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Calhoun county was created by an act of the Florida Legislative Council On January 26, 1838. It was formed from portions of Franklin, Jackson and Washington Counties. Blountstown is the county seat and in 1880 a courthouse was built close to the Apalachicola River. In 1903 an even newer courthouse was built in the town proper and has been restored and listed as an historic landmark. In 1973 the latest courthouse was constructed. Blountstown was named for John Blount, a Seminole Indian Chief from this area. Calhoun County is bordered on the east by the Apalachicola River and the Chipola River bisects the county. With the abundance of water it has made water activities a way of life instead of a pastime. One hour east is our State Capital, Tallahassee, and one hour south or southwest are the famous white beaches of Bay and Gulf counties.

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On May 2, 1903,  the registered voters of Blountstown,
  Florida, met at McClellan's store for the purpose or organizing a municipal
  government, pursuant to the published notice for thirty (30) days prior to
  the meeting in the  Calhoun Times. The  Calhoun Times  was
  a weekly newspaper published in Calhoun County, Florida. In addition to the
  organization of a municipal government, the citizens attending this meeting
  also elected a Mayor, five (5) Aldermen, who would be known as the Town Council,
  a town clerk and Marshall. The Mayor, Clerk and Marshall were to continue
  in office for the period of one year from the date of their election, or
  until their successors were qualified and elected. The Alderman were divided
  into two (2) classes, two of which shall hold office for two years, and the
  remaining three to hold office for a term of one year. There were thirty
  (30) residents, or Registered voters residing in the territorial limits of
  the town who were present. The name of the town was selected by ballot, and
  was Blountstown, and the name of the Corporate seal was selected by ballot,
  and was Corporation of Blountstown, Florida.

The voting for the elected officials noted above was as follows:
For Mayor:F. M. Yon21 votes
For Mayor:S. W. Clark9 votes
For Alderman:J. W. Smith24 votes
For Alderman:B.M.Franklin25 votes
For Alderman:J. E. Yon28 votes
For Alderman:C. D. Clark26 votes
For Alderman:H. B. Russ29 votes
For Alderman:B. H. Franklin4 votes
For Alderman:A. J. Wood6 votes
For Alderman:A.J.McClellan4 votes
For Clerk:J. I. Hentz5 votes
For Clerk:H. V. McClellan23 votes
For Marshall:W. J. Franklin12 votes
For Marshall:S. Pippin17 votes
For Marshall:Z. B. Adkins (?)1 vote

"It appearing that T. M. Yon received the highest vote for Mayor, J. W. Smith for Alderman, J. E. Yon for Alderman, B. M. Franklin for Alderman, C. D. Clark for Alderman, H. B. Russ for Alderman,
H. V. McClellan for Clerk of Town Council, S. Pippin for Marshall."*

*Quoted from a copy of the Original Transcript.
Typed by Cathy White, granddaughter of H. V. McClellan and great-granddaughter of A. J. McClellan

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