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Civil War Pension Applications Page 1

Source: The Florida Memory Project

This index has been sorted alphabetically by the veterans name. Florida Civil War Pension files are available for download as PDF Files at the Florida Memory Project. Each document in the file is a separate PDF file.
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File Number
First Name
A12368 ADAMS William W. 10th Regt Inf Martha E. (--)
A12782 ADAMS William D. 10th Regt Inf Susan (--)
D20607 ADDISON William 7th Regt Inf Samantha (George)
A00063 ADKINS E.N. lst Regt Inf Reserves Sarah (--)
A02106 ADKINS Ealy Ancrue 9th Regt Inf Maryann (Sapp)
A04504 ALDERMAN William R. Georgia L. (Douglas)
A12014 ALDERMAN David A. lst Regt Inf Resv Mary L. (--)
A12392 ALDERMAN Hiram 9th Regt Inf Emiline (--)
A00299 ALVAREZ D.L. 2nd Regt Cav Rebecca (Bowden)
A00306 ALVAREZ J.R. 2nd Regt Cav Jane (Reddish)
A01852 ALVAREZ Osias M. lst Regt Inf Resv Salama (Richard)
A02296 ALVAREZ Owen E. lst Regt Inf Resv Candacy (George)
A04874 ANDERS Zacarriah T. Georgia A. (Rowe)
D12054 ANDERS Z.T. Georgia Adie J.(--)
A00292 ANDERSON Leonard 7th Regt Inf Lydia (Groover)
D14058 ANDERSON T.V. Georgia  
A03173 ANDREWS John S. Georgia Emily (Dowling)
A02536 ARNOLD Redon 10th Regt Inf Mary Ann (Moody)
A04287 BAILEY William H. Arkansas Georgian (Wasden)
A00769 BAISDEN Geroge W. 2nd Regt Inf Martah (Tumblin)
A07843 BALDWIN Leonard 2nd Regt Cav  
A11258 BARRY William Frank lst Regt Cav Caroline (Parker)
A03172 BAXTER W.B. Georgia Emily (Sullivan)
A12482 BEASLEY M.R. 10th Regt Inf Eady (--)
Al1855 BEASLEY B.S. 10th Regt Inf  
A03462 BENNETT W.K. Georgia Martha (Harris)
D04116 BENNETT Isham A. Georgia  
A04608 BETHEA Redding R. South Carolina Barbra (Dukes)
A00308 BEVIIL James W. 2nd Regt Cav Candace (Malphurs)
Al1928 BLACKBURN John Georgia  
A03170 BLAIR John Georgia Susan (Alderman)
A02361 BLITCH Newton Amon 2nd Regt Cav Henrietta (--)
Al2061 BRADLEY John H. 2nd Regt Cav  
A05227 BRANNEN James 10th Regt Inf  
A07364 BRANNEN Benjamin 7th Regt Inf  
A11253 BROOKS William H. lst Regt Inf Resv Hester (Stokes)
A05194 BROWN Stephen lst Regt Inf Resv  
A07345 BROWN Isham lst Regt Inf Resv  
D23121 BROWN Jesup Hezekiah 3rd Regt Inf  
A01363 BROWNING Andrew J. 10th Regt Inf Estela (Bloodsworth)
A10207 BROWNING Perry lst Regt Cav Laura (Burney)
A11246 BROWNLEE James M. Mississippi Mary (Shotwell)
A02478 BRYAN B.R. lst Regt Cav Emma (Gillyard)
A12391 BUCKLES John 8th Regt Inf Sarah (--)
A00296 BURNSED Phineas lst Regt Cav Mary (Turnblair)
A10091 BYRD Daniel J. 2nd Regt Cav Margarette (Warren)
A01788 CARLTON Lewis C. lst Regt Cav Cely (Margan)
A02231 CARLTON D.E.L. lst Regt Cav Eva (Miller)
A04228 CARTER John W. Georgia Sarah (Davis)
A07890 CARVER Sampson M. lst Regt Inf Resv  
D17129 CASON John B. 2nd Regt Cav Emily (Duwerson)
A03174 CHANCY John M. Georgia Malinda (Stafford)
A07351 CHAPLIN John North Carolina  
A03807 CLARK John J. Georgia Jane (Ware)
A03638 CLEMONS Lewis Georgia Nancy (Craft)
A05197 CLEMONS James Georgia  
A00313 CLYATT Robert A. 5th Regt Inf Emily (Holtzclaw)
A12475 CLYATT William H. 5th Regt Inf Sarah S. (--)
A03662 COLLINS E.C. South Carolina Mattie (Palmer)
A08573 Colson John G. 2nd Regt Cav  
A01787 CONE Lewis N. 7th Regt Inf Emily (Odom)
A03166 CONE Isam W. Georgia Eliza (White)
A10927 CONE William Ashton Georgia  
A01582 CONNER William lst Regt Inf Resv Sarah (Dees)
A10923 COOPER Robert R. Georgia  
A00311 CRAWFORD Daniel C. 10th Regt Inf Charlotte (Sanders)
D12194 CRAWFORD William R. Georgia  
A00312 CREWS Pliny S. 7th Regt Inf Mary (Poore)
A12513 CREWS William P. 8th Regt INf Celia (--)
A03288 CROCKER Thomas Jefferson Georgia Mary (Henson)
A01662 CROFT Samuel C. lst Regt Inf Resv Jane (Mikell)
A02581 CROFT John 7th Regt Inf Cassa (Knight)
A00297 CROSBY Andrew 2nd Regt Cav Isabel (Addison)
A12994 CROSBY W.C. 9th Regt Inf  

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