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March 5, 2007

Board meeting called to order by President Terri Ohr at 7:32 pm.

Members present included: Dean Robinson, Joe Turner Jr., Joan Turner, Shirley Galatas, Bettie Mease, Buddy Gross, Mike Sanders, Marvin Moore, Chuck McPherson, Bill Wallace, Bob Delack, John Tsacrios, Jay Rhodes, Terri Ohr, and Lorelei Keif. Minutes of the January 9, 2007 meeting were corrected and approved.

Treasurer's report given. Balance as of 3-5-07 was $7645.45. Report attached. Written report for February meeting also attached. Buddy to check into energy audit by Progress Energy to see if we can save any money on our power bill.

A. Membership Committee- Bettie Mease Bettie is still looking to correct some addresses. Several membership renewals have some back returned.
B. Program Committee- Jay Rhodes Jay announced that tickets will soon arrive for the May fish fry. Mike Sanders is working on the May newsletter.
C. Public Relations Committee- Dean Robinson Dean continues to publicize our organization in the local press. CHS appeared three times in the last month.
D. Museum Committee- Dave Perkins and Mike Sanders Bill Wallace reported that he is waiting for a call back from Paint Your Heart Out Clearwater. March 24th is the scheduled date publicized. Bill will coordinate. Lorelei and Shirley will be on duty that Saturday at the museum. Terri reported that more vandalism has occurred. The city will pressure wash the museum. We do not expect the volunteers to be able to finish the job in a day but appreciate their efforts.
E. Artifacts and Documents Committee- Joan Turner Mike Sanders updated the board on Clearwater Stories. There does not appear to be a sense of urgency despite the age of some of Clearwater's citizens. The list of potential interviewees has been submitted. There is a possibility that hand held cameras will be available at the May fish fry for informal interviews. Turner Printing printed our new letterhead and brochures. John Tsacrios helped with this project. Sellers Creamery bottle was donated by Bill Wallace. Bill has donated several old bottles to the museum. Thank you Bill. US Government War Savings Bond stamps book was recently donated by Ed Reaves. Lorelei to send thank you note.
F. Historical Research Committee- Pat Moore No report.
G. Fund Raising Committee- Helen Wilcox We are considering offering a King print as an opportunity for chance at the May fish fry. No one offered to chair this project yet. Bricks will be available for sale at the fish fry.
H. Homestead Committee- Anne Epling and Lorelei Keif Chuck suggested we fill the Saturday shifts by the October meeting. It was also suggested that we recruit volunteers from the general membership as Saturday volunteers. The board would train. Terri will make more keys. It was decided that Lorelei will call Terri if no one is signed up to cover a Saturday.

Other- Chuck reported that he spoke with Dean Robinson regarding reviving the ad hoc committee. They will meet before the next board meeting. Terri reported that she has had difficulty pulling up our current lease on the city website. Our attorney Tom will draw up a new lease once he reviews the current one. Bill Wallace to e mail the current lease to Terri.


Bob Delack reported on two important upcoming meetings at the Belleview Biltmore. In May the Florida Historical Societies will hold their annual meeting at the hotel. In September the Florida Association of Museums will do the same. We have been asked to host an open house at our museum on Thursday May 24th around 4pm. The tour starts at the Largo Feed Store. Terri agreed to arrange refreshments. Shirley and Mike Sanders agreed to be present. Possibly Kay Holley would agree to be present in period costume. Lorelei to coordinate a work day to ready the museum, possibly before the May fish fry.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Jay Rhodes. Motion seconded by Mike Sanders. Meeting adjourned at 9:02pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Lorelei Keif, Secretary