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Bradford County Newspapers Page 4

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Newspapers Page 4

Transcribed by Margie Travis




Mr. and Mrs. James E. ADKINS announce the recent marriage of their daughter, Miss June ADKINS to Mr. Erwin ELLIS of Winter Haven, formerly of South Carolina. The young couple will make a tour of the state before retuning to their home in Winter Haven.



A family reunion was given Sunday at the home of Mrs. Mallory THOMAS near Starke, the occasion being the seventy-third birthday of Mrs. THOMAS' father Mr. W. J. JOHNS. All of his children were present except two.

Those enjoying this occasion were: Mr. and Mrs. W. H. HODGES and children, and Mrs. Louis CLEMONS, of Starke, Mr. and Mrs. H. O. RIVERS and children, of Lawtey, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. JOHNS, and Mrs. S. T. JOHNS of Jacksonville, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin McKINNEY, Mr. and Mrs. D. L. SHAW, and children, Bertis, Johnnie and W. J. JOHNS of Jacksonville, Mrs. Minnie ATKINSON of Brooker. Mr. JOHNS received many gifts on this occasion.



We clip from the Staten Islander the following interesting account of the wedding of a handsome and talented young lady born in Starke and who has several relatives here, her mother being a daughter of the late Sheriff D. L. ALVAREZ and a sister of Mesdames N. D. WAINWRIGHT, Paul E., and E. E. CANOVA, and Messrs J. W. and J. M. ALVAREZ; Miss Miriam FRAZEE, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. FRAZEE, of Castle Park, New Brighton, was married quietly on Monday morning at 10:30 o'clock in the chapel of Christ Church, to Captain Taylor BELCHER, of Topeka, Kan.

Captain BELCHER is from an old New York family, and was born at Garrison-on-the-Hudson. He served on the Mexican border, and when war was declared joined the United States army and was in command of the 5th Supply Train of the 5th Division. He saw a year's active service and was severly gassed. He returned to this country about three weeks ago. The wedding was hastened on acount of his limited furloughed. He expects, however, to get his discharge from the service at Fort Dodge, Ia., and return to civil life.

The happy couple will take a three months' trip through the middle west before making their home at Topeka.

Owing to the short notice, only a few of the family and friends were present. Among them were, Captain BELCHER'S aunt, Miss M. J. BELCHER, of Garrison and Manhattan; Mrs. THOMAS and Miss HAMILTON, daughters of Bishop HAMILTON, of the Dioceso of Kansas; Mr. and Mrs. J. L. FRAZEE, Mrs. D. L. ALVAREZ, of Florida, grandmother of the bride; Mr. and mrs. F. BOGER, Mrs. Jack SCOTT, Mrs. W. A. McCREERY, Miss SLOCUM, Mrs. D. P. DUFFIE and a few others.

Breakfast was served at the Hotel Belmont, Manhattan, after which Captain and Mrs. BELCHER left for Chicago. On Sunday afternoon, when surrounded by a few friends invited in for tea, Miss FRAZEE announced her engagement and intended marriage.

Those present at the tea were Mr. and Mrs. J. L. FRAZEE, Mrs. D. L. ALVAREZ, Mr. and Mrs. A. B. WIDDECOMBE, Mr. and Mrs. E. C. ESPLIN, Mr. and Mrs. R. BUCK, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. MARRIOTT, Mrs. W. CURRY, Mrs. R. W. COLLINS, the Misses SHEPPARD, Miss Dorothea McCREERY, Miss Bessie RUSSELL and F. G. McCREERY. Mrs. W. A. McCREERY prsided at the tea table.

We add the following from the New York World, headed, "Wed under 305th flag, Captain BELCHER'S bride daughter of J. L. FRAZEE of World's staff:" Beneath the colors of the 305th Infantry, Miss Miriam Allan Bradford FRAZEE, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. L. FRAZEE of New Brighton, S. I., and Capt. Taylor BELCHER were married yesterday in Christ Church, New Brighton, by the Rev. Duncan Harts BROWN, Chaplain of the 305th Infantry, 77th Division. The ceremony was performed in the presence of members of the family and a few friends only and the bride and bridegroom were unattended.

Capt. BELCHER, who is on leave of absence, was in command o fthe 5th Division Supply Train in France. He was born in Garrison, N. Y.

Mr. FRAZEE, the bride's father, has long been a member of the legal staff of The World. After a wedding breakfast at the Hotel Belmont, Capt. and Mrs. BELCHER left for the West, after which they will go to Fort Dodge, Ia., where Capt. BELCHER expects his discharge from the army.

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