec K ssw Chester Wilkinson
Wilkinson, Georgilu 08-Mar-1899 28-Feb-1982 8 sec L ssw John Wilkinson
Wilkinson, Gladys E 29-Jan-1902 28-May-1986 17 sec B Wilkinson plot ssw John E Wilkinson
Wilkinson, Henry Blair 08-Mar-1896 11-May-1948 17 sec R
Wilkinson, Henry Quinton 27-Sep-1846 18-Feb-1915 17 sec Q Co A GA Reg CSA 1861-1865 Gainer/Jones plot
Wilkinson, John Dewey 19-Sep-1899 25-Jun-1978 8 sec L ssw Georgilu Wilkinson
Wilkinson, John E 07-Aug-1892 18-Nov-1983 17 sec B Wilkinson plot ssw Gladys E Wilkinson
Wilkinson, Jonathan David No date 02-Dec-1963 26 sec C. Our Little Angel. Scripture II Samuel 12:23
Wilkinson, Lisa Monique 11-Aug-1964 12-Aug-1964 10 sec B
Wilkinson, Lorii 1954 1959 17 sec BB Wilkinson plot
Wilkinson, Merriel P 11-Mar-1928 14-Sep-1984 8 sec J ssw Carlos Wilkinson
Wilkinson, Robert D 17-Oct-1920 29-Jun-1970 8 sec K FL Tsgt Co F 313 Inf WWII Korea
Wilks, Christine M 28-Aug-1919 02-Dec-1993 14 sec E
Will, Chris C 25-Dec-1902 No date 10 sec E ss with Marie
Will, Marie L 25-Dec-1905 22-Jun-1977 10 sec E ss with Chris
Willegon, Lizzie S 1889 1921 25 not found in 1995
Willett, Arziula No date 15-Sep-1892 33 sec E wife of L Willett, age 21, Anderson plot
Willgus, Helen W 15-Nov-1921 26-Dec-1987 14 sec A ssw Rex Willgus
Willgus, Rex C 11-Aug-1915 No date 14 sec A ssw Helen Willgus
Williams 26-Nov-1874 12-Apr-1920 38 No tombstone 1994
Williams, Adolphus D 1908 1989 8 sec J ssw Mamie Williams
Williams, Ailer No date 18-Aug-1979 19 No tombstone
Williams, Alan F 19-Aug-1906 03-Jul-1987 10 sec K ss with Johnnie
Williams, Albert No date 17-Mar-1980 19 No tombstone
Williams, Alice Miller 1867 1963 25 sec C next to Daniel M. Williams.
Williams, Allen 01-Oct-1934 02-Nov-1953 25 sec D Near 2 unmarked slabs & Julian Williams.
Williams, Alto 19-Mar-1908 19-Jul-1987 19
Williams, Alva M Bunt 14-Apr-1899 28-Apr-1983 17 sec Q Williams plot
Williams, Alvin Counsil 1898 1945 17 sec O Williams plot
Williams, Alvin Demond 02-Mar-1974 10-Feb-1975 19
Williams, Amanda A. 28-Sep-1888 15-Mar-1909 25 sec A Wife of J.A. Williams
Williams, Amelia L 1912 No date 8 sec T ssw Wiley Williams
Williams, Amos 09-Jan-1888 14-Nov-1970 19 KY Pfc USArmy WWI
Williams, Andrew R 12-Nov-1944 11-Mar-1994 8 sec K
Williams, Annette C 1903 No date 8 sec T ssw Laurie Williams
Williams, Annie Laurie 10-Aug-1862 08-Apr-1924 25 sec C "Wife of James B. Williams."
Williams, Annie Lee No date 28-Jan-1986 19 No tombstone
Williams, Annie Lee 1929 1988 28
Williams, Annie M 12-Mar-1907 13-May-1964 19
Williams, Aubrey Jack 1952 1952 5 sec G Williams plot
Williams, Audrey M 03-Mar-1912 29-Nov-1988 26 sec D Williams Plot; ssw Rev Asa L Williams.
Williams, Benjamin L 15-Sep-1958 No date 10 sec M son
Williams, Bennie Melvin No date 25-Apr-1994 19 Burial records
Williams, Berta F. 10-Jan-1892 14-Oct-1984 25 sec E
Williams, Bessie B. 05-Apr-1906 04-May-1977 25 sec K
Williams, Bessie Lee 02-Sep-1911 08-Oct-1990 19
Williams, Bessie M 1906 1986 8 sec J
Williams, Betty C 04-Apr-1913 22-Feb-1973 26 sec D
Williams, Betty Jean 12-Aug-1929 01-Dec-1930 26 sec H.
Williams, Beulah Lee 1899 1978 17 sec O Williams plot
Williams, Bobbie Joyce 15-May-1932 01-Dec-1981 8 sec M
Williams, Bobby Gene 1935 1982 10 sec H
Williams, Buford E 06-Oct-1926 08-Feb-1985 8 sec L ssw Katrine Williams, Msgt USAF WWII
Williams, Buster S 1933 1993 8 sec Q ssw Carol Williams, Mason
Williams, Byron Eugene 19-Oct-1912 08-Jan-1962 8 sec S
Williams, C B 28-Oct-1870 16-Jul-1954 17 sec Z Peel plot
Williams, C E 23-Jun-1914 24-Nov-1959 17 sec D
Williams, C H 11-Jan-1868 08-Jul-1956 19
Williams, C Howard 1890 1985 10 sec J ss with Florida
Williams, Carl 04-Dec-1905 24-Nov-1984 42 grv 27
Williams, Carmie 1905 1936 25 sec D nr 2 unmarked slabs
Williams, Carol S 1936 No date 8 sec Q ssw Buster Williams
Williams, Carolyn B 1932 No date 8 sec H ssw L Everette Williams
Williams, Carrine 14-Dec-1919 12-Jan-1966 19
Williams, Charles 04-Dec-1938 10-Jan-1948 17 sec Q J C Williams plot
Williams, Charles A 31-Jul-1924 29-Dec-1944 17 sec Q Williams plot, SSgt 301 AAF WWII
Williams, Charles C 09-Aug-1913 30-Nov-1965 8 sec Q ssw Edith Williams, Ala Pvt USArmy WWII
Williams, Charles T. 09-Nov-1950 15-Nov-1950 25 sec K
Williams, Charlie Bazil 1931 1961 28 Pfc US Air Force Korea
Williams, Charlie C 1921 1981 8 sec N ssw Mae Williams
Williams, Charlie, Jr 26-Sep-1914 05-Feb-1969 19
Williams, Cherol Ann 17-Sep-1958 10-Nov-1990 19
Williams, Clinton 19-Apr-1908 02-Aug-1962 31 sec D
Williams, Coleman B. 10-Sep-1932 20-Sep-1950 25 sec K FLA PFC 23 Inf, 2 Inf Div.Korea
Williams, Cornelia S 1896 1991 10 sec M
Williams, Council Bush 22-Jul-1876 17-Oct-1941 17 sec G Williams plot
Williams, Curtis G 1896 1988 8 sec A ssw Thomas Williams, DAR
Williams, Daniel E. 28-Sep-1917 12-Apr-1944 25 sec C Fl. Maj 558 AAF Bomb Sq WW 11; military marker.
Williams, Daniel Monroe 1859 1937 25 sec C Next to Alice Miller Williams
Williams, Daniel O. 08-Dec-1895 17-Apr-1931 25 sec C Masonic insignia.
Williams, David H 27-Dec-1952 13-Feb-1970 10 sec C ss with John, Sybil
Williams, Dee 1902 1959 5 sec I Williams plot, father
Williams, Donald Ray 29-May-1937 14-May-1984 8 sec Q Mason
Williams, E R 17-Feb-1910 19-Oct-1953 17 sec G "Capt"
Williams, Earl Julian 1930 1984 5 sec H Hidle/Shirley plot, Southerland FH
Williams, Eatha Hall 11-Apr-1907 19-Nov-1942 33 sec E ss with Phillip, mother
Williams, Eddie 22-Aug-1911 22-Nov-1990 19
Williams, Edith B 06-Mar-1918 14-Oct-1986 8 sec Q ssw Charles Williams
Williams, Elijah Moses 13-Jul-1870 17-Mar-1945 25 sec A
Williams, Elizabeth 1920 1968 8 sec K ssw Kenneth Williams
Williams, Elizabeth 07-May-1895 21-May-1989 19
Williams, Ellis No date 21-Aug-1975 19 No tombstone
Williams, Ellis, Sr 09-Sep-1905 18-Dec-1970 31 sec C
Williams, Elsie M 07-Jun-1918 No date 17 sec G
Williams, Ennis Fay 1922 1972 8 sec O ssw Myrtis Williams, Mason, Telephone Pioneers
Williams, Eva Clover 18-Feb-1910 18-Feb-1983 17 sec CC WWII
Williams, F B 19-Jul-1887 08-Jun-1944 19
Williams, Fannie Destin Woodward 31-Aug-1886 18-Aug-1974 17 sec N Eastern Star ssw Richard Williams Sr
Williams, Fay 22-Sep-1960 17-Dec-1960 17 sec C
Williams, Felix, Jr 29-Nov-1958 31-May-1982 31 sec B
Williams, Florida H 1902 No date 10 sec J ss with C Howard
Williams, Frank 26-Mar-1905 11-May-1967 31 sec C
Williams, Fred (Capt) 08-Sep-1884 18-Jan-1971 17 sec F father m. 20 Jun 1905 ssw Netra Morris Williams
Williams, Fredrick (Capt) Otto 26-Dec-1906 26-Aug-1991 17 sec F brother & son Kent Forest Lawn
Williams, George C 25-Feb-1927 01-Nov-1986 26 sec D Williams Plot; ssw Norma H Williams; md 21 Feb 1948.
