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December 6, 2004

Meeting called to order by Bill Wallace at 7:32 PM.

Members present included Bettie Mease, Joan Turner, Shirley Galatas, Dean S. Robinson, Marvin Moore, Kathleen Moore, Pat Moore, Dave Perkins, Helen Wilcox, Chuck McPherson, Laddie Irion, James W. Coachman, Jay Rhodes, Bob Delack, Buddy Gross, Mike Sanders, Lorelei Keif, Bill Wallace, and Terri Ohr.

Minutes of October 4, 2004 approved as read.

Treasurer's report approved as presented. Bank balance as of December 2004, is $3,648.68. Income generated from Nov. Fish Fry was $629.50.


A. Membership Committee - Bettie Mease - At the fish fry we had approximately 45 membership renewals and 10 new members. It was suggested by Bill Wallace to contact past members to inquire about renewing their membership. There is a great need to find new members. Bill requested suggestions for a membership drive. Joan Turner will add request to the next printing of our brochures. Dean Robinson will add membership requests in our publicity announcement, when possible. Chuck McPherson suggested partnerships with other organizations for joint membership, i.e. art clubs, garden clubs, etc. John Tsacrios suggested a change to our sign to show the Clearwater Historical Society's Museum is supported by our members. Another suggestion was to send packets to local schools offering tours of the Plumb House to the students. Chuck, Laddie, and John will work, with Dean Robinson's cooperation, as a team to find ideas for creating new membership and raising funds for the museum.
B. Program Committee - Jay Rhodes - Great response about the Nov. Fish Fry. Jay provided pictures of the big event for our viewing. Jay will contact Clearwater High School to reserve facility for our fish fry in May.
C. Public Relations - Dean Robinson - Will increase greater emphasis in local papers for recognition of the museum. Marvin Moore will contact Clearwater Gazette for possible publicity.
D. Museum Committee - Jim Coachman - John Tsacrios suggested a presentation at the Clearwater Library by members of the Historical Society. Bill Wallace will talk to his contact at the library to see if this is possible. He will also ask if we can place our brochures at the library and at the Chamber of Commerce.
E. Artifacts and Documents Committee - Joan Turner - Joan donated an original Ft. Harrison Hotel menu. Mike Sanders retrieved a concrete stamp from N. Osceola Ave. of the legend of a well known builder, John Phillipoff. Mr. Phillipoff was known for his development of numerous Clearwater properties in the early 1900's.
F. Historical Research - Pat Moore - Mike Sanders stated that the Seminole Historical marker that was placed at the Seminole boat ramp by the Historical Society has been damaged and removed for storage. This marker commemorated the location of the bridge that connected Clearwater to the beach approximately 10 years prior to the current bridge location. Mike made contact with the manufacturer and found the needed part would cost approximately $300. He will contact the city representative to see if there is some way they can repair sign. Belleview Biltmore has conflicting reports on sale of property. Many groups have been formed to fight development to the Belleview grounds. A motion was made by Dean and second by Jim Coachman, for Mike Sanders to write a letter expressing the opinion of the Historical Society's concerns with development of this area. Ducros House is still encountering problems with getting moved, but has not been given up on.
G. Fund Raising Committee - Laddie Irion/Helen Wilcox - $35 is the price decided on for a large print of the Plumb historical map. Lorelei suggested the Society have a framed print of the Plumb map for a raffle at the spring fish fry. Laddie is looking for other possible fund raisers. Finding a way to make contact with Clearwater residents to raise awareness of the Historical Society would be a great help.
H. Homestead Committee - Lorelei Keif/Anne Epling -There is still a need volunteers for Sat. hours at the Plumb House.


1. The addition to existing committees was accepted by Laddie Irion to Fund Raising and Lorelei Keif to Homestead.

2. The Society has three openings for the Advisory Board. Please give any names of possible members to Bill Wallace.

3. Katie Moore has been working with Buck Davidson to create new things for our web site. All of this work is being done to hopefully create more interest in the Historical Society.

Motion to adjourn meeting made by Jay Rhodes and second by Dean Robinson. Meeting adjourned at 8:53 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Terri Ohr, Secretary