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January 9, 2006

Meeting called to order by Terri Ohr at 7:35 P.M.

Members present included: Bettie Mease, Shirley Galatas, Helen Wilcox, Betty Perkins, Dave Perkins, John Tsacrios, Pat Moore, Chuck McPherson, Mike Sanders, Bill Wallace, Dean Robinson, Marvin Moore, Bill Justice, Joe Turner, Joan Turner, Jay Rhodes, Laddie Irion, Terri Ohr, Buddy Gross, and Lorelei Keif.

Minutes of December 5, 2005 corrected and approved.

Treasurer's report approved as read. Bank balance as of 1-9-06 is $ 3920.38. Buddy noted that the homeowner's insurance premium went down this year.


A. Membership Committee- Bettie Mease No report.
B. Program Committee- Jay Rhodes stated he will pay Ross Norton for the use of the facility this week. Fish Fry is on track for May.
C. Public Relations- Dean Robinson announced recent press coverage. He donated a 1995 book published by the county on Pinellas history. Security of the book was discussed.
D. Museum Committee- Dave Perkins Laddie Irion suggested a DVD be made of the entire museum inside and out for insurance purposes. This task was assigned to the Ad Hoc committee of Laddie and John Tsacrios. Briefly discussed the status of Jim Coachman who has moved north. No action taken as move is not yet permanent. Bill Wallace , Joe Turner and Mike Sanders are all on the call list now with the security company for the museum. Bill Wallace suggested we purchase an extended warranty for the alarm system. Terri called for a motion. Mike Sanders made a motion that the Board purchase an extended warranty of the alarm system. Motion seconded by Pat Moore. Motion passed. Buddy Gross also reported on the latest termite inspection. A local treatment was applied to an upstairs windowsill.
E. Artifacts and documents Committee- Joan Turner Mike Sanders reported on the status of a 200 year old well located on private property on Spring Court. The spring is well known but was recently damaged by a contractor hired by the property owner. Mike contacted the contractor and he agreed to let CHS rebuild the well. Laddie Irion stated he has a photograph of the well to use in the rebuilding. Mike asked for help with this project. Jay Rhodes volunteered to help Mike with researching this project. Mike also reported on the possibility of the property on the corner of Ft. Harrison and Turner Street being restored. He received his information from the developer. Mike also updated the board on the fate of the Bellview Biltmore Hotel. Fate is unclear. Bill Wallace presented some recently donated artifacts: a 1950's map of Clearwater, and a Hints form Heloise pamphlet with local advertising from the 1950's. Both items were presented by a former student, Nick Masteritis. Bill Justice donated a photograph of Clearwater High School in it's first year in the new building. He also donated an aerial view photograph of the Skycrest neighborhood, a Plumb House poster, and an original caricature of The Lions Club of Clearwater building the Lion's Den in Tarpon Springs from 1949. Richard Thorngreen of Linfield ,Mass. Contacted us recently with an offer of a scrapbook of the Ft. Harrison Hotel. Terri will contact him and accept his donation.
F. Historical Research Committee- Pat Moore reported that she has been contacted by a Ms. Keller. Ms. Keller is an artist who resided in the Belleview Biltmore as a child. Pat will approach Ms. Keller about possibly donating an original piece of art by Ms. Keeler of the hotel.
G. Fund Raising Committee- Helen Wilcox raised the question of whether or not to order more t-shirts to be sold. Joan Turner to report the projected costs of re-ordering at the next meeting.
H. Homestead Committee- Laddie Irion is checking on the possibility of Eagle Scout involvement and whether the museum would meet their criteria. Terri set the next work day for Saturday February 4, 2006 at 9 A.M. She will coordinate having needed supplies on hand with the Thursday work crew. Helen Wilcox is attempting to wash the museum curtains.
I. Other- Please note that the 2006 calendar of meetings is on the bottom of the agenda.

John Tsacrios announced the incorporation of Clearwater High School Alumni Association. John reported that we may want to be involved in an open house in March. John to provide more details at next meeting.



Motion to adjourn was made by Dean Robinson. Second by Jay Rhodes. Meeting adjourned at 8:50 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Lorelei Keif, Secretary