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  This photo shows the first two certified Bay County First Families pioneers. It was taken at San Blas at the “Pratt Place” on Easter Sunday, 1907. Back row, left-to-right: Preacher Croman, Thomas Bartholomew Carden, Christiana Louvinia (Sewell) Carden (Thomas’ wife), Richard Iva Carden, Lillie Belle, Viola, Dorthelia (Dothy) (holding her son Marvin), Jim Lee (behind Dothy, her husband), Ira, John Carden(?) (Thomas’ brother), Fanny(?) (John’s wife, on steps, holding Lillie’s baby Joe).

Front Row, left-to-right: Alexander Carden (a.k.a. “Candy”), Leola, and Nettie Lee (Lillie’s daughter). We're not 100% sure about the folks identified as John and Fanny Carden. Information source: Grandmother of Brandi Barnes.

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