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ECFGSC Family History Bibliography - H

Books are located in the following libraries:

CBL Central Brevard Library, Cocoa
IRCL Indian River County Main Library, Vero Beach
LDSFH LDS Family History Center, Fort Pierce
MBL Morningside Branch Library, Port St. Lucie
MCPL Martin County Public Library, Stuart
MPL Melbourne Public Library, Melbourne
NBPL North Brevard Public Library, Titusville
OCL Okeechobee County Library, Okeechobee
OCLS Orange County Library System, Orlando
OSCLS Osceola County Library System, Kissimmee
SLCHM St. Lucie County Historical Museum, Fort Pierce
SLCL Saint Lucie County Library, Fort Pierce
WPBPL West Palm Beach Public Library, West Palm Beach

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Habersham Cooper CBL King and allied families. 1992
Hackenberry UNK MCPL Descendants of Peter Hackenberry and His Son John. nd
Haddock Haddock WPBPL Legends of the Haddock Family. 1976
Hadley Boltwood IRCL Genealogies of Hadley families : Embracing the early settlers of the towns of Hatfield, South Hadley, Amherst and Granby. 1979
Hadley Hadley IRCL Notes on the Quaker family of Hadley. 1916
Haer Haer OCLS Fredrick Glasser Haer, A Biography and Family Portrait 1984
Hafen Hafen MPL Recollections of a Handcart Pioneer 1860. A Woman's Life on Mormon Frontier (Hafen). 100 pages. 1938
Hague Slutz IRCL Descendants of John Slutz of Maryland and Ohio. The Samuel Slutz line, husband of Sarah Hague. 1995
Haig Hoge WPBPL The Family of Haig and Hoge and their historical Surroundings. 1987
Haigwood Haigwood OCLS A Search for Haigwood/Hagood/Haygood, etc 1650-1984 1984
Haines Haines WPBPL Ancestry and descendants of Zimri and Elizabeth Compton Haines. 1980
Haines Burley MPL Timber (Burley, Reed, Haines, Nicholson, Howse, Shew). (Gantz) 9 pages. 1977
Haines Haines WPBPL Richard Haines & His Descendants - A Quaker Family of Burlington Co., NJ, Since 1682: 2 Vols. 1966
Hakansson Varend WPBPL Slakten Bernstrom. n.d.
Hale Hale WPBPL Ancestors of Calvin Hale second child of Samuel C. Hale and Hepsibah Chapin. 1972
Hale Stuart IRCL Life of Captain Nathan Hale : the martyr-spy of the American Revolution. 1856
Hale Jacobus OCLS MPL WPBPL Hale, House and related families: Mainly of the Connecticut River Valley. 1978
Hale Hale IRCL Genealogy of descendants of Thomas Hale of Walton, England, and of Newbury, Massachusetts. 1889
Hales Slutz IRCL Descendants of John Slutz of Maryland and Ohio. The Josiah Slutz line, husband of Mary Hales. 1995
Hales Hales OCLS The Family of Hugh and Mary Hales 1977
Haley Haley CBL MPL WPBPL LDSFH Roots : the saga of an American family. 1976
Hall Newman CBL Mareen Duvall of Middle Plantation: A genealogical history of Mareen Duvall, Gent., of the province of Maryland...1952
Hall American Genealogical OCLS The Hall Family 1973
Hall Bartlett OCLS Revolutionary Services of Lieutenant Nathaniel Hall and His son Nathaniel Hall (Drummer) of Stonington, Conn. with Names of Some of Their Descendents: the Daniel Hubbard Halls, the Ellwoods, Heths, Bartletts, ... 1931
Hall Curtis MCPL Genealogy of the Curtis-Curtiss Family of Stratford. CT. nd
Hall Givens WPBPL A Givens-Hall family history, from Pre-Revolutionary times to 1970. 1971
Hall Hall OCLS Lyman Hall, Georgia Patriot 1959
Hall Hall CBL Genealogy of Thomas Hall, his children and grandchildren with added notes...on the Halls, Regers and other early settlers of Volga, Barbour Co., WV. 1967
Hall Hall IRCL The Halls of New England : Genealogical and Biographical. 1883
Hall Sorley WPBPL Lewis of Warner Hall: the history of a family. 2 vol. 1935
Hall Tucker IRCL Hall of Fame. 1981
Hall Boyd MCPL Family History of Lewis Moore Wright and Connected Families. 3 Vols. nd
Hallett Hinkley OCLS One Branch of the Hallett Family Showing Messer Alliance of Belgrade and Oakland, ME 1968
Halliday Halliday WPBPL A Halliday family tree. 1963
Hallock Hallock IRCL A Hallock Genealogy. 1989, 1928
Halsey Halsey WPBPL Thomas Halsey and his descendants in America. 1971
Hamblen Price MPL The Price, Blakemore, Hamblen, Skipwith and Allied Lines. 929 pages. 1991
