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September 8, 2003

Meeting called to order by Bill Wallace at 7:30P.M.

Members present included Joe Turner, Joan Turner, Kathleen Moore, Bettie Mease, Marvin Moore, Lorelei Keif, Shirley Galatas, David Perkins, John Tsacrios, Pat Moore, Kay Holley, Beanie Korosy, Bill Justice, Anne Epling, Betty Jean Moore, Scott Dempster, Everett Daniel, Bill Wallace, and Terri Ohr.

Minutes of June 2, 2003, minutes approved as read. Motion to approve made by Scott Demptser, second by Pat Moore.

Treasurer's Report was presented by Bill Wallace. Bank balance as of Aug, 2003, is $11,802.46. Motion made to approve report by Bettie Mease, second by John Tsacrios.


1. Membership Committee - Bettie Mease -Remember to give Bettie any change of address information for members.
2. Program Committee - Jay Rhodes -Sent report that the Ross Norton facilities have been booked for the Nov. 1, 2003, fish fry.
3. Public Relations - Dean Robinson - Sent in that he had no report.
4. Museum Committee - Jim Coachman - Sent no report. Dave Perkins reported that his crew is at the Plumb House 2 times a month. They have been listening to audio tapes made years ago of interviews with local people about the history of Clearwater.
5. Artifacts and Documents Committee -Joan Turner -Brought in early pictures donated by ___________________of the soldier and sailor statues from Clearwater in the past. Kay Holley presented a set of pictures of Clearwater made by the Bank of Clearwater years ago and photos of the old ferry and a 1976 newspaper article about the fire at the old Clearwater Junior High School on Greenwood, all donated by ____________________.
6. Historical Research - Pat Moore had no report-Bill Wallace reported the demolition of the train depot and then presented, the following report from Mike Sanders:
a. Of the 25 sites on the walking tour of downtown Clearwater that is publicized on the Clearwater library web site, 5 have now been torn down for downtown projects.
b. On Aug 13, Mike Sanders and Bill Wallace showed slides and talked to the Breakfast Sertoma Club about Clearwater history, including the Clearwater Country Club.
c. Action on the status of demolition or moving the Ducros House has been put off until fall.
d. Mike Sanders gave a crash course to the Pinellas County Historical Society on Clearwater so a bus tour of Clearwater and Clearwater Beach could be given by them.
e. Mike had questioned library officials why the Florida keystone sheathing on the exterior of the new library is not being done as represented by the original designs. The explanation given to him was that it became a budget issue, and by not using that style there would be a saving of $300,000.
7. Fund Raising - Helen Wilcox - sent in that she had no report.
8. Homestead Committee - Anne Epling - Needs volunteers for the future Sat. open house at the Plumb House. Will pass around sign up sheet next meeting.

Bill Wallace has received a call from the Clearwater Parks and Recreation Dept. concerning possible future work to be done at the park where the Plumb House is located. No specific changes were stated, but in making their decisions they wanted to know what was the future planned use of the Plumb House.

Bill has continued discussions with the Clearwater Library representatives about our future efforts with the library.

No decision has been made by the Cleawater City Commission on the name for the "Town Lake" project. The Clearwater Parks and Recreation Board has selected their top two choices to recommend to the commission. These are Prospect Park Lake and Clearwater Central Park Lake.

Katie has been receiving questions on the Clearwater Historical Society's web site. Bill Wallace has been researching the questions and responding to the individuals. It was suggested that perhaps these questions and answers should be shown on the web site.


Financial membership analysis by Buddy Gross for 8/2002-7/2003 was read and discussed. It reflects that the cost per member for operating costs is $20.60. The average membership fee is not nearly covering the operating costs. Motion made by Pat Moore and second by Bettie Mease to increase dues to:
Single membership $10
Family membership $20
Contributing members $35
Life membership $150

Bill Wallace announced the appointment of a nominating and named its members. He then reported for Chuck McPherson, nominating committee chair, that the nominating committee had recommended the continuation of the current officers for another term. The officers had been contacted and accepted the nominations. Motion made to accept these officers were made by Bettie Mease and second by Anne Epling. Mike Sanders will include this information in the next newsletter.

Al Galbraith has a web site ( that is an effort to remember the 1959 - 1960 faculty of Clearwater Junior High School and the school which was closed in 1964. Check it out.

Motion to adjourn meeting made at 8:38 by John Tsacrios, with second by Pat Moore.

Terri Ohr

Addendum to minutes: It was determined after the meeting that a quorum of executive board members was not present at the Sept. 8 meeting. Therefore, a ballot was prepared for a vote on the official actions that were discussed at that meeting. These actions include:
Selection of nominating committee
Proposed slate of Officers and Board of Directors for next term
Acceptance of financial analysis
Change in Clearwater Historical Society dues