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JAN. 5, 2009

Minutes of Dec. 1, 2008

Attendance: Joan Turner, Dean Robinson, Shirley Galatas, Joe Turner, Buddy Gross, Terri Ohr, Lorelei Keif, Jay Rhodes, Chuck McPherson, Mike Sanders, Bob Delack, Dave Allbritton, John Tsacrios, Pat Moore, Betty Mease, and Bob Valentine.

Meeting called to order at 7:33.

Minutes approved with corrections of the Oct. 6, meeting.

Treasurer’s report. Balance as of 12-1-08 $16,044.82


MEMBERSHIP –Bettie Mease – 2 new members from Fish Fry.

PROGRAM –Jay Rhodes –Unfortunately this was the lowest turnout. As always, the cooks did an excellent job. 3 suggestions for serving line-gloves should be used by all, different ice handling methods for drinks, and different food handling methods. Another suggestion was the use of a microphone for the meeting. Dave Allbritton has offered to provide us one for the next fish fry. Dean Robinson sold $420 in tickets.

PUBLIC RELATIONS –Dean Robinson –Dean has done an outstanding job on the news article for our Clearwater Bomber day. Publication will start on 11/30 in the St. Pete Times.

MUSEUM-Buddy Gross – Buddy found storage areas for the South Ward School inventory. Charlotte Zubler donated a book on Pinellas County Schools 1912-1987, for the Society’s use.

ARTIFACTS AND DOCUMENTS – Joan Turner – No report

PERSERVATION – Mike Sanders –The restoration of the Peninsular Telephone Company building on Garden and Cleveland has been completed. A beautiful job was done, and it is now being used as a Dunkin Donuts.

Mike Sanders has prepared a letter from the Society concerning the preservation of South Ward. He will check into submitting it to the newspapers for publication as an editorial.

John Tsacrios questioned if we had any contacts with Countryside High School for donation of their yearbooks. Dave Allbritton said he would attempt to find a contact person for us.

HISTORICAL RESEARCH – Pat Moore –No report

FUND RAISING – Helen Wilcox/Chuck McPherson –John Tsacrios suggested that the Society have an invitation social hour for a specific purpose with purchased tickets to raise funds.

HOMESTEAD – Lorelei Keif/Anne Epling – Please start signing up for Sat open house hours. Dean Robinson suggested that we consider changing our Sat. open house hours to possibly 2 Saturdays per month. The board felt this was a suggestion that should be highly considered.


Joe Turner suggested that we have a Fish Fry at South Ward Elementary School grounds to draw attention to the future use of that property. After much discussion it was determined that we would need to get permission from the property owner before we could even begin those plans. Bob Delack questioned if we knew whom the owner of the property was. If it is not owned by the School Board, perhaps that would open up other options for the preservation. Bob Delack will research.

Lorelei Keif asked that each committee go to our web site and look at their committee’s information. Pictures and other info could need to be updated. Please get in touch with Katie Moore to help us improve our web site.

A member of the Historical Society asked Terri Ohr for an update on the plaque for Sarah Byers at the Clearwater Library. She was given the name of Fred Dunn on the Library Advisory Board to refer Ms. Zubler to for information.


Motion to adjourn was made by Dean Robinson. Second by Shirley Galatas. Meeting adjourned at 8:40.