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Obituaries Reported in the
Panama City Pilot 1907-1916

Last_First_Name PC_Pilot_Date Page_Col. Comments
Aaron, Female Child 20-Nov-1913 5:4 d/o Mr. & Mrs. Ambus Aaron
Adams, Dan 28-Jan-1915 4:3 shot by Deputy near Majette
Adams, James 26-Dec-1912 5:2 aka Jim; killed by Allan Pate; also see 29 Apr 1915 (4:1) for Capture of Pate
Adams, William Charles 07-Nov-1912 2:1 s/o Dr. & Mrs. D.M. Adams; also see 14 Nov 1912 (2:3)
Alderman, B.F. 01-Apr-1915 4:1 of Marianna; f/o Mrs. P.B. West
Alexander, Dr. 15-Apr-1909 1:2
Allan, Margaret 16-May-1912 1:5 and 4:1 m/o Andrew Allan
Allen, David Herbert 15-Jan-1914 1:1 and 1:5 aka "Hub"; h/o Minnie (Lowell) Allen; b/o Fred Allen and Mrs. Dorrah Pooley; former Milton Gazette editor; President of the West Florida Press Association; residing in El Paso, Texas
Allen, Loander 22-Dec-1910 LHRVF 7:3
Allen, Mrs. 02-Oct-1913 1:1 m/o Hub Allen who is the West Florida Press Association President
Allman, Elizabeth (Darling) 02-Nov-1911 1:4 widow of Jabez Allman
Anderson, Ann (Metz) 28-Sep-1911 4:1 w/o Capt. S.W. Anderson
Anderson, Boy 05-Aug-1909 1:1 2 year old s/o Mr. & Mrs. C.S. Anderson
Andrews, Miss 11-May-1911 8:1
Asbell, H. 28-Mar-1912 6:1 son-in-law of J.W. Dixson
Atkinson, Mrs. J.B. 18-May-1911 1:2 m/o Carlos, Charles & Mrs. W.J. Wimberly
Ayars, Elias C. 25-Aug-1910 1:3 h/o Madelia (Allen) Ayars
Baker, R.M. 27-Feb-1913 2:1
Baldwin, Joe 06-Apr-1916 7:3 infant s/o Mr. & Mrs. J.T. Baldwin
Baldwin, W.J. 07-Jan-1915 4:3 born in North Carolina; married in Bullock County, Georgia where he is to be buried
Balkom, Mrs. W.P. 23-Dec-1915 4:2 of Union, Florida; m/o Mrs. M.S. Scott
Barfield, S.B. 28-Jul-1910 6:1
Barnard, Frederick 21-May-1914 3:1 of Chicago who has property at Cromanton
Barnett, Adele D. 05-May-1910 1:2 m/o Mrs. T.D. Sale and Miss Euna Barnett
Barr, Mrs. C.I. 20-Feb-1908 6:1 sister of Miss Tuthill & Mrs. M.B. Jenks
Barrett, Mrs. Mary 26-Mar-1914 5:2
Barretts, Infant 11-Aug-1910 1:4 child of Mr. & Mrs. George Barretts
Barron, Mrs. L.J. 29-Jun-1911 6:2 [pgs 4&5 are duplicated on microfilm]
Barrow, Kenneth 11-May-1916 6:3 and 11:1 2 year old s/o Mr. & Mrs. J.M. Barrow; [microfilm contains multiple page duplications]
Bary, Infant 14-Oct-1915 9:1 child of Mr.& Mrs. Will Bary of Millville
Bates, William P: 01-Jul-1909 1:2
Beck, Child 07-Oct-1915 2:1 of Millville; [parents' names not provided]
Beebe, Mrs. A. I. 13-Apr-1911 8:1
Bell, Mrs. 16-Oct-1913 4:3 m/o J.L. Bell; lived & died in Knoxville, Tennessee
Bell, Mrs. W.J. 13-Oct-1910 1:4
Berlin, Herman 16-Oct-1913 4:3 a Milwaukee, Wisconsin banking businessman
Berntsen, Antone 15-Jun-1911 4:1 about 30 years of age and a native of Norway
Bicknell, Mr. 02-Sep-1915 4:1 of Hillsboro, Tenn.; in a dying condition; f/o W.J. Bicknell; grandfather to Leon Bicknell
Bicknell, W.J. 23-Nov-1916 LHRVF 7:1 restaurant owner shot & killed by W.W. Sharpless; also see DAILY microfilm for 12 Aug 1916 (4:1)
Blow, Edwin R. 18-Dec-1913 4:1 b/o A.E. Blow; Graceville, FL attorney
Body, Male 04-Feb-1909 1:2 watch inscribed with "A.R.H."
Booker, Will 19-Feb-1914 5:3
Booth, Dr. Charles E. 19-Mar-1908 1:2-4
Booth, Dr. Charles E. 19-Sep-1907 1:2-4 born 1 July 1840 in Washington, NY; h/o Belle Booth; f/o Jewel Booth & Mrs. A.F. Snyder; b/o Dr. J.W., L.D., E.H. Booth, Mrs. Mary Butler, Mrs. Clarence Dewey
Booth, Jewel 14-Dec-1911 4:2-4
Boothe, Mrs. Will 06-Jan-1916 7:2 of Marianna, Florida; sister of Mr. J.H. Daffin
Boutelle, George Herbert 27-Jun-1912 4:2 principal of Manatee County High School
Boutwell, Mr. 14-Jul-1910 5:2
Bovis, Henry 13-Jun-1907 1:4 pioneer in the mill business at Millville; also see 20 Jun 1907 (1:2) and 15 Aug 1907 (1:2) plus advertisement (3:2)
Bowers, Mrs. Joe 01-Jan-1914 3:2-3 m/o Mrs. Mack Sheffield
Bowers, Ruth 18-Aug-1910 1:2
Bowlus, Dr. W.W. 27-Apr-1911 1:3-4 of Bunker Hill, Kansas
Boyington, Infant 16-Oct-1913 5:4 child of J.D. Boyington
Bracken, Mrs. R. M. 29-Oct-1908 1:5 m/o Mr. Charlie Bracken
Brady, Pat 15-Jul-1915 4:1 of Bainbridge, Georgia; b/o Mrs. O.M. Haire
Brasure, Katherine 27-May-1915 6:5 m/o Mr. G.W. Bishop
Brooks, Martha Thompson 07-Nov-1912 2:1 w/o T.R. Brooks; m/o Berry & Tom Thompson; also see 14 Nov 1912 (2:3)
Brown, B.B. 21-Aug-1913 4:3 and 5:3 f/o Sheriff W.A. Brown, Mrs. W.E. Spiva and Mrs. J.H. Porter; grandfather to Miss Verner Porter (contest winner 5:2)
Brown, Edward H. 08-Jul-1915 4:5 born 24 Oct 1852 in Milwaukee; married Zelina I. Look on 27 Sep 1877; f/o Lurene & Florence; b/o Mrs. Julia Burr & Mrs. Edward Graham; Bank of Panama City bookkeeper; also see 15 Jul 1915 (4:5)
Brown, James Henry 18-Apr-1912 4:2 h/o Annie J. Brown; born 8 July 1836 in Monroe Falls, Ohio; [microfilm page is blurry]
Brown, Lurene Marguerite 09-Nov-1916 2:4 aka "Rena"; born 31 Mar 1879 to E.H. & Zelinda I. Brown in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; niece of G.M. West & W.F. Look
Brown, Mrs. B.B. 12-Dec-1912 1:4
Brown, Robert 25-Jun-1908 6:2
Brown, William 13-Jun-1907 1:1
Broyles, Charlie E. 28-Dec-1916 1:5 66 years old; born at Springfield Place, Whitefield County; s/o Colonel C.E. Broyles; h/o Sallie (Hightower) Broyles since 1888; survived by wife, 2 brothers (R.A. & J.F.), 2 sisters (Mrs. Laura Boyd, Mrs. Sarah Boyd); buried in family lot of the Dalton cemetery
Bryan, Elijah J. 17-Jun-1915 12:5 of Jackson County, Florida
