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October 6, 2003

Meeting called to order by Bill Wallace at 7:35P.M.

Members present included Joe Turner, Joan Turner, Bettie Mease, Lorelei Keif, Shirley Galatas, John Tsacrios, Beanie Korosy, Bill Justice, Anne Epling, James Coachman, Buddy Gross, Dean Robinson, Jay Rhodes, Mike Sanders, Janet Randall, Chuck McPherson, Sarah Lynn White, Bob Delack, Everett Daniel, Bill Wallace, and Terri Ohr.

Minutes of Sept. 8, 2003, approved as read.

Treasurer's Report presented by Buddy Gross. Bank balance as of October 2003, is $11,571.17.


1. Membership Committee - Bettie Mease -Clearwater Historical Society brochures need to be updated and printed. It needs to be decided what address we should use on brochure (Martin Luther King Ave. versus Greenwood Ave.) for the Plumb House. Bettie is taking home our remaining brochures to correct the dues schedule by hand. Bettie will make signs for the fish fry showing the new membership dues schedule.
2. Program Committee - Jay Rhodes -Everything set for the fish fry. Needs as many volunteers as possible. George Hardy has accepted the responsibility of the hushpuppies since Louise is no longer able to do it. Bill Wallace will have a PA system set up for the General Meeting.
3. Public Relations - Dean Robinson -No report.
4. Museum Committee - Jim Coachman -We have received a donation of $1,233.06 from the Ft. Harrison Quester's for our roofing fund. Discussed types of window protection available to prevent damage to the house from broken windows or possibly to prevent the windows from being broken.
5. Artifacts and Documents Committee -Joan Turner -Bill has purchased a couple of recorders to have at the Plumb House to listen to the old tapes the Historical Society has. Bill would like to make copies of the original tapes so that the originals can be placed in storage and the copies used for Sat. open house hours.
6. Historical Research - Pat Moore -No report.
7. Fund Raising - Helen Wilcox -Will have a table set up at the fish fry for the sale of our novelty items.
8. Homestead Committee - Anne Epling - Needs volunteers for the future Sat. open house at the Plumb House. Passed sign up sheet.

A. Motioned made by Dean Robinson and second by Jay Rhodes to affirm all actions taken at the Sept. 8 meeting.
B. Bill had several questions that were sent to our Web site that needed answering. Mike Sanders, Buddy Gross, and John Tsacrios took questions they would be able to answer.
C. Remember to check out our Web site and Al Galbraith's. Perhaps in the future we can add some history of our local school system to our web site.


1. Bill Wallace wanted to confirm with all parties that are heading our committees, that they are still willing to accept those responsibilities. If not, please get in touch with Bill.
2. Bill Wallace asked for any suggestion for the change of meetings dates for the Clearwater Historical Society meetings. No other dates were suggested.
3. Celebrate History weekend at Barnes and Noble on Oct., 17-19, to promote awareness of the history of our community.
4. Clearwater Community Women's Club has requested a tour of the Plumb House on Jan. 15. Betty Perkins has requested a slide show for her Rotary Club. Bill Wallace will be doing a presentation for the Pinellas Education Retired Employee Chapter on March 15.

Terri Ohr