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ECFGSC Family History Bibliography - F/G

Books are located in the following libraries:

CBL Central Brevard Library, Cocoa
IRCL Indian River County Main Library, Vero Beach
LDSFH LDS Family History Center, Fort Pierce
MBL Morningside Branch Library, Port St. Lucie
MCPL Martin County Public Library, Stuart
MPL Melbourne Public Library, Melbourne
NBPL North Brevard Public Library, Titusville
OCL Okeechobee County Library, Okeechobee
OCLS Orange County Library System, Orlando
OSCLS Osceola County Library System, Kissimmee
SLCHM St. Lucie County Historical Museum, Fort Pierce
SLCL Saint Lucie County Library, Fort Pierce
WPBPL West Palm Beach Public Library, West Palm Beach
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Faas Reynolds OCLS Descendants of Frank and Ada (Comingo) Fraas, Emigrants From the Netherlands nd
Fadner Fadner WPBPL The first Fadner family and their descendants. 1977
Fairchild Gilmore OCLS Early Fairchilds in America and their Descendants 1991
Fairchild Avery WPBPL The Avery, Fairchild & Park families. 1919
Fairman Allen IRCL Descendants of John Fairman of Enfield, Connecticut, 1683-1898. 1898
Faison Boone WPBPL Our Family Heritage, with Speer, Hobson, Oates, Ivey, Faison and related families. 1956
Farish Farish IRCL Journal and letters of Philip Vickers Fithian, 1773-1774 : a plantation tutor of the Old Dominion. 1957
Farnham Bateman WPBPL Kunhardt, Farnham and Allied Families 1947
Farnsworth Farnsworth NBPL Farnsworth Family History. 1971
Farrand Farrand MPL Farrand Family of Washington, CT. 12 pages. nd
Farrar Farrar OCLS WPBPL The Farrars: William of Virginia 1618 (Roll of Arms No. 342 ). 1964
Farrar Pendergraft WPBPL The Cardwells of Virginia. 1973
Farrell Deever IRCL Nathaniel Butler Banks and Anna Barbara Artman: ancestors and descendants, with Baber, Farrell, Johnson, Mercer, Spencer, and other related lines. nd.
Farrington Rochelle OCLS Farrington & Kirk Family 1600-1983: Ancestors & Descendants of Abraham Farrington (1765-1845) of New Jersey & Ohio and Wife Deborah Kirk (1781-1829) of Chester Co, PA 1983
Farrington Rochelle WPBPL Farrington and Kirk Family. 1983
Farwell Abbot WPBPL The Farwell Family. 2 vol. 1929
Fassett Wallbridge IRCL Descendants of Henry Wallbridge: who married Anna Amos, December 25 1688, at Preston, Conn., with some notes on the allied families of Brush, Fassett, Dewey, Fobes... 1898
Fatzinger Salkeld OCLS The Fatzinger Family A.D. 1750-1905 1905
Fauconnier Perrin WPBPL Allied lines of Purdy, Fauconnier, Archer, Perrin. 1911
Faulk Cone OCLS Faulk - Cone and Allied Families: Male and Female Lines To the Immigrant Ancestor 1983
Faulk Schweizer IRCL Descendants of James and Rhoda (Sellers) Faulk - Vol. 3. 1985
Faulkner Helffenstein OCLS Pierre Fauconnier and His Descendants With Some Account of the Allied Valleaux 1911
Faulkner Lowe OCLS The Faulkners of Green River, Taylor County, KY 1981
Fawcett Shaw IRCL Some Descendents of Thomas Fawcett, 1776-1855. 1994
Fay Fay MPL Excerpts from Armorial General duVelay and Fay Families. 20 pages. nd
Fay Brigham MCPL History of the Brigham Family. 1907
Fearn Ferneyhough OCLS The Fearns of Virginia and Some Allied Families 1973
Fellows Morris OCLS Joseph and Philena (Elton) Fellows: Their Ancestry and Descendants; also The Ancestry of Reuben Fairchild, John and Dorothy (Waldorf) Turner, and George Morris nd
Ferebee Greenhalgh WPBPL The Ferebee family. n.d.