Williams, George D 31-May-1951 16-Apr-1968 10 sec E
Williams, Gertrude 26-Sep-1917 08-Oct-1962 19
Williams, Hattie B 1915 1985 8 sec J ssw Junior Williams
Williams, Hazel L 1935 1956 42 grv 22
Williams, Hazel Lewis 25-Mar-1909 1979 17 sec Q J C Williams plot
Williams, Henrietta Estell 29-Apr-1905 No date 19 No tombstone
Williams, Henrietta W 1890 1962 28 Albritton/Mashburn plot
Williams, Henry 04-Sep-1909 05-May-1989 31 sec C "wife & sons"
Williams, Henry P 02-May-1905 28-Oct-1989 10 sec J USArmy
Williams, Hinton M. 18-Nov-1889 14-Dec-1909 25 sec C Woodmen of the World memorial.
Williams, Ila Odell 05-Jun-1914 14-Dec-1919 25 sec E
Williams, Infant No date 15-Jul-1942 17 sec G son of Capt & Mrs E R Williams
Williams, Infant boy No date 19-Dec-1985 10 sec B
Williams, Irena F 30-May-1923 28-Apr-1963 8 sec D ssw Tommie Williams
Williams, Iris R 1904 No date 8 sec D
Williams, Isaac B 28-Sep-1906 01-Mar-1945 33 sec E brother
Williams, Isiah No date 08-May-1979 19 No tombstone
Williams, J Fred 27-Oct-1897 30-Apr-1950 17 sec S
Williams, J J 06-Mar-1876 29-May-1952 33 sec E Jim, ss with Martha
Williams, J. M. 02-Jan-1873 08-Nov-1956 25 sec B next to child,date 1935,unreadable, 2 unmarked nearby.
Williams, J. M. 02-Jun-1874 05-May-1945 25 sec B
Williams, Jake 27-Aug-1886 07-Oct-1971 31 sec B
Williams, James 27-May-1898 27-Aug-1954 19
Williams, James Arthur 10-Sep-1931 25-Apr-1953 25 sec C Florida, A2C 3625 Motor Veh Sq AF.
Williams, James B. 26-Dec-1856 29-Dec-1910 25 sec C Masonic insignia.
Williams, James Clifton 07-Apr-1946 06-Feb-1985 42 grv 21
Williams, James G. 23-Jun-1905 13-Jan-1978 25 sec I
Williams, James H "Bubba" 1922 1967 8 sec B ssw Mary Williams
Williams, James Jerome 03-Feb-1945 20-Sep-1981 10 sec C
Williams, James Monroe 09-Jun-1907 16-Jun-1966 17 sec A (June)
Williams, James R 13-Oct-1916 12-Oct-1953 17 sec BB
Williams, James Thomas 1938 1983 8 sec F
Williams, Jennie W 27-Oct-1891 16-Apr-1988 8 sec S ssw Thomas Williams
Williams, Jim 01-Dec-1893 28-May-1975 19
Williams, John Atticus, III 1956 1980 8 sec L
Williams, John H 12-Mar-1873 01-Sep-1935 26 sec H. "Woodman of the World". Williams Plot.
Williams, John J 02-Nov-1915 No date 10 sec C ss with David, Sybil
Williams, John M, Jr 1974 1979 8 sec B
Williams, John T, Jr 17-Jun-1925 15-May-1980 17 sec C
Williams, John T, Sr 16-Dec-1898 25-Feb-1977 17 sec C
Williams, Johnie C 1913 1983 8 sec N ssw Varnado Williams
Williams, Johnnie Mae 27-Sep-1911 08-Jul-1981 10 sec K ss with Alan
Williams, Johnnie, Sr 12-Oct-1902 21-Jun-1990 31 sec D
Williams, Johnny Raymond 1926 1978 5 sec G Pfc USMC WWII, Williams plot
Williams, Johnny T. 15-Nov-1929 07-Feb-1989 25 sec K PFC WW 11
Williams, Johnny T. 15-Nov-1929 07-Feb-1989 25 sec K A/K age 59, Smith FH
Williams, Joseph E 1913 1978 8 sec N ssw Modell Williams
Williams, Julia M 16-Jan-1934 No date 10 sec M ss with Walter, wife mother
Williams, Julian 24-Mar-1905 02-Nov-1953 25 sec D
Williams, Julius, Capt. Clayton 20-Jun-1906 14-Oct-1966 17 sec Q J C Williams plot
Williams, Junior T 1913 1979 8 sec J ssw Hattie Williams
Williams, K T 25-Feb-1923 06-Mar-1965 31 sec D Mrs.
Williams, Katrine V 26-Oct-1928 No date 8 sec L ssw Buford Williams, Wife Mother
Williams, Kelly Dean 09-Apr-1983 08-Feb-1984 5 sec I
Williams, Kenneth T 1917 No date 8 sec K ssw Elizabeth Williams
Williams, Kenneth Waye 1958 30-Nov-1984 19
Williams, L Everette 1927 No date 8 sec H ssw Carolyn Williams
Williams, L Ralph 10-Sep-1910 08-Mar-1925 26 sec H. Williams Plot.
Williams, Laurie B 1901 1975 8 sec T ssw Annette Williams
Williams, Lawson Vernon 06-May-1936 07-Jun-1952 28
Williams, Leila C 06-Jun-1880 30-Jun-1967 26 sec H. Williams Plot.
Williams, Lester L Whipps 1954 1955 42 grv 22A Son
Williams, Lewis R. 12-Nov-1900 06-Nov-1948 25 sec K FLA QM1C USNR,WW 11
Williams, Lilla R 1894 1984 8 sec B
Williams, Liller Mae 31-Aug-1919 03-Apr-1987 10 sec E
Williams, Lillian (Mrs) Knight 19-Sep-1935 29-Aug-1992 19 Battle FH
Williams, Lily Evans 06-Mar-1880 08-May-1941 17 sec G Williams plot
Williams, Linda Ann 13-Jan-1948 21-May-1994 8 sec Q
Williams, Lorraine M 1921 No date 8 sec L ssw Roger Williams
Williams, Lula B. 1885 1961 17 not found in 1995
Williams, Mae 1926 No date 8 sec N ssw Charlie Williams
Williams, Mamie F 1935 1986 10 sec A
Williams, Mamie L 1908 No date 8 sec J ssw Adolphus Williams
Williams, Margaret Winifred 22-Jul-1909 21-Jun-1978 20 Born Terry, Lawrence Co, SD
Williams, Marie Bell 23-Feb-1936 03-Jul-1968 31 sec C
Williams, Marie Bogert age 79 21-Nov-1998 35src: Bennett 2005
Williams, Marshall 02-Mar-1895 09-Nov-1962 31 sec D FL Pvt Engr WWI
Williams, Martha Jane 02-Dec-1881 28-Apr-1951 33 sec E ss with J J
Williams, Marvin M. 29-Sep-1902 28-Dec-1970 25 sec K Pvt Btry A 83 Field Artillery WW 1
Williams, Marwood (Bill) 1897 1977 8 sec J Mason
Williams, Mary C "Chris" 1924 1966 8 sec B ssw James Williams
Williams, Mary Campbell 04-Aug-1912 No date 42 grv 28
Williams, Mary Louise 1904 1987 8 sec Q ssw Sam Williams
Williams, Mary R 16-Oct-1868 15-Oct-1956 8 sec U
Williams, Merle F 11-Oct-1919 07-Mar-1986 21 sec P Williams plot;ss w/W.L. "Bill";marker Viola Merle
Williams, Minnie B 1899 1981 8 sec B ssw Sam Williams
Williams, Modell E 1924 No date 8 sec N ssw Joseph Williams
Williams, Mona M 24-Oct-1917 08-Nov-1974 10 sec C wife, ss with S Cleo
Williams, Myrtis Capps 1927 1974 8 sec O ssw Ennis Williams
Williams, Nathan, Sr 08-May-1907 28-Jul-1981 19
Williams, Nellie Mae 1922 1990 33 sec A Southerland FH
Williams, Netra Morris 16-Jul-1887 10-Nov-1968 17 sec F mother m. 20 Jun 1905 ssw Capt Fred Williams
Williams, Nettie B 01-Sep-1918 18-Mar-1985 19
Williams, Nora Esther 1896 1980 10 sec J mother
Williams, Norma H 21-Feb-1930 No date 26 sec D Williams Plot; ssw George C Williams; md 21 Feb 1948.
Williams, Norma L No date 11-Apr-1926 14 sec A
Williams, Oscar C.1910 C.1910 25 sec A infant,died 9 days old.
Williams, P. A. 28-Nov-1909 26-Jan-1910 25 sec C Son of J.E. & K.V. Williams.
Williams, Paul 08-Dec-1915 26-Jun-1990 19
Williams, Pearl M 21-Apr-1917 No date 10 sec M
Williams, Pearl Vera 1904 1984 25 sec D Southerland F.H.
Williams, Phillip G 24-Oct-1900 09-Jul-1980 33 sec E ss with Eatha, father
Williams, R B 21-Feb-1916 19-Oct-1952 17 sec W
Williams, R B No date 16-Sep-1975 19 No tombstone
Williams, Ralph 27-Jul-1919 12-Dec-1991 10 sec C Smith FH, Msgt USAF WW II
Williams, Ralph Carmichael 1906 1976 17 sec B
Williams, Raymond Lee 17-Oct-1926 13-Dec-1981 17 sec Q Williams plot
Williams, Rev Asa L 25-May-1911 No date 26 sec D Williams Plot; ssw Audrey M Williams.
