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April 4, 2005

Meeting called to order by Bill Wallace at 7:40 P.M.

Members present included, Joan Turner, Dean S. Robinson, Dave Perkins, Laddie Irion, John Tsacrios, Helen Wilcox, Chuck McPherson, Bettie Mease, Joe Turner, Bob Delack, Mike Sanders, Lorelei Keif, Marvin Moore, Kay Holley, Betty Jean Moore, Jay Rhodes, Anne Epling, Pat Moore, Bill Wallace, and Terri Ohr.

Minutes of March 7, 2005 approved as corrected.

Treasurer's report approved as presented. Bank balance as of April, 2005, is $3,371.92.


A. Membership Committee - Bettie Mease -Bill Wallace has updated roster for the Historical Society and given copies to Buddy Gross, Joan Turner and Bettie Mease.
B. Program Committee - Jay Rhodes -All things are in place for the fish fry on May 7.
C. Public Relations - Dean Robinson - All publications are continuing with updated information sent to them by Dean. Dean contacted Bay News 9 about our special event at the library. Bill commented that he had seen our information on the City of Clearwater web site.
D. Museum Committee - Jim Coachman -Dave Perkins reported that there have been several false alarms at Plumb House. Brinks was here twice to determine and fix the problem. Unfortunately, we were billed for two police calls and the repair bill by Brinks.
E. Artifacts and Documents Committee - Joan Turner -John Phillipoff brought Joan pictures of the construction of the Roebling Mansion. She contacted George Fulmer and he will make negatives of the pictures. Bill has made an album for the photographs that Mr. Fulmer has done negatives of. Joan has made name tags for the staff that will be at our library event.
F. Historical Research - Pat Moore -Bill Wallace has assumed the responsibility of creating The Pinellas Genealogist brochure. Some of this information will be added to our web site. Mike Sanders has made contact with "Buck" McMullen, a former Clearwater resident that has hundreds of postcards of Clearwater that he is willing to donate. Mike will be meeting with him in the near future.
G. Fund Raising Committee - Laddie Irion/Helen Wilcox -Laddie met with Ad Hoc Committee on March 19. The main discussion was focused on a better recognition between the Clearwater Historical Society and the City of Clearwater. We are anticipating a lot of exposure at the Clearwater Library event and hope this will spark a greater interest in the Historical Society. John Tsacrios and Bill Wallace will attend the next City Council Meeting to make an announcement about our day at the library. Marvin spoke with Bill Jonson, City Commissioner, who was very concerned that there were no historical pictures on display in the City Hall. We might want to find out if that is a possibility.
H. Homestead Committee -Lorelei Keif/Anne Epling - We still need volunteers for the Plumb House Sat. open house hours for April. Lorelei has drafted a request for donation of items for The Plumb House. Lorelei is also working on the framing of the historical map for the raffle at the May Fish Fry.

OTHER: Bill Wallace has confirmed our use of the Clearwater Public Library for our Clearwater Historical event on April 9. There will be historical films, maps, documents, antiques items from the Plumb House on display. We will also have Historical Society novelty items for sale. We will be located in two places in the library. Hopefully, there will be opportunities to interview and record other long time Clearwater residents. The library will make posters to show the location of our display areas. Bill hopes to load up items for transport on Fri at 3:00. Any help will be appreciated. Everyone should meet at the library Sat. at 9 AM to help set up. As many people as possible should be there. Volunteers will have name tags for identification during the event. Bill Wallace has received the draft from the City for The Plum House sign. The only change request was to have the word museum added to the sign. Bill Wallace will investigate the possibility of purchasing a used safe for The Plumb House.

NEW: Marvin Moore had a copy of the article concerning saving Calvary Baptist Church from a historical viewpoint. Marvin wanted agreement to have article placed on our web site. It was suggested that he seek authorization to re-print prior to placing on our site.

Kay Holley will be directing a period clothing fashion show at Heritage Village on May 21, at 12:30.

Motion to adjourn meeting made by Jay Rhodes and second by Laddie Irion. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Terri Ohr, Secretary