Ferguson Massie OCLS WPBPL Ferguson Family Genealogical History of Wayne Co, WV, Early Cabell and Kanawha, VA: Mainly Samuel & Mary (Jameson) Ferguson and Descendants 1985
Ferree UNK OCLS (Microfilm) Ferree Family Tree 1880-1922 1922
Ferris Davis CBL Family history of Mrs. Bruce (Virginia) Mastin. 1949
Ferris Crowell OCLS Partial Genealogy of the Ferris Family nd
Ferriss Kitson MPL Zachariah Ferriss Genealogy. Vol.VI. 133 pages. 1991
Fetters Curtis OCLS The Michael Fetters Family (Westward Migration) 1980
Fetzer Fetzer OCLS One Man's Family; A History & Genealogy of the Fetzer Family (2 copies) 1964
Field Pierce IRCL Field genealogy : being the record of all the Field family in America, whose ancestors were in this country prior to 1700 : emigrant ancestors located in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey - Vol. 1, 2. 1901
Fincher Fincher NBPL Fincher in the USA 1683-1900. 1981
Finley Finley OCLS Finley-Taylor and Rand-Call; Ancestors and Relations 1985
Fishe/ Fisser Fisher CBL These are our people: Fisser, Anderson, Comfort, Garrigues, Reed, Hawkins, Luesley, Fisher. 1987
Fisher Hendricks IRCL Descendants of Joseph Fisher (Apr 1734 - 19 Dec 1819)
Fisher Boynton WPBPL Carter, Fisher and allied families. n.d.
Fisher Chase WPBPL Jonathan Fisher, Maine parson [1768-1847]. 1948
Fisher Fisher WPBPL The Jacob Fisher family, 1727-1958. 1959
Fisher Jones WPBPL The Fisher scrap book, 1730-1972. n.d.
Fisher Parmenter, Fisher and Mallette IRCL The life of George Fisher (1795-1873) and the history of the Fisher family of Mississippi. 1959
Fisher Pennington WPBPL Fisher Facts. Vol. III. 1976
Fisher Smith WPBPL Genealogy of the Fisher family, 1682-1896. 1896
Fisher White WPBPL Ancestors in Tuscarawas County, Ohio: English, Fisher, Kinsey, Kislig, Milar/Mylar, Oehler/Ohler/Oler, Parr, Ridinger/Reittinger, Ringer/Ringler, Row/Rowe, Snellenberger 1980
Fisher Fisher IRCL The Fisher genealogy : a record of the descendants of Joshua, Anthony and Cornelius Fisher, of Dedham, Massachusetts, 1636-1640. nd
Fisk Corbett WPBPL Stories of the Fisk family. n.d.
Fisk Pierce OCLS Fiske and Fisk Family 1896
Fitch Small OCLS Henry Fitch of Maryland 1984
Fitch Lewis OCLS Fitch, Crawford, Davis, McFarland, Francis, Holderman Families - From Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina and Illinois to Johnson, Co, MO 1722-1971 1971
Fitch Burkhart OCLS Fitch Family; Sherwood, Staples, DeBraose, Seabrook, Mousall, Houghton, Goble, Beach, Algore, Stace, Brock, Reeves 1995
Fithian Fithian WPBPL Record of The Fithian Family, April 17, 1838
Fitzgerald Murray OCLS Proud Shoes: The Story of an American Family 1956
Fitzhugh unk WPBPL Rose, Fitzhugh and allied families. nd
Flagg Flagg OCLS MPL Genealogical Notes On The Founding of New England: My Ancestor's Part 1973
Flagg Flagg IRCL Genealogical notes on the founding of New England : my ancestors part in that undertaking. 1978
