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December 5, 2005

Meeting called to order by Terri Ohr at 7:35 P.M.

Members present included: Bettie Mease, Shirley Galatas, Bob Delack, Jay Rhodes, Chuck McPherson, Anne Epling, Dean Robinson, Dave Perkins, Joan Turner, Joe Turner, Bill Justice, Marvin Moore, Bill Wallace, Pat Moore, John C. Tsacrios, Buddy Gross, Mike Sanders, Terri Ohr, and Lorelei Keif.

Minutes of October 3, 2005 approved.

Treasurer's report approved as read. Bank balance as of December 3, 2005 is $ 6104.95. Fish Fry report also presented. It should be noted that Hayes Kennedy won the art work (chance drawing) and that this drawing raised over $130.00 for the Society.


A. Membership Committee-Bette Mease asked that board members please pay your dues.
B. Program Committee- Jay Rhodes had presented the Fish Fry report earlier in the meeting. In addition, Jay requested approval to purchase a new hush puppy cooking tent. Joe Turner agreed to donate a tent instead. Thanks Joe.
C. Public Relations-Dean Robinson has continued to place notices in all the local papers. Dean is asking all Plumb House Museum volunteers to poll visitors as to how they heard of our museum. Dean plans to use this information to target our media notices. He noted that there is now much competition for local historical museums.
D. Museum Committee- Dave Perkins reported that several exterior lights are not working. Terri Ohr requested that the lights be repaired for security reasons. Problems with the alarm system were discussed. Joe Turner posed the question of whether alarms were actually false. Debated whether we should keep the current contract or shop around. Terri Ohr requested a committee be formed to research issue further included updated call list and password. It was agreed that Dave Perkins should come off the call list after many years of faithful service. Dave Perkins and Bill Wallace to make up the committee and to report back any findings at January meeting. It was also reported that someone appears to be living under the museum again.
E. Artifacts and Documents- Joan Turner had no report but Bill Wallace stated he had several leads on Clearwater Bomber artifacts.
F. Historical Research- Mike Sanders has received an offer of a film of the 1950's fleet. The Board authorized Mike to price the film's conversion to DVD format. Jay Rhodes suggested the possibility of streaming the DVD on our website. Mike reported that the History/Library Day in February has been postponed. He also reported that the 2006 city calendar was recently sent out to residents with historical input from Mike.
G. Fund Raising- Jay Rhodes made a motion that was seconded by Bill Wallace that fish fry tickets be raised to $8 for adults and $4 for children. Motion passed with Dean Robinson and Mike Sanders dissenting.
H. Homestead Committee- Terri Ohr discussed needed repairs. The termite company needs to be called out on a future Thursday workday. Buddy Gross to arrange. It was decided that at the January meeting a Saturday work session would be scheduled. Terri Ohr will call Laddie Irion about the possibility of an Eagle Scout taking on the museum as a project.
I. Other- John Tsacrios reported on the progress of the January Centennial celebration of Clearwater High School and the city. The executive committee of the celebration decided against allowing the Historical Society to set up tables prior to the concert. Dean Robinson made a motion to pull our participation from the event. Motion seconded by Bill Wallace. Motion passed.




Motion to adjourn was made by Buddy Gross. Second by Dean Robinson. Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Lorelei Keif, Secretary