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Citrus County Civil War Pension Index

Copies of the ORIGINAL Documents can be downloaded IN PDF FORMAT from the FLORIDA MEMORY PROJECT. The Florida Memory Project is a division of the Florida State Library and Archives.

This Citrus County Index was extracted by Laverne Tornow for use on this website from the Florida Memory Project.

A - Z

File Number
First Name
A00974 ALLEN Early A. 9th Regt Inf Mary (Morrison)
A01131 ALLEN J. Wesley 9th Regt Inf Lucy (McNobb)
A02765 ATKINSON John W. Georgia Mary (Beck)(Hoy)
A12287 AUSTIN William Mississippi  
A06710 BAILEY Thomas R. Georgia  
A02088 BARCO Nickabud Home Guard Katie (Caffey)
A07884 BECK Thomas P. Louisiana  
A04626 BENNETT Joseph D. Missouri Lou (Huron)
A03806 BLACK Peter Georgia Susan (Adams)
A12879 BLACK Green Georgia  
A10355 BROWN John J. lst Regt Inf Callie (Carroll)
D17893 BUCHANAN William J. 2nd Regt Cav Cartha (--)
A11628 CARTER Elias K. Georgia  
A03987 CHAPPELL George Spinger South Carolina Rebecca (Cook)
A02099 COLLIER Junius S. Arty Units Olive (Mack)
A02514 COLSON John R. 10th Regt Inf Mary (Barnes)
A03538 CROFT William G. Georgia Ella (--)
A10945 CROSBY Joseph H. South Carolina  
A06625 DALE Joseph B. Alabama  
A02570 DAMPIER William T. lst Bttn Spc Cav Janie (Franzot)
A03685 DEASE William B. Georgia Arabella (Hays)
A10969 DUKES Edward C. Georgia  
A00972 DYESS George 3rd Regt Inf Eliza (--)
Dl1741 EVERITT Joseph A. Home Guard Caroline (--)
D22157 FAIRCLOTH Arch Georgia  
A01236 FREEMAN Samuel P. lst Regt Inf Resv Martha (Chambers)
A07916 GAMBRELL John J. 7th Regt Inf  
A06397 GEROCK John H. South Carolina  
A03539 GLEATON Rufus T. Alabama Martha (--)
D22551 Grace E.S. Georgia  
A05729 GRAHAM Chambers Alabama  
D01056 GREENLEAF Abram South Carolina  
A00973 GUYNN Edward A. 5th Regt Inf Mary (--)
Al1916 HARDIN James Georgia  
A01844 HAY James A. 3rd Regt Inf Lizzie (Fennel)
A02656 HAY Joseph M. 3rd Regt Inf Rebecca (Fennell)
A01488 HICKS William M. Home Guard Ann (Lang)
A01265 HURST John M. lst Regt Cav Sarah (Bozeman)
A01837 JOHNS James W. lst Regt Cav Nancy (Morrison)
A12702 KINSEY Lucius 7th Regt Inf Elmira (--)
A08749 LAMAR Abner Whatley South Carolina  
A12007 LAMON Francis Marion Mississippi  
A01650 LANDRUM Jacob Turner 3rd Regt Inf Elizabeth (McDonald)
A08740 LEWIS Pleasant Walker Tennessee  
A03830 LLOYD Thomas P. Georgia Mary (Sanders)
A01415 LOCK David lst Regt Inf Resv Polly (Bennett)
A06463 MARCY Stephen P. Mississippi  
A01687 MARTIN John Ulric 9th Regt Inf Elizabeth (Brinson)
D04231 MARTIN John U. 9th Regt Inf  
A04096 MASON Camilus A. Georgia Sarah (Chapman)
A07921 McMILLAN Neil Archibald North Carolina  
Al1124 McNABB James W. Arty Units  
A03645 MECKLIN John A. Mississippi Jane (Mecklin)
D01285 MOORE Jacob T. 5th Regt Inf  
A00975 MORRISON John P. 9th Regt Inf Louisa (Davis)
A02983 MORROW James W. Georgia Mary (McCart)(Banning)
A10145 PAUL Warren S. Home Guard Mary (Penner)
A11510 PAYNE Josiah R. South Carolina Jane (--)
Dl1096 PEDRICK John F. Georgia  
A01009 PETERS Alva H. 5th Regt Inf Sarah (--)
A11532 PETERS George H. 5th Bttn Cav Sarah (--)
A08014 PETERSON Charles Home Guard  
Al1973 PETERSON William 9th Regt Inf  
A05276 PRATT William Henry 2nd Regt Inf  
A07885 PRIEST James C. 2nd Regt Cav  
A04139 RAHN John T. Georgia Almera (Collins)
A02668 RICHARDSON Edward Bee South Carolina Helen (Willard)
A08040 RUFF Newman M. Alabama  
A11130 RUFF James S. Alabama  
A03536 RUSSELL Thomas A. Georgia Lou (--)
A06197 SMITH Edwin L. 3rd Regt Inf  
Al1515 SPOONER Joshua D. Georgia Frances (--)
A04794 STOKES Binkey 2nd Regt Cav Emily (Hicks)
Al1301 SYMS William C. 4th Regt Inf Jane (Morrison)
A08708 TAYLOR Richard B. lst Regt Inf Resv  
A04425 THARP John Wesley South Carolina Margaret (Stanaland)
A06561 TOMPKINS Alfred D. 9th Regt Inf  
A11129 TOOKE Abram J. Georgia  
A04673 TURKETTE William Alexander Alabama Lula (Priest)
A01877 TURNER William C. lst Regt Inf Resv Emily (--)
A03537 VINCENT William W. Alabama Emma (Hampton)
A10175 WALLER Richard B. 2nd Regt Inf Lillian (Miley)
D07266 WESS William Hareterson South Carolina  
A10082 WEST William H. South Carolina Dora (Turner)
Al1078 WHITEHURST Hillary W. lst Regt Inf  
A03543 WILLIS George T. Alabama Mattie (--)
A12862 WILLIS Richard T. 9th Regt Inf  
A06398 WILSON Samuel Morris Tennessee  
A04615 WITTEN William H. H. Virginia Fannie (Chappell)
A04598 YOUNG George W. Georgia Sarah (Arnold)
A13054 ZELLNER Elisha A. Alabama  
A07883 ZIMMERMAN Eugene Alabama