Flagler UNK OCLS In Memory of Alice Mandelick Flagler nd
Flaherty Gilligan OCLS The Flaherty and Shedd/Williams Family Tree 1710-1987 1987
Flanders Dunbar IRCL The Flanders family from Europe to America : being a history of the Flanders family in America and its probable origin in Europe. 1935
Fleer Fleer NBPL History of the Fleer Family, Vol. IV. 1977
Fleming Fleming IRCL Memoir of Capt. C. Seton Fleming of the Second Florida Infantry, C.S.A. : illustrative of the history of the Florida troops in Virginia during the war between the states, with appendix of the casualties. 1884
Fleming Sweeny WPBPL Captain Alexander Fleming and Joyce, his wife, of "Westfalia", Rappahannock County, Virginia. 1939
Fletcher Fletcher IRCL Fletcher genealogy : an account of the descendants of Robert Fletcher, of Concord, Massachusetts. 1871
Fletcher Tompkins WPBPL Stark-McClary-Fletcher-Carey, Ancestors of my grandmother, Dorothy (Dolly) Calista Stark 1981
Fletcher Fletcher IRCL A narrative of the captivity and sufferings of Ebenezer Fletcher. 1955
Flinn Flynn OCLS Flinn Place, A Genealogy: Bouis, Flynn, Hagin, Higginbotham, Linton, Macy, Mambrumati, Pickett, Tillis and Other Allied Families 1991
Flint Flint and Stone IRCL Genealogical register of the descendants of Thomas Flint of Salem : with a copy of the wills and inventories of the estates of the first two generations. 1860
Flitcraft Eberhart OCLS Branch of the Flitcraft, Whitcraft, Witcraft and Allied Families Who Came to America During the Colonial Period 1995
Flood Patterson MCPL Flood Family
Flower Osborn WPBPL Flower-Allen-Osborn: the lineal ancestors and descendants of Ransom and Amanda Allen Osborn. 1930
Floyd Floyd WPBPL Biographical genealogies of the Virginia-Kentucky Floyd Families. 1912
Fobes Wallbridge IRCL Descendants of Henry Wallbridge: who married Anna Amos, December 25 1688, at Preston, Conn., with some notes on the allied families of Brush, Fassett, Dewey, Fobes... 1898
Fogelsanger Rahn IRCL Genealogical information regarding the families of Brubaker, Bomberger, Fogelsanger and various related families. 1952
Fogg Whitten WPBPL Samuel Fogg [1628-1672]. 2 Vols. & Supplement. 1976
Folger Gardner WPBPL The clock that talks and what it tells: a portrait of the maker: Hon. Walter Folger, Jr. 1954
Follett Ward IRCL The Follett-Dewey-Safford ancestry of Captain Martin Dewey Follett (1765-1831) and his wife Persis Fassett (1767-1849). 1896
Follett Follett OCLS The Genealogy of Orville Fisher Follett and The Folletts of Attleborough, MA nd
Follett Baker IRCL Genealogical record of John Brown (1755-1809): and his descendants: also the collateral branches of Merrill, Scott and Follett families. 19??
Follmer Strieby MPL Follmer Genealogy and History. 164 pages. 1975
Folsum Dow MCPL Book of Dow. nd
Forbes Hanneman WPBPL History of the Forbes-Fobes family in Scotland, Holland and Sioux City, Iowa. n.d.
