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February 7, 2005

Meeting called to order by Bill Wallace at 7:35 PM.

Members present included, Joan Turner, Shirley Galatas, Dean S. Robinson, Pat Moore, Dave Perkins, Laddie Irion, John Tsacrios, Marvin Moore, Bob Valentine, Bettie Mease, Joe Turner, Bob Delack, Buddy Gross, Mike Sanders, Lorelei Keif, Bill Wallace, and Terri Ohr.

Minutes of January 3, 2005 approved as read.

Treasurer's report approved as presented. Bank balance as of February, 2005, is $3,483.76.


A. Membership Committee - Bettie Mease - We have received a total of $2,510 in dues this last month. Bettie wanted to thank Buddy for taking over on sending out the notices.
B. Program Committee - Jay Rhodes -Bill Wallace stated that he has been contacted by a couple of Clearwater High School classes concerning attending the May Fish Fry.
C. Public Relations - Dean Robinson - Dean and the committee created new notices for The Plumb House Museum's news publications. Get Away Calendar in Weekender, Clearwater Citizen, Largo, Belleair Bee and Clearwater Gazette have accepted our new notices.
D. Museum Committee - Jim Coachman -Dave Perkins has seen to the replacement of the missing glass in the recently donated oak display case. Hugh Coachman has kindly sent us some larger orange crate labels for our display. It was discussed if we would be able to have additional labels to sell at our next fish fry, since they were so well received last time.
E. Artifacts and Documents Committee - Joan Turner -No report.
F. Historical Research - Pat Moore -Seminole Street marker is now being held at the Plumb House. Laddie stated that John Russell with the City of Clearwater Parks and Recreation is the person to contact for help in reinstalling the sign on Seminole Street. Mike Sanders is creating a display for the South Ward Elementary School's 100 year anniversary. Mike also informed us that the developers have withdrawn their plans for the Belleview Biltmore. Heritage Village has interceded with Progress Energy on behalf of the Ducros House. They are asking if the power company can find ways to lower the expense of moving the house.
G. Fund Raising Committee - Laddie Irion/Helen Wilcox -Ad Hoc Committee met twice in January. They created a plan to attract more attention to the Plumb House and suggestions on possible fund raisers. Copies of their plan were distributed to members at the meeting. It was decided to begin designating the Plumb House as a museum on all of our material and public notices. Dean Robinson has made the necessary changes to our notices. John Tsacrios has created a sample certificate to be given to all new members, in hopes that would create more interest in the society. It was agreed that we need to become more visible in the community to accomplish the Historical Society's needs. Lorelei Keif suggested that we make it known in publications that we need donations of period articles for the museum. Bill Wallace commended the committee for their plans and requested that they begin implementing their different suggestions.
H. Homestead Committee -Lorelei Keif/Anne Epling - We still need volunteers for the Plumb House Sat. open house hours. Please contact Anne with your availability.
OTHER: Buddy Gross, Treasurer, had been contacting other banks to determine if service charges would be less than what is being offered to us now. A motion was made by Dean Robinson and second by Mike Sanders to give Dr. Gross the authority to make any account changes necessary.
Bill Wallace stated that he would begin priming the Plumb House on Sat. It would then need to be cleaned again before the painting could be started.


1. Bill Wallace spoke with Jan Nichols from the Clearwater Library and other library representatives about having a "Clearwater Historical Day" at the library. Bill was told that Florida Heritage month is March 15 - April 15, and the State of Florida is publicizing any historical meetings, contests, etc, free of charge. It was decided that we would ask the library if we could set up displays, manned by Clearwater Historical Society members on April 9, 9-5. We will ask the city to publicize the event and invite city officials. Consensus was made to move forward with this plan.

2. Art Kader with the Clearwater Parks and Recreation Dept. spoke with Bill Wallace concerning placing the uniform styled sign for the Plumb House like the City is using throughout Clearwater. It was agreed that we would accept the City's offer if we had some rights of approval on the wording of the sign.

3. Discussed the possibility of framing one of the smaller prints of the Kathleen Plumb map for a raffle at the fish fry. Joan will check into the cost.

4. Katie Moore is working hard on updating and improving our web site. If anyone would like to work with Katie on this project, please get in touch with her. This is a very time consuming project.

Motion to adjourn meeting made by Dean Robinson and second by Laddie Irion. Meeting adjourned at 8:59 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Terri Ohr, Secretary