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March 1, 2004

Meeting called to order by Bill Wallace at 7:30P.M.

Members present included Joe Turner, Joan Turner, Anne Epling, James Coachman, Buddy Gross, Dean Robinson, Mike Sanders, Chuck McPherson, Dave Perkins, Marvin Moore, Bob Delack, Jay Rhodes, Bettie Mease, Laddie Irion, Everett Daniel, Bill Justice, Bill Wallace, Pat Moore, and Terri Ohr.

Minutes of Feb. 2, 2004, approved as corrected.

Treasurer's Report presented by Buddy Gross. Bank balance as of March 2004, is $11,687.91. Included in this balance, is $3,500 in donations for the roof. Financial report for 10/3/02 - 11/03/03 reflects $13,145.00 income, $9,603.00 expenses, leaving net income of $3,542.


1. Membership Committee - Bettie Mease -No report
2. Program Committee - Jay Rhodes -Tickets handed out for fish fry to be held at Clearwater High School on May 1. Members checking on other options for Nov. fish fry. The Legion Hall is not an option due to fee charged.
3. Public Relations - Dean Robinson -All publicity is continuing.
4. Museum Committee - Jim Coachman - Presentation made by Roland Lessard from Window Supply, Inc for installation of a metal roof on the Plumb House. We were given an estimate in Jan. of $15,167, which has now been increased to $18,267 due to the enforcement of a change in codes from 29 gauge metal to 26 gauge metal. Company was opened in 1970 in Ocala. It now has multiple offices throughout the Southeastern United States. They will take off the asphalt shingles, but leave on wood shingles, then repair the bad wood, cover with 30lb felt, install " hardboard, then steel. Every 30" there will be board to secure steel to roof, then filler is placed under panel and the metal drip edge is installed. New angles will be placed on the pitch peaks. Seams will be sealed with a special tape. Install Cobra ridge to allow for ventilation on ridges. There is a written full lifetime workmanship and quality warranty for winds up to 155mph. Strong enough to withstand normal human weight. Paint is guaranteed for 25 yrs. No mold or mildew. Moisture will evaporate between steel and hardboard. Each piece of metal is cut to order after it is galvanized and painted. Company will get permits and provide dumpster. Company might also need to use cherry pickers to get to the top roof, due to the pitch. Approximate timeframe for installation is 6 weeks. Price estimate is good for 30 days. Financing can be provided by company. Interest rate is approximately 9- 12%. Loan would need to be guaranteed by officer of Clearwater Historical Society. Approximate payment for $18,000 at 10% would be $580/month for 3 yrs., $362/month for 7yrs, $296/month for 9 yrs. or $193/month for 15 yrs. Lorelei Keif is contacting Better Business bureau for reference on company. Bill Wallace has contacted another roofing company that will be sending him an estimate. Bill was told that the roof would need to be stripped entirely before putting on the sheathing, then the metal roof. Bill will contact City Building Dept to verify information given to us by Window Supply. Dean Roofing lowered their estimate to $16,627. Jim Coachman will contact Home Depot about the possibility of a donation of roofing materials and names of roofing contractors. Joe Turner recommended Clark and Logan. Joe and Mike Sanders will contact Clark and Logan for their recommendations. More research will need to be done before any decision is made.
5. Artifacts and Documents Committee -Joan Turner -Dean Young requested to be permitted to attend one of the Historical Society meetings. He is open to suggestions for an idea to put the Clearwater Historical Society in one of his cartoons. Received souvenir plate purchased for possible future fund raiser. John Espey has offered to donate his high school letterman jacket. Evelyn and Clayton Keehn donated multiple 1910s' postcards of Clearwater. Has 2000+ additional card for possible donation in the future.
6. Historical Research - Pat Moore -No report
7. Fund Raising - Helen Wilcox -No report.
8. Homestead Committee - Anne Epling -Reminder that we still need staffing for Sat. hours for April.

The Clearwater Library has set their grand opening for May 1. They will be coming to the Plumb House to look at possible items to be put on display in the library.

Work schedule for the Plumb House has been set as follows:
April 3 - pressure cleaning
April 10 - cleaning, scraping and repairs
April 17 - painting

The earliest house on the National Register is the Ducros House. The site development plan for its' current location which was submitted to the city, does not include the house. A private party earmarked through the city to move the house to a possible site at 803 Lakeview. A contract has been made, but not yet approved.


No new business.

Motion made to adjourn by Mike Sanders and second by Dean Robinson at 9:10.

Terri Ohr