Ford Seaver IRCL Ford Family History. [1928]
Ford Graves MPL The Triumph of an Idea (Henry Ford). 184 pages. 1934
Ford Heraldry MPL Family History With Name Origin and Lineage Lines "Ford" from Genealogical Records. 75 pages. 1975
Ford Ricahrdson OCLS The Ford Family of Maryland nd
Fore Byrne OCLS Fore, Foree, Ford Family Notes 1969
Foreman/ Forman Foreman CBL Foreman genealogy. 1958
Formon Meadows OCLS The Genealogy of the Families Forman, Boischlair, Walker, Beers, Lacy 1980
Fortier Cochran OCLS The Fortier Family & Allied Families nd
Fortin Elston OCLS Fortin and Miner (Monast); French Canadian Families of Vergennes, VT with Notes on Plantier, Gely, Roy Families nd
Fortson Boyd CBL NBPL MPL MCPL Family history: Lt. Thomas Fortson (1742-1824) and some of his descendants, early settlers of Elbert County, Georgia. 1973
Fosdick Fosdick OCLS WPBPL Annals of the Fosdick Family 1953
Foskett Foskett OCLS A Foskett Line of Charlestown, MA 1987
Foster Foster MPL Seedlings of William Foster. 300 pages. 1971
Foulke Chambers OCLS WPBPL Foulke, Lupper and allied families. 1952
Fowler Arthur WPBPL Annals of the Fowler family. 1901
Fowler Brewster WPBPL Mark Brewster of Hull, England and allied families in America, including Atkey, Carpenter, Dare, Fowler, Hiscock, Hewitt, Potter and Yelf. 1990
Fowler Fowler OCLS The History of the Fowlers 1950
Fowler Fowler WPBPL Captain John Fowler. 1942
Fowler Fowler IRCL William Fowler, the magistrate, and one line of his descendants. 1867
Fowler McCann OCLS Some Descendants of Roger Fowler 1470, Foxley, Buckinghamshire, England nd
Fowler Peet OCLS WPBPL A Memoir of the Forbears and Descendants of Henry L. Fowler and Emma L. Minkler 1987
Fowler Whitmore WPBPL Ancestral Tablets. 1985
Fowler Dickinson WPBPL The Fowler family in England and America. 1904
Fox Fox WPBPL Thomas Fox of Concord and his descendants. 1909
Frache Kennedy WPBPL Out of the house of Frache: Christopher and Peter and their associated American Families. 1980
Francisco Porter OCLS The Romantic Record of Peter Francisco 1929
Francisco Moon OCLS Peter Francisco, The Portuguese Patriot 1980
Franciscus Johnson OCLS The House of Franciscus 1710-2000 AD 1989
Franciscus Franciscus OCLS A History of the United States According to Franciscus and Related Families 1710-2000 AD 1989
Franklin Stephens WPBPL Stephens ancestors and pioneer relatives: the Steward, Rich, Davenport, Franklin, etc. and other families of the 1800's. 1982
Franklin Russel OCLS Benjamin Franklin, The First Civilized American 1926
Franklin Fleming OCLS The Man Who Dared the Lightning 1971
Franklin Franklin WPBPL The Ancestry of Frances Sample Franklin. 1972.
Frantz Frantz, King, and Pfautz IRCL The genealogy of the Matthias Frantz family of Berks County, Pennsylvania. 1972
Frantz Hendricks IRCL Descendants chart, Peter Frantz, Sr. (bef. 1707). 1994
Frary Lepak OCLS The Frary Family in America: A Continuation 1985
Frary Frary OCLS The Frary Family in America: 1637-1980 1981
Frase Powell WPBPL The Weygandt - Frase - Bechtel Family Record (1523-1965) 1965
Frasher Sellards OCLS Frasher/Frazier Family History and Their Kinsmen: Webb, Thompson, Lowe, Wellman, Akers, Robertson, Hooser, Bartram 1991
Frazier Chamberlain MCPL Frazier and Dyer Family Records. nd
Frazier Frazier CBL IRCL Frazier Family. 1994
Frazier Frazier OCLS James Frazier, Kent County, DE and Descendants 1965
Frear Hawkins WPBPL Buggies, blizzards and babies. 1971
Freed Graff OCLS A Freed Family History: Ancestors and Descendants of Walter Curtin Freed & Dorothy Youngman Freed of Williamsport, PA 1980
Freeman unk IRCL Freeman genealogy. 1875
Freer Heidgerd WPBPL The Freer family. 1968
French Braswell OCLS Our Heritage: French Families of America 1700-1983 1983
French French OCLS French and Howard 1996
French Zebley OCLS Southern Shoots from Northern Roots 1984
