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December 1, 2003

Meeting called to order by Bill Wallace at 7:30P.M.

Members present included Joe Turner, Joan Turner, Lorelei Keif, Bill Justice, Anne Epling, James Coachman, Buddy Gross, Dean Robinson, Jay Rhodes, Mike Sanders, Chuck McPherson, Dave Perkins, Rick Moore, Kathleen Moore, Marvin Moore, Bob Delack, Everett Daniel, Bill Wallace, Pat Moore, and Terri Ohr.

Minutes of Oct. 6, 2003, approved as corrected.

Treasurer's Report presented by Buddy Gross. Bank balance as of December 2003, is $12,832.87.


1. Membership Committee - Bettie Mease -Good response in paying dues at the fish fry.
2. Program Committee - Jay Rhodes -Discussion of the options we have for the location of the fish fry in the future. Bill Justice will find out what the fee for using Clearwater High School would be. Should we ask the City if they would cover this fee for the November fry as they do for the May one?
3. Public Relations - Dean Robinson -Additional publicity contacts have added new articles and announcements for the Plumb House. Dean needs to confirm the future open house dates now to have them published correctly in the different papers.
4. Museum Committee - Jim Coachman -Dave Perkins commented that in his opinion we should not worry about window protection at the present time since we have other more urgent needs. A new roof and painting are more immediate needs. Dean Robinson mentioned that paint was donated last time. If we could get that again, would there be enough volunteers to do the prep work and painting. Joe Turner questioned if a bank loan would be possible. Dean Robinson made a motion and Mike Sanders second that the Historical Society should seek approval from a financial source for a $5,000, 1 yr. loan for repairs to the house. Terri Ohr will get information from AmSouth Bank about what is required for loan approval and repayment. Bill Wallace will inquire with the City to see if any funding is possible from them.
5. Artifacts and Documents Committee -Joan Turner -We received the donation of a 16mm, 26 minute film of the mid 70's of the history of Clearwater sponsored by the Bank of Clearwater. Film will be left at the Plumb House for viewing on the movie projector that Bill Wallace has provided.
6. Historical Research - Pat Moore -Clearwater Public Library contacted Mike Sanders for suggestions of what to do with the marble slab from the original Carnegie Public Library found during demolition. Bill Wallace will find out if it will be possible for us to tour the new building before it is open.
7. Fund Raising - Helen Wilcox -No report.
8. Homestead Committee - Anne Epling - There are problems covering the Saturday open house hours. It was discussed if changing the open house hours would resolve the problem. Passed sign up sheet to try to cover the next 2 months. We should consider this issue again before next season versus changing it now in the middle of the year. Will stay with current schedule for the time being.

Bill Wallace asked for thoughts concerning clarification of our committees. Are the committees overlapping? Do we need to develop more goals and projections of what expectations are for each committee? Since we are the historical society, do we need to have more historical research done? Please bring in thoughts and suggestions at the Dec. meeting.


Levi Davis, Project Manager for Peter R. Brown Construction, contacted our Web site concerning the marker for Taylor School located in an area facing Druid Rd., just east of Arcturas Ave. This area is proposed for a retention pond, and he was questioning the possibility of a slight move to accommodate this proposal. Bill Wallace responded that he would bring this information to the Clearwater Historical Society meeting and felt confident that the board would support the necessary relocation. The Advisory committee agreed with Bill's suggestions that the marker be moved outside of the existing fence to accommodate the pond and to be visible to the public.

Janet Thomas contacted our web site looking for information on how she could get some old pictures of Clearwater and Clearwater Beach. She mentioned using the pictures to make posters for framing. Bill Wallace responded about the availability of our photo collection to the public. Although we do not have a program in place currently to reproduce the pictures, he would get back with her after discussing the possibilities at our Dec. board meeting. It was discussed if the Historical Society should charge a price for duplicates of the Society's pictures. Should we find a photography studio that will work with us to recreate photos for distribution? Do we want to pursue an arrangement with a studio? Joan Turner will do some inquiries. Jay Rhodes questioned how we could give credit to the Historical Society for providing these pictures. Perhaps, our logo could be placed by the photographer to any photo reproduced.

Chuck McPherson questioned the possibility of creating a calendar with historical pictures of Clearwater. Joe Turner said the cost would be very high. We would need to print a minimum of 1,000 copies to make any profit. It would be very unlikely that we could ever sell that many copies.

Katie Moore is always looking for new information for our web site. Please contact her with any suggestions.

It was brought to our attention that there were additional categories that we did not consider when changing our dues schedule. It was decided that they were categories rarely used, so we should leave them at the same rate.

Motion made to adjourn by Mike Sanders, second by Jay Rhodes.

Terri Ohr