Bryant, Mrs. J.D. 19-Mar-1914 5:1 w/o Southport carpenter employed by C.W. Williams
Burdick, Susana 27-Jun-1907 4:1 at home in Milton Junction, Wisconsin
Bush, Ed 01-Oct-1914 4:4 shot by Mitchell Wilkins
Butler, Mr. 25-Feb-1909 5:2
Campbell, Mr. 20-Jan-1916 7:1 of Jackson County; f/o Dan Campbell
Carlisle, Ellen Boneta (Callaway) 18-May-1916 4:3 and 8:2-3 aka Ella; born in Eufaula on 8 Dec 1846 to Rev. Pitt M. & Ellen Jordan Callaway; married to Moses N. Carlisle at Newton, Alabama on 21 Oct 1869; children are Mrs. B.A. Rhodes, Mrs. G.M. West, Horace C., Pitt M., & Howard Carlisle; also see 25 May 1916 (6:2) for poem by son
Carlisle, T.J. 09-Mar-1916 2:1 died in Enterprise, Alabama at age 82; b/o Judge M.N. Carlisle of Callaway
Carr, George C. 12-Aug-1915 6:1 and 6:4-5 s/o Mr. & Mrs. H.C. Carr; b/o Joe Carr; also see 19 Aug 1915 (4:2)
Carter, Child 24-Sep-1908 6:1
Carter, Joel L. 05-May-1910 1:5
Caswell, Margaret Ina 08-Sep-1910 1:1 d/o Mr & Mrs. W.B. Caswell
Caswell, Robert Harvey 20-Nov-1913 5:4 h/o Ina Caswell; born 7 July 1839 in Elgin County, Canada; also see 8 Jan 1914 (5:5)
Cavanaugh, Jas. 08-Aug-1907 1:5 survived by wife, daughters (Mrs. J.W. Anderson, Mrs. Cannon, Miss Louis), and son (John)
Chase, Colonel H.N. 08-Jan-1914 4:1
Church, C.F. 09-Apr-1914 5:1 of North Kingston, Rhode Island
Cohron, Herbert 05-Dec-1907 5:1 drowned due to capsizing of William Sowell's boat, the Hazel
Collom, Mrs. 01-Aug-1907 1:5 m/o A.J. Collom
Collum, Mr. A. T. 11-Jun-1908 6:3
Colwell, Charley 26-Oct-1916 2:2 buried in Dothan
Compton, Mr. 02-Dec-1915 8:2 of New Jersey
Cone, Mrs. C.E. 07-Aug-1913 5:2 of Mooretown
Conger, Baby 26-Oct-1916 2:2 child of Mr. & Mrs. R.N. Conger; buried in Tifton, Georgia
Conner, Mrs. 08-Feb-1912 1:2
Conrad, Mrs. John E. 04-Sep-1913 4:1 died at parents' home in Bloomington, Illinois
Cook, Buell 08-Feb-1912 4:1 State Senator
Courtney, G.R. 21-May-1908 1:5
Cousins, Child 14-May-1908 6:3 s/o Presiding Elder Cousins of the M.E. Church
Cousins, Rev. A.J. 23-Sep-1909 1:2
Covington, A.D. 09-Jan-1913 1:3 survived by father & 5 brothers including R.V., Henry L., Hampton, & Jeff
Cox, Gilpha E. (Maynard) 16-Feb-1911 1:1 w/o Oliver E. Cox
Cox, Mr. 29-Jan-1914 5:2 of Aycock, Florida; b/o Mrs. F.M. Turner
Coxwell, Annie (Scott) 20-Mar-1913 2:2 and 2:4 w/o Walter B. Coxwell
Coxwell, Mr. 16-Jun-1910 1:2 f/o Jeff Coxwell
Craney, Mrs. 13-Oct-1910 1:4
Crawford, Burt 07-Oct-1915 6:3 of Fitzgerald, Georgia; b/o Commissioner Tom Crawford; also see 4 Nov 1915 (8:1)
Crawford, Hon. A.C. 17-Aug-1916 5:2 and 5:3 of Dothan; b/o W.H. Crawford; f/o Mrs. Frank Mosley
Crawford, Laurence 26-Aug-1915 5:1 born in Dothan on 26 Oct 1895; s/o W.H. Crawford, county treasurer; b/o Vera Crawford
Crawford, Virginia 03-Mar-1910 1:3 w/o W.H. Crawford; also see 10 Mar 1910 (1:2)
Crawford, W.H. 09-Nov-1916 2:2 f/o Miss Vera; County Treasurer; died at a Dothan hospital
Creamer, Mrs. J.A. 16-Sep-1915 6:5
Crews, J.B. 04-Mar-1909 1:3 also see 11 Mar 1909 (1:3)
Croom, A.C. 15-Feb-1912 1:3 State Comptroller
Crosby, Chrissie (Coppage) 14-Aug-1913 5:3 w/o DeWitt Crosby
Crosby, Nolan 23-Oct-1913 5:2 b/o DeWitt and Lonnie Crosby
Cummings, Ida Virginia (King) 21-Dec-1916 6:4 w/o H.M. Cummings; m/o George, Harry & Raymond; married 14 Feb 1866 in double ceremony as King sisters married the Cummings brothers; 1914 came to Bay Head; s/o Emma L. King; also see 28 Dec 1916 (1:4)
Cutheral, Mrs. 12-Mar-1908 6:2 m/o Mrs. George Danly
Danford, Edith 20-Jun-1907 1:4 w/o Capt. E.E. Danford
Danford, Infant 27-Jun-1907 1:2 child of Capt. L. Danford
Daniel, Judge R.T. 17-Jun-1915 4:2 of Griffin, GA; died while speaking at the Odd Fellows' Convention at Fitzgerald, GA; grand sire I.O.O.F. of the world
Daniel, Mrs. T.A. 13-May-1915 6:1 of Early
Daniel, T.E. 28-Jan-1909 1:1
Daniels, Baby 18-Jul-1907 1:2 child of Mr. & Mrs. F.M. Daniels of Pensacola; grandchild of L. Daniels of Bay Head
Daniels, Lucille 18-Nov-1909 1:2 infant d/o Mr. & Mrs. M.B. Daniels
Darnell, J.M. 06-Jun-1912 4:1 railway conductor of Dothan
Davidson, Marion 21-Dec-1911 8:3
Davis, Boy 22-Oct-1908 1:5
Davis, Boy Child 01-Aug-1912 4:4 s/o Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Davis
Davis, John 06-Jun-1907 1:1 old & prominent citizen of Nixon
DeBroux, Mrs. 13-Apr-1916 2:2 of Pensacola; m/o Editor of The News, Al DeBroux
Denton, Cleve 24-Nov-1910 1:4
Denton, Infant 13-Oct-1910 1:4 Mr. Sam Denton
Derfus, Harry 08-Jun-1916 4:3 s/o Thomas Derfus; died in Meadeville, Pennsylvania in a motorcycle accident
Dickinson, Mrs. George 27-May-1909 6:2 Died 3 years earlier, remains moved from Millville to Milton
Dingler, George Lee 21-Oct-1915 2:3 7 year old s/o Mr. & Mrs. G.W. Dingler
Dixon, J.W. 06-Jul-1916 3:3-4 born 5 Aug 1845 in Georgia; married Martha M. Swift in 1867 then Eva McCord on 3 Jan 1886; surviving children: F.E., Alma, Mattie H., Mary, Blanford & Orrin K. Dixon, Mrs. Hooks & Mrs. Lapo
Dodge, Mary J. 10-Aug-1916 5:1 m/o Mrs. W.H. Somers & Horace L. Dodge (West Plains, Missouri)
Donaldson, J.A. 25-Jul-1907 1:2 of DeFuniak Springs; summered near Parker
Donalson, H.D. 15-Dec-1910 1:4
Donalson, Mrs. S.E. 08-May-1913 2:2 w/o J.A. Donalson
Duncan, W.H. 19-Feb-1914 5:3 of Blountstown, Florida; f/o Mrs. W.M. Thompson
Dunn, William 28-May-1914 2:1 of Cynthana, Kentucky; shot by Mrs. Walter Fowler
DuVane, Ben 02-Sep-1915 9:2
Dykes, Moses 14-Jan-1915 4:3 Southport Constable shot by John Cannon
