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March 6, 2006

Meeting called to order by Terri Ohr at 7:30 P.M.

Members present included: Shirley Galatas, John Tsacrios, Chuck McPherson, Bill Wallace, Joe Turner, Joan Turner, Kay Holley Anne Epling, Bob Delack, Pat Moore, Bettie Mease, Helen Wilcox, Jay Rhodes, Marvin Moore, Mike Sanders, Laddie Irion, Terri Ohr, and Lorelei Keif.

Minutes of February 6th , 2006 approved.

Treasurer's report given . Balance as of 3-6-06 was $5355.92. Report attached.


A. Membership Committee- Bettie Mease
Bettie requested mailing labels of membership. Bill Wallace to get them to her.

B. Program Committee- Jay Rhodes
Fish fry tickets and fliers will be out by the next meeting. We will need to show up early at the May fish fry to set up tables.

C. Public Relations- Dean Robinson
No report. permanganate

D. Museum Committee- Dave Perkins
Bill Wallace reported on the security check by Brinks. The motion sensor in the dining room was upgraded to include a heat and a motion sensor. The fire sensor had been disabled but has been restored. We now have more window stickers that will be installed after the windows have been washed.

E. Artifacts and documents Committee- Joan Turner
Preservation- Mike Sanders
Joan reported that Jon Victor Phillopot donated tools from his grandfather's estate. Some of the tools were used in the building of the Robling Estate. Mike Sanders reported that Carol Lewonson e mailed him looking for photos of buildings of which her father was the architect. Mike reported that Lester Daly has volunteered to do a conquistador exhibit for the Plumb House4 Museum. He also does a civil war encampment. Lorelei gave a report regarding arrangement of a rotating exhibit room in the dining room and a permanent exhibit room in the large upstairs bedroom. Consideration was given for the handicapped. More Clearwater Bomber items were donated and it was discussed that the Bomber items might make up the first upstairs exhibit. The board decided to use the conquistador exhibit in November when the house reopens. George Fulmer donated a photo of Wall Spring and an aerial photo of Clearwater in the 1930's. Marvin Moore donated 2 issues of Clearwater Quarterly. These are the only 2 issues of the magazine ever published. Jean Wright Barn donated a copy of Straub's history of Clearwater signed by Judge Byrd. This is a valuable book. The book is available online through USF. Bill Heisler donated several old photos, including one of the old CLW Beach Causeway and of CLW High School. Someone is looking for old photos of houses on Gulf to Bay across from what is now CLW Mall. Please contact Mike if you have any. Jim Harrington is looking for clues on historical buildings. Bill Wallace spoke to him and gave him some ideas. Heritage Village wants input on what we have to make referrals. Bill Wallace and Mike Sanders to attend a mtg there.

F. Historical Research Committee- Pat Moore
No report.

G. Fund Raising Committee- Helen Wilcox
Board decided to participate in the FL Vintage Memorabilia show at the St. Pete Coliseum on April 30th. Terri and Pat to coordinate. Table is free. Joan is getting prices for new t-shirt order. Terri to follow-up.

H. Homestead Committee- Lorelei Keif and Anne Epling
Sheet was passed around for signing up for Saturday shifts at the Museum.

I. Other-
Museum workday is March 11th.


Marvin Moore gave a talk at the Chapel by the Sea on CLW history. One hundred people attended. They requested fish fry fliers. Saturday May 13th there will be an open house at CLW HS for the centennial celebration. John asked for old photos of life at CLW HS. He also reported on the progress of the alumni association.

Motion to adjourn was made by Anne Epling. Second by Helen Wilcox. Meeting adjourned at 8:50P.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Lorelei Keif, Secretary