Hamby Cox OCLS MPL IRCL My Roots, The Hambys of Rabun County, Georgia and the Coxes of Gilmer County, Georgia 1994
Hamilton Gilmor WPBPL Gilmor-Hanna-Scott-Hamilton, 1729-1929, the union of the four families in the marriage of William Gilmor and Agnes Scott, 1820. 1932
Hamilton Hamilton OCLS The Hamiltons of the First Permanent Settlement in Maine: their Ancestors and Descendants 1978
Hamilton Clemes OCLS The Hamilton Family in America: Being an Account of the Founders & First Colonial Families and an Official List of the Heads of Families of the Name Hamilton Resident in the United States in 1790 1913
Hamlin Andrews OCLS (Microcard) History of the Hamlin Family with Genealogies of Early Settlers of the Name in America 1639-1894, Pt 1 1844
Hammer Albury MPL Please Remember Mama - A Story of the William Hammer Family (Florida Pioneers). 20 pages. 1986
Hammer Hunter MPL The Hammer Story - Ancestors and Descendants of Anton Hammer. 233 pages. 1990
Hammond Beirne OCLS The Hammond - Harwood House and its Owners [Maryland] 1904
Hammond Bleser OCLS WPBPL The Hammonds of Redcliffe. 1981
Hammond Hammond IRCL History and genealogies of the Hammond families in America : with an account of the early history of the family in Normandy and Great Britain : 1000-1902 - Vol. 1 and 2. 1902-1904
Hammond Hammond OCLS Lakes & Palmetters & Pines, The William B.B. and John W. Hammond Families of Orange and Lake Counties, FL 1991
Hammond Brown OCLS Hammond Family of Maryland with Indiana Descendants 1976
Hampton Meynard IRCL The venturers : The Hampton, Harrison, and Earle families of Virginia, South Carolina, and Texas. 1981
Hanaford Hanaford OCLS Family Records of Branches of the Hanaford, Thompson, Huckins, Prescott, Smith, Neal, Haley, Luck, Swift, Plumer, Leavitt, Wilson,Green and Allied Families 1915
Hanbury Hansborough CBL History and genealogy of the Hansborough - Hansbrough family with data on the Hanbury, Garrod, Lash, Devous, Davis Wathen and Bell families. 1981
Hancock Hancock OCLS WPBPL The Hancock Family of England and America with Related Families: Avery, Cockcroft, Davis, Dick, Flournoy, Harris, Hunter, Jameson, Jones, Lamar, Ligon, Lowe, Moseley, Moss, Piggott, Skeen, Sleeth, Walls and Many Others 1993
Hand Dymond MPL Genealogy of the Hand Family and Related Families. 420 pages. 1982
Handcock St.Amand OCLS William Handcock of VA and CravenCounty, NC 1960
Haner Miller WPBPL A Haner/Hayner family in America: descendants of Johannes Hoener in the New World. 1991
Hanes White OCLS People Named Hanes 1980
Haney Stepler MPL The Senteney-Haney Families. 150 pages. 1987
Hanford Davis CBL Family history of Mrs. Bruce (Virginia) Mastin. 1949
Hanks Barber MPL Nancy Hanks of Undistinguished Families - Second Families. 367 pages. 1959
Hanks Barber MPL Index for Nancy Hanks of Undistinguished Families. 20 pages. nd
Hanna Gilmor WPBPL Gilmor-Hanna-Scott-Hamilton, 1729-1929, the union of the four families in the marriage of William Gilmor and Agnes Scott, 1820. 1932
Hannah Hannah OCLS Something About Hannah (9 soft cover volumes -- slighly different titles) 1983
Hannum Pfeiffer OCLS Light Hearted Genealogy of Henry & Jane Baxter Hannum 1982
Hansborough/ Hansbrough Hansborough CBL OCLS History and genealogy of the Hansborough - Hansbrough family with data on the Hanbury, Garrod, Lash, Devous, Davis, Wathen and Bell families. 1981
Hansel Singletary LDSFH Genealogy of Ruth Hansel. nd
Hansen Crostic OCLS The Descendants of Michael Hansen (Hansel) nd
Hard Taylor WPBPL The Taylor, Hard and Brown Families, A Genealogical Record of Two Hundred and Fifty Year 1933
Hardee/ Hardy Hardee CBL Eastern North Carolina Hardy-Hardee family in the South and Southwest. 1966
Hardenberg Miller WPBPL The Hardenbergh family, a genealogical compilation. 1958
Hardick Hutton MPL Family History and Genealogy of the Hutton, Hardick, Brown and Related Families. 154 pages. 1987
Hardin Wulfeck OCLS Hardin and Harding of Virginia and Kentucky nd
Harding Harding IRCL The family tree of some of us Hardings. 1946
Harding Dunn IRCL Hardings of Maine and their roots. 1979
Harding McPherson OCLS Ancestry of Addi Clark Harding, Daughter of Abner Clark Harding, Jr. and Maud McCain nd
