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ECFGSC Family History Bibliography - C

Books are located in the following libraries:

CBL Central Brevard Library, Cocoa
IRCL Indian River County Main Library, Vero Beach
LDSFH LDS Family History Center, Fort Pierce
MBL Morningside Branch Library, Port St. Lucie
MCPL Martin County Public Library, Stuart
MPL Melbourne Public Library, Melbourne
NBPL North Brevard Public Library, Titusville
OCL Okeechobee County Library, Okeechobee
OCLS Orange County Library System, Orlando
OSCLS Osceola County Library System, Kissimmee
SLCHM St. Lucie County Historical Museum, Fort Pierce
SLCL Saint Lucie County Library, Fort Pierce
WPBPL West Palm Beach Public Library, West Palm Beach
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Cabaniss Cabaniss WPBPL Henry Cabaniss and his descendants. n.d.
Cail Williams OCLS The Descendants of David Cail 1990
Calder Durrell OCLS Major William Calder of Charlestown, MA 1735-1802 1933
Caldwell Escott WPBPL The Caldwells and collateral branches in France, Scotland, Ireland and America. 1931
Caldwell Robinson WPBPL Notes on Caldwell-Jennings Lines and beyond. n.d.
Caldwell Robinson WPBPL Ancestral Table of Elizabeth Ann Caldwell Robinson
Caldwell Nelson OCLS Manuscript: The Caldwell Family 1983
Caldwell Caldwell IRCL John Caldwell and Sarah Dillingham Caldwell, his wife : Ipswich, Massachusetts, 1654 : genealogical records of their descendants, eight generations, 1654-1900. 1904
Caldwell Caldwell OCLS The Ancestors of William A. Caldwell and Sallie P. Townsend 1989
Caldwell Caldwell MPL Some Memoirs of James Francis Caldwell. 79 pages. 1988
Caldwell Phelps WPBPL The Caldwell genealogy. n.d.
Calhoun Johnson IRCL Colquhoun/Calhoun and their ancestral homelands. 1993
Calhoun McPherson OCLS Calhoun, Hamilton, Baskin and Related Families 1957
Calhoun Gibbons OCLS WPBPL Calhoun and Related Families: Colding, Dunning, Taylor, Gibbons, Bruton, Mixson, Mims. 1977
Call Doherty OCLS Richard Keith Call, Southern Unionist 1961
Callaway Callaway WPBPL The Callaway Journal, Vol. X. 1985
Callaway Schubert OCLS Cason Callaway of Blue Springs 1964
Callaway Callaway Family OCLS The Callaway Journal Vol 1-4, 1976-79; Vol 5-7 1980-82; Vol 8-10 1983-5 1976
Calvert Calvert WPBPL Climbing the family tree. 2 Volumes. n.d.
Calvert UNK OCLS (Microfiche) Descendants of Virginia Calverts nd
Calvert Calvert OCLS Climbing the Family Tree Addendum; Vol I & II nd
Calvert DAR OCLS Historical and Biographical Narratives of the Calvert, Stone, Leatherwood, Lanford & Wooford Families of Colonial America with Genealogical Charts 1973
Calvin Bigsby & Yoder NBPL The Ancestors and Descendents of John Calvin and Mary Clapper Kagarice. nd.