Ecker, Mr. C. 03-Sep-1908 6:1 also listed 17 Sept 1908, page 6:1; married to Miss Margaret McEldery
Ecker, Mrs. 08-Oct-1914 5:5 m/o Mrs. Lew Cruzanne, Mrs. R.L. Studebaker, & Captain Roy Ecker
Edinger, W.H. 24-Mar-1910 LHRVF 6:2
Ellis, Baby Boy 03-Sep-1914 4:1 s/o Mr. & Mrs. A.M. Ellis
Ellis, Foy 25-Jun-1914 5:3 s/o Mr. & Mrs. A.M. Ellis
Emanuel, Coy 12-Jan-1911 1:4
Emmett, James 14-Sep-1916 4:4 of Pensacola; died in Calera, Alabama
Emmons, Dell 9-Sep-1916 DAILY 4:3 more than 80 years old; committed suicide; f/o Mrs. Ed. Lynch & Ed. Emmons; [1916 Microfilm - DAILY editions]
Evans, Young Man 09-Jan-1908 1:2
Everitt, W.N. 25-May-1911 1:5 Washington County Homicide
Farrell, Gertrude 30-Jul-1914 4:2 d/o Mr. & Mrs. M.J. Farrell; 13 months old
Fenters, Mrs. G.L. 18-Jan-1912 4:1
Fillmore, Colonel D.H. 07-Oct-1915 4:3 of Lynn Haven; f/o Floyd Fillmore
Fleischer, Dr. Karl 07-Dec-1916 1:5 of Live Oak, Florida; believed to be more than 80 years old
Forbes, Joseph Nathan 26-Jan-1911 6:1 also see 2 Feb 1911 (8:3)
Forrester, DeWitt Talmadge 07-Aug-1913 5:2 b/o Cary W. Forrester
Fortner, Quay 11-Aug-1910 1:3
Fowler, Mrs. J.J. 01-Apr-1915 4:3 and 4:4 w/o Postmaster; of Cook; the most beloved lady on Laird Mill Bayou; buried in Parker cemetery; also see 27 May 1915 (7:2) and 17 Jun 1915 (3:4 and 4:1)
Frazier, M.A. 09-Apr-1914 5:1
Fulgum, S.K. 16-Apr-1914 4:5 formerly of Southport; native of Georgia; died in Samson, Alabama; f/o Mrs. Oscar C. Nelson of Geneva; [could be S.F. or S.K. Fulgum as obituary uses both sets of initials]
Fulmore, Joe 12-Sep-1907 4:1 one of R.L. McKenzie's hands at the middle quarters
Fulwood, J.F. 30-Dec-1915 4:1 of Pavo, Georgia; f/o Mrs. J.H. Rogers
Funderburke, C.L. 02-Mar-1916 6:2 of Bainbridge; f/o W.C., M.L., & H.B. Funderburke, Mrs. H.A. Jordan, Mrs. J.M. Stovall, Mrs. J.L. Jackson, Mrs. J.J. Ward & Mrs. J.E. McKenzie; [microfilm pages 2 & 3 are duplicated as 4 & 5]
Gainer, George 29-Jan-1914 4:1-2 died at St. Andrews ice plant
Gainer, John W. 05-Oct-1911 4:1
Gainer, Mrs. 24-Apr-1913 5:1 w/o B.F. Gainer, ex-county Superintendent of Schools
Gainer, William Augustus 08-Aug-1912 1:4 h/o Sarah A. (Brown) Gainer
Gardner, Alto 22-Oct-1914 4:1 of Dothan
Gardner, Marie 11-Apr-1912 4:2 Mr. Davis Gardner's sister; Mrs. H.W. Johnson's aunt
Geddes, Mrs. William 05-Jan-1911 1:4
Gideon, Mrs. 09-Mar-1916 9:1 of Washington, D.C.; w/o Clyde Gideon; daughter-in-law of Mrs. F.M. Gideon
Gideon, Mrs. Clyde 07-Oct-1915 7:1 of Washington; daughter-in-law of Colonel & Mrs. Gideon
Gilbert, Mrs. 23-Sep-1915 6:1 of Youngstown; cousin of Mr. Carr's family
Givins, J.H. 26-Feb-1914 5:1 83 year old grandfather of Miss Nellie Givens; also see 5 Mar 1914 (5:2)
Goff, Eugenia 04-Nov-1915 2:1 of Perry, Florida; sister of Mr. J.W. Cox & Mrs. F.M. Turner; aunt to Miss Bessie Turner
Goldsmith, Emmitt 14-Jan-1915 4:2 born 2 Aug 1887 in Arkansas; died 8 Jan 1915 at Parker, Florida
Goldsmith, Infant Twin 26-Oct-1911 4:2 child of F. Goldsmith
Goodson, Elonza Morgan 27-Feb-1913 2:4 s/o Mr. & Mrs. E.M. Goodson
Goodson, J.R. 20-Jul-1911 4:3 f/o E.M. Goodson
Goodwin, J.D. 12-Jan-1911 1:3
Gough, George 09-Jan-1908 1:2
Grace, Bessie (McAlester) 17-Jun-1915 6:2 w/o H.L. Grace; d/o Rev. & Mrs. D.S. McAlester; died at New Orleans Hospital; will be buried in Florala, Alabama; also see 8 Jul 1915 (1:4)
Graham, Mrs. 04-Jun-1914 6:1-2 of Bellisle; commits suicide
Graham, William E. 24-Feb-1916 7:1 born 1 Jan 1852 near Picton, Novia Scotia; married Laura O. Sabin; arrived in 1912 to this area from Iowa; f/o Allan S. Graham & Isabel Graham Mathis; b/o John F. & Robert D. Graham, Mrs. Jennie Westfall, Mrs. D.A. Davis, Mrs. Jessie Fogg & Miss Margaret Graham; also see 23 Mar 1916 (4:4);[microfilm page 1 duplicated as page 3]
Granger, E.G. 04-Jun-1908 1:3 b/o Mrs. Belle Booth
Grant, J.L. 02-Oct-1913 5:4 family ran the Bayou George ferry
Gray, Clifford 15-Jul-1915 7:3 infant s/o Mr.& Mrs. R.H. Gray
Gray, Infant 02-Nov-1911 4:4 child of Mr. & Mrs. J.S. Gray
Green, Abbie (McHenry) 24-Mar-1910 1:5 w/o Hon. Paul M. Green
Green, Alla Juanita 09-Jan-1908 1:3
Gregory, Early 27-Jan-1910 1:2 s/o Mr. & Mrs. W.F. Gregory
Gregory, W.F. 29-Oct-1914 4:5 of Dothan
Griggs, James M. 13-Jan-1910 LHRVF 1:2 Georgia Congressman
Guilford, Colson 16-Sep-1909 1:1 brother-in-law of Mrs. W.H. Crawford
Gunn, Mrs. W.J. 02-Nov-1911 4:4
Gwaltney, Baby Boy 11-Jul-1907 1:3 s/o Mr. & Mrs. J.T. Gwaltney
Gwaltney, Thomas 10-Oct-1907 1:3 born 1826 at North Carolina; married 18 Jan 1855 to Miss Pearcy Coley; f/o J.C., W.F., Robert, John T., H.W. & F.H. Gwaltney
Hagen, Mrs. Hamp 13-Jan-1916 2:2 former resident of Bay Harbor who died in Jacksonville
Hancock, James 16-Feb-1911 1:2-3
Hand, Baby Girl 25-Jun-1908 1:5 d/o Mr. & Mrs. Ed Hand
Harmon, Cecil 18-Mar-1909 1:1 s/o Mr. & Mrs. L.D. Harmon
Harmon, Nellie (Thomas) 30-Mar-1916 4:2 w/o S.D. Harmon; survived by 7 brothers (Pinkney, Madison, Marion, Jesse, Alvin, Monroe, Franklin) & 4 sisters (Mrs. Henry Harmon; Mrs. Will Stewart, Mrs. Will Joiner, Mrs Victora Taylor)
Harmon, T.C. 30-Sep-1909 1:1 s/o T.H. Harmon
Harmon, Turner Hunt 16-Jun-1910 1:3 h/o Nancy (Davis) Harmon
Harold, D.D. 20-Oct-1910 1:4
Harolds, Infant 01-Sep-1910 1:2
Harper, Female Child 01-Jan-1914 3:3 [parents' first names not provided]
Harper, Jena 15-Aug-1912 4:3 w/o Jim Harper; m/o Roy & Ethel; [microfilm page is blurry but father's name is John - middle initial S - believe surname begins WA and ends HAM]