Freney Freney OCLS The Life and Adventures of James Freney - Together with an Account of the Actions of Several Other Noted Highwaymen. (Photocopy of book in Library of Ireland) 1861
Frennsson Simcox OCLS John Frennsson: Lilliedoll, Medows, Lillidahl, Lillidale 1982
Fretz Fretz OCLS A Brief History of John and Christian Fretz 1890
Frisbie Frisbie OCLS Edward Frisbie of Branford and His Descendants Vol. I, II, III (Three volumes, publ. 1984, 1987,1988) 1984
Froberg Brown WPBPL Froberg Family History - Ancestors and Descendants of Peter Froberg and Anna Peterson. 1986
Frost Fetters WPBPL Research Study of James Frost (1735-1834) of Fayette Co., PA; 1990
Frost Frost WPBPL Ancestral lines of Marion Douglass Frost. 1953
Fry Brown WPBPL Ancestral Lines of Robert Excell Fry and Mary Elizabeth Owsley (incl. Allison, Carroll, Hope, Inlow, Jordan, Killebrew, ....). 1990
Fuch Silver OCLS Papa Fuchs' Family 1881-1981 1982
Fulghum Fulghum OCLS WPBPL The Fulghum (Foljambe, Fulgham) and Kindred (Dearn, Lea, Sledge, Stokes, Wheless) Families 1978
Fuller Berry MPL The Cary Family in England and America. Vol.II. 52 pages. nd
Fuller Fuller OCLS My Immigrant Ancestors: Fuller, Freeman, Aldrich, Page 1973
Fuller Fuller WPBPL Fuller genealogy. 1914
Fuller Fuller IRCL Genealogy of the Fuller families descending from Robert Fuller of Salem and Rehoboth, Massachusetts, 1638. 1898
Fuller Fuller and Fuller IRCL The Fuller family in England and America. 1971
Fullerton UNK OCLS (Microfilm) Fullerton, Fullartons, and Gellingtons of North America nd
Fullerton Fullerson OCLS The Fullertons of North America 1975
Fulton Fulton OCLS Family Record and War Reminiscences (Civil War) nd
Fulton Fulton OCLS William Fulton 1827-1877 and His Wife Nancy Organ 1837-1866 and Some of Their Descendants 1970
Funderburgh Funderburgh OCLS Descendants of Jacob and Eve (Boone) Funderburgh 1783-1978 1978
Funk Chaffee OCLS The Other Henry Funk (Who Received a 1717 Land Patent in Strasburg Township, then Chester Co, PA) and Some of His Descendants 1988
Funk Funk OCLS Family Tree of Funk, Johnson, Ramsey, Neiman 1962
Funk Hendricks IRCL Descendants chart, Jacob Funk (1595-1640). 1994
Fuqua Irwin MPL Fuqua - A Fight For Freedom. 452 pages. 1974
Furlong Furlong CBL LDSFH Dulany-Furlong and kindred families. 1975
Furman Haynsworth WPBPL Haynsworth-Furman and allied families. 1942
Furman Furman OCLS The Furman Legend 1978
Futch Smith MPL North Carolina Palatine-Germans (Futch Family). 115 pages. nd
Fyler/ Filer unk IRCL Fyler history and genealogy. 1967
Gabler Gabler OCLS Gabler and Related Families 1978
Gadd Gadd OCLS Gadd Genealogy 1939
Gage Slu IRCL Esther Jane Peterson: 5 Feb 1860-15 Jul 1942... an account of some of her ancestors, the Petersons, Biderts, Dains, and Kassons and her descendants, the Slutz and Gage families. 19??
Gaines Sutherd WPBPL Gaines. 1969 Indexed edition, 1972
Gallison Dickson WPBPL Stockman-Gallison Ancestral Lines [Descendants of John Gallison and Martha Moore of Maine and Louisiana]. 1984
Gamble Cilley OCLS The Mount Desert Widow: Genealogy of the Gambel Family nd
Gamble Avant CBL Florida pioneers and their Alabama, Georgia, Carolina, Maryland, and Virginia ancestors. 1974
Gangloff Burnite WPBPL The Stark-Welker genealogy and family history: including Gangloff, Herman, Hess, etc. 1984
Gannett Gannett OCLS WPBPL Gannett descendants of Matthew and Hannah Gannett of Scituate, Mass. 1976
Gano Lemaster WPBPL Gano family U.S.A., 1970, Gano, Ganoe, Ganow. 1970
Gano Lemaster WPBPL Gano Family in U.S.A.: Gano, Ganoe, Ganow, France 1610, America 1661, Canada 1850. 1970
Gano Lemaster OCLS Gano-Ganoe-Ganow: Gano Family 1610-1970 USA 1970
Gano Lemaster MPL Gano, Ganoe, Ganow 1610-1970. 335 pages. 1968
Gano Gano MPL Gano Family. Film. nd
Gant Gant WPBPL John Gant ca 1713-1783 of Virginia and North Carolina.