Williams, Richard, Sr 10-May-1890 19-Jul-1974 17 sec N ssw Fannie Williams, Mason
Williams, Robert Emmett 03-Jan-1913 02-Jun-1975 25 sec K Williams Plot
Williams, Robert Emmett 03-Jan-1913 02-Jun-1975 25 sec K
Williams, Robert F 1906 1971 28
Williams, Robert W 21-Oct-1924 13-Aug-1944 17 sec R FL Pvt 110 Inf 28 Div WWII
Williams, Robert, Sr No date 30-Apr-1985 19 No tombstone
Williams, Roger F 1919 1993 8 sec L ssw Lorraine Williams
Williams, Rosa No date 24-Feb-1986 19 No tombstone
Williams, Roxy Louise Waldon 1878 13-Mar-1936 25 sec A
Williams, Roy Marshall 1927 1990 5 sec G Southerland FH
Williams, Ruby L No date 28-Oct-1985 19 No tombstone
Williams, Rush 22-Jul-1876 17-Oct-1941 17 not found in 1995
Williams, S Cleo 20-Aug-1912 29-Nov-1981 10 sec C husband ss with Mona
Williams, Sallie 12-Apr-1886 02-Nov-1969 25 sec C
Williams, Sallie Mae 20-May-1916 13-Mar-1963 31 sec B
Williams, Sam 15-Jun-1903 10-Jun-1968 31 sec C Rev.
Williams, Sam A 1907 No date 8 sec Q ssw Mary Williams, Mason
Williams, Sam J 1895 1963 8 sec B ssw Minnie Williams
Williams, Seldon 09-Oct-1905 17-Feb-1974 42 grv 24
Williams, Sis. Catherine M 30-Aug-1913 26-Apr-1991 19
Williams, Sybil S 11-Feb-1922 No date 10 sec C ss with John, Dan
Williams, Terry 23-Dec-1957 28-Mar-1989 19
Williams, Thelma Lee 09-Aug-1909 05-Apr-1970 10 sec C ss with Thomas
Williams, Thomas Claude 16-Aug-1907 17-May-1969 28
Williams, Thomas L 23-Mar-1888 08-Aug-1966 8 sec S ssw Jennie Williams
Williams, Thomas La Fayette 21-Dec-1908 12-Apr-1990 10 sec C ss with Thelma
Williams, Thomas R 1889 1962 8 sec A ssw Curtis Williams
Williams, Tommie J 17-Sep-1913 28-Jun-1991 8 sec D ssw Irena Williams
Williams, Troy D 01-Sep-1959 10-May-1990 31 sec C
Williams, Varnado 1907 1970 8 sec N ssw Johnie Williams
Williams, Vera Lee 06-Jan-1919 25-Dec-1989 19
Williams, Vernon Ray 1954 1987 28
Williams, Virginia Galbreath 23-Jan-1927 No date 8 sec K ssw Harold Galbreath
Williams, Vivian 23-Nov-1927 17-Jul-1968 31 sec C
Williams, W L 19-Jan-1914 No date 21 sec P Williams plot; ss w/Merle F.; only date given in 1991
Williams, W Theodore 1903 1972 8 sec D ssw Iris Williams
Williams, Walter Dee 25-Jul-1930 09-Jan-1984 5 sec I Me2 USN Korea, Williams plot
Williams, Walter L 03-Nov-1921 21-Oct-1988 10 sec M ss with Julia, CMM USN WWII
Williams, Walter McKency, Sr 22-Feb-1903 03-Aug-1961 19
Williams, Walter Oliver 10-Oct-1907 13-Feb-1952 25 sec K
Williams, Warren L 12-Sep-1897 22-Nov-1974 26 sec H. Williams Plot.
Williams, Wayne Lawson 26-Jun-1962 06-Jun-1964 28
Williams, Wiley M 1915 1989 8 sec T ssw Amelia Williams
Williams, Wiley Wesley 01-Nov-1899 28-Jan-1955 17 sec R
Williams, Will 07-Sep-1881 09-Jun-1968 31 sec C
Williams, William Cary, Sr 24-Apr-1912 07-Mar-1991 5 sec F Joyner plot, husband, father
Williams, William Donald 16-Aug-1926 03-Nov-1985 26 sec D
Williams, Willie 18-May-1894 09-Sep-1966 31 sec D
Williams, Willie 1930 1978 19 Pfc USArmy
Williams, Willie 06-Jul-1919 03-Jun-1987 31 sec A
Williams, Willie Pearl 01-Apr-1930 17-Feb-1992 19
Williamson No date No date 17 sec S Mother
Williamson, Edward Lee 01-Mar-1903 14-Jul-1960 17 sec D AL MMC US Navy WW2
Williamson, Eugene A, Sr 26-Jun-1921 07-Dec-1965 8 sec K
Williamson, Frances A 1910 1990 10 sec J ss with John
Williamson, James E No date 07-Sep-1977 19 No tombstone
Williamson, John C 1910 1985 10 sec J ss with Frances
Williamson, Joyce K 17-Aug-1923 06-Dec-1980 8 sec K
Williamson, Malcolm James 26-Jun-1897 23-May-1972 17 sec H
Williford, John Allen 15-Aug-1956 14-Sep-1956 8 sec B
Williford, Rachel D 1896 1988 8 sec B ssw Walter Williford
Williford, Thomas 09-Sep-1925 02-Aug-1980 17 sec A Betty Mary Elizabeth
Williford, Walter Stephen "Steve" 26-Jul-1947 21-Dec-1968 8 sec B
Williford, Walter W, Sr 1894 1965 8 sec B ssw Rachel Williford
Willingham, Blonnie T 17-Dec-1914 06-Dec-1993 8 sec L
Willingham, John Walter 18-May-1915 21-Jan-1973 8 sec L
Willis, Alice L 1921 No date 8 sec D
Willis, Basil 02-Sep-1895 25-Aug-1988 25 sec A Willis Plot
Willis, Ben 30-Mar-1888 09-Nov-1970 31 sec B
Willis, Carl W 1903 1972 8 sec K BPOE
Willis, Charles A 1923 1968 8 sec P ssw Doris Willis, W.O.W.
Willis, Charles Durwood 01-Jun-1926 17-Feb-1983 8 sec F ssw Gloria Willis, COX USNavy WWII
Willis, Doris L 1922 No date 8 sec P ssw Charles Willis
Willis, Dorothy M 27-Feb-1916 No date 8 sec C ssw E Pearson Willis
Willis, E Pearson 22-Nov-1910 04-Apr-1990 8 sec C ssw Dorothy Willis
Willis, Elizabeth L No date 06-Dec-1975 19 No tombstone
Willis, Esther Dudley 02-Sep-1913 28-Sep-1983 33 sec A S/s with John Daniel
Willis, Gloria Lanell 18-Feb-1930 No date 8 sec F ssw Charles Willis, Mother
Willis, Gordon C 1903 1980 8 sec R ssw Velma Willis, Mason
Willis, Harold Earl 28-Jun-1900 30-Jan-1971 8 sec K KY Pvt USArmy WWII
Willis, Horace C 1924 No date 10 sec A ss with Mellonae
Willis, James R 22-Mar-1948 20-Dec-1992 19 Battle FH
Willis, John 14-Jan-1927 22-Jan-1965 31 sec C FL Stm2 USNR WWII
Willis, John Daniel 31-Jul-1908 24-Oct-1983 33 sec A S/s with Ester
Willis, John J 03-May-1850 28-Nov-1918 33 sec D Knight plot
Willis, Judy Ann 06-Mar-1944 19-Apr-1992 5 sec H Moore plot, mother, grandmother
Willis, Katie Mae 1924 1983 8 sec S ssw Robert Willis
Willis, Kittie S 1910 1993 8 sec P
Willis, Luther No date 14-Sep-1977 19 No tombstone
Willis, Mellonae H 1930 No date 10 sec A ss with Horace
Willis, Ora Rawls 1909 1972 8 sec Q ssw William Willis, R.N.
Willis, Robert K 1914 No date 8 sec S ssw Katie Willis
Willis, Sophia G No date 19-Nov-1980 19 No tombstone
Willis, Susie L. 29-May-1894 18-Apr-1944 25 sec A Willis Plot
Willis, Velma F 1907 1967 8 sec R ssw Gordon Willis, Eastern Star
Willis, William N 1910 1974 8 sec Q ssw Ora Willis, Mason
Willoughby, Claude J 1904 1993 8 sec N ssw Eva Willoughby
Willoughby, Eva Fay 1899 1978 8 sec N ssw Claude Willoughby
Willoughby, Mary Ellen 1960 1984 8 sec N
Wills, Evelyn Martin 1877 1954 28 Martin plot
Wills, Gertrude Harries 10-May-1910 28-Sep-1966 17 sec D
Wills, Ivy C 08-Jan-1902 20-Nov-1902 17 sec J
Wills, John 1877 1930 28 Martin plot
Wills, John Martin 16-Dec-1905 30-Nov-1948 28 Martin plot
Wills, Josiah M No date No date 17 sec J Co I 21 NJ Inf
Wills, Little Morris 16-Aug-1894 Age 4 8 mos 16 ds 17 not found in 1995
Wills, Richard Houston 12-Feb-1908 06-Feb-1973 17 sec D
Wilmoth, George A 17-Jan-1898 24-Oct-1969 17 sec B ssw Rita Wilmoth, Pfc USArmy WWI
Wilmoth, Rita Gladys 12-Nov-1904 01-Apr-1971 17 sec B ssw George Wilmoth
Wilsdorf, Charles H 1899 1981 8 sec O ssw H Gladys Wilsdorf
Wilsdorf, H Gladys 1905 1980 8 sec O ssw Charles Wilsdorf
Wilsey, Edna M 03-Feb-1925 No date 21 sec D on same stone w/James W.; no death date in 1991
Wilson, Adolph Webb 12-Sep-1889 27-Feb-1963 26 sec K Jones Plot.