Cameron White OCLS A Sense of Past Vol 1 The Camerons 1976
Camp Camp WPBPL Our ancestors and kinsmen: The Shelbys, Polks, Mc Lartys, Perkersons, Tarpleys and Camps. 1976
Camp Carter OCLS Camp, Jones and Related Families of CT, IL, MO, VA..and Points West [Baker, Pool, Monk, Gardner] 1977
Camp Carter WPBPL Camp, Jones and related families. 1977
Campbell Fraser OCLS The Clan Campbell: A Patriarchy Beset 1953
Campbell Lee WPBPL History of the Campbell Family. 1920
Campbell Clarendon MPL A History of Our Families - Clarendon, Campbell, Dixon, Knight and Related Families. 120 pages. 1979
Campbell Clan Campbell OCLS The Highlander #2, 1937, 1939 1939
Campbell Campbell OCLS The Campbell Families of York County, PA 1950
Canby Canby OCLS Family History 1945
Candee Baldwin IRCL The Candee genealogy : with notices of allied families of Allyn, Catlin, Cooke, Mallery, Newell, Norton, Pynchon, and Wadsworth. 1882
Cantelou McLeod OCLS House of Cantelou and Company: The Story of a Southern Family.. 1985
Capen Reed WPBPL Reed-Niles-Capen family histories. 3 New England puritan families that migrated to Michigan and beyond. 1991
Capers MacDowell OCLS Descendants of William Capers and Richard Capers and Related Families 1973
Capetiens Jordan WPBPL Genealogie et heraldique des Capetiens. 1953
Cardwell Pendergraft WPBPL The Cardwells of Virginia. 1973
Carey Carey OCLS Carey Highlights; Yesterday for Tomorrow 1988
Carey Tompkins WPBPL Stark-McClary-Fletcher-Carey, Ancestors of my grandmother, Dorothy (Dolly) Calsita Stark 1981
Carlton Carlton OCLS The Carltons of Georgia and Florida: The Family of Rev. Thomas Carlton 1799-1841 1960
Carpenter Brewster WPBPL Mark Brewster of Hull, England and allied families in America, including Atkey, Carpenter, Dare, Fowler, Hiscock, Hewitt, Potter and Yelf. 1990
Carpenter Carpenter OCLS A Genealogical History of the Rehoboth Branch of the Carpenter Family in America 1898
Carpenter Carpenter OCLS Carpenters a Plenty 1982
Carpenter Carpenter OCLS Carpenters and Allied Families 1940
Carpenter Carpenter WPBPL Carpenter family news journal. vol. I-V. 1971 -
Carpenter Carpenter Family Association IRCL The ancestry and descendants of Colonel Solomon Carpenter of Goshen, New York. 1974
Carpenter Nutting IRCL Nutting genealogy in progress: Ebenezer, third son of John Nutting and his descendants for thirteen generations, including surnames, Willard, Seaburn, Carpenter, Jenney, Blackwell, Chevraux, and Richard Warren. 1989
Carpenter Rockett(e) MPL Rockett, Rhodes, Abernathy, Ware, Carpenter, Millican, Wise, Stevens, Selman Families 1681-1981. 1000
Carpenter Avant CBL Florida pioneers and their Alabama, Georgia, Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia ancestors. 1974
Carrell Carrell OCLS The Descendants of James Carrell and Sarah Dungan 1690-1928 1982
Carriel Carriell WPBPL Henry Frost Carriel, M.D., His ancestors and descendants. 1960
Carroll Scharf OCLS Bicentenary Celebration of the Birth of Charles Carroll of Carrolton 1737-1937 1937
Carter Liddell WPBPL Those who were and would be named "Carter": The first 300 years in America [1682-1982]. n.d. 4 Volumes
Carter Carter OCLS Some Descendants of Rev. Thomas Carter of Woburn, MA for 10 generations 1980
Carter Carter IRCL The diary of Colonel Landon Carter of Sabine Hall, 1752-1778; 2 vol. 1965
Carter Currer- Briggs OCLS The Carters of Virginia: Their English Ancestry 1979
Carter Jones OCLS 'Uncle Sandy' [Sandy B. Carter of Gainesville, GA] 1946
Carter Liddell OCLS Those Who Were and Would Be Named 'Carter': The first 300 years in America, (1682-1982) Vol 1 & 2 1982
Carter Weyher WPBPL The Weyher Genealogy, 1992 supplement, A family history covering the Weyher, Parrott, Carter, Green and related families 1992
Carter Willey MPL Piper-Carter-Wood-Torrey Genealogies. 20 pages. 1960
Carter Seaver WPBPL Carter family history. n.d
Carter Boynton WPBPL Carter, Fisher and allied families. n.d.
