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FEB 2, 2009

Minutes of Jan. 5, 2009

Attendance: Dean Robinson, Shirley Galatas, Buddy Gross, Terri Ohr, Lorelei Keif, Chuck McPherson, Mike Sanders, Bob Delack, John Tsacrios, Pat Moore, Dave Allbritton, Bill Wallace, Bill Justice, Bob Valentine, and guest, Mrs. Justice.

Meeting called to order at 7:35.

Minutes approved of the Dec 1, meeting.

Treasurer’s report. Balance as of 1-05-09, $15,425.83.


MEMBERSHIP –Bettie Mease – No new members.

PROGRAM –Jay Rhodes –Unless there are other options, Ross Norton will be booked for the May Fish Fry.

PUBLIC RELATIONS –Dean Robinson –Clearwater Bombers Day on 12/6/08 was a success. Approximately 50 visitors turned out with 8 former Bomber’s there for discussion. Harry Hancock’s daughter-in-law and Mike Sanders took photos for our archives. A lot of enthusiasm and excitement was shown for this event. Article and photos were forwarded to Katie Moore for viewing on our website.

MUSEUM-Buddy Gross –There was extensive damage to our railing and screens in the last couple of weeks. Bill And Buddy will start the repairs as soon as possible. Bill Wallace will contact our security company about the malfunctions with our system. Our power pole light is still not working in our parking lot, as well as the one in our back yard. The addition of the light at the street has made the entrance to The Plumb House a lot better. John Tsacrios will contact the power company about the other lights.

ARTIFACTS AND DOCUMENTS – Joan Turner – Dave Perkins donated a large inventory of negatives from the Ogg Studio of pictures of Clearwater. They are sorted and labeled for our future use.

PRESERVATION – Mike Sanders –Mike Sanders was able to get his article about South Ward in the newspaper as an editorial. He did receive some response to the article from individuals in the community with thought and questions. Mike and Bill will set up a meeting with these people for discussion of this issue. Mike was also contacted concerning the closing of the North Ward Elementary School. Does not have any info about that at the present time.

HISTORICAL RESEARCH – Pat Moore –Lead architect for the Capitol Theater has contacted Mike Sanders about something he has found in the theater. Mike will be meeting with him on 1/6/09.

John Tsacrios questioned if we need to create a form to be used for credit to be given to the Clearwater Historical Society when we provide photos and information to outside sources. It was agreed that we should start doing that. We know that Heritage Village uses such a form and thought we could use that as a guide to create our own. Mike Sanders will see if he can get a copy of their form for us.

FUND RAISING – Helen Wilcox/Chuck McPherson – No report

HOMESTEAD – Lorelei Keif/Anne Epling –Lorelei Keif asked that another board member take on the responsibility of finding volunteers for the Sat open house hours. Bob Delack has assumed that responsibility for the next 3 months. Dean Robinson made a motion that we begin opening the Plumb House only on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays from Nov. to May beginning with the Nov. Fish Fry. Motion was seconded by John Tsacrios and passed by the Board. Mike Sanders will include this information in our next newsletter and it will also be announced at the May Fish Fry.

Chuck recommended that we serve coffee at our Sat. hours. He will arrange getting the supplies in for that.

John Tsacrios commented on the lack of recognition for The Plumb House Museum in comparison to other museums in the area. Not sure of what else we can do to increase the awareness of the museum.


Lorelei asked if anyone had gone into the website to update their committee’s info as requested at our last meeting. Please follow through with that if you have not already done so.

John Tsacrios questioned what would be involved to set up our Clearwater Historical Society website domain versus our current website address. Lorelei will research the cost and procedures.


Bill Wallace asked if the Society could purchase a trailer to store all the fish fry equipment in. Not only would it save greatly on the labor involved in loading and unloading at the Plumb House and at Ross Norton Center, it would give us more valuable storage area in the house. Bill Wallace has offered to store the trailer on his fenced in property. If anyone finds one, please contact Bill Wallace.

Motion to adjourn was made by Bill Wallace. Second by Bob Valentine. Meeting adjourned at 8:43.