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Eden, John H.

Died: 04 Sep 1943
Last Will and Testament: 1 May 1942

GrandSon: Edward Tuttle Whitecraft

Childen: Jeanette Eden Whitecraft, John H. Eden Jr; Bronson B. T. Eden

Witnesses: Frances Q. Kennedy, R. Flint Hicks, Frank D. Sanders

Filed and Recorded: 14 Sep 1943
Book: 4 page 202-224, 276, 298-301, 305-315, 355-357;
Book: 5 page 71-75

Edwards, L. J

Died: 16 Dec 1917; Floral City, Citrus Co, FL
Last Will and Testament: 10 Dec 1917
Wife: Mamie B. Edwards; Niece: Sallie E. Johnson
Administrators: J. B. King, H. P. Johnson
Witnesses: George F. Nelson, J. W. Castel
Proven and Recorded: 20 Dec 1917
Book: 1 page 284-287

Elliott, Anna S.

Died: 09 May 1926; Jacksonville, Duval Co, FL
Last Will and Testament: 30 Jul 1913
Sister: Laura Lauren
Brothers: Carl G. Colleen; Johan P. Colleen
Son: George L. Elliott
Daughter: Charles Gertrude Elliott
Witnesses: W. H. Baker, H. L. Knight, William T. Stockton
Proven: 12 May 1926
Filed 23 Jul 1926
Recorded: 26 Jul 1926
Book: 2 page 112-120

Ellsworth, Eugene S.

Died: 15 Feb 1907; Iowa Falls, Hardin Co, IA
Bur: Union Cem., Iowa Falls, IA
Last Will and Testament: 3 Dec 1906
Wife: Hattie Ada Ellsworth
Son: Ernest Orlando Ellsworth
Daughter: Caroline Parsons Morton
Half-Brothers: Elmer O. Ellsworth; B. G. Ellsworth
. Also Named:
Half-Sister: Lavanda M. Powell's grand Childen: Lavanda Barrett,; Chester Barrett; Bianca Barrett; Home of the Aged — Des Moines, IA; Carnegie-Ellsworth Library; Ellsworth College
Trustees: Son: Ernest Orlando Ellsworth, John B. Parmalee, W. H. Woods
Executors: Son: Ernest Orlando Ellsworth, Louis E. Jones, F. A. Cowan
Witnesses: T. W. Brown, Claude H. Koon
Recorded: 19 Mar 1907; 10 Oct 1908 — Hardin Co, IA
Filed: 12 Oct 1910 — Citrus Co
Book: 1 page 142-160

Elwell, Henry

Died: 09 Nov 1914
Resident of New York City, Borough of Manhattan, NY
Last Will and Testament: 13 Apr 1904
Wife: Marion Frances Elwell
Sisters: Rebecca E. Pitney; Nellie E. Ruton
Brother: Edwin Elwell
Niece: Lillian A. Friedman
Nephew: Charles H. Wilson
Executor: William John Boyd
Witnesses: G. W. Snyder, Robert W. Todd
Admitted to probate: 9 Jan 1915
Filed: 25 Feb 1915
Book: 1 page 239-240
Book: 2 page 93-111

Emery, David Wagner

Died: 06 Jul 1946; Lake Tsala Apopka, Citrus Co, FL
Last Will and Testament: 26 Mar 1946
Brothers: Louis E. N. Emery Charles T. Emery
Nephews: David Sherrill; Lawrence Sherrill; T. B. Sherrill Jr; Robert Sherrill
Nieces: Ena Sherrill Davis; Eva Emery; Jennie Williams; Helen Bean
Friends: Helen M. Baldwin; Donald M. Baldwin
Executor: Robert Sherrill
Witnesses: John A. Johnston, George T. Coudrey, Lovick P. Williams
Recorded: 10 Jul 1946
Book: 5 page 1-4, 22-23, 47, 118, 188-189, 208-212, 226-227, 257-258, 265-266

Emery, Louis E. H.

