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April 5, 2004

Meeting called to order by Bill Wallace at 7:30P.M.

Members present included Joe Turner, Joan Turner, Anne Epling, James Coachman, Buddy Gross, Mike Sanders, Chuck McPherson, Dave Perkins, Marvin Moore, Bob Delack, Bettie Mease, Bill Wallace, Pat Moore, Helen Wilcox, Betty Jean Moore, Kathleen Moore, Shirley Galatas, Kay Holley, Lorelei Keif, John Tsacrios, Beanie Korosy, and Sara Lynn White. Excused Absenses: Terri Ohr, Jay Rhodes, and Scott Dempster.

Minutes of March 1, 2004, approved as printed.

Treasurer's Report presented orally by Buddy Gross. Bank balance as of April 5, 2004, is $11,429.45. Excluded in this balance are the following transactions on April 5, 2004: $12.84 Expense paid to Dave Perkins for a new flag and $25.00 for Deposit of Donations. $4,631.00 is designated for a new roof for the Plumb House.


1. Membership Committee - Bettie Mease -No report.
2. Program Committee - A. Joe Turner requested input to determine how much fish to order based on "leftover" in November, 2003 and insufficient fish in May, 2003. Based on lb per person, it was decided the usual 200 lbs plus 40 lbs would probably work best. B. Members from CHS '44 through '47 classes will be attending. Marvin will include copies of the Fish Fry Flyer and Membership Forms at their Reunion Registration table at Sheraton Sand Key on Fri.April 30th. C. Dave Perkins requested help with carrying the supplies up and down the stairs. Lorelei Keif and Sara Lynn White volunteered their husbands. A suggestion was made to use the 1st floor closet under the stairs for storage of the heavy items. Dave Perkins will consider it and make the final decision. D. Discussion of the Fish Fry "set-up" was informative. Logistics of the Ticket Sales Entrance, location of the beverage table(s), Membership and Novelties areas will be decided the morning of the Fish Fry. E. After the last Board meeting, the decision to change the Fund Raiser for the plate painted with a Clearwater scene, from a Silent Auction to a Raffle was unanimous by proxy vote. Posters with a picture of the plate will be posted and tickets will be sold. Concerns regarding any problems in having the raffle were dispelled because the raffle is within the membership of the Society, and not throughout the entire community.
3. Public Relations - Dean Robinson - No Report.
4. Museum Committee - Dave Perkins reported contact was made with Clark and Logan regarding replacement of the Plumb House roof. They recommended Harlan Johnson who gave a price of $7,680 for a shingle roof with a 30year warranty. This price would not include the plywood sheeting. Damage to the roof structure would be repaired at cost, plus $35 per hour labor. This was understood to be the price per hour for the entire crew. It will be clarified prior to contract negotiations. If agreement is made to use Harlan Johnson as the Roofing Contractor, there will be a 3week time span before work can begin. Any donations of material will reduce the cost. James Coachman contacted the local Home Depot and they were unwilling to make a donation of materials. Requests for donations have certain steps the requesting party must accomplish and the request must be sent to the Atlanta Headquarters. However, James reported on a Company in Brandon who picks up and sells "undesirable" lumber. The lumber rejects include plywood that would be acceptable for the roof repairs, at $4.00 per sheet. Bill Wallace and/or Mike Sanders will contact Carroll Nall for ideas to reduce the cost of supplies and material. A letter was read from George Hardy, "the hush puppy man". He suggested an expert in building restoration check the building and give a report. He also wanted to share his concerns about the future maintenance repairs needed for the preservation and upkeep of the Plumb House. Sara Lynn White agreed with the idea of getting a complete analysis of the Plumb House structural condition prior to painting and/or roof repairs. She knows an expert in historical building preservation. He also restores depressed areas via Government Grants. She will contact him for assistance in appraising the exact condition of the House and obtain his advice regarding grants. Dave Perkins will contact someone for an inspection; and, suggested contacting the Company who is contracted for Termite Inspections. After much discussion, the President asked whether the members wanted to proceed with the new roof based on the company recommended by Clark and Logan and work towards painting the lower section of the House. Bettie Mease moved to go ahead with a shingle roof by Harlan Johnson, after clarification of "unexpected damage repair" details. Second by Buddy Gross. The motion carried 7 for and 0 against. Dave Perkins was presented a check from Mary Tilley Bessemer because of his dedication and service to the efforts at the Plumb House over many years. The check was in memory of the Tilley family and in the amount of $1,000 towards the Plumb House roof.
5. Artifacts and Documents Committee -Joan Turner -Reported on the interest of the John Phillipoff family. She will keep in close contact with them regarding items of interest. Bill Wallace presented a copy of a1912 City Directory.
6. Historical Research - Pat Moore -No report.
7. Fund Raising - Helen Wilcox -In addition to the shirts, hats, & cards, there will be a raffle for a souvenir plate with a painting of historical Clearwater. Bill Wallace is donating authentic Citrus Labels for sale at $2 each.
8. Homestead Committee - Anne Epling -Reminder that we still need staffing for Sat. hours for April 17.

Mike Sanders received communication from Rosalie Philipoff, Transylvania County Historical Society. She purchased the oldest house in the County known as the Allison-Deaver House and restored it. It is now being used for Chestnut Hill Bed & Breakfast, Brevard, NC.

John Tscarios presented the idea of a Dessert Room at the Fish Fry instead of the cookies where the dessert would be sold separately. The idea was well received for an event not connected to the Fish Fry. The Board felt the Fish Fry coming up May 1, 2004 has so many items for sale (fish fry tickets, memberships, novelties, raffle for the historical scene plate, and citrus labels) that it would not be advisable this time.

Also suggested is an event (and fund raiser) during the Summer months with the idea being a Lemonade/Ice Cream Social. Lorelei Keif and Sara Lynn White will investigate this idea and present the details to the Board for consideration.

April 17, 2004 was one of the dates set for the Plumb House work schedule. With so many other events, including the Pioneers Picnic on that date, it was decided to reschedule the date for prep work & painting.

Bob DeLack reported on the success of the Largo Cracker Dinner, which served 337 meals and profited over $1,000.00.


John Tsacrios volunteered to begin the process for getting Grant Monies. He will ask Shirley Moravec to work with him.

Mike Sanders shared information from Cedio Saltarelli, Harbor Oaks Association, requesting support for closure of the South end of Bay Av @ Jeffords St. The goal is to decrease the number of vehicles traversing Harbor Oaks historical residential district to reach other destinations in the City. The HO Assn. is recommending that the closed area be converted into a City park; and, a plaque be put in place naming the area Howard Remig Park. This would be in addition to the historical marker placed there by CHS in 1947 in cooperation with the FL Dept of State. The Senior Remig preserved 60 years of historical archives of Harbor Oaks. Mr. Saltarelli has the beautifully bound items in his office and will donate them to be shared with historians, CHSociety and the Clearwater Public Library.

Chuck MacPherson has made copies of videos with historical information. They can be shared and/or copied upon request. The tapes include: Bank of Clearwater - History of Clearwater Clearwater - A Living History Interviews at Early Meetings of the Historical Society

Funeral Services for Ruth Douglas Webb were announced. The Douglas family is involved with The National Armed Services and Law Enforcement Museum in the old Upton's Laundry building on Douglas Av, Dunedin.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:15.

Pat Moore, Secretary Pro Tem