Harper, Leonora (Munn) 19-Feb-1914 5:3 aka Mrs. George H. Harper; m/o Lucile, Alden & Foy Farrior; also see 26 Feb 1914 (4:2)
Harrel, Cornelia 16-Nov-1911 4:3 d/o Mr. & Mrs. Harvy Harrel
Harrell, Lelar (Casner) 11-Dec-1913 4:1 w/o John B. Harrell; d/o Bryan Casner
Harris, W.P. 09-Sep-1915 11:1 of Bank, Alabama; in a dying condition; brother-in-law of F.A. Black; also see 16 Sep 1915 (4:1); [pages 1 & 2 are duplicated on microfilm as 3 & 4 - also page 11 is an easy-to-read duplicate of a blurry page 6]
Harris, William Roland 26-Aug-1915 4:3-5 born 7 Mar 1842 at Adairville, Kentucky; h/o Amanda (Boling) Harris since 1 Feb 1865; no children; also see 2 Sep 1915 (7:1-2)
Harry" 29-May-1913 4:2 shot while cooking at Doc Swett's place
Harsey, Infant 01-Aug-1912 4:4 child of Mr. & Mrs. S.E. Harsey
Harsey, J.W. 08-Jan-1914 5:3 of Millville; f/o S.E. Harsey
Harvey, Miss Willie 20-Feb-1908 1:1
Haskins, Mrs. John 22-May-1913 2:1 of Cadillac, Michigan
Hasselborg, Ira 15-Jan-1914 5:3
Hastings, Anna (Chapman) 03-Aug-1911 5:2 w/o Rev. Frank Hastings
Hawkins, Mrs. 29-May-1913 5:4 m/o M.B. Hawkins
Henderson, Charles 26-Jun-1913 4:2
Henderson, Martha 23-Jul-1908 1:4 w/o R.M. Henderson
Henry, Isaac S. 14-Dec-1911 4:4
Hentz, Lula Dell 02-Sep-1915 4:3 born 3 Mar 1898; d/o Mr. & Mrs. T.W. Hentz; suicide
Hill, James R. 01-Dec-1910 1:3 f/o Mrs. R.W. Lisenby
Hines, James 22-Aug-1912 4:3
Hinman, F.W.R. 19-Nov-1914 1:1 business manager of the Jacksonville Times-Union
Hogeboom, Mrs. J.B. 24-Sep-1914 4:2 owner of Magnolia Hotel; born in Kitley, Canada 72 years ago this coming December; children here are Ed Haskins, postmaster A. Hogeboom, Harry Hogeboom, Rei Hogeboom & Mrs. Ina Caswell
Holley, J.C. 14-Sep-1916 5:3 pioneer of St. Andrews Bay; survived by wife & 10 children: W.C., Perry, John, Dessa & Gussie Holley, Mrs. Vickers, Mrs. L.E. Vickery, Mrs. W.C. Vickery, Mrs. Sword & Mrs. Welch
Holliday, John 15-Sep-1910 1:3
Holmes, Mary Frances 21-Apr-1910 1:3 w/o William L. Holmes
Holmes, Miss 16-Jun-1910 1:3 twelve year old
Horne, Willard 18-May-1911 1:5 s/o Mr. & Mrs. W.T. Horne
Houghton, Capt. Dan 13-Feb-1908 1:2
Howard, Baby Girl 07-Oct-1909 1:3
Howard, Infant 09-Dec-1915 2:2 child of Mr. & Mrs. Elie Howard
Howell, W.W. 30-Jun-1910 6:1 f/o eleven (3 boys/8 girls) including L.H. Howell
Hudnall, Edward 25-Nov-1915 4:1 [parents' names not provided]
Hudnall, Letha (Callender) 23-Mar-1916 4:2 w/o E.L. Hudnall; d/o Dr. & Mrs. J.M. Callender
Hudson, Infant 07-Sep-1916 4:1 child of Mr. & Mrs. F.S. Hudson of Betts; buried in Oakland Cemetery
Hughes, Child 04-Nov-1909 1:1 parents are Mr. & Mrs. E.D. Hughes
Hutchinson, Joseph 09-Jan-1908 1:4
Jackson, Mrs. 12-Jun-1913 4:1
Jackson, Mrs. Alfred 29-May-1913 4:4 moved from Brushton, New York
Jaines, Louis 09-May-1912 4:1 killed by Walter Kennedy
Jansenius, Mrs. Lilly 03-Sep-1908 6:2 also known as Mrs. Lilly Ruser
Jenks, Marion Bigelow 29-Apr-1909 1:3 h/o Laura E. (Reed) Jenks
Johnson, George D. 28-May-1908 1:5 also see 4 Jun 1908, 1:5
Johnson, Mary J. 28-Sep-1911 4:2 widow of J.C. Johnson; m/o Henry W. Johnson
Johnson, May (Brainard) 06-May-1915 5:2 w/o Del C. Johnson since 1901; d/o Mr. & Mrs. S.C. Brainard
Johnston, Alice 03-Jun-1909 1:4 d/o Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Johnston
Johnston, Carl Brainard 31-Aug-1916 3:2 4 year old s/o Dell Johnson; b/o Grace Zona; mother & sister (Olga Rhea) are deceased
Jones, Marien Theresa 14-Aug-1913 4:4 d/o Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Jones
Jones, Mrs. B.P. 27-May-1915 4:1 of Valdosta, Georgia; m/o Mrs. G.H. McKenzie
Jones, Ora 07-Dec-1916 1:5
Jones, Seaborn 23-Mar-1911 1:2
Jones, William Grover 12-Jan-1911 1:3 s/o Mr. & Mrs. Wiley S. Jones
Josey, J.W. 26-Oct-1911 4:3
Keel, B.H. 12-Dec-1907 6:1 55 years of age; came 1 year ago from Georgia
Keith, B.R. 18-Apr-1912 4:4 of Kansas; [microfilm page is blurry]
King, Edward 15-Feb-1912 1:5 h/o Grace King; believed shot by John Langley
King, Mrs. 11-May-1916 16:1 of Cook; m/o 8 children; [microfilm contains multiple page duplications]
King, Susie A. (Livings) 04-May-1916 5:2 w/o W.H. King; born 18 Dec 1876; died 29 Apr 1916; m/o 11 children (2 deceased) including the eldest, Mrs. Hosie Bennett; also see 14 Dec 1916 (7:1) concerning estate
King, W.H. 13-Jul-1916 1:5 born in Alabama in the early 1850's; moved to Walton County, Florida then Millville (8 years ago); twice married; 11 children survive including W.H. King (Lockhart, Alabama) & Mrs. Spears (Blountstown); [microfilm is a 4 page DAILY EDITION - Weekly Edition NOT microfilmed]
Kinney,Mrs. E.P. (Emmoretta) 28-May-1908 6:3-5 w/o Ezra P. Kinney
Kirby, Henry 28-May-1908 1:5
Knowles, Meddie (Howell) 25-May-1916 5:2 w/o Capt. Z.E. Knowles; born 1883; d/o Mr. Howell of Geneva, Alabama
Krebs, Fanny 04-Jul-1907 1:5 w/o Thomas Krebs; d/o Mrs. Hand; sister of Mrs. T. Dockstader, Mrs. Crippin & Ed Hand
Krebs, Infant 25-Jul-1907 1:4 child of Mr. T. Krebs
Laird, Ernest 23-Nov-1916 7:2 died at Fountain
Larsen, Peter 12-Oct-1916 4:2 and 4:4 member of G.A.R.; 78 years old; wintering here from Forreston, Minnesota
Lee, Mr. 04-Feb-1915 4:1 of Elba, Alabama; f/o Dr. W.J. Lee
Lewis, Amos Mallory 10-Jun-1909 6:1 Infant s/o Sheriff H.H. Lewis & wife
Lewis, Betty (Lisenby) 20-Apr-1916 4:2 w/o James A. Lewis, Deputy Sheriff & Jailer; d/o Mr. & Mrs. Tom Lisenby of Thomas County, Georgia; also see 27 Apr 1916 (4:1)
Lewis, Infant Girl 22-Jul-1909 1:1 d/o Mr. & Mrs. R.H. Lewis