Wilson, Alchus C, Sr 1914 No date 8 sec R ssw Sadie Wilson
Wilson, Alice Kathryn 18-Jun-1924 18-Jun-1924 25 sec C Infant dau of C.O. & R. Wilson
Wilson, Ann L 1894 No date 8 sec P ssw Stuart Wilson
Wilson, Bernice 27-Oct-1920 No date 19
Wilson, Bertha E 1897 19-- 6
Wilson, Bertha Lou 10-Aug-1926 03-Feb-1988 8 sec F ssw Richard Wilson, S1 USN WWII
Wilson, Bynell No date 04-Nov-1978 19 No tombstone
Wilson, Carolyn A 17-Oct-1916 No date 10 sec J ss with Woodrow
Wilson, Cary Franklin, Sr 09-May-1894 30-Aug-1978 17 sec Y
Wilson, Catherine C 12-Sep-1921 No date 8 sec K ssw Edwin Wilson, Wife Mother
Wilson, Charles Edgar 08-Feb-1917 08-Mar-1917 25 sec B
Wilson, Charles Oliver 14-Dec-1873 09-Apr-1941 25 sec B
Wilson, Clarice W 09-Feb-1942 29-Sep-1983 8 sec K USMC
Wilson, Dennis J, Sr 31-Mar-1923 17-Jun-1990 10 sec L ss with Vearlean, Pvt USA WWII
Wilson, Dorothy J 28-Aug-1928 No date 37 No death date in 1990
Wilson, E Jane 29-May-1917 1994 8 sec K ssw Jack Wilson
Wilson, Edwin Carr 10-Aug-1920 12-Aug-1990 8 sec K ssw Catherine Wilson, TMC USNavy WWII
Wilson, Elizabeth Mitchell 17-Dec-1905 28-Jan-1983 10 sec C
Wilson, Emma Greene 14-May-1851 20-Jan-1920 26 sec K Jones Plot. MOTHER.
Wilson, Emma Lee Feb 29 1914 30-Nov-1968 31 sec B
Wilson, Eugene 12-Jul-1903 27-Aug-1966 31 sec C
Wilson, Foy 1900 1972 8 sec O ssw Georgia Wilson, Mason
Wilson, Frederick Mourice 25-Dec-1965 01-Jan-1988 19
Wilson, George 07-Aug-1896 19-Dec-1955 5 sec B ssw Susie Wilson, father
Wilson, George Robert 29-Nov-1902 13-Dec-1956 17 not found in 1995
Wilson, George Robert 29-Nov-1902 13-Dec-1956 10 sec C
Wilson, George V 24-Dec-1927 27-Mar-1965 37
Wilson, George, Jr 26-Mar-1924 29-Mar-1977 10 sec J SSGT USAF WWII
Wilson, Georgia A 1902 1968 8 sec O ssw Foy Wilson
Wilson, Grace West 1890 1980 17 sec Y ssw John Stephen Wilson
Wilson, Harry Mayo 18-May-1919 09-Apr-1985 8 sec O ssw Pearl Wilson, Msgt USAF WWII Korea
Wilson, Hazel Rusty McLain No date No date 17 sec M McLain plot
Wilson, Hazel S 1908 1988 10 sec I
Wilson, Infant No date No date 26 sec C.
Wilson, Irene C 02-Sep-1928 03-May-1989 19
Wilson, Jack Henry 23-Oct-1919 08-Jul-1970 8 sec K ssw E Jane Wilson, MOMM1 USNavy WWII
Wilson, James 24-May-1894 01-Oct-1976 25 sec J Wilson Plot
Wilson, James Ernest 07-Jan-1889 02-Aug-1940 28 Husband
Wilson, James T 03-Jul-1907 07-Aug-1947 17 sec O
Wilson, James Wheeler No date No date 22
Wilson, Jane B 1907 No date 17 sec A ssw O Claude Wilson
Wilson, John No date 14-Apr-1985 19 No tombstone
Wilson, John A 02-Aug-1875 09-Jul-1949 17 sec S
Wilson, John Arthur 1928 18-Feb-1980 19 Ssgt USArmy Vietnam
Wilson, John H No date 01-Sep-1978 19 No tombstone
Wilson, John H 21-Aug-1882 1968 17 sec C Mason
Wilson, John O 1910 1985 8 sec P ssw Ruby Wilson, Mason
Wilson, John Stephen 1880 1956 17 sec Y ssw Grace West Wilson
Wilson, Josephine R 20-Dec-1906 27-Dec-1978 19
Wilson, Katie K 05-Sep-1890 06-Nov-1963 17 sec C
Wilson, Katie L 09-Mar-1905 20-Feb-1986 19
Wilson, Laura Elizabeth 02-Aug-1949 04-Jun-1974 17 sec B
Wilson, Leo D 1898 1950 6
Wilson, Levetta F 1919 No date 8 sec H ssw Murray Wilson
Wilson, Lola C 16-Jul-1898 04-Jul-1989 37
Wilson, Louis 12-Mar-1900 29-Mar-1967 31 sec C Rev.
Wilson, Louise Harris 08-Feb-1922 12-Dec-1992 8 sec H
Wilson, Lula Mae 13-Aug-1901 24-Oct-1991 17 sec Y
Wilson, Mable Ann Manoogian 21-May-1927 17-Jun-1958 25 sec K MOTHER
Wilson, Mallie 29-Jul-1897 13-Jun-1986 25 sec J Wilson Plot, Southerland FH
Wilson, Marjorie H 26-Apr-1917 13-May-1980 10 sec C
Wilson, Mark Robert No date 09-Feb-1993 10 sec B infant
Wilson, Michael Lynn 10-Aug-1952 17-Oct-1981 8 sec P
Wilson, Murray H 1919 1986 8 sec H ssw Levette Wilson
Wilson, Nell D. 23-Oct-1902 25-Feb-1985 25 sec K
Wilson, Nellie Jeanette 1896 1977 10 sec I
Wilson, Nettie H 1912 1990 10 sec H
Wilson, O Claude 1905 1972 17 sec A ssw Jane Wilson
Wilson, Pearl M 31-Dec-1923 No date 8 sec O ssw Harry Wilson
Wilson, Percy Lee Jack 11-Sep-1905 23-Apr-1963 17 sec D
Wilson, Perley E No date No date 17 sec F Co H 32 Wis Inf Hutchins plot
Wilson, Richard H 16-Oct-1914 No date 8 sec F ssw Bertha Wilson
Wilson, Robert No date No date 25 sec B Co F, 23 Mich Inf.
Wilson, Robert E. 29-Mar-1919 18-Jul-1944 25 sec K Pvt 115 Inf WW 11
Wilson, Roy Edward 02-Jul-1921 10-Sep-1981 10 sec I Pvt USArmy WWII
Wilson, Ruby L 1913 No date 8 sec P ssw John Wilson
Wilson, Ruby Williams 18-Dec-1890 19-Jul-1947 25 sec B
Wilson, Sabrina Christine No date 10-Sep-1984 14 sec E infant
Wilson, Sadie B 1913 1975 8 sec R ssw Alchus Wilson
Wilson, Sarah Frances No date 05-Mar-1944 25 sec J Wilson Plot, only 1 date.
Wilson, Sid 10-Nov-1903 12-Jan-1973 31 sec B
Wilson, Stuart A 1899 1967 8 sec P ssw Ann Wilson, Mason
Wilson, Susie E Hill 15-Aug-1888 04-Oct-1959 5 sec B ssw George Wilson, mother
Wilson, Thelma M 29-Jun-1914 06-Jan-1965 17 sec D
Wilson, Thomas J. 28-Oct-1897 14-Jan-1965 25 sec K
Wilson, Thurman L. 13-Apr-1890 03-Jun-1963 25 sec J
Wilson, Timothy Noel 17-Nov-1959 26-Nov-1990 10 sec M L Cpl USMC
Wilson, Tommye W 19-Sep-1890 04-Oct-1966 17 sec S
Wilson, Vearlean 20-Feb-1937 No date 10 sec L ss with Dennis
Wilson, Vonnie V 06-Nov-1892 07-Nov-1976 37
Wilson, Wilbur Buck Preston 20-Mar-1909 23-Feb-1991 17 sec N Peacock plot
Wilson, Will 18-Mar-1898 25-Jun-1973 31 sec B
Wilson, William Harold 18-Nov-1927 30-Sep-1989 25 sec K
Wilson, Winnie R 21-Oct-1919 25-Jan-1981 8 sec Q Wife Mother
Wilson, Woodrow 1914 1978 10 sec J ss with Carolyn, Ssgt USArmy WWII
Wilson, Woodrow Jeffery, Jr 20-Oct-1966 23-Oct-1966 31 sec B
Wilson, Wyatt Stephan 23-May-1971 24-Jul-1971 31 sec B
Wilson, Zoola Ferrell 01-Mar-1886 19-Nov-1951 28
Wimberly, Edwin B 1911 No date 8 sec P ssw Emma Wimberly, Mason
Wimberly, Emma Lee 1913 1983 8 sec P ssw Edwin Wimberly
Windham, A Pap T 29-Aug-1886 24-Jun-1944 17 sec M Windham plot
Windham, Arbion J 1907 1990 8 sec S ssw Lillie Windham
Windham, Elizabeth 1927 No date 10 sec E ss with Register
Windham, H A Tony 04-Jun-1910 17-Mar-1986 17 sec M Windham plot ssw Rena D Windham Mason
Windham, Lillie B 1907 1993 8 sec S ssw Arbion Windham
Windham, Melbert Lee 02-Mar-1920 10-Feb-1980 21 sec C US Air Force
Windham, Register 1921 No date 10 sec E ss with Elizabeth
Windham, Rena D 21-Feb-1941 No date 17 sec M Windham plot ssw H A Windham Eastern star
Windham, Tannie L 07-Jan-1886 02-Sep-1962 17 sec M Windham plot
Windsor, Thomas 06-Feb-1861 04-Jan-1908 17 sec H
Winfield, Jessie J 09-Sep-1884 24-Aug-1952 26 sec F.
