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Aber, George A.

Died: 05 Jul 1902
Eustis, Lake Co, FL
Last will and testament: 2 Jul 1902
Heirs: Wife: Mary O. Aber; Son: A. B. Aber, deceased; Daughter: Mrs. Lizzie Milton; Grandson: Harold W. Aber; Son: Jotham E. Aber Executors: Wife, daughter and P. A. Rose
Witnesses: J. H. Potter, W. P. McKee, C. H. Edwards
Filed: Citrus County, 8 Jul 1902 — Lake Co, FL Book 2, page 302-304
Filed: 8 Apr 1914 Citrus Co Book: 1 page 190-198

Adams, John Quincy, Jr.

Died: 04 Jan 1952
Resident of Homosassa, FL
Last will and testament: 25 Feb 1948
Spouse and heirs: Cecil May Adams; Stanley G. Adams (named executor); John Quincy Adams III; Clayton Cecil Adams (alternate executor); William P. Adams; Constance Adams Gilliam
Witnesses: William H. Fecker, Dorothy Bledsoe, William J. Placie all of Tampa, FL
Filed and recorded: 21 Jan 1952 — Hillsborough Co, FL
Filed: Citrus Co
Book: 6 page 305-22, 383-85; 393-403;
Book: 7 page 87-89, 97-98;
Book: 8 page 25-29

Aldrich, William

Died: -----
Last will and testament: 30 Dec 1920
Mother: Mary Ellen Aldrich; wife: Margaret Aldrich; Daughter: Elizabeth Aldrich; Brother: George Frank Aldrich
Executor: wife, Margaret Aldrich; Willard Aldrich, Mary Aldrich, David Aldrich (children of Brother Edward Aldrich), Justin Aldrich, Frank Aldrich (sons of Brother George Frank Aldrich)
Filed to probate and recorded: 20 Sep 1920 — Leo Co, Iowa
Filed and recorded: 28 Oct 1921
Citrus Co
Book: 1 page 404-408

Alford, J. Clarissa

Died: -----
Last will and testament: 10 Apr 1895; codicil: 9 Oct, 1896
Heirs: Daughter: Fannie A. Grace; children of son Willis G. Alford
Executor: Daughter: Fannie A. Grace
Witnesses: William H. Jeremiah, N. Barco, John McAleer
Filed: submitted to probate 1 Nov 1897
Filed: Citrus Co
Book: 1 page 69-72

Allen, John A.

Died: -----
Last will and testament: 5 Aug 1907
Heirs: Wife: Jane E. Allen; Youngest heir: John T. Allen; Oldest son: Eason A. Allen
Witnesses: C. Home, W. E. Allen, John W. Davis
Filed: Citrus Co
Book: 1 page 177

Alyea, Lida E.

Died: -----
Last will and testament: 4 Dec 1926
Heirs: Sons: Roy James Mosher; John Wesley Mosher; Husband: W. S. Alyea; Daughter: Gertrude M. Merlino; step-children: W. S. Alyea, Jr; Blanche Alyea Sebill; Paul Alyea; Harold B. Alyea
Witnesses: J. E. Phillips, D. W. Jaegers, W. W. King
Filed: 26 Nov 1928
Recorded: 27 Nov 1928 Citrus Co
Book: 2 page 247

Anderson, Charles K.

Died: 19 Oct 1948 — Charleston, WV; resident of Antioch, Lake Co, IL
Last will and Testament: 2 Apr 1939
Legatees: Wife: Leila Anderson (deceased at time of decedent's death); Daughter: LaVivian V. Wagner; Daughter: Lorraine A. Schroeder; a large number of distant relatives, friends, employees, funds and institutions
Executor: Lorraine A. Schroeder for Florida property
Recorded: 29 Jul 1949 — Citrus Co
Book: 5 page 326-342

Anderson, Dwayne Farr

Died: 12 Mar 1956 — Floral City, Citrus Co, FL — Resident of Floral City, FL
Last will and testament: 20 Oct 1954
Heirs: Widow: Helen Marie Anderson; Daughter: Delores June Anderson; Daughter: Vivian Jean Parker
Witnesses: Joyce N. Scofield, M. C. Scofield, Beverley A. Baxley
Filled and recorded: 13 Apr 1956 — Citrus Co
Book: 8 page 251-261, 454-455, 469-470, 487-488

Armstrong, John Newton

Died: 29 Jan 1944 — Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co, PA
Heirs: Grandson: John Newton Van Kirk; Earl L. Suckling (in trust), Executor
Witnesses: Francis W. Bruggeman, Fred V. Fagerstrom
Filed and recorded: 4 Sep 1945 — Citrus Co
Book: 4 page 358-364

Austin, Reacy

Died: 05 Oct 1947
Last will and testament: 20 Sep 1947
Legatees: Sister: Perlie Robinson; Johnnie D. ----; Sallie ----
Executor: Perlie D. Robinson
Witnesses: J. G. Bailey, Will Goens
Recorded: 16 Oct 1947 — Citrus Co
Book: 5 page 125-130, 243-247, 254-255

Austin, William R.

Died: 12 Jul 1949 — Inverness, Citrus Co, FL
Last will and testament: 10 Sep 1945
Legatees: Son: Harold C. Austin
Executor: Harold C. Austin
Witnesses: Strauss L. Lloyd, I. R. Nolan, J. H. Spivey
Recorded: 15 Jul 1949 — Citrus Co
Book: 5 page: 317-320, 353, 496-497, 500-502