Cartright Robinson OCLS The Descendants of William and Elizabeth (Shipley) Cartright of Sullivan Co, TN 1986
Cary Cary NBPL John Cary, the Plymouth Pilgrim. 1911
Cary Berry MPL The Cary Family in England and America. Vol.II. 52 pages. nd
Cary Cary OCLS The Cary Family History nd
Case Case Family OCLS Genealogies of the Case / King / Pearson Families nd
Case Case WPBPL The Yankee generations. A history of the Case family in America. 1981
Cason Iliff OCLS The Life and Times of Judge Dennis Marion Cason 1989
Castleberry Castleberry OCLS NBPL WPBPL Castleberry and Allied Families. 1967
Cathell Turner CBL OCLS Cathell-Rangeley-Turner: A family history. 1988
Cathell Turner MPL Cathell-Rangeley-Turner Family History and Supplement 1990. 355 pages. 1987
Catlett Catlett WPBPL The Catlett family in Virginia and Illinois and related families. 1982
Catlett Avant CBL Florida pioneers and their Alabama, Georgia, Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia ancestors. 1974
Catlin Media Research Bureau IRCL The name and family of Catlin. 19??
Catlin Miller WPBPL My Catlin workbook. Descendants of John & Isabel [Ward] Catlin. 1965
Catlin Roleson WPBPL LDSFH Genealogy of the Catlin family. 1959
Catlin Baldwin IRCL The Candee genealogy: with notices of allied families of Allyn, Catlin, Cooke, Mallery, Newell, Norton, Pynchon, and Wadsworth. 1882.
Catlin Roloson MPL WPBPL The Catlin genealogy. 1981
Cauffman Cauffman IRCL A genealogy of the descendants of Christopher Lewis Cauffman. 1991
Cauthey Rosenberg OCLS WPBPL Descendants of John Caughey, 1747-1826, A Revolutionary War Soldier 1974
Caverly Elliott IRCL Genealogy of the Caverly family : from the year 1116 to the year 1880, made profitable and exemplified by many a lesson of life. 1880
Cecil Koch CBL 300 years of Cecils in America. 1971
Chadbourn[e] Bacon WPBPL Chadbourn[e] family, 1989 draft edition. 1989
Chadbourne Bacon OCLS The Chadbourne Family in America: a Genealogy. Descendants of William Chadbourne of Tamworth, England 1994
Chadwick Kilham OCLS Notes of the Descendants of John and Joan Chadwick and Related Families 1966
Chaffin Albert OCLS Abner Chaffin of Jackson County, TN and Sons 1966
Challis Martin OCLS Family Tree: Challis, Harres, Martin, Tonsing, Otis 1979
Chamberlain Chamberlain MCPL WPBPL Aiston-Chamberlain family history. 1981
Chamberlain Glazier OCLS WPBPL Chamberlain Families of Early New England and of New York. 1973
Chamberlain Chambrlain WPBPL A family history of Orrin Calvin Chamberlain of Berwyn, Illinois. 1992
Chamberlain Chamberlain Association OCLS Report of Annual Meeting Held in Boston, MA 1908, 1909, 1910 1911
Chamberlain Chamberlain WPBPL Chamberlain, Ober, Palgrave, A family history. 1975
Chamberlain Chamberlain IRCL Chamberlain Genealogy. 1967
Chamberlain Chamberlain MCPL History of the Chamberlain Family. 1972
Chamberlain Chamberlain OCLS John Chamberlain, the Indian Fighter at Pigwacket 1898
Chamberlain Chamberlain OCLS IRCL A Family History of Orrin Calvin Chamberlain of Berwyn, IL: His Ancestors and Descendants together with Allied Families: Thorndike, Symonds, Appleton, Reade, Wade, Everard 1972
Chamberlain Kerr OCLS Genealogical Notes of the Chamberlain Family of Maryland and Related Families: Dyer, Earle, Goldsborough, Hammond, Hayward, Hollyday, Hughes, Lloyd, Neal, Nichols, Robins, Stockton, Tilghman 1880
Chamberlaine Chamberlain OCLS Richard Chamberlaine of Braintree, 1642: His Norman and English Ancestors and Descendants 865-1991 1991
Chamberlayne Chamberlayne MPL Ham Chamberlayne - Virginian. 440 pages. 1932