Winfield, W T Ray 1864 1943 26 not found in 1995
Winfield, Willie Mae 1911 1937 26 not found in 1995
Winge, Barbara Ann Walker 12-Feb-1934 No date 10 sec E ss with Bobby, md 1952
Winge, Bobby Terrell, Sr 05-Mar-1931 27-Apr-1984 10 sec E ss with Barbara, Msgt USAF Korea Vietnam
Winkle, Dorothy U 1926 1991 8 sec P ssw Victor Winkle
Winkle, Victor N 1917 1983 8 sec P ssw Dorothy Winkle
Winsett, I Shirley 1941 1985 10 sec J ss with Paul
Winsett, Paul E 1939 No date 10 sec J ss with I Shirley
Winslett, Elouise D 14-Mar-1926 No date 8 sec R Wife Mother
Winston, Cary G 05-Nov-1877 17-Dec-1961 17 sec AA
Winterholler, Gotlieb 31-Jul-1911 13-Jan-1977 10 sec I ss with Janie, Tsgt USAF WWII Korea
Winterholler, Janie L 13-Feb-1910 16-Mar-1984 10 sec I ss with Gotlieb
Winters, Marjorie J 1921 1983 10 sec J
Wisdom, Bobby Lee 15-Jul-1912 07-May-1988 22 Pfc USArmy WWII
Wisdom, John F 19-Jan-1901 21-Feb-1974 22
Wise, Cathy L 30-Jun-1956 06-May-1989 10 sec A
Wise, Dorothy W 1917 1980 10 sec H ss with Joseph
Wise, E Lottie 1911 No date 8 sec U ssw Jessie Wise
Wise, Elizabeth No date No date 25 sec D Only date= 14 Mar 1940
Wise, Elton Lee 1933 1933 25 sec D Inf. s/o Levy & Lessie Wise
Wise, Gus, Sr 04-May-1906 28-Nov-1974 5 sec H ssw S Christine Wise
Wise, Ida 01-Jun-1922 30-Jun-1988 10 sec J
Wise, Ira M 1928 1988 10 sec J
Wise, James C E 16-Jun-1922 11-Aug-1982 14 sec E Pfc USArmy WWII
Wise, James Hase 15-Jan-1947 04-Feb-1979 5 sec I Wise plot
Wise, Jessie J 1906 1981 8 sec U ssw E Lottie Wise
Wise, Joe 1909 1982 5 sec F
Wise, John D 30-Aug-1908 04-Feb-1960 5 sec I ssw Maggie Wise, Wise plot
Wise, Joseph B 1916 No date 10 sec H ss with Dorothy
Wise, Lessie Lucille 1911 1964 5 sec I Levy Wise plot, mother
Wise, Levy G W 1901 1956 5 sec I Levy Wise plot, father
Wise, Maggie H 17-Jul-1911 10-Jun-1981 5 sec I ssw John Wise, Wise plot, md Oct 30 1933
Wise, Marvin Lee 24-May-1931 24-Dec-1978 5 sec I Levy Wise plot, Sgt USArmy Korea
Wise, Mattie M 05-Nov-1918 No date 10 sec J ss with William, wife mother grandmother
Wise, S Christine 05-Aug-1920 No date 5 sec H ssw Gus Wise
Wise, William H 19-May-1917 30-Apr-1988 10 sec J ss with Mattie, Msgt USAF WWII
Wiselogel, Elaine Harrison 16-Nov-1916 27-Oct-1973 17 sec S
Wiselogel, Infant Dau 1949 1949 17 sec S dau of Karl & Elaine Wiselogel
Wiselogel, Karl E, Sr 16-Aug-1909 07-Mar-1974 17 sec S
Wiselogel, Ralph C 29-Jul-1886 04-Oct-1949 17 sec S FL Mus 3 Cl 124 31 Div WWI
Wisner, Gertrude Stiles 02-Oct-1910 17-Nov-1981 10 sec M ss with Woodrow
Wisner, Woodrow Wilson 02-Aug-1912 14-May-1991 10 sec M ss with Gertrude
Witherill, Ella S 1859 1931 17 sec E ssw Roy Witherill
Witherill, Laura Ann 01-Apr-1843 21-Mar-1896 17 sec L Mother
Witherill, Roy A 1870 1952 17 sec E ssw Ella Witherill
Withers, Dallas E. 15-Oct-1922 02-Feb-1959 25 sec I Florida, PFC US Army WW 11, BSM-PH
Withers, Edgar C. 26-Aug-1877 17-Feb-1946 25 sec I
Withers, Ira Belle 1888 1967 25 sec I
Withrow, Goldie 20-May-1918 No date 10 sec L ss with Jessie, mother
Withrow, Jessie F 06-Dec-1917 02-Apr-1984 10 sec L ss with Goldie, S1 USN WWII
Wixted, Thomas J, Jr "Tommy" 26-Sep-1945 31-Jan-1966 8 sec S
Wold, William S 16-May-1916 28-Jul-1971 17 sec Q SF2 US Navy WWII
Wolfe, Paul W 16-May-1897 27-Feb-1953 17 sec W Rearick/Wolfe/Davis plot, Mass Cpl Hq 26 Div WWI
Wolfe, Wanda S 04-Mar-1907 29-Oct-1981 17 sec W Rearick/Wolfe/Davis plot
Womble, Lula Kirkland 1907 1985 8 sec A
Wood, Angus C 1897 1978 8 sec L
Wood, Bertha Elese 19-Aug-1911 24-Jul-1962 31 sec B
Wood, Calvin L 18-Feb-1899 24-Dec-1982 14 sec E ssw L Beatrice Wood
Wood, David 15-May-1910 11-Nov-1977 8 sec O Msgt USArmy WWII
Wood, Dora L No date 17-Aug-1984 19 No tombstone
Wood, Harold W No date 07-Feb-1986 19 No tombstone
Wood, Harry Walton 06-Jul-1906 09-Aug-1967 21 sec J
Wood, Hayden S 04-May-1911 16-Jul-1987 8 sec U
Wood, Heather Nichole 24-May-1979 25-May-1979 10 sec B
Wood, James Allen 25-Sep-1919 31-Mar-1963 33 sec E Fla Pvt US Army WW II
Wood, Joan M 26-Feb-1936 No date 10 sec M ss with John
Wood, John Andrew 14-Jun-1932 12-Mar-1992 10 sec J USArmy Korea
Wood, John Philip 10-Aug-1936 21-Mar-1983 10 sec M ss with Joan, Maj USAF Vietnam
Wood, John W 10-May-1901 06-Apr-1969 31 sec B
Wood, Johnnie B 1929 1993 11 Meyer/Wood plot
Wood, L Beatrice 03-Aug-1910 22-May-1993 14 sec E ssw Calvin Wood
Wood, Martha E. 28-Sep-1896 26-Nov-1933 25 sec F
Wood, Mary H 05-Apr-1922 10-Aug-1994 8 sec K
Wood, Mattie L 09-Dec-1911 16-Nov-1972 31 sec A
Wood, O Ray 16-Aug-1931 07-Sep-1982 10 sec C
Wood, Owen A 1879 1976 8 sec H
Wood, Raphael Angus 13-Feb-1926 25-Mar-1973 8 sec L
Wood, Viola 1933 15-Feb-1934 25 sec F
Woodam, Gra:mo No date No date 27
Woodard, Lila Harriet 29-Dec-1875 12-Oct-1964 10 sec C
Woodcock, Effie V 1878 1959 25 not found in 1995
Woodcock, Ella Mae 1915 1994 8 sec M ssw Ollie Woodcock
Woodcock, Ollie B 1921 1991 8 sec M ssw Ella Woodcock
Wooden, Adell No date 23-Jul-1977 19 No tombstone
Wooden, Dorothy Lee 04-May-1934 07-Nov-1984 22 1st Lt USArmy
Wooden, Robert, Sr 23-Sep-1901 21-Sep-1986 22
Wooden, Samuel D 1943 1975 22
Woodfaulk, Inez Hampton 14-Apr-1932 04-Oct-1988 19 Mother
Woodfield, Thomas J. no date no date 21 sec I Co. B, 118 Pa. Inf.
