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September 12, 2005

Meeting called to order by Bill Wallace at 7:30 P.M.

Members present included Joan Turner, Laddie Irion, Dave Perkins, Chuck McPherson, Bettie Mease, Joe Turner, Mike Sanders, Marvin Moore, Shirley Galatas, Bob Valentine, Lorelei Keif, Pat Moore, Jay Rhodes, Buddy Gross, Anne Epling, Bill Wallace, and Terri Ohr.

Minutes of June 6, 2005 approved as read.

Treasurer's report approved as presented. Bank balance as of Sept., 2005, is $5,048.47.


A. Membership Committee - Bettie Mease -Bettie questioned if the membership list could be revised to allow room for notations to be made on it. Bill Wallace said he would follow through with the request.
B. Program Committee - Jay Rhodes -Jay stated that the Nov. Fish Fry would be held at the Ross Norton Recreation Center. Joe Turner asked if we could meet at the center for our Oct. meeting. Bill Wallace said he would check that out and confirm with us. Jay made a motion to increase the price of the fish fry tickets by $1.00. There was no second, so the motion was not passed.
C. Public Relations - Dean Robinson -No report.
D. Museum Committee - Jim Coachman -No report.
E. Artifacts and Documents Committee - Joan Turner -Joan has the last menu and a couple of other things from the Clearwater Beach Hotel before it closed. Unfortunately, we were unable to get much else from the hotel.
F. Historical Research - Pat Moore -Bill Wallace is researching the beginning history of Calvary Baptist Church. Corrine Pannerole Baker is writing a book about Calvary and has asked for his assistance. Mike Sanders is helping the current owner apply for historical building status for a building on Ft. Harrison, just north of Cleveland. The building was used for many purposes over the years, one of which was the Clearwater Fire Dept. The building housed the first fire truck for Clearwater as well as serving as a City of Clearwater building at one time. The City of Clearwater is determining the placement of the displaced statues (Doughboy and Sailor) that was formerly at the entrance of the Memorial Causeway. No decision has been made as of this time. Pat Moore has contact with someone that has pictures of the Ducros House move. She will get copies for the museum. Marvin Moore is involved with the visioning sessions that the city is having. As much involvement from the long time citizens of Clearwater is the only way to have any input. Meetings are being held at various times and places. You can find out this information from Clearwater's website.
G. Fund Raising Committee - Laddie Irion/Helen Wilcox - Laddie questioned if a golf tournament would be a good possible fundraiser. He will do some research and asks for any information from members that have been involved with other tournaments. Bill Wallace will take inventory of our novelties to see what we need to order before the next fish fry.
H. Homestead Committee -Lorelei Keif/Anne Epling - A number of donations of period items for The Plumb House have been received by Lorelei in response to our ad. An 1860 settee has been received, but needs to be reupholstered if anyone has a contact for that. Lorelei has not only received the items, but all of the stories that go along with them, which even makes them more valuable to our museum. Lorelei needs thank you notes, charitable donation tax receipts and donor releases to continue this project. Volunteers requested for Oct. 1, at 9:00AM to help clean and relocate items in the house.



The Nominating Committee met on Sept. 10, 2005, and arrived at a proposal for next year's officers. The proposed slate is:
Terri Ohr - President
Laddie Irion - Vice President
Lorelei Keif - Secretary
Buddy Gross - Treasurer

Board of Directors would include:
Bill Wallace
Jay Rhodes
Bettie Mease
Jim Coachman
Dean Robinson
Mike Sanders
Joan Turner
Bob Delack
Pat Moore

Motion made by Bettie Mease and second by Pat Moore to accept slate of new officers. The slate will be announced in our next newsletter and voted on at the Nov. Fish Fry. Officers will become effective with the vote as of Nov. 5.

Mike Sanders and his wife have been asked to chair a fundraiser for the Clearwater Library. The theme of the fundraiser will be Clearwater History. A meeting will be held Sept. 30, at 6 PM if anyone wants to be involved with the Jan. 25, event.

Motion to adjourn meeting made at 8:20 by Jay Rhodes and second by Dave Perkins.

Respectfully submitted,
Terri Ohr, Secretary