Chamberlin Vander Boerg LDSFH Genealogy of the Families of Vander Boegh, Tuller, Chamberlin, Green, Richardson and Denmore. 1974
Champion Trowbridge WPBPL The Champion Genealogy: a history of the descendants of Henry Champion of Saybrook and Lyme, Connecticut. 1891
Champion Chancy OCLS Micajah Fort Champion 1790-1871: His Ancestors and Descendants and Allied Families in GA, NC & The South [Burkett, Chappell, Epps, Fort, McLendon, Slappy, Southwell, Allentharp, Tharpe] 1992
Champion Trowbridge OCLS History of the Descendents of Henry Champion of Saybrook and Lyme, CT Together with Some Account of Other Families of the Name 1891
Chance Chance OCLS Chance Family, England to America 1600-1965, MD, DE, PA, MO, IL 1965
Chancey/ Chauncey Wright CBL Chancey, Chauncey family history. 1991
Chandler Berry MPL The Cary Family in England and America. Vol.II. 52 pages. nd
Chandler Chandler OCLS The Descendants of Roger Chandler of Concord, MA 1658. 1949
Chandler Chandler Family OCLS A Record of the Descendants of George and Jane Chandler (Who Emigrated to Pennsylvania from Wiltshire, England, in 1687) 1937
Chandler Parrish and Wharton IRCL The Parrish family: (Philadelphia, PA), including the related families of Cox, Dillwyn, Roberts, Chandler, Mitchell, Painter, Pusey. 1925
Chandler Stucker MCPL Michael Stucker of 1759 and his Kinsmen. nd
Chaney McCourt WPBPL Some Chaney Families, Southeast Ohio. n.d.
Chapin Chapin OCLS By-Gone Days or The Experiences of an American Indian [Chapin, Holley] 1898
Chapin Chapin OCLS The Chapin Genealogy; Containing a Very Large Proportion of the Descendants of Dea. Samuel Chapin, Who Settled in Springfield, MA in 1642 1862
Chapman Chapman OCLS Giles Chapman of Bridlington and His Descendants 1976
Chapman Chapman OCLS Alexander, Brown, Chapman: A History of Chapman and Alexander Families [Townshend] 1946
Chapman Chapman OCLS The Chapman Family, A Study in the Social Development of Central West Virginia 1942
Chapman Fisher IRCL The descendants of William Chapman of New London, Connecticut. 1995
Chapman Saunders MPL Ancestral Lines of Robert Chapman and David Thomson. 333 pages. 1983
Chapman Saunders OCLS IRCL WPBPL Robert Chapman--David Thomson allied family lines : 93 allied family lines from Robert Chapman, Sr., Saybrook, Connecticut, 1635, and David Thomson Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 1623. 1983
Chapman Berry MPL Northern Neck Families: The Ancestors of Susan Frances Chapman. 125 pages. nd
Chappelear Chappelear WPBPL Families of Virginia. Vol.II. Chappelear Family and connecting lines. 1932
Charlemagne Winston OCLS Charlemagne: From the Hammer to the Cross 1st ed. 1954
Charlton Davis CBL Family history of Mrs. Bruce (Virginia) Mastin. 1949
Chase Chase MPL IRCL Seven Generations of Descendants of Aquila and Thomas Chase. 624 pages. 1983
Chase Chase OCLS Descendants of Samuel Chase of New Brunswick 1976
Chase UNK IRCL Genealogy of a portion of the descendants of William Chase : who came to America in 1630, and died in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, May 1659. 1886
Chase Noble WPBPL The Chase family. 1967
Chastaine Chastain OCLS Virginia Chastain (all spellings): Genealogy & Family History 1983
Chauncey Fowler LDSFH Memorials of the Chaunceys. nd
Chauvin Morrison OCLS Generations...Past to Present! A Book of Charts Vol. 1 1983
Chelf Pratt MPL The Genealogy of Rev. W. H. Van Deusen and Related Families. 83 pages. 1969
Cheney Pope IRCL The Cheney genealogy. 1897
Chesebrough Chesebrough IRCL A biographic sketch of William Chesebrough : the first white settler of Stonington, Connecticut. 1893
