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June 6, 2005

Meeting called to order by Mike Sanders at 7:30 P.M.

Members present included, Joan Turner, Laddie Irion, John Tsacrios, Dean Robinson, Dave Perkins, Chuck McPherson, Bettie Mease, Joe Turner, Bob Delack, Mike Sanders, Marvin Moore, Bill Justice, Shirley Galatas, Bob Valentine, Lorelei Keif, Pat Moore, Jay Rhodes, Buddy Gross, Jim Coachman, Pat Moore, and Terri Ohr.

Minutes of April 4, 2005 approved as corrected.

Treasurer's report approved as presented. Bank balance as of June, 2005, is $4,821.76. Fish Fry report reflects a balance after expenses of $1,614.32.


A. Membership Committee - Bettie Mease -Six new members signed up at May Fish Fry. Also collected were some of the past due membership fees.
B. Program Committee - Jay Rhodes -Lengthy discussion of the fact that we were not told in advance of the fee for $1,040 for using Clearwater High School for our May Fish Fry. The City of Clearwater has agreed to pay half of fee, but in hopes that the School Board will be willing to reconsider this fee. Motion made by Dean Robinson and second by Buddy Gross to find another place for Nov. Fish Fry.
C. Public Relations - Dean Robinson -Dean is pleased with the news articles now being released. Notice for requests of donations of items for The Plumb House will be in next set of notices.
D. Museum Committee - Jim Coachman -Work has been done on The Plumb House by Jim Coachman and Bill Wallace. THG, owned by John Holcomb, donated a 45' bucket lift for use by Jim and Bill for the repairs.
E. Artifacts and Documents Committee - Joan Turner -A book signed by Don Roebling and given to John Phillipoff is in Joan Turner's possession. A Sea-O-Rama Museum leaflet, published by The City of Clearwater, was donated to the Historical Society by Joan Turner. A 1929, CHS Chatter annual is being photographed by George Fulmer for us. Dean Robinson has asked the owner of Clearwater Beach Hotel to keep the Historical Society in mind when disposing of articles from the Hotel.
F. Historical Research - Pat Moore -No report.
G. Fund Raising Committee - Laddie Irion/Helen Wilcox -Laddie will continue with the Ad Hoc Committee for the fall. Shirley suggested that perhaps we could consider decorating The Plumb House at Christmas and having tours. There was a lot of interest in doing this, perhaps as a fund raiser.
H. Homestead Committee -Lorelei Keif/Anne Epling -No report.

OTHER: Motion made by Bettie Mease and second by Jim Coachman for a nomination committee to be formed consisting of John Tsacrios, Dean Robinson, Chuck McPherson, Mike Sanders and Dave Perkins.

NEW: Marvin Moore received permission for a copy of the article concerning saving Calvary Baptist Church from a historical viewpoint to be shown on our web site.
Mike Sanders was told that an official bid for Belleview Biltmore has been announced. This information has not been confirmed by the Biltmore owner. Jim Coachman had heard that Swiftmud might not let any further development of the property if the Belleview Biltmore is demolished.
John Tsacrios announced that 2006 is the centennial year of South Ward and Clearwater High School. Committees are being formed to plan events in recognition of this date. John is in on the planning stage and asking for help and support of these events.
Lorelei Keif received a quote from The Wall Doctor for painting The Plumb House. The quote varied for different degrees of work to be done. For complete restoration from stripping, repairing and painting, the quote was for approximately $20,000. Sherman Williams has donated $200 towards this project. Lorelei suggested a fund raiser specifically for repairs and painting to the house.
Shirley Galatas inquired about the library permitting us to place cabinets on the fourth floor for our articles. Cabinets are available for donation by the Senior Citizens Thrift Shop.

Motion to adjourn meeting made at 8:40 by Dean Robinson and second by Jim Coachman.

Respectfully submitted,
Terri Ohr, Secretary