Harding Tompkins WPBPL Harding ancestors of my father, Henry Mills Harding: Also Slosson. 1981
Harding Russell OCLS The Shadow of Blooming Grove: Warren G Harding in His Times 1968
Hardman Powell CBL Thomas Powell, colonial yeoman-planter and John Hardman, colonial planter. 1985
Hardt Hardt OCLS Johann Hardt: His Family, The History 1753-1825 -Being a Record of the Descendants of Johann Hardt and His Wife Barbara (geb Strauss) Together withKoch, Ferbe & Jacobi 1969
Hardy Murray NBPL These are the Hardys. 1951
Hardy Morse IRCL An American family and its ancestor predecessors: back to Adam through early American immigrants of British extraction according to past and present records. 1973
Hardy Hardy WPBPL The Hardys of Barbon and some other Westmoreland Statesmen, their kith, kin and children. 1913
Hardy Hardy OCLS WPBPL Hardy and Hardie, past and present. 1935
Hardy Hardee OCLS IRCL The Eastern North Carolina Hardy/Hardee Family on the South and Southwest nd
Hargrett Hargrett OCLS The Hargretts of Georgia and Their Origins in Germany and North Carolina 1986
Harlan Harlan OCLS [Fragile] History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family and Particularly of the Descendants of George and Michael Harlan Who Settled in Chester Co, PA 1687 nd
Harland Thompson WPBPL Thompson, Dawson, Mendenhall, Harland Genealogies; Ireland, England, Canada, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kansas 1974
Harley Harley OCLS Lloyd D. Harley, Sr., His History and Genealogy 1979
Harllee Harllee OCLS Kinfolks, A Genealogical...Record of Thomas & Elizabeth (Stuart) Harllee, Andrew & Agnes (Cade) Fulmore, Benjamin & Mary Curry, Samuel & Amelia (Russell) Kemp, John & Hannah (Walker) Bethea. 2 copies each of Vol. 1,2,3; General Index 1941
Harper Harper OCLS John Alexander Harper and Allied Families 1988
Harper Harper OCLS Adell Bartlett Harper's Family Lines: A Loving Tribute to Our Southern Heritage [Bartlett, Ferrier, Ferris, Johns, Randolph, Isham, Fitzpatrick, Woodson, Hunter, Alston, Hinton, Hardy] 1973
Harper Ford OCLS Records of the Harper Family 1905
Harrell Withers OCLS The Family of Samuel Harrell of Gates County, North Carolina and Other Harrells nd
Harrington Brown WPBPL Harrington family research bulletin. 1989 -
Harris Eberhart OCLS The Harris, Pritchard, Knippenberg and Allied Families 1992
Harris Stover OCLS Ely Harris and Lucretia Ransom of Connecticut, New York, and Ontario 1990
Harris Seaver OCLS The Harris Genealogy nd
Harris Harris OCLS [Fragile] Record of the Harris Family Descended from John Harris born 1860 in Wiltshire, England 1903
Harris Elliott OCLS Harris Genealogy: A Line of Direct Descendants from James Harris of Boston, Massachusetts to the Present Generation in 1975 1975
Harris Dow MCPL Book of Dow. nd
Harris Government Printing Off OCLS Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Isham G. Harris (Late a Senator from Tennessee) 1898
Harrison Keith WPBPL The ancestry of Benjamin Harrison. 1892
Harrison Harrison WPBPL Settlers by the long grey trail. 1975
Harrison Harrison OCLS The Harrisons of Skimino and particularly of Jesse Burton Harrison and Burton Norvello Harrison 1910
Harrison Harrison OCLS Settlers by the Long Grey Trail, Some Pioneers to Old Augusta County VA and Their Descendants of the Family of Harrison and Allied Lines 1935
Harrison Alcock IRCL Five generations of the family of Burr Harrison of Virginia, 1650-1800. 1991
Harsh Harsh and Harsh IRCL The Harsh family genealogy, 1740-1987 : Being a record of the descendants of Juliana Veronica Hirsch, widow of Hans Heinrich Hirsch : derived from the life-long collections of Harvey Edgar Harsh. 1987
Harshman Johnson WPBPL Mink-Scherrer-Hickman-Harshman-Dickay. 1978
Hart Hart WPBPL Hart genealogy with collateral family lines. 1970
Hart Frame WPBPL The Harts of Randolph - or Mostly Descendants of Edward and Daniel Hart, sons of John Hart the Signer, with allied Families; 1976
Hart Hart OCLS James Hart, A Genealogical and Historical Record of His Descendants with Allied Families [Morris, Rainey, Gossage, Randolph, Wasson, Dixon] 1976
Hart Hart WPBPL The Hart family of Washington County, Georgia. n.d.
