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October 4, 2004

Meeting called to order by Bill Wallace at 7:37P.M.

Members present included Joe Turner, Joan Turner, Dave Perkins, Bettie Mease, Anne Epling, Mike Sanders, Marvin Moore, Jay Rhodes, Chuck McPherson, John Tsacrios, Lorelei Keif, Bob Delack, Betty Jean Moore, Bill Wallace, Pat Moore, and Terri Ohr.

Minutes of September 13, 2004, approved as read.

Treasurer's Report presented by Bill Wallace. Bank balance as of October, 2004, is $3,121.37.


1. Membership Committee - Bettie Mease -No report.
2. Program Committee - Jay Rhodes - Nov. Fish Fry to be held at the St. Cecelia's School cafeteria. Plenty of parking. Area close to kitchen for cooking. Fee for using their facilities is $185, including insurance and maintenance.
3. Public Relations - Dean Robinson -Release for fish fry has been sent to newspapers. All publicity is continuing, if there is anything new to be added please let Dean know.
4. Museum Committee - Jim Coachman -Plans to schedule painting dates still in the works.
5. Artifacts and Documents Committee -Joan Turner -No report.
6. Historical Research - Pat Moore -Bill Wallace was contacted by a relative of former Harbor Oaks resident. They will be sending Bill documents and photos for the use of the Historical Society.
7. Fund Raising - Lorelei Keif -Society will consider purchasing another item for a raffle at the May fish fry. Will be taking orders for the map prints at this fish fry.
8. Homestead Committee - Anne Epling - Will be passing the schedule for staffing the Plumb House on Saturdays' open house from Nov. 13, to April 1. Please contact Anne at 726-5900 with dates you are available.

Nothing is new on the Ducros House being moved.


Barnes and Noble will be having a historical day. They are asking for speakers and displays for the day. Bill Wallace will get additional information. If anyone is interested in participating, please contact Bill.

Motion to adjourn was made by Joan Turner. Second by Chuck McPherson. Meeting adjourned at 8:25.

Respectfully submitted,

Terri Ohr, Secretary