Lewis, Mrs. 06-Apr-1916 2:1 m/o Mrs. Clarence Ware & Henry G. Lewis
Liddon, Judge 30-Dec-1909 1:2
Little, Boy Child 10-Jun-1909 6:3 2nd s/o Mr. Little
Little, Thomas 13-Jul-1911 4:4
Look, Sarah R. (Mason) 29-May-1913 4:3 d/o Ezra & Hannah Mason; widow of Henry S. Look
Loraine, Mr. 25-May-1916 5:2 born 1824 in Plymouth, England; married 1859 (wife deceased); couple arrived in St. Andrews in 1885
Magee, Mr. 26-Aug-1909 1:3
Mahan, E. 18-Nov-1915 4:3 and 7:2-3aka "Uncle Ned" of Cromanton; writer for the Panama City Pilot; Civil War Confederate Veteran born in Virginia; member of Masonic & Odd Fellows fraternities
Mallory, Senator 26-Dec-1907 6:2 died at nephew's Pensacola home
Maloy, Infant 30-Nov-1911 4:4 child of Mr. & Mrs. F.M. Maloy
Mapes, Albert 30-Dec-1915 7:1-2 10 year old s/o Mr. Lew Mapes
Marshall, Iris 8-Jul-1916 DAILY 4:2 17 month d/o Will Marshall; [1916 Daily Edition Microfilm]; on 1916 Weekly Microfilm see 27 Jul 1916 (4:5) for card of thanks and 3 Aug 1916 (6:3) for a notice from M.E. Sunday School; [1916 Microfilm - DAILY editions]
Martin, Captain Andrew L. 25-Feb-1909 5:2
Martin, Nancy (Cravey) 11-May-1916 11:2 and 11:3-4 w/o Rev. Wiley F. Martin; born 22 Nov 1845 in Coffee County, Alabama; married 5 Oct 1865; survived by 3 of 5 children: Rev. W.L. Martin (Pine, Florida), Mrs. J.M. Martin (Millville, Florida), and Mrs. EllaMix (Andalusia, Alabama); [microfilm contains multiple page duplications]
Massey, Mrs. J.L. 23-Apr-1914 5:1 of Cottondale; m/o Mrs. J.C. Porter
Mauger, Thomas J.B. 08-May-1913 2:2 h/o Emma N. Mauger; also see 4 Feb 1915 (4:3) for estate proceedings
Maxon, Mrs. 16-Mar-1911 1:3 w/o Captain Maxon; m/o Mrs. John T. Gwaltney
Mayes, Frank L. 04-Feb-1915 1:2 of the Pensacola Journal
Mays, R.S. 12-Jan-1911 1:3
McAliley, Stephen Douglas 15-Dec-1910 1:4 f/o C.W. McAliley
McBride, G.A. 08-Jun-1916 7:2
McBride, Infant 26-Oct-1916 2:2 child of Mr. & Mrs. D.R. McBride
McCaskill, J.J. 25-May-1916 4:1 of DeFuniak Springs
McClure, Infant 26-Oct-1916 4:1 of Fountain; [parents' first names not provided]
McClure, Julian 10-Jun-1915 5:2 s/o Mr. & Mrs. C.C. McClure
McCrimmon, W.A. 25-Feb-1915 4:1-2 aka "Uncle Aleck"; f/o John & James; buried near Birmingham where there are other family members
McKenzie, Julia (Poston) 08-Dec-1910 1:2 w/o George H. McKenzie; also see 15 Dec 1910, page 1:3
McKenzie, Margie Adkins 19-May-1910 1:2 w/o Oscar P. McKenzie; also see 7 Jul 1910 (1:4-5)
McKenzie, W.N. 01-Apr-1915 4:1 of Oglethorpe, Georgia; f/o R.L., G.H., O.P., & J.E McKenzie
McKinnon, Judge James C. 03-Dec-1908 1:3
McKithen, Byron 26-Mar-1908 4:1
McMillan, H.P. 26-Mar-1914 5:2 and 5:3 Confederate soldier; grandfather of A.B. McMillian from Laurel, Mississippi
McMillen, Augustus Eugene 09-Nov-1911 5:1 also see 16 Nov 1911 (4:2)
McMillian, Child 25-Jan-1912 4:4 child of A.G.W. McMillian
McMillian, Infant 24-Feb-1916 9:1 child of Mr. & Mrs. A.G. McMillan
Mercer, Charlotte 12-Sep-1907 4:2 sister to S.C. Mercer, Mrs. R.M. Taylor, & Mrs. Martha Musgrove; aunt to L.T. Musgrove
Miller, Infant 09-Dec-1909 6:2 parents of Mr. & Mrs. Dallas Miller
Miller, Robert T. 30-Nov-1916 3:4 of Millville; shot by Mrs. Boyington; brother-in-law of Robert Ennis of St. Andrews; also see 7 Dec 1916 (6:1)
Miller, Toddler 06-Jan-1916 7:3 18 month child of Mr. & Mrs. Robt. Miller
Mitchell, Twin Boys 15-Sep-1910 1:5 s/o Mr. & Mrs. A.J. Mitchell
Mixon, Mrs. W.H. (Perry) 26-Oct-1916 6:2 of Millville; survived by spouse, 12 day old baby, parents, brothers Albert & Ade in Millville and 3 siblings in Pensacola; buried in Millville cemetery
Moates, Herman 09-Dec-1915 7:1 s/o Jim Moates
Mock, Grandma 14-May-1908 1:1 m/o H.H. Mock
Mock, Mrs. L.E. 16-Jun-1910 1:2 w/o H.H. Mock
Montgomery, Mr. 25-Nov-1915 7:1 of St. Andrews; about 85 years old; f/o John Montgomery
Morgan, Senator 20-Jun-1907 2:4 of Alabama; father of Panama Canal
Morris, Child 05-Nov-1914 4:4 child of Mr. & Mrs. Jessie Morris
Mullen, Mr. 13-Aug-1914 4:2 of Clanton
Musgrove, Millie 04-Dec-1913 5:2 born 1 May 1837 in Jackson county, Florida; [maiden name not given]
Nass, Hans 23-Jun-1910 1:1
Needham, Boy 08-Apr-1909 5:2 Adopted s/o Mrs. M. Needham
Negro Fireman 06-Jan-1916 4:2 from the tug Simpson
Nelson, Mrs. O.C. 14-Sep-1911 4:3 also see 21 Sep 1911 (4:3) Mrs. Dora (Edge) Nelson
Nelson, Mrs. Oscar 28-Dec-1916 2:2 died at DeFuniak Springs
Nixon, Gena 27-Aug-1908 6:1
O'Donnell, L.C. 26-Sep-1912 2:1 b/o Mrs. E.E. Cooper
Odum, Infant 14-Apr-1910 1:2
Oliver, J.R. 03-Mar-1910 1:2 male Farmdale resident who drowned
Oliver, Rachel 28-Sep-1916 5:2 65 years old; m/o Monroe Oliver
Oliver, T.C. 03-Mar-1910 1:2 male Farmdale resident who drowned
Orr, Elmer Warren 31-Aug-1916 6:2 40 year old s/o E.J. Orr; part owner/publisher of the Nodaway Valley News (Iowa); buried in family lot at Blanchard, Iowa
Osburn, Mrs. 25-Jul-1912 1:5 residing in east Millville
Parker, Addie R. (Bowen) 11-Nov-1915 2:1, 2:2, and 4:1 w/o Oscar C. Parker; born 12 Aug 1878 in Illinois to Albert & Catherine Bowen; m/o 3 girls & 3 boys; sister to Mrs. R.D. Prows: Mrs. James Stone; Bessie, Walter, Hugh, Jessie & Lonnie Bowen; also see 18 Nov 1915 (7:3-4)
Parker, Jerry 09-Feb-1911 7:5
Parker, Mr. 17-Nov-1910 1:3 father-in-law of E.L. Brigman
Parker, Mrs. N.A. 26-Oct-1916 DAILY 1:2 born 26 Feb 1851 in Coffee, Alabama; married to John W. Parker on 15 Aug 1870 (deceased about 8 years ago); 66 years old; survived by 6 boys & 3 girls; [1916 Microfilm - DAILY editions]
