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April 2, 2007


Board meeting called to order by Chuck McPherson, Vice President.


Members present included: Dean Robinson, Joe Turner Jr., Joan Turner, Shirley Galatas, Bettie Mease, Mike Sanders, Chuck McPherson, Helen Wilcox, Anne Epling, Bill Wallace, Bob Delack, John Tsacrios, Bill Jonson, Kay Holley,and Lorelei Keif.


Minutes of the March 7, 2007 meeting were approved.


Treasurerís report given in print as Buddy was not able to attend.Buddy also supplied summary of Progress Energy bill.No clear solution evident.Bill Wallace stated that breaker box is unsecure and accessible from the outside.He will look into securing it.Bill may go under the house and see if there is any unauthorized use of our electricity.Board will discuss further issues with Buddy at our June mtg.




A. Membership Committee- Bettie Mease

Bettie needs someone to cover the membership table at the May fish fry.Luann may be able to do it.


B. Program Committee- Jay Rhodes

Fish Fry tickets passed out.Class of 1957 will be having a reunion that weekend.Classes of 1952 and 1953 are as well.No mullet right now.


C. Public Relations Committee- Dean Robinson

Recent article submitted by Dean was well received.


D. Museum Committee- Dave Perkins and Mike Sanders

Bill Wallace updated the board on the status of Paint Your Heart out Clearwater.Day was a success.Efforts are well appreciated.Vandals have again destroyed part of the porch railing.Thank you to Maxie Quinn for paint.Thanks to the realtors for their labor.The house looks better.


E. Artifacts and Documents Committee- Joan Turner

Joe Turner reported some Morton Plant history.CHS recently received some county government history.Anne reported on some photos and documents donated by her personal attorney.Mike Sanders wrote a letter on our behalf supporting excavation of a local park.


F. Historical Research Committee- Pat Moore

No report.


G. Fund Raising Committee- Helen Wilcox

No report.


H. Homestead Committee- Anne Epling and Lorelei Keif

Need someone to man the museum this weekend.Chuck and Bill volunteered.





Lease is being negotiated.Several issues need to be clarified.Tom Nash, esq., trying to clarify with the city manager.Mike Sanders stated he felt since 1983 CHS has owned the museum.This is not clear.Bill will follow-up and sent word via e mail.


Bob Delack reported reminded us about the upcoming historical conference on May 25th.Our museum will be open for tours.




Motion made by Bill to contact author Alex de Quesada to speak on a Saturday in early November and make the event open to the public.Second by Bob.Voted and motion passed.

Please check football schedules.


Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Helen Wilcox.Motion seconded by Bob Delack.Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm.


Respectfully submitted,




Lorelei Keif, Secretary