Woodham, Catherine Pratt 04-Jan-1919 No date 28 Pratt-Woodham plot
Woodham, Dazzie W 23-Apr-1895 06-Jan-1978 8 sec U ssw Irene Woodham, USArmy WWI
Woodham, Doris Ann 01-May-1927 No date 8 sec Q ssw William Woodham, Mother Grandmother
Woodham, Flossie I. 05-Feb-1882 21-Jan-1970 25 sec K MOTHER
Woodham, Henrietta 1900 1957 8 sec H ssw William Woodham
Woodham, Irene W 01-Sep-1910 13-Sep-1993 8 sec U ssw Dazzie Woodham, Wife Mother
Woodham, John B 21-Feb-1894 09-Dec-1970 10 sec C ss with Lucretia, Wagr USArmy WWI
Woodham, Lucretia M 1899 1973 10 sec C ss with John
Woodham, Luther L. 13-Aug-1879 11-May-1947 25 sec K FATHER
Woodham, Regina 02-Mar-1917 04-Jul-1918 38 Dau of S W & Cora Woodham
Woodham, Robert Moses 23-Apr-1914 26-Feb-1986 28 Pratt-Woodham plot
Woodham, Roy M 19-Apr-1912 15-May-1972 8 sec K
Woodham, Thomas E 29-Dec-1922 13-Apr-1989 14 sec C Msgt USArmy WWII Korea
Woodham, William S 1883 1967 8 sec H ssw Henrietta Woodham
Woodham, William S, Jr 24-Sep-1925 23-Apr-1992 8 sec Q ssw Doris Woodham, MML2 USNavy WWII
Woodruff, James K 1923 1986 10 sec A ss with Marion
Woodruff, Marion L 1925 1978 10 sec A ss with James
Woods, Anna Weeks 02-Nov-1897 19-Mar-1980 5 sec D
Woods, Bonnie Marie 22-Oct-1950 08-Feb-1984 8 sec R Wife Mother
Woods, C Lloyd 18-Feb-1896 17-Nov-1986 5 sec D
Woods, Cecilia T 24-Dec-1903 04-Jun-1976 6
Woods, Charles W 1929 1982 8 sec K ssw Joy Woods
Woods, Clarence A 04-Feb-1920 29-Mar-1989 34
Woods, Clyde Maddox 26-Apr-1905 02-Sep-1980 10 sec C ss with Gervase
Woods, David Leon 19-Oct-1911 18-Aug-1989 8 sec M ssw Louise Woods, USNavy WWII
Woods, Gervase Hood 20-Aug-1899 22-May-1989 10 sec C ss with Clyde
Woods, Henry Wayne 1909 1981 8 sec K ssw Mildred Woods, Mason
Woods, James B 1874 1948 17 sec Q
Woods, James Roland, Jr 08-Dec-1972 10-Dec-1989 11
Woods, Jerry T 10-Apr-1900 22-Oct-1964 6
Woods, Joy V 1931 1984 8 sec K ssw Charles Woods
Woods, June E 20-Oct-1924 17-Jul-1985 10 sec M ss with Leroy
Woods, Leroy W 22-Jan-1920 30-May-1978 10 sec M ss with June, USN WWII
Woods, Louise A 06-Oct-1910 12-Mar-1994 8 sec M ssw David Woods
Woods, Mannie Mae 07-Sep-1903 20-Jan-1962 31 sec B Woods plot
Woods, Margie S 26-Nov-1883 01-Apr-1959 17 sec Q
Woods, Marie P 09-May-1917 15-Sep-1986 31 sec B Woods plot
Woods, Mildred Lois 1908 No date 8 sec K ssw Henry Woods
Woods, Motel No date 22-May-1979 19 No tombstone
Woods, Nelson Clair 24-Oct-1944 29-Jan-1986 10 sec M USAF Vietnam
Woods, Solomon 10-Apr-1915 04-Mar-1993 19 Battle FH
Woods, Stella E 08-Oct-1923 06-May-1986 10 sec M wife mother
Woods, W E "Pops" 1905 1973 8 sec M
Woods, Walter 11-Aug-1902 13-Feb-1974 31 sec B Woods plot
Woodson, John M 1924 1991 8 sec H ssw Johnny Woodson
Woodson, Johnny M 1924 No date 8 sec H ssw John Woodson
Woodward, Annette C 05-Oct-1909 17-Mar-1974 17 sec A AL Pvt Woman's Army Corp WWII
Woodward, Edward E 1892 1967 8 sec U
Woodward, James Robert 27-Apr-1933 17-Dec-1981 10 sec I USAF
Woodworth, John A 26-Nov-1959 25-Jul-1986 14 sec E
Woody, Barbara Rose 07-Oct-1928 01-Feb-1993 10 sec J
Woolf, Claude Cowden 1859 1935 17 sec K
Woolf, Henry Walthall 1856 1944 17 sec K
Woolf, Lucy Ethel 1886 1977 17 sec K
Woolslare, Milford Hays 14-Aug-1887 11-Nov-1951 17 sec Y
Woolslare, Milford P 07-Jan-1902 23-Mar-1991 17 sec Y
Woolslare, Nellie May 24-Jun-1904 21-Jun-1979 17 sec Y
Wooster, Kirk A, Jr 04-Jul-1915 20-Oct-1986 8 sec O Tec4 USArmy WWII
Wooten, Alice C 12-Feb-1897 22-Feb-1989 17 sec R
Wooten, Bernie T 12-Aug-1912 30-Jun-1967 5 sec A ssw Naomi Wooten
Wooten, Charlie W 17-Aug-1893 06-Feb-1948 17 sec R
Wooten, Donna Joyce 12-Nov-1934 20-Apr-1989 34
Wooten, Kenneth W 18-Feb-1958 16-Aug-1982 21 sec D
Wooten, Naomi C 11-Nov-1915 No date 5 sec A ssw Bernie Wooten
Wooten, Sue Hodges 24-Mar-1923 29-Apr-1989 17 sec K wife/mother
Wooton, Joseph S 11-Aug-1897 31-Dec-1966 21 sec H ss w/Ruth H.
Wooton, Ruth H 09-Dec-1895 11-Feb-1985 21 sec H ss w/Joseph S.
Wootton, David J 26-Nov-1926 No date 14 sec E ssw Irene Wootton
Wootton, Irene S 17-May-1926 No date 14 sec E ssw David Wootton, md Jan 22 1950
Worcester, Robert A 1939 1986 8 sec U
Word, Rev Julius P. 25-Jun-1850 07-Feb-1929 26 sec K
Work, Gennie E 1900 1987 8 sec N ssw Mae Work
Work, Mae Harris 1905 1985 8 sec N ssw Gennie Work
Worland, Alma M No date No date 10 sec H ss with Bill
Worland, Bill R 1929 No date 10 sec H ss with Alma
World, Hosie, Mr No date No date 19 Ss/w Mrs Hosie World, Battle FH
World, Mrs Hosie No date No date 19 Ss/w Hosie World, Battle FH
Worley, Ruth H 02-Sep-1925 No date 8 sec T ssw Wilmer Worley
Worley, Wilmer L 17-Apr-1921 09-Nov-1983 8 sec T ssw Ruth Worley
Worthington, Nettie J. 28-Mar-1910 13-Dec-1960 17 not found in 1995
Worthington, Virginia G Lane 21-Dec-1879 30-Dec-1939 17 sec K mother
Wraley, Carl Leon 16-Jan-1922 26-Feb-1987 10 sec I Pfc USAAC
Wray, Ethel 1890 1975 10 sec A ss with Raymond
Wray, Raymond 1889 No date 10 sec A ss with Ethel
Wright, Alma P No date 17-Feb-1986 19 No tombstone
Wright, Betty Jeanne 1925 No date 8 sec F ssw Virgil Wright
Wright, Betty L 1922 No date 8 sec R ssw Walter Wright
Wright, Beverly R 11-Apr-1928 No date 10 sec E ss with Kenneth, md Jan 11 1947, mother
Wright, Bila Lilly 18-Jul-1895 08-Oct-1979 22
Wright, Charles B 09-Mar-1885 22-Mar-1960 8 sec T ssw Ivrial Wright
Wright, Elise A 07-Aug-1885 04-Jun-1966 8 sec B
Wright, Eula R 19-Mar-1923 04-Mar-1959 31 sec D
Wright, Frances E 11-Feb-1925 24-Dec-1991 8 sec H
Wright, Garland L 27-Feb-1902 14-Aug-1968 17 sec Y
Wright, Gerald L 24-Jul-1939 27-Apr-1984 17 sec Y
Wright, Gloria M 19-Mar-1926 24-Aug-1979 21 sec A&B Wright plot;ss w/John A.; children listed
Wright, Ivrial M 05-Mar-1893 01-Sep-1970 8 sec T ssw Charles Wright
Wright, James E.Z. 01-Sep-1889 23-Apr-1959 25 sec A Wright Plot
Wright, James Edwin, Sr 30-Mar-1930 09-May-1973 8 sec B Fl Tsgt USAF Korea Vietnam AFCM
Wright, James G 1924 1990 10 sec K
Wright, James Lee No date No date 22
Wright, Jeffrey Rawn 1964 1964 17 sec D
Wright, John 01-Dec-1900 15-May-1957 31 sec B
Wright, John 10-Jul-1870 May 1933 31 sec B
Wright, John A 14-Jan-1920 No date 21 sec A&B Wright plot;ss w/Gloria M.;only date;children listed
Wright, Joseph H 21-Apr-1921 05-Jan-1988 8 sec F USArmy WWII
Wright, Joseph W 06-May-1919 No date 8 sec J ssw Louise Wright
Wright, Kayla Nichole 05-Dec-1990 07-Dec-1990 10 sec B
Wright, Kenneth L, Sr 23-Apr-1924 08-Mar-1991 10 sec E ss with Beverly, Cpl USAF WWII Korea, father
Wright, Lillian D 31-Dec-1922 No date 10 sec M ss with Robert, wife
Wright, Louise N 20-Sep-1921 01-Nov-1990 8 sec J ssw Joseph Wright
Wright, Mae 1909 No date 8 sec H
Wright, Malcolm D 19-Jul-1876 12-Jan-1951 17 sec S Father
Wright, Margaret M 26-Oct-1884 21-Nov-1966 21 sec F
Wright, Millard F 28-Nov-1909 29-Jun-1952 17 sec S brother
Wright, Odie T. 17-Apr-1899 11-Apr-1952 25 sec A Wright Plot
Wright, Price H. 13-Oct-1915 20-Dec-1990 25 sec C on back: Bobby&Louis "In loving memory of our father."
