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June 2, 2003

Meeting called to order by Bill Wallace at 7:35P.M.

Members present included Buddy Gross, Joe Turner, Joan Turner, Mike Sanders, Kathleen Moore, Bettie Mease, James Coachman, Marvin Moore, Lorelei Keif, Shirley Galatas, Bob Delack, Dean Robinson, Jay Rhodes, David Perkins, John Tsacrios, Pat Moore, Janet Randall, Chuck McPherson, Ray Winters, Everett Daniel, Bill Wallace, and Terri Ohr.

Minutes of April 7, 2003, minutes approved as read. Motion to approve made by Dean Robinson, second by Mike Sanders.

Treasurer's Report presented by Buddy Gross. Bank balance as of June, 2003, is $10,887.10. Motion made to approve report by Jay Rhodes, second by Bettie Mease.


1. Membership Committee - Bettie Mease -Some new members joined and some membership dues were paid at the fish fry. We now have approximately 450 members.
2. Program Committee - Jay Rhodes -Jay was pleased with the new way of serving additional fish to our patrons. We will need to consider where the fall fish fry will be held. If construction is starting on Norton Park, we will not be able to have it there. Jay will contact Clearwater High School to find out if there would be a charge for using their facilities in Nov. What other options do we have? Jay has asked for help with the research for possible solutions
3. Public Relations - Dean Robinson -Notifying publications of the change of Plumb House hours for the summer.
4. Museum Committee - Jim Coachman -Estimate for aluminum roof was $37,000 just for the materials. Roofing company is trying to get manufacturer to donate materials. Labor would then be arranged by us. Motion was made by Dean Robinson and second by Pat Moore to accept the donation of materials if the offer was made. Other estimate was between $6,600 and $8,500 for a shingle roof, depending upon repairs needed. Joe Turner questioned if we should inquire from a financial institution about getting funding for an emergency roofing situation. Jim Coachman said that he is willing to do temporary roof patching in case of an emergency.
5. Artifacts and Documents Committee -Joan Turner -No report.
6. Historical Research - Pat Moore -No report.
7. Fund Raising - Helen Wilcox - Sales of novelties at fish fry were $409. Remind others that donations to the Clearwater Historical Society are tax deductible.
8. Homestead Committee - Anne Epling - No report.

Clearwater Library - The meeting that Bill Wallace had with the Clearwater Library representative went well. They are very interest in us supplying displays and volunteers to discuss items in the display. Bill is impressed with the future plans of the library, with the opening planned for the spring of 2004. This could be a possible outlet for new members of the Clearwater Historical Society.
Bill also received donations of a child's desk and chair, trunk, mirrors and pictures for the Plumb House.
Train Station - After extensive research, Bill Wallace has proposed a move of the train station to a location on Pine St. at the Trail, which is approximately 2 blocks from the current location. Bill has made numerous contacts with this proposal. The city has shown interest in approving the move, but not of accepting the cost of the move. Another concern is who would be responsible for the care of the facility once it is relocated. Bill will stay on top of this possibility and keep us informed. Mike Sanders will check into estimates for moving costs.
Clearwater High School - John Tsacrios has informed us that the museum he was working on at the high school is now in limbo due to funding issues. Dave Perkins suggested donating duplicate items at the Plumb House to Clearwater High.


Buddy Gross is working up a cost comparison for us of costs versus dues structure. Our current dues are: single $5, family $10, contributing member $25, and life member $100.
Mike Sanders is talking with the new owner of the Ducros House, which is on the National Register, about possibly moving the house versus demolition. It is located on So. Ft. Harrison, but cannot remain there. The owner has 11 months to resolve the situation.
Shirley Galatas received a video of the day spent at the Plumb House by the class from Plumb Elementary School. We would like to set up a tv/vcr to be able to show video to visitors.

Motion to adjourn meeting made by Dean Robinson at 9:00. Second by John Tsacrios.

Terri Ohr