Died: -----
Last Will and Testament: 30 Jul 1946
Legatee: Friend: Mrs. Mary E. Dear
Witnesses: Helen M. Bahlwm(sic), Dora H. Himes, C. K. Midgett, Marjorie E. Midgett
Filed and Recorded: 15 Apr 1954
Book: 7 page 394-395

Fairbanks, Clarence T.

Died: 16 Dec 1951
Resident of Chicago, Cook Co, IL
Last Will and Testament: 25 Jul 1951
Daughter: Jean Stead
Son: Gordon Fairbanks
Brother: Charles Fairbanks
Sister: Ruth F. Miller
Brother-in-law: Augustus R. Perkins
Nieces and nephews;
Employee: Pauline Thompson
Trustee: Wife: Frances Fairbanks
Witnesses: Winifred Taylor, Venton Jarrett, James H. Deming
Admitted to probate: 8 Jan 1952
Filed: 2 Sep 1952 — Chicago, Cook Co, IL
Filed for record: 17 Sep 1952 — Citrus Co
Book: 6 page 425-444A;
Book: 7 page 90 , 410-411;
Book: 8 page 52-54, 97-99, 197-199

Fausnet, Charles A.

Died: 28 Dec 1955; Brooksville, Hernando Co, FL
Resident of Citrus Co, FL
Last Will and Testament: 15 Jan 1953
Wife: Nettie C. Fausnet
Daughter: Goldie Fausnet Dolan
Son: A. Darwin Fausnet
Memorial: father and mother: John and Elizabeth Fausnet
Executors: Widow and heirs
Witnesses: H. B. Johns, Anne S. Erichson, Charles F. Erichson
Proven: 12 Jan 1956;
Filed for record: 12 Jan 1956
Book: 8 page 180-188, 245-251, 318, 498-507

Fechtig, St. George

Died: 31 Oct 1932
Resident of Palm Harbor, Pinellas Co, FL
Last Will and Testament: 23 Nov 1931
Named: Marie Goegringer; Howard A. Fluchiger(sic); Treover Fechtig; Phoebe Morrison; Maybelle Fechtig; G. Norman Baughman; Dr. Allen G. Fechtig; Dr. Lorren Odden; Isabel Morrison;
Brothers: Frederick Fechtig; Louis R. Fechtig
Sister: Isabel Morrison
Children of deceased brother John F. Fechtig: Freamer and Morris Fechtig, his only heirs-at-law
Executor: Marie Goegringer, Brother: Frederick Fechtig, Howard A. Fluckinger(sic)
Proven: 23 Nov 1932;
Filed: 15 Sep 1933;
Recorded: 20 Sep 1933
Book: 2 page 375-395

Fellows, Florence M.

Died: 28 Mar 1905; Cook Co, IL
Last Will and Testament: 24 Mar 1905
Uncle: George W. Fellows
Niece: Angie Ogden
Sisters: Kate Ogden; Alta E. Merry
Executor: Charles N. Andrews
Witnesses: S. W. Case, Robert T. Gillmore
Recorded: 24 Aug 1946
Probate: Faribault Co., MN
Book: 5 page 15-21

Fitch, Katherine K.

Died: 13 Aug 1936
Resident of Rockford, Winnebago Co, IL
Last Will and Testament: 11 Sept 1934
Codicil: 22 Nov 1934
Heirs: Esther Erickson
Son: Wm. K. Fitch
Daughter: Katherine Fitch Hamilton
Guardian for minors: Charles H. Davis for Mary Fitch Hamilton and William Fitch Hamilton
Trustees: Son: Wm. K. Fitch
Witnesses: Frances Pendergast, Robert Lathrop, David Connolly also witness to codicil
Admitted to probate and Recorded: 30 Sep 1936 — Winnebago Co, IL
Filed and Recorded: 17 Oct 1936 — Citrus Co
Book: 3 page 129-137

Fitch, WIlliam H.