Wright, Regina Dawn 26-Aug-1956 19-Sep-1961 17 sec D
Wright, Rev. Nella Danford 01-Nov-1905 No date 25 sec C "In loving memory of our mother."
Wright, Robert Lee 26-Apr-1925 06-Apr-1983 10 sec A ss with Valencia, Tsgt USAF WW II Korea Vietnam
Wright, Robert S 18-Mar-1879 06-Jan-1964 21 sec G FL 2nd Lt.,Co.B 16 BN, US Guards, WW I
Wright, Robert W, Sr 16-May-1924 17-Mar-1985 10 sec M ss with Lillian, BM2 USN WWII
Wright, Starling Suzanne 1955 1955 17 sec T
Wright, Susan P 14-Aug-1889 21-Apr-1975 8 sec A Nurse Army Nurse Corps WWI
Wright, Tera Michelle 1978 1979 21 sec A&B
Wright, Valencia C 16-Feb-1929 No date 10 sec A ss with Robert
Wright, Virgil W "Bill" 1920 No date 8 sec F ssw Betty Wright
Wright, Walter L 1924 1975 8 sec R ssw Betty Wright
Wright, Will N. No date No date 25 sec B Buried in Alabama.
Wright, William C 29-Jan-1921 21-Aug-1992 8 sec S
Wright, William C 1885 1951 21 sec K
Wright, Wilma Fay 24-Feb-1918 06-Jan-1974 8 sec S
Writch, Ruth E 17-Jan-1908 15-Jul-1976 17 sec Y Mother
Wyatt, Alberta E 18-Mar-1922 24-Dec-1992 8 sec H ssw George Albright
Wyatt, Amos H 11-Sep-1894 23-May-1956 17 sec BB ssw Beatrice Wyatt,GA PFC 34 Depot Svc Co ASC WWI
Wyatt, Beatrice K 29-Jul-1904 16-Mar-1990 17 sec BB ssw Amos Wyatt
Wyatt, Katharine E 24-Mar-1916 No date 10 sec M wife mother
Wyatt, Vicki Rae 31-Jul-1943 31-Mar-1992 10 sec J wife mother
Wyche, Gerldine No date 03-Jun-1979 19 No tombstone
Wyche, Tracy Lynn No date No date 19 No tombstone
Wycoki Jr, John 22-Nov-1923 27-Apr-1946 17 sec P Johnson plot
Wynn, George No date 25-Feb-1979 19 No tombstone
Wynn, Hershel B 1881 1924 38 No tombstone 1994
Wynn, Jake 02-Dec-1900 09-Feb-1968 31 sec B
Wynn, Mark A 06-Nov-1900 18-Feb-1974 22
Wynn, Otis 13-Sep-1911 12-Aug-1985 19
Wynn, Pearl Moore 06-Feb-1907 01-Oct-1976 19
Wynn, Qually 24-Jul-1898 21-May-1963 31 sec B
Wynn, Salatha H. 02-Mar-1892 28-Feb-1944 25 sec I MOTHER
Wynn, Stelle Benton 08-Mar-1911 18-Dec-1973 31 sec C
Wynn, Victoria 23-Feb-1910 08-Dec-1968 31 sec A
Wynn, Willie H 28-May-1907 25-Apr-1970 31 sec A
Wynn, Zada 06-Feb-1912 03-Nov-1947 31 sec A
Wyrosdick, Billy J 1910 No date 10 sec H ss with Vera
Wyrosdick, Vera L 1920 1990 10 sec H ss with Billy
Xuan, Ngo Vinh 03-Jan-1943 03-Apr-1986 14 sec E Father
Yanson, Ralph D 24-Oct-1956 01-Jul-1984 10 sec C
Yarbor, Flora B 1917 1982 8 sec S ssw Marion Yarbor
Yarbor, Marion J 1906 No date 8 sec S ssw Flora Yarbor, Mason
Yarborough, Infant No date 17-Jul-1959 17 sec CC son of Mr & Mrs Jessie E Yarborough
Yarbrough, Harry Stewart 01-Dec-1906 15-Apr-1988 21 sec J dble stone but no one else on;age 81; Kent Forest Lawn
Yarbrough, Henry C 23-Aug-1932 25-Apr-1953 21 sec J Florida, SA, US Navy
Yard, Edward J 1917 No date 8 sec Q ssw Ruby Yard
Yard, Ruby V 1918 1990 8 sec Q ssw Edward Yard
Yarley, William J 05-Dec-1970 22-Jan-1984 38
Yates Sr, Mays Vasco 11-Nov-1889 29-Feb-1956 26 sec B. Pvt 30 Co 157 Depot Brigade World War I.
Yates, Cecil F 1919 1992 8 sec L ssw Dorethy Yates, USNavy
Yates, Daniel A 19-Dec-1885 29-Nov-1951 28 Yates plot, Fl Pvt Co C 53 INF WWI
Yates, Dorethy M 1920 No date 8 sec L ssw Cecil Yates
Yates, Elsey No date No date 21 sec J Co. F; 1 W.Va.Cav.; no dates given
Yates, Homer 1899 1979 8 sec L ssw Sabra Yates
Yates, Ida Mae 30-Jul-1891 10-May-1940 33 sec E wife of J A Yates
Yates, James A 10-Jun-1886 15-Nov-1950 33 sec E
Yates, Jessie B 17-Jan-1887 17-Oct-1966 28 Yates plot
Yates, Jim 04-Dec-1898 31-Aug-1984 25 sec C Majors Plot
Yates, John Joel 1911 1989 8 sec O ssw Lillie Yates
Yates, Joseph Nathaniel 07-Apr-1913 14-Apr-1984 18 sec A TSGT USArmy Air Force WWII", h/o Monteze Yates
Yates, Ligon V, Sr 1897 1987 10 sec H
Yates, Lillie Majors 14-Oct-1892 28-Feb-1981 25 sec C Majors Plot
Yates, Lillie Martin 1910 1991 8 sec O ssw John Yates
Yates, Margaret C 1922 No date 8 sec Q ssw W J Yates
Yates, Mayes V 1888 1956 26 sec B. mm. Smith Funeral Home.
Yates, Monteze Graves 21-Jul-1924 04-Dec-1997 18 Wife of Joseph Yates "In loving memory" Married 8 Jun 1956
Yates, Sabra 1904 No date 8 sec L ssw Homer Yates
Yates, W J 1916 1994 8 sec Q ssw Margaret Yates
Yeldell, E Hunter 1903 1969 8 sec N ssw Louise Yeldell
Yeldell, Louise 1908 No date 8 sec N ssw E Hunter Yeldell
Yelverton, Bonceil 15-Feb-1916 No date 10 sec M ss with Tilmon
Yelverton, Tilmon E 19-Jun-1909 25-Jul-1989 10 sec M ss with Bonceil, Tec4 USArmy WWII
Yelvington, Bessie Cleona 1900 1984 37
Yelvington, Donald Douglas 15-May-1927 15-Sep-2003 18 SFC US Army WWII Korea Vietnam Bronze Star Medal Purple Heart
Yelvington, Kiahford 15-Dec-1925 25-Feb-2001 18 PFC US Army WWII Bronze Star Medal
Yeoman, Mattie Vitrell 1920 1977 10 sec A
Yerby, Emma Lee 27-Sep-1882 21-Jun-1963 17 sec R
Yerby, Joe Sherman 26-Oct-1906 03-Nov-1990 17 sec R
Yerby, Louis Moore 04-Aug-1879 10-Nov-1959 17 sec R
Yoeman, Jimmie 1922 1982 10 sec A
Yohn, Cora Lee 24-Aug-1914 24-Dec-1955 26 sec C.
