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On Thu, 06 May 2004 09:22:18 -0400, Darrel Bell wrote

Please be advise (sic) you have been replaced as the coordinator for Brevard County Florida. In the past several months, I've attempted making contact with you and you've not responded to my messages. I realize that you've had a loss in your family and you have my condolences, however this is not an excuse for not responding to my
messages. In the past two and a half years I've lost several close family members including my father, let's face it life must go on (sic).
Darrel R. Bell
FLGenWeb Project State Coordinator

In response, I have received no emails from him at least since December of 2003.  Moreover, to assume that the death of my Grandmother would be used as an excuse for not emailing him is asinine and downright cold and cruel.  BTW - Darrel, not everyone reacts to death the same way.

BTW- the "sic" notations above are "DOCTOR" Bell's grammatical errors.

Nonetheless, the space is in my name so we have just gone INDEPENDENT!