Parker, Mrs. P.F. (Mashburn) 07-Nov-1912 2:5 d/o Mrs. E.A. Mashburn
Parker,John 02-Apr-1908 1:3
Parmer, Laura 01-Feb-1912 4:5 d/o Mr. & Mrs. Rowal Parmer of Norum
Parrish, Hon. W.E. 02-Mar-1916 6:1 Judge of Probate in Walton County; f/o Mrs. C.M. Chandlee; [microfilm pages 2 & 3 are duplicated as page 4 & 5]
Parrott, J.B. 16-Oct-1913 1:2 President of the Florida East Coast Railway
Paul, Mr. 11-May-1916 8:1 of Bonifay; [microfilm contains multiple page duplications]
Peel, Mary 07-Dec-1911 4:3 w/o Ivy Peel
Pennington, Laura 13-Apr-1916 4:5 d/o T.J. & Mary Pennington; sister of Pennie, Annie, J.W. H.L. & H.D. Pennington; also see 27 Apr 1916 (4:2)
Peterson, Will 09-Dec-1915 2:2 died while attempting to rescue Mamie Havel
Pettis, Mrs. 10-Jul-1916 DAILY 4:4-5 70 years old; m/o Mrs. Al Davis, Mrs. Charles Armstrong, & Mrs. Tis. Wilcox; [1916 Microfilm - DAILY editions]
Pettus, Edmund Winston 01-Aug-1907 2:2 U.S. Senator of Alabama
Petty, Gordon 01-Feb-1912 4:2 s/o G.W. Petty
Phason, Lydia 31-Dec-1914 4:2
Phillips, Henry 28-Aug-1913 4:1 shot by Walter Cleveland
Phillips, Maj. J.M. 01-Aug-1912 4:1
Phillips, Millard 29-Jan-1914 4:1 s/o Mr. & Mrs. Charles Phillips
Pickens, Earl Warwick 10-Jul-1916 DAILY 4:1 s/o Mr. & Mrs. Earl Pickens; [1916 Microfilm - DAILY editions]
Pickens, Essex 07-Sep-1911 4:3 s/o Mr. & Mrs. P.Z. Pickens
Pierce, Betsey (Shinebarger) 26-Oct-1916 1:5 aka "Grandma Pierce"; 87 years old; born near Hornell, New York; buried with spouse & 1 child in St. Andrews cemetery
Pierson, Katheryn 18-Nov-1915 2:4 almost 2 years old; [parents' names not provided]
Pilcher, Child 11-May-1916 11:2 18 month child of Mr. & Mrs. W.C. Pilcher of Hosford, Florida; [microfilm contains multiple page duplications]
Pine, Joe 25-Sep-1913 4:3 shot by Constable Jessie Thomas
Pitts, Pearl 26-Nov-1908 5:3 d/o Mr. & Mrs. N.W. Parker
Polson, Mr. 28-Oct-1915 4:1 of North Magnolia Avenue
Polson, Wilson Burnette 06-Jan-1916 4:2 aka Wilson Burnelle; 1 year old s/o Mrs. E.A. Polson; also see 13 Jan 1916 (4:3)
Porter, Cecil 19-Aug-1915 3:2 6 year old s/o Capt. & Mrs. Jno. H. Porter; death due to diptheria
Porter, Herbert 16-Nov-1916 5:3 suicide at Bayhead
Porter, J.C. 23-Jul-1914 4:2 b/o Knox and Zeb Porter
Porter, Mrs. Lee (Gay) 25-Sep-1913 4:1 d/o R.W. Gay of North Bay
Porter, Rufus 26-Aug-1915 3:2-3 s/o Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Porter; died of diptheria
Post, Jessamine (Mitchell) 06-Jun-1912 4:3 w/o Martin G. Post; d/o Dr. W.G. Mitchell
Poston, Mrs. F.H. 04-Jun-1908 1:2 w/o Rev. F.H. Poston of the Houston Baptist Assoc. and m/o Mrs. G.H. McKenzie and Mr. Taylor Poston
Poston, Taylor 03-Sep-1908 1:1 also see 10 Sept 1908, page 1:5
Powell, Toddler Boy 30-Oct-1913 4:1 s/o Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Powell
Powers, Mrs. 08-Jul-1909 1:2 m/o R.R. Powers
Pratt, Ellen E. 26-Sep-1912 5:1 m/o A.L. Pratt
Pratt, Hazel Luciel 20-Feb-1908 1:3 d/o Mr. & Mrs. Wiliard Pratt
Prows, Simeon C. 20-Jun-1907 1:2 served in the Federal army
Raffield, Child 20-Jul-1911 1:3 child of Mr. & Mrs. D.W. Raffield
Raffield, Infant 28-Mar-1912 1:4 child of Cullen Raffield
Rainey, Judge Geo P. 12-Jan-1911 1:2
Rawls, Walter 16-Jan-1913 2:1 brother-in-law of Mrs. Philip B. West
Ray, Male Toddler 09-Dec-1915 2:2 3 year old s/o Mr. & Mrs. J.L. Ray of Millville
Rayborn, Asa 02-Sep-1915 2:2 s/o Bud Rayborn
Read, Mrs. James S. 21-Oct-1915 4:1 at Fayetteville, Ark.; m/o Mrs. W.F. Look
Rhoden, Lloyd S. 20-Nov-1913 5:2 h/o Hettie (Fields) Rhoden; b/o S.P. and Dr. J.W. Rhoden; also see 27 Nov 1913 (5:4)
Rice, Boy Toddler 14-Sep-1911 4:1 s/o Frank Rice
Richardson, Judge J.C. 11-Aug-1910 1:3
Richardson, Judge Terry 19-Sep-1907 1:5 s/o Judge J.C. Richardson
Roberts, Mrs. S.M. 25-Oct-1916 DAILY 1:3 aunt of Mr. J.M. Barrow; [1916 Microfilm - DAILY editions]
Roberts, William 23-Apr-1908 6:4
Robertson, S.W. 27-Feb-1913 2:2
Rogerson, Mack Edwin 11-Dec-1913 5:2 and 5:4 of Bellisle, Florida
Rotzein, Eva 21-Jan-1909 1:4
Routan, Infant 23-Nov-1916 7:2 [parents' first names not provided]
Rowell, Hazel Francis 18-Nov-1915 2:2 16 month old d/o Mr. & Mrs. Henry Rowell
Royce, Mrs. E.P. 30-Nov-1911 4:1 sister of Mrs. Sturrock
Rozier, Mrs. Eliza 22-Oct-1908 1:1
Ruggles, Mrs. A.K. 09-Apr-1914 5:2 of Andrews, Indiana; m/o Mrs. A.S. Weeks; also see 2 Apr 1914 (5:3)
Rushing, Judge F.M. 23-May-1912 4:1 f/o Mrs. M. Liebert and Tup Rushing
Russ, Annie (Skipper) 30-Sep-1915 3:1 and 3:2 born 1846 in Abbeville; w/o Lieut. Robert S. Russ (deceased); m/o sons (Chas. E., Carl S., Custer P. Russ) & daughters (Mrs. J.H. Daffin, Mrs. Dr. N.J. Dawkins & Mrs. D.D. Miller)
Russ, Infant Girl 16-Oct-1913 5:2 d/o Mr. & Mrs. Custer Russ
Russ, R.S. 27-Jun-1912 1:5 aka Uncle Bob
Salsbury, Elmore 20-Jul-1916 9:5 shot by Herbert Ruckley
Saunders, John R. 13-Aug-1908 1:3
Sawyer, Charles Frankllin 14-Mar-1912 2:3 h/o Clarisa C. (Coltrin) Sawyer; f/o Mrs. Cynthia M. McKanna and 6 children residing in Kansas
Scott, Inez Forrester 22-Oct-1914 4:4 d/o Mr. & Mrs. Mark Scott
Scott, Ruth (Harrell) 18-Jun-1914 4:5 w/o Sheriff C.E. Scott; d/o J.K. Harrell (Betts, Florida)
Scott, Will 02-Jun-1910 1:3
Screws, Major William Wallace 14-Aug-1913 1:1 of the Montgomery Advertiser
Selden, Sarah L. 09-Apr-1914 4:1 m/o Mrs. J.H. Clancy
Seymour, Mrs. 14-Oct-1909 1:1 w/o Mr. F.B. Seymour
Shepherd, J.R. 24-Apr-1913 5:1 head of Shepherd Hardware & Furniture Co.
