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February 6, 2006

Meeting called to order by Terri Ohr at 7:35 P.M.

Members present included: Shirley Galatas, John Tsacrios, Chuck McPherson, Bill Wallace, Dean Robinson, Bill Justice, Joe Turner, Joan Turner, Kay Holley, Betty Jean Moore, Anne Epling, Bob Delack, Laddie Irion, Terri Ohr, and Lorelei Keif.

Minutes of January 9, 2006 corrected and approved.

Treasurer's report not given as Treasurer unable to attend meeting.


A. Membership Committee- Bettie Mease Bette gave report by phone to secretary. All notices either mailed or ready to be mailed.
B. Program Committee- Jay Rhodes Jay gave report to Terri by phone. Ross Norton is secured for May fish fry and November fish fry.
C. Public Relations- Dean Robinson Inventory of Clearwater High School yearbooks owned by Clearwater Historical Society complete. Mike Sanders will publish the dates of the years we are missing in our next newsletter and Dean will try to get news into local papers in attempt to secure missing years.
D. Museum Committee- Dave Perkins Laddie Irion made a DVD of the interior and exterior of the Plumb House Museum. Both Laddie and Terri have copies. The work day was postponed due to severe weather. Rescheduled for March 11th at 9 AM. Terri will send out reminder e mails and Bill Wallace to gather needed supplies. Bill and Chuck made some repairs to the front door that was recently vandalized. Paperwork was approved for the extended warrantee on our security system. It has been filled out and sent in. Once we are approved by the company we will have a check-up and receive recommendations from the security company.
E. Artifacts and documents Committee- Joan Turner Preservation- Mike Sanders No report from either chair. Terri received a folder of clippings from Herbert Brooks who received the clippings from a Mr. Thorngreen, a former manager of the Fort Harrison Hotel (1920's mainly). Bill Wallace received a phone call from Herb Dudley. Bill received a scrapbook from Herb about Herb getting in the World's Fast Pitch Hall of Fame. Mike Moore and Harry Hancock have Bomber memorabilia they are interested in donating somewhere. Bill to follow up on this matter. Bill also presented a new source for historic maps. Go to the Hillsborough County public library website. Put in your library card number and you can view the Sandbourne maps.
F. Historical Research Committee- Pat Moore No report.
G. Fund Raising Committee- Helen Wilcox Laddie is still researching the possibility of a golf tournament. The ad hoc committee will make a report at a future meeting. Also, they are looking into a summer social/fundraiser of lemonade and ice cream. They are also considering incorporating a crafts fair into the event. Kay Holley and Bob Delack to give info to the ad hoc committee regarding craft vendors.
H. Homestead Committee- Lorelei Keif and Anne Epling Laddie reported that the museum is not appropriate for an Eagle Scout project but is appropriate as a civic project. Calendar passed around for signing up to work the museum on upcoming Saturdays. More volunteers needed. Lorelei discussed recent donations. Issue of how to pay for reupholstering of 1860's settee that was donated was discussed. It was decided that Lorelei would buy a piece that was donated that is not needed by the museum and in turn pay for the reupholstering of the settee. Shirley Galatas and her husband to help with refinishing of the wood.
I. Other- Largo Historical Society annual Cracker Supper is March 11th. Please contact Bob Delack for more details.



Motion to adjourn was made by Dean Robinson. Second by Anne Epling. Meeting adjourned at 8:47 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Lorelei Keif, Secretary