Chesney Chesney OCLS Journal of Alexander Chesney, a South Carolina Loyalist in the Revolution and After (Photocopy of Original Book) 1921
Chevraux Nutting IRCL Nutting genealogy in progress: Ebenezer, third son of John Nutting and his descendants for thirteen generations, including surnames, Willard, Seaburn, Carpenter, Jenney, Blackwell, Chevraux, and Richard Warren. 1989
Child/ Childs/ Childe Child OCLS IRCL Genealogy of the Child, Childs and Childe families : of the past and present in the United States and the Canadas, from 1630-1881. 1881
Chillingworth Chillingworth WPBPL Autobiography of Charles C. Chillingworth. 1940
Chillingworth Chillingworth WPBPL Chillingworth family history. 1936
Chinn Dillon MPL The Chinn Book. 432 pages. 1972
Chipman Chipman WPBPL The Chipman lineage, particularly as in Essex County, Ma. 1872
Chipman Chipman OCLS The Chipman Family, a Genealogy of the, Chipmans in America 1631-1920 1920
Chittenden Stockwell WPBPL The Chittenden family, Massachusetts. 1945
Chitwood Tombough WPBPL Chitwood family. 1965
Chitwood Weller OCLS Descendents of Daniel Chitwood 1985
Choate Jameson OCLS Choates in America, 1643-1896; John Choate and His Descendants Chebacco, Ipswich, MA 1896
Christmas Christmas WPBPL Christmas family workbook, vol. 1. n.d.
Christmas Deutsch WPBPL The incredible Yanqui: The career of Lee Christmas. 1931
Churchill Martin OCLS Jennie: the Life of Lady Randolph Churchill: The Romantic Years 1854-1895 1969
Churchill Martin OCLS Jennie: the Life of Lady Randolph Churchill: The Dramatic Years 1895-1921 1971
Clap Clap IRCL Roger Clap's memoirs : with account of the voyage of the "Mary and John", 1630. 19??
Clapp Clapp OCLS Clapp Memorial: Record of the Clapp Family in America Containing Sketches of the Original Six Emigrants and a Genealogy of Their Descendants Bearing the Name (with a supplement) 1876
Clapp Langley IRCL Record of Clapp family of Greenbush, Massachusetts, 1866-1986. 1987
Clapp Andrews WPBPL The Wright Family Genealogies, excerpts from the Andrews, Clapp, Stokes, Wright, Van Cleve genealogies 1985 ed.
Clapp Andrews IRCL The Andrews, Clapp, Stokes, Wright, Van Cleve Genealogies: compiled with Ainsworth, Black, Davis, Dickey, Gardner, Noble, Patterson, Ross, Scott, Whiteside and Wilson family connections. 1975 & 1980
Clapp Andrews WPBPL The Andrews, Clapp, Stokes, Wright, Van Cleve Genealogies. 1975, 1985. & Supplement, 1980.
Clapp Andrews MPL The Andrews, Clapp, Stokes, Wright, Van Cleve Genealogies. 640 pages. 1975
Clardy Hooper IRCL Seven trails into the past: a compilation of some of the lineages and family lines of Hooper, Poarch, Wilbanks, Spence, Clardy, LaFoy, Wakings, and Lumpkin, with genealogical notes. 1980
Clarendon Clarendon MPL A History of Our Families - Clarendon, Campbell, Dixon, Knight and Related Families. 120 pages. 1979
Clark Clark IRCL Records of the descendants of Hugh Clark, of Watertown, Massachusetts, 1640-1846. 1866
Clark Hays OCLS Hero of Hornet's Nest: a Biography of Elijah Clark, 1733-1799 1946
Clark Gladden WPBPL Descendants of Moses and Mary [Adams] Marshall of Columbiana County, Ohio with reference to the Adams, Aleshire, Clark, Durst and Edmundson families. 1965
Clark Gay IRCL A record of the descendants of John Clark of Farmington, Connecticut : the male branches brought down to 1882 : the female branches one generation after the Clark name is lost in marriage. 1882
Clark Clark OCLS WPBPL Lineage of Chovine Richardson C. Clark. 1969
Clark Clark IRCL Genealogies of the Clark, Parks, Brockman and Dean, Davis, and Goss families in five parts. 1905