Shepherd, T.J. 22-Apr-1909 5:1 f/o W.S. Shepherd
Sheppard, Francis H. 21-Mar-1912 6:2 Lieutenant Commander
Sheppard, Mrs. 29-Jul-1915 7:1 of Greenville, Alabama; m/o Mrs. W.P. Warner
Sheppard, Raymond R. 19-Jun-1913 4:3 stabbed by E.I. Mathews; h/o Ebba (Hasselburg) Sheppard
Shermer, Baby Girl 03-Mar-1910 1:4
Shores, Infant 05-Aug-1909 1:1 family of I.G. Shores
Short, Mr. 29-Oct-1908 1:5
Silcox, W.S. 28-May-1914 2:4 married Miss Rebekah Ward (deceased); survived by Nancy (Davis) Silcox & 13 children; b/o C.O. Silcox (Millville) & Mrs. T.F. Ward (Bruce, Florida)
Simmons, Baby Boy 26-Oct-1916 DAILY 1:3 grandson of N.A. Simmons; [1916 Microfilm - DAILY editions]
Simmons, Mrs. O.G. 09-Dec-1915 2:2-3 arrived from Bruce, Florida one year ago with husband & 3 children
Sims, Mrs. E.E. 20-Jan-1916 4:2 came from Opelika, Alabama 2 years ago; also see 27 Jan 1916 (5:3)
Skinner, John M. 18-May-1916 8:3 son-in-law of A.J. Brazile; drowned in the Choctawhatchee River
Slagle, Mrs. 04-Nov-1909 1:5 m/o Mrs. A.H. Brake
Sloane, John 14-Oct-1915 2:1 of St. Andrews; died at Aycock, Florida
Smith, B. Taylor 20-Jan-1916 7:1 lost from the steamer Tarpon near the Mobile Bay entrance
Smith, Jim 06-Oct-1910 1:2 aka "Red Shirt"
Smith, Lietha 02-Dec-1915 2:2 3 year old d/o Mr. & Mrs. A.S. Smith
Smith, Mrs. 04-Nov-1915 7:1 resided near Apalachicola; m/o Mallory Smith; sister of Mrs. Orin Harding; also see 11 Nov 1915 (5:2)
Southall, Baby Boy 22-Oct-1908 1:5 s/o Mr. & Mrs. J.O. Southall
Southerland, John 23-Mar-1916 4:1 aka "Old John"
Southworth, Frederick 30-Apr-1914 6:1 of Grand Rapids, Michigan
Sowell, Infant 06-Jun-1912 5:1 child of Mr. & Mrs. John Sowell
Sowell, J.H. 13-Apr-1916 11:1 died at Laurel Hills, Florida from consumption; [microfilm pages 4 & 5 are duplicated on pages 6 & 7]
Sowell, William 05-Dec-1907 5:1 drowned due to capsizing of his boat, the Hazel
Spicer, Hattie M. 21-Nov-1912 2:5 and 5:3 w/o Henry Spicer
Spicer, Otway 05-Aug-1915 4:4 and 8:4 11 year old s/o Mr. & Mrs. Audley Spicer of East Cromanton
Steele, A.B. 21-Dec-1916 6:4-5 of Atlanta; born 21 Jun 1856 in Riverview, Kentucky; 1878 married Kittie Wadley (deceased); f/o Ben W. Steele & Rebecca Alice (wife of R.R. Powers)
Steele, Kitty M. (Wadleigh) 09-Nov-1911 4:2 see also 23 Nov 1911 (1:4); also known as Mrs. A.B. Steele
Steele, William Derrell 20-Apr-1916 4:1 s/o W.S. and Eva Steele; also see 27 Apr 1916 (4:2)
Stephenson, Martin C. 25-May-1916 6:1-2 born 13 Mar 1866 in Henry County, Alabama; married Dec 1889 (wife deceased); survived by 6 children
Stevens, Alec 08-Jan-1914 4:3 employed at MacRogerson's still; killed by Will McCloud
Stevens, Grover 01-Aug-1907 1:1 buried at Millville; b/o Mrs. Miles Everett of Orange Hill; also see 8 Aug 1907 (1:5)
Stevens, Robert L. 25-Aug-1910 1:5 h/o Belle (Vincent) Stevens
Steward, Mrs. 16-Mar-1911 1:3
Stewart, William 14-Nov-1907 4:2 of Cook, Florida
Stock, Edward 05-Sep-1912 1:3 from Ludington, Michigan
Stockton, Thomas T. 12-Dec-1907 6:3 manager of Jacksonville Times-Union
Stokes, Mrs. N.E. 28-May-1914 2:3 and 2:4 w/o W.D. Stokes (deceased); m/o John W. , Arthur Stokes & Mrs. Gus Haskell; sister of Mrs. Emma Shivey
Stokes, W.D. 26-Mar-1914 5:1 f/o J.W., Arthur Stokes, & Mrs. Gus Haskel; also see 2 Apr 1914 (5:1)
Stone, Shep 16-Feb-1911 1:3
Storrs, Mrs. R.W. 18-Mar-1909 1:1
Strayer, Mr. 10-Oct-1912 4:5 Cromanton resident - Civil War veteran - Johnstown flood survivor
Strickland, Barrie 03-Jun-1915 4:2 18 year old d/o Bud Strickland (deceased); originally from Dothan, Alabama
Strickland, W.S. 28-May-1914 2:2 aka "Uncle Bud"; to be buried in Pike county, Alabama; f/o Miss Pearl
Stringer, Mrs. S.S. 05-Dec-1907 5:1 of Brooksville, Florida; president of the United Daughters of the Confederacy; died 26 Nov 1907 at Columbia, SC returning from the General Convention
Suggs, LaFayette 16-Oct-1913 5:2 a syrup peddler from Clarksville
Sullivan, Arthur Raymond 04-Aug-1910 6:1 aka "Pat" Sullivan
Summer, John Harry 05-Feb-1914 4:4 s/o Mr. & Mrs. H.H. Summer
Swayne, Judge Charles 11-Jul-1907 2:2 Northern Florida Federal Judge
Tasker, Willie Alberta 14-Nov-1912 2:5 d/o Mr. & Mrs. Wilson Tasker; also see 21 Nov 1912 (2:2)
Thibos, S. 18-Nov-1915 7:2 of Chipley; brother-in-law of Edwin Haskins
Thomas, H.W. 16-Mar-1911 1:3
Thomas, Mr. 12-Jun-1913 4:5 f/o Jessie Thomas
Thomas, Mrs. Jesse A. 26-Nov-1914 4:4 with husband was to open & manage hotel near Chipley depot
Thompson, Green B. 09-Feb-1911 1:4
Thompson, Infant 09-Oct-1913 4:1 child of Mr. & Mrs. S.R. Thompson
Thompson, Jessie (Wells) 28-May-1908 6:5 granddaughter of L.J. Wells and w/o C.A. Thompson
Thompson, Matilda Ann 29-Jun-1911 6:2 d/o Joseph Green & Susan H. Thompson; [pgs 4&5 are duplicated on microfilm]
Thorington, Judge W.S. 28-Jan-1915 4:3-4 of Montgomery
Threlkeld, Prof. C.H. 30-Mar-1916 LHRVF 5:2-4 h/o Ruth Threlkeld; f/o Olive, Edna & Kathyrn Threlkeld, Mrs. F. Vorde Brugge & Colin, Jr.; s/o Mr. & Mrs. C.W. Threlkeld of Cromanton, Florida; b/o M.C. Threlkeld & Mrs. M.B. Kelly; [poor quality microfilm]
Tipton, Infant 15-Sep-1910 1:4 J.E. Tipton's young babe
Tompkins, Calvin 09-Apr-1908 1:4
Trawick, Mr. 23-Nov-1916 2:1 of Newton, Alabama; f/o Express Agent Nelson Trawick
Treutlen, Jim 19-Oct-1916 8:1
Trim, George 28-Sep-1916 3:2 from Midland City, Alabama