Ganung Frost WPBPL The Strang Genealogy: Descendants of Daniel Streing of New Rochelle, New York with special records of the Purdy, Ganung, Kissam, Sackett, Bloomfield, Keeler, Belcher, Morgan, Whitney and Thorne families 1915
Gardiner Gardiner OCLS Gardiners of Gardiner's Island 1927
Gardner Gardner IRCL Thomas Gardner, planter : (Cape Ann, 1623-1626: Alem, 1626-1674) and some of his descendants : giving Essex County, Massachusetts, and northern New England lines to the eighth generation and Nantucket lines. 1907
Gardner Gardner WPBPL Gardner and allied families. 1979
Gardner Carter OCLS Isabella Stewart Gardner and Fenway Court 1940
Gardner Brown OCLS MPL WPBPL The Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Wood Gardner and Mary Brown Rathbone. 152 pages. 1985
Gardner Knapp MCPL Genealogy of Nicholas Knapp. nd
Garland Hanscom MPL Ancestors and Descendants of Josiah Garland and Miriam Moore. 210 pages. 1987
Garner Olsen IRCL Honored heritage : the genealogy of Ernesta Grace Garner. 1993
Garrard UNK OCLS Something of Colonial Gerrards (Garrard, Gerarrd, Garrett) Stone, Tyler, Polk, Howison, Graham, Griswold nd
Garrett Garrett OCLS (Microcard) The Genealogy in Part of Stephen and William Garrett of Buckingham, VA with Some Historical Data of the Families 1869
Garrigues Fisher CBL These are our people: Fisser, Anderson, Comfort, Garrigues, Reed, Hawkins, Luesley, Fisher. 1987
Garrigues Strat OCLS Our Garrigues Ancestors; French Huguenots with Connections to Charlemagne & European Royalty 1992
Garrod Hansborough CBL History and genealogy of the Hansborough - Hansbrough family with data on the Hanbury, Garrod, Lash, Devous, Davis, Wathen and Bell families. 1981
Gatlin McDuffie OCLS The Gatlin Family in America nd
Gay Gladden WPBPL Ahcestry of Dr. Jonathan Fay Gay [1810-1867] of Framington, Massachusetts. 1969
Gay Thompson IRCL Behind the plow: Collier, Gay, Thompson. 1975
Gaylord Gilbert WPBPL A brief outline of the history and pedigrees of the House of Gaillard or Gaylord in France, England & United States. n.d.
Geer Geer WPBPL The Geer genealogy, a historical record of George and Thomas Geer and their descendants in the United States from 1623 to 1923. 1923
Geiger Geiger OCLS The Geiger Family 1965
George Heraldry MPL Family History With Name Origin and Lineage Lines "George" From Genealogical Records. 40 pages. 1975
George George School OCLS History of George School 1893-1943 1943
George Gardien OCLS The Chatelaine of George Villa 1979
Gerhart Hendricks IRCL Descendants of Jacob Gerhart and the allied family of Hans Adam Buss. 1995
Gerould Wood WPBPL Genealogy of the family of Jabez, son of Gamaliel Gerould, son of Dr. Jacques [or James] Jerould of the Province of Languedoc, France.