Yolkum, Lewis No date 06-Mar-1986 19 No tombstone
Yolkum, Louis H 28-Feb-1909 18-Jun-1981 19
Yon, Clyde Dora 26-Jul-1909 06-Jun-1980 10 sec M mother
Yon, Martha Tyus 16-Apr-1873 22-Feb-1920 26 sec K
Yon, Norman Almiron 17-Jul-1924 19-May-1988 10 sec I US Merchant Marine WWII
Yoo, Chang Yol 1915 1993 8 sec J ssw Ock Yoo
Yoo, Ock Ja 1928 No date 8 sec J ssw Chang Yoo
York, Corrine Y 12-Apr-1922 No date 17 sec N ssw Morris P York
York, Graydon 06-Sep-1904 13-Nov-1986 8 sec O Mason
York, Graydon A 03-Aug-1926 12-Oct-1982 8 sec O
York, Halzie A 1914 198? 17 sec A
York, Horace A 1917 1981 17 sec A Southerland Fun Hme
York, Irvin 1894 1919 9
York, Leonidas G 16-Jun-1933 22-Mar-1965 17 sec A
York, Lona Raffield 1887 1926 9
York, Merle Ann 13-Jul-1942 07-Sep-1988 8 sec T Mother
York, Morris P 15-Jul-1915 26-Oct-1984 17 sec N ssw Corrine Y York
York, Phillip Lambert 19-Jul-1933 15-May-1977 8 sec O AMN USAF Korea
York, Ronald 06-Feb-1943 22-Jun-1965 17 sec A
York, Ruth I 1913 1980 8 sec F
York, Thomas Henry 18-Jul-1992 18-Jul-1992 10 sec B
York, William T 1895 1956 17 sec N ssw Emily York Wesley
Yost, William Raymond No date 16-Jun-1976 35 Age 62
Youland, Eugene Leroy 06-Feb-1913 03-Apr-1984 17 sec Q Gore plot
Youmans, Andre' Lowelle 28-Aug-1966 15-Jul-1984 19
Young, Adrian J 17-Mar-1912 09-Apr-1954 33 sec G
Young, Albert V 1897 1981 8 sec D ssw Ruby Young
Young, Charles David 09-Jul-1954 15-Apr-1971 8 sec B
Young, Dolores M 23-Nov-1928 05-Feb-1988 8 sec L Wife Mother
Young, Edgar "Cy" 18-Sep-1891 01-Aug-1979 8 sec I
Young, Edmund (Ed) 26-Sep-1863 31-Dec-1907 3
Young, Fannie Jane 15-Jun-1872 10-Jul-1961 33 sec G
Young, Flavius A 1901 1982 8 sec K
Young, George S 1919 No date 26 sec D ssw Louise S Young. Tharp/Skipper Plot.
Young, George, Jr 05-Feb-1945 18-Apr-1987 19 Pvt USArmy Vietnam
Young, Infant No date 22-Jan-1949 38
Young, Isaac, Jr 24-Jun-1921 27-Jan-1988 31 sec C ssw Virginia Young
Young, Johnie Ella 1891 1971 8 sec H ssw William Young
Young, Joyce R 1936 No date 8 sec J ssw Robert Young
Young, Kenneth B 24-Mar-1989 12-Nov-1993 8 sec J
Young, Louise S 1918 No date 26 sec D Tharp/Skipper Plot; ssw George S Young.
Young, Lula Ione 1898 1961 8 sec C ssw Tinley Young
Young, Mary K 1925 No date 8 sec O ssw Zollie Young, Eastern Star
Young, Michael 1958 1986 14 sec E
Young, Mollie M 28-Mar-1993 21-Oct-1966 8 sec K
Young, Nellie A 1928 No date 21 sec E ss w/Robert G.
Young, Rhett Mathews 20-Sep-1931 09-Jan-1983 8 sec R USNavy Korea
Young, Robert Eric 27-Oct-1951 18-Jun-1973 21 sec C Virginia, Pvt US Marine Corps, Vietnam
Young, Robert G 1926 1990 21 sec E ss w/Nellie A
Young, Robert L 1932 1987 8 sec J ssw Joyce Young, Auburn
Young, Robert, Jr No date 16-Apr-1980 19 No tombstone, infant
Young, Ruby P 1902 1980 8 sec D ssw Albert Young
Young, Tinley Bozeman 1898 1987 8 sec C ssw Lula Young
Young, Virginia E 24-Aug-1923 07-Apr-1988 31 sec C ssw Isaac Young
Young, William Arnold 01-Oct-1923 04-Nov-1977 40 CSG3 USN WWII
Young, William Rhett 1887 1971 8 sec H ssw Johnie Young
Young, Zollie W 1925 1973 8 sec O ssw Mary Young, Mason
Youngblood, Beatrice 23-Apr-1911 13-May-1911 33 sec G dau of J W & Annie Youngblood
Youngblood, Clara Mae 29-Apr-1932 26-Mar-1979 19
Youngblood, Clarence D 06-Nov-1896 21-May-1963 33 sec E ss with Opal, Youngblood plot
Youngblood, Clarence J 07-Jan-1935 22-Nov-1987 33 sec E Doc, Youngblood plot
Youngblood, Cora B 16-Jan-1908 06-Nov-1982 33 sec E ss with Wesley, mother
Youngblood, Ernest 20-Jul-1906 No date 34 Ssw Viney Youngblood, father
Youngblood, Infant 14-Mar-1925 14-Mar-1925 33 sec G child of M&M Ernest Youngblood
Youngblood, James G 22-Aug-1855 13-Jun-1930 33 sec G ss with Julia
Youngblood, James W 31-Oct-1898 31-Oct-1962 21 sec P Youngblood plot
Youngblood, Julia A 17-Jan-1865 19-Jan-1948 33 sec G ss with James
Youngblood, Mary B 10-Jul-1912 09-Jan-1991 17 sec BB ssw Richard E Youngblood m. 23 Dec 1932
Youngblood, Mary Nell 20-Jan-1937 12-Jun-1938 33 not found in 1995
Youngblood, Mary Nell No date No date 33 sec G dau of C D & Opel Youngblood
Youngblood, Opal A 25-Oct-1912 04-Jan-1990 33 sec E ss with Clarence D, Youngblood plot
Youngblood, Richard E 08-Jun-1912 No date 17 sec BB ssw Mary Youngblood m. 23 Dec 1932
Youngblood, Timothy Randall 01-Jun-1954 01-May-1982 34
Youngblood, Viney 04-Nov-1904 No date 34 Ssw Ernest Youngblood, mother, md Sep 30 1923
Youngblood, Wesley 20-Oct-1901 22-May-1981 33 sec E ss with Cora
Youngblood, Zadie B 30-Nov-1912 No date 21 sec P Youngblood plot; only date given in 1991
Youngs, Mamie J 1897 1962 5 sec I
Youngs, William E 21-May-1893 04-Jun-1971 5 sec I FL Com USN WWI
Yurchick, George 21-Apr-1913 22-Jan-1980 10 sec J ss with Mary, Msgt USAF Korea Vietnam
Yurchick, Mary A 21-Mar-1914 No date 10 sec J ss with George, wife
Yurick, Mary Helen 21-Feb-1869 14-Jan-1959 6 Wilson FH marker
Zedicker, Helen M 29-Apr-1919 No date 17 sec S
Zedicker, Linda Faith 19-Nov-1949 26-May-1986 17 sec S
Zedicker, T Preston 06-Jun-1915 05-Jul-1969 17 sec S Mason
Zediker, Howard D 21-May-1910 28-Feb-1959 17 sec J also 4 unmarked adult graves 1 infant grave Zediker plot
Zediker, James Ford 1912 1982 8 sec P ssw Virginia Zediker
Zediker, Mary E. 1874 1952 17 not found in 1995
Zediker, Virginia Inez 1915 No date 8 sec P ssw James Zediker
Zelichowski, Frank J 29-Oct-1916 09-Aug-1988 10 sec J ss with Johnnie, Msgt USAF WWII
Zelichowski, Johnnie M 29-Jun-1925 No date 10 sec J ss with Frank, wife mother
Zelichowski, Marguerite M 05-Dec-1917 No date 10 sec L ss with Walter, mother
Zelichowski, Walter P 13-Apr-1912 11-Feb-1987 10 sec L ss with Marguerite, Smaj USA WWII
Zeliff, Beatrice H 13-Aug-1904 01-Nov-1977 17 sec Y
Zeliff, Howard F 16-Feb-1900 04-Aug-1971 17 sec Y NY Pfc US Army WWI
Zella, Kimberly Anne 06-Feb-1969 12-Dec-1981 8 sec K
Zelm, Eric Andrew 24-Feb-1921 01-Sep-1982 8 sec B TEC5 USArmy WWII
Zemke, August W 04-Apr-1883 04-Dec-1967 40
Zhang, Elise Page 1948 1993 11
Zidzik, Pearl A 06-Nov-1912 05-Mar-1984 8 sec P
Zielinski, Grace C 25-Jul-1911 16-Feb-1957 8 sec B
Zielinski, Gustavis S 27-Nov-1921 No date 8 sec P ssw Lawrence Zielinski
Zielinski, Lawrence E 18-Sep-1921 29-Dec-1976 8 sec P ssw Gustavis Zielinski, Capt USAF WWII Korea
Zigler, David O'Neal 22-Sep-1949 23-Sep-1949 25 sec K
Zimmerman, Anna Catherine 23-Aug-1884 07-Aug-1968 10 sec E "wife of Carl E"
Zimmerman, Margie 1932 1992 10 sec H
Zimmerman, Norman R 1922 1992 10 sec J Southerland FH
Zingarello, Frank Paul 09-Dec-1889 23-Aug-1977 10 sec J ss with Maude, Pvt USArmy WWI
Zingarello, Maude McQuagge 18-Sep-1906 No date 10 sec J ss with Frank
Zinn, Baby Donald Gene 03-Feb-1956 04-Feb-1956 26 sec C.
Zinn, Daniel Lyle 1974 1989 21 sec A&B marker Southerland Funeral Home
Zion, Cynthia M No date 11-Jul-1970 10 sec B infant
Zion, Mable Marie 23-Feb-1926 08-Mar-1984 21 sec H Zion plot;ss w/Raymond T.;md 20 Aug 1945
Zion, Raymond T 22-Jul-1923 No date 21 sec H Zion plot;ss w/Mable Marie;md 20 Aug 1945;only date
Ziriak, Robert D 21-Jul-1940 17-Apr-1975 10 sec M Tsgt USAF
Zirkelbach, Herman C 1903 1957 17 sec D
Zonno, Hazel Katherine Grainger 29-Sep-1937 29-Jan-1974 17 sec A
Zummak, Pauline Welch 30-Sep-1920 25-Dec-1990 10 sec J wife mother

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