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  Ralph Bennett, on the right, was Ferdinand Bullock’s son-in-law, having married Ferdinand’s only daughter, Elmo Bullock. Ferdinand put Ralph into business with Bennett Chevrolet. It was started in 1926 and was lost in the Depression. This photo, dated 1940, shows a huge gator killed up on Bayou George. From right to left: Ralph Bennett, Bill Cook, Jr., Bill Cook, Sr. and an unidentified man that looks like a Bennett, but we are not sure. If it is a Bennett, it may be Judge Fred Bennett. Fred was Ralph’s brother and owned the original Ford Dealership in Bay County. He later sold the dealership to his brother-in-law, Bill Cook, Sr. After it was passed to Bill Cook Jr., he took on Charles Whitehead as a partner. Information source: Mary Bennett. Photo courtesy of Candy Davis at Seahaven Management in Panama City Beach, Florida. The framed original hangs on the office wall there.

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