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In the name of the State of Florida

To the Sheriff J. W. Yearty of Calhoun County Greeting

We command you that you summons the following persons appended below to be and appear before the Judge of Our County Court, at A Court to be held at Abe Spring Bluff, on the first Monday of September, by 10 o’clock in the morning, to serve as Jurors at and during the Term of said court given under my hand and seal of Office this the 2nd day of Aug. Ad 1869

Wm. Clark


  1. W.T. Taylor
  2. Wm. Linton
  3. S.M. Rose
  4. John Peacock
  5. J.W. Green
  6. J.T. Richards
  7. James Griffin
  8. Alfred Bailey
  9. James Stanfill
  10. W.A. Whitfield
  11. S.W. Davis
  12. S. Pelt
  13. J.H. Stone
  14. Benj. Ingrum
  15. Wm Ayres
  16. Wm Boyd
  17. F. M. Franklin
  18. Lewis Atkins
  19. John Kennedy
  20. J. S. Stone

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