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Where did these indexes come from?

St. Andrews Voters

Incorporated in 1908, the Town of St. Andrews preceded Panama City by one year. Its voter registration list was among the first documents created by the Town. The registration continued until 1926 when St. Andrew merged into Panama City and ceased to exist as a separate entity.

In January 1988 Linda Pazics Kleback published her Extractions from the Original Voters' Registration Book of St. Andrews, FL, 1908-1926. She donated two typed copies to the Bay County Library where they were cataloged as R 324.64 ORI. Currently, one copy resides in the Local History Room and one in the Genealogy Room. In 2008 the BCGS received permission from the author to convert the document to electronic text format and post it on the Society Web site. In March 2008 it became the first “census-type” index to be posted on the BCGS Web site.

Bay County Voters

Carved out of portions of Washington and Calhoun Counties, Bay County was created on 24 April 1913. A list of the qualified voters in the county's first primary election, held 2 June 1914, was published in the Lynn Haven Tribune, vol. 3, no. 48 of 30 April 1914, p. 2; and again in vol. 3, no. 52, of 28 May 1914, page 2. Voters on this list were required to be residents here by August 1911, one year before the August 1912 registration. Therefore, everyone of the 1438 voters on this list meets the residency requirement to become a First Families of Bay County Pioneer.

The lists are quite different. The April list of 911 voters had grown to 1171 by May. However, 267 of the names on the April list do not reappear in the May list. Thus, 1438 different names are contained in the two lists. Generally, the April list provides only initials for first and middle names, whereas the May list generally shows the full first name. There is considerable disparity in name spellings and initials, suggesting that the typesetter was working from handwritten lists that were quite difficult to read. The newspaper article references "copies of the registration list," suggesting that multiple transcripts may have been created. It is not known whether any of these survive.

The lists were rediscovered in November 2010 by Becky Saunders, the Bay County Public Library Genealogy Specialist. These indexes were created from those newspapers and uploaded in November. The Library holds original copies of the newspaper in its archives, and electronic images have been created from this newspaper and can be viewed online at Florida Hidden Treasures.Com. As always, researchers are advised to examine the original image because transcription errors do occur.

Extraction efforts of related original documents of historical Bay County are ongoing.

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