Gerrard Gerard OCLS Descendants of Reverend John Gerrard of Berkley Co. VA 1993
Gettel The News Weekly OCLS Six Generations of the Gettel Family on Michigan and the United States 1820-1971 1983
Ghent O'Dell MPL A Family History of O'Dell-Baer and Related Lines. 520 pages. 1981
Ghio unk WPBPL Bible of Simon Ghio and Susannah Wiley Ghio, Portsmouth, Virginia, 1779-1869. 1996
Gibbs Watt OCLS enax Proposity: The Gibbs Family of Long Ago and Near at Hand 1337-1967 1967
Gibbs Gibbs IRCL The Gibbs family of Rhode Island and some related families - Gibbs. 1933
Gibert Hillhouse OCLS Pierre Gibert, French Huguenot, His Background and Descendants 1977
Gibson UNK LDSFH Gibson and Michiels Family History. nd
Gifford Baskervill MPL The Skeltons of Paxton (Powhatan Co., VA.). 119 pages. 1922
Gifford Casebeer MPL Gifford-Mitchell Family Records. 30 pages. 1959
Gifford Daniels MPL Some Descendants of William Gifford of Sandwich, MA. 120 pages. 1958
Gifford Fisher MPL Some Descendants of Capt. John and Ruth (Wilcox) Gifford. 100 pages. 1959
Gifford Olson OCLS Ancestry of Elihu B Gifford (1830-1898) and Catharine Sandow Barrows (1835-1917) of Saratoga County, NY, Buffalo County, WI and Spokane County, WA 1989
Gifford Gifford MPL Giffords - Massachusetts Branch. 50 pages. nd
Gilbert Wallace OCLS The Gilbert Family in America 1960
Gilbert Gilbert OCLS Memoirs Regarding the Family of John Gilbert (1752-1829) of Galway, Saratoga County, NY 1955
Gilcher Gilcher and Gilcher IRCL The descendants of Michael Gilcher, bandmaster of Essweiler, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany : a genealogy with musical overtones. 1989
Gilchrist McLean WPBPL Lumber River Scots and Their Descendants: The McLeans, The Purcells, The McIntyres, The Torreys and The Gilchrists 1942
Giles Weisenreder OCLS The Giles Story: 1765-1995 From New Jersey to New York, Michigan and Ohio; Including the Cratsley Connection 1995
Gill Hendleman MPL The Hendleman Genealogy - Douglas Branch. 150 pages. 1982
Gillespie Prindle WPBPL Ancestry of Elizabeth Barrett Gillespie. 1976
Gillespie Prindle WPBPL Descendants of John and Mary Jane [Cunningham] Gillespie. 1973
Gillespie Gillespie WPBPL The Gillespie family: Directory of the descendants of John and Sarah Woods Gillespie. 1966
Gillet Thomas WPBPL The Joseph Gillet-Gillett-Gillette family. 1970
Gillet Ross WPBPL Our Pilgrim's progress: The Gillets of Connecticut, Ohio, Missouri, Iowa and Wisconsin.
Gilliland Gilliland WPBPL From 860 A.D., A Genealogical Pedigree. 1983
Gillis Metcalf IRCL The Gillis family in the South. 1975
Gilman Gilman WPBPL The Gilman family, Traced in line of Hon. John Gilman of Exeter, New Hampshire. 1869
Gilmor Gilmor WPBPL Gilmor-Hanna-Scott-Hamilton, 1729-1929, the union of the four families in the marriage of William Gilmore and Agnes Scott, 1820. 1932
Givens Givens WPBPL A Givens-Hall family history. From Pre-Revolutionary times to 1970. 1971
Gladney Arnold OCLS Gladneys in America: Genealogy & History 1966
Gladstone Masterman OCLS Mary Gladstone (Mrs. Drew), Her Diaries and Letters nd
Glass Coone OCLS Genealogist's Collection, Vol I with Notes on the Sever Family Including the book 'The Forty Niners of Edgar County, Illinois' by Stephen Page White. Also Includes 'Mother's Notes' by Lucille Glass Barco 1985
Glattfelder UNK OCLS (Microfiche) Glattfelder Genealogy and Supplement nd
Glattfelder Hartman WPBPL The Glattfelders in America: The descendants of two brothers, Johan Peter and Casper Glattfelder and others. n.d.
