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Key to the Index of Bay County History Books

Key Title Indexed by
A Images of America: St. Andrews, Ann Pratt Houpt (Charleston, SC: Arcadia, 2007) Fred Borg
BImages of America: Panama City Beach, Jan Smith (Charleston, SC: Arcadia, 2004) Diana Cochran
CImages of America: Callaway, Ann Pratt Houpt (Charleston, SC: Arcadia, 2004) Nita Gibbons
GGlimpses of the Panhandle, Harold W. Bell (Chicago, IL: Adams Pr., 1961) Rebecca and Sherry Miller
KImages of America: Parker, Ann Pratt Houpt (Charleston, SC: Arcadia, 2003) Ruth Preston
LImages of America: Lynn Haven, Glenda A.Walters (Charleston, SC: Arcadia, 2005) Barbara Anderson
MImages of America: Millville, Ann Pratt Houpt (Charleston, SC: Arcadia, 2005) Fred Borg
NImages of America: The Cove: Panama City's Neighborhood, Jeannie Weller Cooper (Charleston, SC: Arcadia, 2002) Elizabeth Crusan
OOn St. Andrews Bay, 1911-1917, Susie Kelly Dean (Tampa, FL: 1969) Fred Borg
PImages of America: Panama City, Glenda A.Walters (Charleston, SC: Arcadia, 2008) Barbara Anderson
QSt. Andrews, Florida: Historical Notes Upon St. Andrews and St. Andrews Bay, George Mortimer West (Panama City, FL: Panama City Publishing Co., 1922) Cindy D'Aurora
RAn Authentic Report and History of St. Andrews Bay, Florida, Paul A. Clifford (Cleveland, OH, 1888) Judy Bennett
SSeaside Settlers, Diana Glenn (Michaels) (Panama City, FL: Seaside Pub, 1971) Lynne Siegfried
TTides: Growing Up On St. Andrew Bay, Anne Williams Warwick (unknown publisher, unknown date) Judy Bennett and Bonnie Shipp
V Scars of Civilization, Toni Veverka (Fern Park, FL: Paragon, 1957) Lynne Siegfried
WSome Who Passed This Way, Ira Hutchison (Panama City, FL: Boyd Brothers, 1972) William Zehner
XCompare With Your Life and Laugh, Lead, Live, and Look, R. R. (Dick) Whittington (NY: Vantage, 1977) Judy Bennett
YYour 50 Golden Years in Bay County, Florida, Harold W. Bell (Panama City, FL: Bay County Historical Society, 1982) Judy Bennett