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September 13, 2004

Meeting called to order by Bill Wallace at 7:30P.M.

Members present included Joe Turner, Joan Turner, Dave Perkins, Bettie Mease, Anne Epling, James Coachman, Kay Holley, Buddy Gross, Mike Sanders, Chuck McPherson, Marvin Moore, Jay Rhodes, Kathleen Moore, John Tsacrios, Helen Wilcox, Laddie Irion, Bill Justice, Bill Wallace, Pat Moore, and Terri Ohr. First time attendees were Joe Critchley and Bob Valentine.

Minutes of June 7, 2004, approved as corrected.

Treasurer's Report presented by Buddy Gross. Bank balance as of September 2004, is $3,384.88.


1. Membership Committee - Bettie Mease -No report.
2. Program Committee - Jay Rhodes - Current plan is for the Nov. fish fry to be held at the St. Cecelia's School cafeteria. Some final plans have to be resolved before it is definite.
3. Public Relations - Dean Robinson -All publicity is continuing, if there is anything new to be added please let Dean know.
4. Museum Committee - Jim Coachman -Jim Coachman and Bill Wallace completed the repairs to the roof to pass the City of Clearwater roofing inspection. Need to set dates for the completion of cleaning and painting. Jim Coachman is trying to get the donation of a cherry picker to help with the job.
5. Artifacts and Documents Committee -Joan Turner -Dave Perkins and Joan Turner are going through some articles from Sarah Byers for historical value to the Clearwater Historical Society. Joan now has prints of the Kathleen Plumb 1850-1900 map ready for sale. Suggestions made on wording to be added to bottom of print. Bettie Mease made a motion and Helen Wilcox second, that Joan and her committee will decide on wording. Price for print has been set at $40. It was discussed, but not decided, if we would give a discount if more than one print was purchased at a time. Bob Bickerstaff donated files of prints of aerial photos of Clearwater in the 1950's.
6. Historical Research - Pat Moore -Mike Sanders has received historical pictures that George Fulmer is making into negatives and prints. It was suggested that we recognize Mr. Fulmer for his help throughout the years. Mike Sanders provided the St. Petersburg Times with a photo, which was used in the paper in September, of damage done to Clearwater Beach by Hurricane Easy in the early 1950s. Bill Wallace has received a request for our members to participate in completing genealogy forms for the Pinellas Pioneer Association.
7. Fund Raising - Helen Wilcox -No report.
8. Homestead Committee - Anne Epling - Will be starting the schedule for staffing the Plumb House on Saturdays' open house from Nov. 13, to April 1.

Nominating Committee Report for 2004-2005:
We, the members of the appointed Committee on Nominations, submit the following recommendations to the Executive Board to be considered by the general membership for officers of this Clearwater Historical Society for the year 2004-2005.
President………..William Wallace
Vice President…. Michael Sanders
Treasurer………. Dr. Buddy Gross
Secretary………. Terri Ohr

Board of Directors
Bettie Mease
Dean Robinson
Pat Moore
Jay Rhodes
Joan Turner
James W. Coachman, Jr.
Lorelei Keif
Laddie Iron
We also submit the following recommendations:
1. The new president should appoint Ann Epling and Helen Wilcox to the Advisory Board.
2. The new president creates a "leadership program" to train the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board members in the operations and activities of the offices of our organization (i.e. procedures for treasury, membership, fish fry, city contacts and information).

Respectfully submitted by:
John C. Tsacrios, Chairman
James W. Coachman, Brd of Directors
Michael L. Sanders, Vice Pres.
Dean Robinson, Brd of Directors
Charles McPherson, I.P. Pres.

The Clearwater Library is still trying to complete the 4th floor. They have removed our display from the cases and placed the items in storage. Their plans are to use them again in the future.

The City of Clearwater is willing to let the Ducros House be moved to Ed Wright Park. However, the cost of the move would need to be provided by the public sector. An offer has been made by a buyer to locate the house behind the Big-Little Market on Ft. Harrison Ave., but it has not been finalized. Bill has heard of other offers, but nothing has been finalized. Bill Wallace questioned if the Historical Society was willing to create fund raisers to pay for moving of the house. John Tsacrios mentioned that all unopposed incumbent politicians have to find a charitable organization to give their donated campaign funds to. John will create a letter to contact the politicians to let them know there is a need for funds to move the Ducros House.


Questioned raised about increasing the price of fish fry tickets. No decision was made.

The City of Clearwater has formed the Clearwater Citizen Committee to work on plans for the future of Clearwater. Marvin Moore has requested that if anyone of us is asked to serve on this committee, please accept.

Largo is having their Centennial celebration from June 2004 to June 2005. There are hundreds of events to choose from, so watch for their schedule.

Dave is requesting help on the 1st and 3rd Thurs of each month from 8:30 to 11:30 to do repairs and maintenance on the Plumb House.

Motion made to adjourn meeting at 8:35 by Dave Perkins and second by John Tsacrios.

Terri Ohr, Secretary