Gleaton Gleaton OCLS Genealogical Record of Joe (Isaac) Gleaton, Our Immigrant Ancestor of London, England and Orangeburg County, SC with Allied Families 1941
Glick Glick WPBPL Genealogy of the Glick family. 1918
Glick Irvine WPBPL Joseph Glick - scrapbook. 1961
Glick White OCLS Part I Subscribers to the first German Language Published in America; Part II Glick Family Records, Lancaster, PA, Johann Bar (Bear) 1819 nd
Glidden Sumner WPBPL Ancestry of Edward Wales Blake and Clarissa Matilda Glidden. 1948
Glodek Bush OCLS Family Portraits, the Glodek Generations 1990
Goddard Goddard IRCL The Goddards of Granby, Connecticut. 1985
Goddard Harms and Harms IRCL The Goddard book - Vol. 1 and 2. 1984-1990
Godwin Chesser OCLS The Godwin Ancestry 1972
Goff Wilkens OCLS Goff/Gloyd and Associated Families: Arnold, Bevan, Churchill, Clinton, Cole, Colfax, Eddy, Foote, Fox, Hills, Kilbourne, King, Kirby, Mills, Moody, Paddock, Reynolds, Rollo, Rusco, Smith, Stanclift, Swartwout, Young 1973
Goldsberry Hovemeyer WPBPL Goldsberry bushes - The Goldsberry families of Adams County and Brown County, Ohio and their descendants. 1979
Goldsberry Oliver WPBPL The family tree of Goldsberry, "Including the Santee branch"
Goodbread Davis OCLS Gutbrodt is Goodbread, Phillip Goodbread, His Ancestors and Descendants, 1604-1987 1988
Goodbread Goodbread OCLS Ancestors, Aunts, Uncles & Some Cousins of James Piper Taliaferro Goodbread 1982
Goode Goode OCLS Virginia Cousins, a Study of the Ancestry of John Goode of Whitby, a Virginia Colonist of the 17th Century, with Notes Upon Related Families. A Key to ... Gode, Goad, Goode or Good from 1148 to 1887 1963
Goodenough Goodenough OCLS Legends, Loves and Loyalties of Old New England nd
Goodhue Goodhue IRCL History and genealogy of the Goodhue family in England and America to the year 1890. 1891
Goodknight Goodnight OCLS The Goodknight (Gutknecht) Family in America 1936
Goodlock Mills WPBPL Goodlock and allied families. n.d.
Goodrich Case WPBPL The Goodrich family in America. 1889 Addenda. n.d.
Goodrich Stuart WPBPL Mayflower ancestry of Elizabeth Ely Goodrich and her descendants. 1932
Goodridge Goodridge IRCL The Goodridge genealogy : a history of the descendants of William Goodridge who came to America from Bury St. Edmunds, England in 1636 and settled in Watertown, Massachusetts : with some inquiry into the history. 1918
Gorby Lauri WPBPL The Gorby family .. origin, history and genealogy. n.d.
Gordon Baker OCLS Book of the Descendants of Doctor Bejamin Lee and Dorothy Gordon 1972
Gordon Flack WPBPL Genealogy of the Gordon - Macy - Hiddleston - Curtis and allied families. 1967
Gorrie Sherlock OCLS The Fever Man, A Biography of Dr. John Gorrie 1982
Gorton Gorton OCLS IRCL Samuel Gorton of Rhode Island and His Descendants Combined Edition, Volumes I and II in One Volume 1985
Goss Clark IRCL Genealogies of the Clark, Parks, Brockman, and Dean, Davis, and Goss families in five parts. 1905
Gott Gott OCLS Ancestors & Descendants of An Ohio Gott Family, 1682-1972 1972
Gould Gould WPBPL The family of Zacceus Gould of Topsfield, Mass. 1895
Gove Nicholson IRCL A tenth generation Yankee from Maine. 1972
Gowen Society WPBPL Gowen research foundation newsletter. Vol. 1, 1989 -
Graffam Graffam MPL One Line of Descent From Stephen Graffam 1638-1684. 5 pages. 1974
Graham Seaver MPL Graham Family Records. 90 pages. 1929
Graham Stafford WPBPL General George Mason Graham of Tyrone Plantation and his people. 1947
Graham Hudson MPL Pioneer Families. (HodOCLn, Delesdernier, Rouleau, Graham) Vol.VI. 31 pages. 1990
Granberry Jacobus OCLS The Granberry Family and Allied Families Including the Ancestry of Helen (Woodward) Granberry 1945
Granbery Granbury WPBPL John Granbery, Virginia. 1964
Grant Scott OCLS Ten Generations of Grants 1971
Graves Baker WPBPL The genealogy of Herbert Cornelius Graves, Part II. 1969
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