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Officials - Territory of Florida

Taken from: Names and Abstracts from Acts of Legislative Council of Territory of Florida, 1822-1845
NAME Title and Date Notes
ADAIR Alex Marshall, Middle District, 1831  
ALBA Peter President, Legislative Council, 1828  
ARCHER Hugh Chief Clerk of House, 1842/1843; Secretary of House, 1844/1845  
BELLAMY Alex Clerk, Legislative Council, 1827; President Legislative Council, 1825  
BOOTH John P President, Legislative Council, 1833  
BRACKENRIDGE H. M. Judge, Western District, 1831  
BRANCH John Governor, 1845  
BROCKENBROUGH W. H. President of the Senate, 1842  
BRONOUGH J. C. President of the Legislative Council, 1822  
BROWN Thomas President of the Legislative Council, 1838; Secretary of the Senate, 1844  
CALL Richard K[eith] Governor, 1838, 1839, 1842, 1843, & 1844  
CAMPBELL John K. Clerk, Legislative Council, 1832  
CHANDLER E. District Attorney, Southern District, 1831  
CONNOR John Coppinger Clerk, Legislative Council, 1822  
DOGGETT Jn. L. President, Legislative Council, 1827  
DOUGLASS Edward District Attorney, Eastern District, 1831  
DRAKE E. L. Speaker of the House, 1839  
DUVAL John P. Secretary, of the Territory, 1838  
DUVAL Thomas H. Secretary, of the Territory, 1842-1845  
DUVAL William P. President of the Senate, 1841  
DUVAL Wm. P Governor, 1822-1834  
EATON John H. Governor, 1835-1840  
EXUM J. W. Marshall, Western District, 1831  
FATIO J. L. Clerk, Legislative Council, 1823  
FITZPATRICK Richard President, Legislative Council, 1836  
FLOYD David Treasurer of the Territory, 1831  
FORWARD W. T. Speaker of the House, 1845  
FRY Saml. Clerk, Legislative Council, 1824  
GAREY John Y. Auditor of the Territory, 1831  
GAUTIER Peter W. Jr. Chief Clerk, House of Representatives, 1841  
GIBSON Jas. H. Clerk of the House, 1840 & 1841  
HAWKINS George S. President, Legislative Council, 1840  
HERNANDEZ Joseph M. President, Legislative Council, 1824  
KING Thomas F. Secretary of the Senate, 1845  
LANCASTER Joseph B. Chief Clerk, Legislative Council, 1833, 1834, 1839; Speaker of the House, 1843 & 1844  
LAW Edmund President pro tempore, Legislative Council  
LONG Richard H. Speaker of the House, 1840 Buried in LONG cemetery, Jackson County, Florida
LONG Thomas T. Secretary of the Senate, 1843  
MACRAE Geo. W. President of the Senate, 1845  
MCCANTS Joseph Secretary, of the Territory 1840 & 1841  
MCCARTY Wm. M. Acting Governor, 1827  
MITCHELL Robert Clerk, Legislative Council, 1822  
MUNROE Thomas Clerk, Legislative Council, 1828  
MUNROE Thos. Clerk, Legislative Council, 1829  
MURRAY Geo. President, Legislative Council, 1823  
RANDALL Thomas Judge, Middle District, 1831  
REID Robert Raymond Governor, 1840 & 1841  
RINGGOLD Jas. G. District Attorney, Middle District, 1831  
ROBINSON J. S. Chief Clerk, Legislative Council, 1838  
ROBINSON Jas. S. Clerk of the Senate, 1840; Secretary of the Senate, 1841 & 1842  
SMITH Waters Marshall, Eastern District, 1831  
SMITH Thos. L. Judge, Eastern District, 1831  
STONE H. D. President, Legislative Council, 1826 & 1827  
STONE L. M. Marshall, Southern District, 1831  
TINGLE George E. Clerk, Legislative Council, 1826 & 1827  
WALKER George President of the Senate, 1843 & 1844  
WALKER George K. Secretary, of the Territory, 1835  
WALKER N. W. Speaker of the House, 1842  
WALTON Geo. Secretary, of the Territory, 1825  
WARREN John President, Legislative Council, 1834 & 1835  
WEBB James Judge, Southern District, 1831  
WESTCOTT James D. Secretary of the Territory, 1831  
WRIGHT B. D. District Attorney, Western District, 1831  

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