Turley, Frances (Kerns) 23-Nov-1916 3:1 of Oneonta, Alabama
Turner, Allan 22-Jun-1916 5:1 15 year old died of injuries sustained at Sherman-Spann mill; s/o notorious Ed Turner who was recently killed by Mr. E. Laird; also see 29 Jun 1916 (4:2)
Turner, Mary Francis (Weatherly) 28-Sep-1911 5:1 widow of H.C. Pritchard when married Alonzo Turner
Turner, Mr. 25-May-1916 4:2 shot & killed by storekeeper, Earnest Laird
Tuthill, Laura M. 02-Dec-1915 4:1 sister of Mrs. M.B. Jenks
Unknown Male 08-Jan-1914 4:3 J.V. McLellan found deceased white male (about 25 years old) in unoccupied shack
Van Houten, Capt. Wm F. 06-Jun-1912 4:2 veteran
Vickery, J.C. 02-Sep-1909 1:4 also see 9 Sep 1909 (1:4)
Vickery, Mason 03-Oct-1907 4:2 b/o Mr. J.C. Vickery & Mrs. Ellis Vickery; resided in North Bay
Walker, Henrietta (Lodholz) 09-Nov-1916 5:1 suicide at mother's Michigan home; 20 years old; w/o Joseph Walker; d/o Mrs. Amelia Naylor of Ann Arbor, Michigan; m/o 3 month old baby
Walker, Mr. 22-Jul-1915 6:1 of Minneapolis, Minnesota; died of tetanus; youngest s/o Mr. C.J. Walker
Walker, Mrs. R.H. 05-Aug-1915 4:1 of Dothan; buried 31 Jul 1915 at Columbia, Alabama; aunt of Mrs. F.A. Black
Walker, S.A. 20-Apr-1916 4:1 and 4:2 h/o Alice Pauline Walker; a naval stores operator living near Green Head shot & killed by John Dykes; also see 18 May 1916 (4:5), insurance money received
Wallace, John 20-Jul-1916 4:3 b/o C.M. Wallace
Wallace, Mary 19-Aug-1915 5:1-2 born 28 Aug 1903 in Attapulgus, Georgia; youngest d/o Rev. & Mrs. W.C. Wallace
Waller, Child 01-Feb-1912 4:1 child of Mr. & Mrs. C.A. Waller of Dodson, Louisiana; related to Rev. T.W. Walton; death due to tornado
Waller, Infant 24-Oct-1912 2:1 child of Rev. W.T. Waller
Waller, Mrs. 24-Oct-1912 2:1 w/o Rev. W.T. Waller
Ware, Baby 06-Jun-1907 1:5 child of Mr. & Mrs. L.M. Ware
Warren, Baby Girl 05-Sep-1912 2:3 d/o Mr. & Mrs. Preston Warren [lived 24 hours]
Warren, Girl Toddler 13-May-1909 6:1 three year old
Wasden, Infant 18-Jul-1912 4:3 child of Mr. & Mrs. A.L. Wasden
Wasden, Walter 30-Dec-1915 5:4 b/o Mrs. F. Ard
Washburn, Della G. 22-Jul-1915 6:1 widowed in 1911; believe to have relatives in Pennsylvania, Virginia & Kansas
Washburn, Hiram A. 23-Feb-1911 6:3
Welch, Martha 21-Nov-1912 1:3
Welch, Mrs. Adam 06-Feb-1908 1:5
Wellman, W.J. 19-Oct-1911 4:2 widower of Emma Crist; survived by 2nd wife, Mrs. Louie R. Smith
West, Baby 29-Jun-1911 6:5 boarded with Mr. & Mrs. H.G. Lewis; [pgs 4&5 are duplicated on microfilm]
West, Luella Vernette (Simmons) 07-May-1908 1:2-3 also see Mrs. G.M. West on 28 May 1908, 1:3
West, Mrs. G.M. 28-May-1908 1:3 [Luella Vernette Simmons]; also see 7 May 1908, 1:2-3
Whidby, Frank 11-Jan-1912 4:3
Whinnery, John E. 29-May-1913 4:3 1850 married Miss M.L. Crews; 1862 married Miss Mary Fawcett
White, Infant Girl 07-May-1908 1:5 d/o Mr. & Mrs. Geo. White
Whitfield, Child 27-Feb-1908 6:1 child of Mr. & Mrs. W.L. Whitfield
Whitus, Child 15-Sep-1910 1:5
Wilcox, Rod 13-May-1915 3:2 aka R.H. Wilcox; of St. Andrews; struck by a car owned & driven by Dr. W.J. Lee; also see 20 May 1915 (2:2, 7:1, & 7:2)
Wilkerson, Mrs. J.L. 04-Jun-1914 6:2 died at Chattanooga but resided at St. George, Georgia; m/o J.N. Wilkerson; sister to Mrs. Monte
Wilks, Willie Buford 06-Jul-1916 4:2 7 month old s/o Mr. & Mrs. G.J. Wilks
Willard, Robert "Bob" 20-Aug-1908 1:1 s/o Mrs. Mary B. Willard; also see 8 Oct 1908, 1:2
Willcox, Edna May 20-Aug-1908 1:5 d/o Mr. & Mrs. J.T. Wilcox
Williams, Allen C. 20-Nov-1913 1:5 born in Orangeburg, South Carolina; b/o R.E. Williams; also see 13 Nov 1913 (5:3)
Williams, Alto 11-Dec-1913 5:5 see also 18 Dec 1913 (1:5); h/o Daisy (Love) Williams; brothers are Oscar E., Rev. C.A., Dr. W.H., R.C. Williams, and deceased T. Ed Williams; sister is Mrs. Hattie Gresham; associated with Wire-Grass Siftings, a Dothan publication
Williams, Andrew 12-Dec-1907 6:1 16 year old s/o J.B. Williams of Graceville; nephew of Tax Assessor, J.J. Williams of Chipley
Williams, Grandma 24-Dec-1908 2:3 m/o A.C. Williams
Williams, Hinton 16-Dec-1909 1:4 s/o Daniel Williams
Williams, Infant 03-Feb-1910 6:1 child of Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Williams
Williams, J.B. 29-Dec-1910 1:3
Williams, J.H. 29-Aug-1907 2:5 aka "Boss"; grew up in Chipley
Williams, J.P. 14-Aug-1913 4:2 president of the G.F. & A. Ry.
Williams, John B. 09-Nov-1911 4:1
Williams, S.S. 09-Jul-1908 1:4 f/o Mrs. J.T. Goodwin
Wilson, Mrs. Anna E. 07-May-1908 1:1
Wilson, Robert 14-Oct-1915 9:1 born 1 Mar 1827 at Yorkshire, England; married Mary M. Handford in 1861; lived at Millville since 1910; survived by wife, 4 sons (Joseph F., Robt. H., Jessie G., Chas. O.) & 2 daughers (Edna & Alice E.)
Windsor, Thomas 09-Jan-1908 1:4
Winn, James 05-Jan-1911 1:3 also see 12 Jan 1911 (1:4)
Wood, Eugene 15-Oct-1908 6:1
Wood, Horace 26-Aug-1915 6:1 of Cottondale
Wood, Lee 05-Feb-1914 5:1 s/o Mr. & Mrs. E.L. Wood; nephew of Mrs. J.C. Porter
Woodford, W.F. 06-Jan-1916 4:3
Woods, Infant 29-Dec-1910 1:3 Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Woods
Woodward, John 09-Oct-1913 5:3 employed by Moore Timber Co.
Worthington, W.A. 03-Jun-1909 1:4
Wright, Infant 10-Aug-1911 4:5 child of Mr. & Mrs. W.H. Wright
Young, Ed 02-Jan-1908 1:4

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