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St. Andrews Voters

St. Andrews was incorporated in 1908, and its voter registration list was among the first documents created for the Town. The original document is titled Registered Voters, Town of St. Andrews, Fla. It spans the entire period during which St. Andrews existed as an independent town, ending in 1926 when it merged into greater Panama City.

The voter registration book is a bound, preprinted volume typical of the period, approximately 9 by 18 inches. It is divided into 26 sections alphabetically by surname, and entries were recorded chronologically within each of the sections, so that, for example, all the surnames beginning with “A” are grouped together. Entries were handwritten in ink by various clerks at various times. Some penciled notations are present. The document is in good condition and generally easy to read, except that many of the names were lined through, probably indicating the death or departure of the individual at some unspecified time after he/she had registered.

St. Andrews Voters Registration

Information recorded for each voter usually included name, age, color, occupation, date of registration, number of certificate, and remarks. The remarks column often included one or more dates, presumably additional years when the voter re-registered. Also occassionally mentioned are “gone,” “dead,” “qualified,” and “overage.”

This index contains substantially all of the information from the original. Original spellings have been retained even if known to be incorrect. However, it differs from the original in that the listing order is strictly alphabetical by surname.

It is always good practice to examine original documents. The original and two extracts are in the permanent collection of the Bay County Library. They were cataloged as R 324.64 ORI. Currently, one copy resides in the Local History Room and one in the Genealogy Room. If you are unable to come to the Library to examine the document, you may contact the Bay County Public Library to request a photocopy. You must provide the name of the voter and the date of first registration. You may call the Bay County Public Library at 850-872-7500 ext 18 or email for assistance.

Abbreviations used in this index

  • W = white
  • B = black
  • C = colored
  • Col = colored
  • T = unknown
  • (?) = the entry is unclear
  • (sic) = the extractor wrote what was on the record, but believed it to be in error.

Bay County Voters

Number   Precinct
1 Panama City
2 St. Andrews
3 Millville
4 Moore
5 Parker
6 Cook
7 Wetappo
8 Farmdale
9 San Blas
10 Cromanton
11 Lynn haven
12 Majette
13 Bay Head
14 Youngstown
15 Fountain
16 Econfina
17 Southport
18 Merial
19 Murfee
20 West Bay

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