Died: 17 Apr 1922; Rockford, Winnebago Co, IL
Last Will and Testament: 20 Dec 1918
Codicil: 10 Feb 1922
Wife: Katherine K. Fitch
Childen: Katherine Fitch Hamilton; William H. Fitch
Petitioner: William K. Fitch
Witnesses to codicil: Albert D. Early, Daisy Force Early
Filed: 28 Jun 1937
Book: 3 page 178-182

Fitzgerald, Rev. John M.

Died: -----
Resident of Newark, Essex Co, NJ
Last Will and Testament: 12 Jul 1900
Legatees: James Raymond; Miss Nora Cronin; Bridget Smith; Jose Snyder; various Catholic Fathers and institutions
Executors: Joseph Snyder, Rev. J. R. Meagher, Thomas R. Hendrick
Witnesses: Algernon T. Sweeney, Jesse J. Sweeney
Proven: 4 Aug 1900 — Essex Co, NJ  — Certified: Woodrow Wilson, Gov. of NJ
Recorded: 6 Sep 1911 — Citrus Co
Book: 1 page 167-176

Fletcher, Florence

Died: 01 Feb 1951; Ocala, Marion Co, FL
Resident of Inverness, Citrus Co, FL
Last Will and Testament: 23 Aug 1950
Niece and nephew John Roscow and his wife Jean Roscow and their children John Frederick Roscoe; Robert Fletcher Roscoe, Elizabeth Ann Roscoe
Executors: John and Jean Roscow
Witnesses: David L. Cross, Agnes Cross
Filed and Recorded: 5 Mar 1951
Book: 6 page 111-117, 165, 180-184, 239-240

Ford, John C. (minor)

Guardianship estate.
Third annual returns Commercial Bank of Ocala
Book: 8 page 64-67

Forren, James Lewis

Died: 23 Oct 1952
Resident of Citrus Co, FL
Last Will and Testament: 17 Jan 1950 — Rupert, Greenbrier Co, WV
Legatee: Hugh D. Pickett for Baptist General Mission Fund; long list of heirs-at-law
Executor: Elgin P. Meece
Witnesses: Gertrude Meece, O. O. Neely
Probated: 5 Nov 1952 — Greenbrier Co, WV
Recorded: 25 Apr 1953 — Citrus Co
Book: 7 page 153-171, 278-283, 311-321, 393-394, 428-430

Foust, Raymond R.

Died: 12 Jul 1957
Resident of Inverness, Citrus Co, FL
Last Will and Testament: 20 Dec 1956
Heir: Daughter: Violet A. Gouldbourn
Executor: Daughter: Violet A. Gouldbourn
Witnesses: Roy C. Hill, Thelma Rogers, Dorothy M. Hill
Filed and Recorded: 8 Aug 1957
Book: 8 page 508-514

Frazier, Margaret

Died: 1926
Last Will and Testament: 28 Aug 1926
Names: Margaret Nuise; Lottie Frazier; Ollie Jones; Norman Chaney; Bernice Mobley
Executor: George W. Scofield
Witnesses: B. Bryan. Sara E. Sweat, George W. Scofield
Filed and Recorded: 29 Sep 1926
Book: 2 page 121-125

Frost, Newton R.

Last Will and Testament: 8 Jun 1921
Daughter: Edith M. Frost
Sons: Wilford N. Frost; Howard E. Frost: Charles R. Frost; David R. Frost; Ira C. Oehler; Nye J. Langmade
Executors and Trustees: Howard E. Frost, Ira C. Oehler, Nye J. Langmade, Alexander E. Home, Joseph D. Williams
Witnesses: Marguerite L. Lee, Frank J. Green
Endorsed and Filed: 14 Oct 1926 — St. Paul, Ramsey Co, MN
Filed for record: 18 Feb 1927 — Citrus Co
Book: 2 page 138-143

Fuller, Orra Fantilla

Died: -----
Resident of Mannfield, Citrus Co, FL
Last Will and Testament: 20 Dec 1886
Recipient: Nina L. Fuller
Guardian: Husband: Charles T. Fuller
Witnesses: John E. King, H. B. King, James W. King
Probated: 27 Aug 1888
Book: 1 page 5-6