Hart Torrance OCLS WPBPL The Descendants of Lewis Hart and Anne Elliott with Additional Genealogical and Historical Data Concerning the Families of Hart-Warner, Hart-Curtiss, Hart-McColley , Curtiss-Thompson, Curtiss-Torrance, Curtiss-Vosburgh. 1923
Hart Waterfield OCLS The History of the Hart - Smith - Borland - Ritter Families 1986
Harter Harter WPBPL Harter History. nd
Harter Pierce IRCL The Harter family. 1939
Harter Pierce MPL Harter Tree. (Gantz) 13 pages. 1939
Hartman Hartman MPL The Hartman Family - 1727 to Present. (Gantz) 117 pages. 1978
Hartwell McKenney MPL The McKenney Story. Hartwell, Cole and Allied Families. 263 pages. 1989
Harvey Clanin OCLS California Gold Rush Diary of Charles H. Harvey, February 12 - November 12, 1852 1983
Harvey Harvey OCLS Journal of Colonel Alexander Harvey of Scotland and Barnet, Vermont nd
Harvy Harvy OCLS Harvy and Carter Families nd
Harwell McBryde OCLS A Journey Through the Past to the Present of My Harwell Family nd
Hasbrouck Hasbrouck WPBPL The Hasbrouck family in America with European background. 3 Vol. 1974, 1986
Hasbrouck Hasbrouck WPBPL Addenda 1974 Hasbrouck Family Association. 1974
Haskin Haskin WPBPL A Haskin history, descendants of John Haskins of Taunton, Mass. and of Richard Haskins through his children John, Mercy, Mary. 2 vol. Vol. 1 n.d. Vol 2, 1981
Haskin Haskin MPL A Brief History Of Elkanah Haskin and His Son Enoch. 1700-1890. 54 pages. 1890
Hastings Hastings WPBPL Sally Hastings [1773-1812]. 1942
Hastings Buckminster IRCL The Hastings memorial : A genealogical account of the descendants of Thomas Hastings of Watertown, Mass. from 1634 to 1864. 1866
Hatch Pack IRCL Thomas Hatch of Barnstable and some of his descendants : the descent of Alice Gertrude Hatch and her husband, Charles Lathrop Pack, from Thomas Hatch and allied families. 1930
Hatfield Hatfield WPBPL The descendants of Matthias Hatfield. 1954
Hatfield Hatfield WPBPL The Hatfields of Westchester. 1935
Hatfield Jones CBL Hatfields and the McCoys
Hatfield Sellards OCLS Hatfield and Phillips Families of Eastern Kentucky and Southwestern West Virginia 1993
Hatfield Inman OCLS Stories of Hatfield, The Pioneer (Second Edition) 1890
Hathaway Versaille WPBPL Hathaways of America. 1965
Hatherly Valdespino OCLS Timothy Hatherly and the Plymouth Colony Pilgrims (2 copies) 1981
Havens Kocher OCLS The Havens Family of Florida 1980
Hawes Hawes OCLS Richard Hawes of Dorchester, Massachusetts and Some of His Descendants 1932
Hawkes Smith WPBPL Hawkes talks. 1988
Hawkes Smith WPBPL Adam Hawkes of Saugus, Massachusetts. 1980
Hawkins Fisher CBL These are our people: Fisser, Anderson, Comfort, Garrigues, Reed, Hawkins, Luesley, Fisher. 1987
Hawkins Gladden IRCL Descendants of Stephen C. Hawkins of Campbell County, Kentucky : with reference to the allied families of Barton, Clephane, Eckert, Marshall, and Thomasson. 1965
Hawkins Hawkins MPL Hawkins Family History Supplement. (Gantz) 64 pages. 1968
Hawkins Hawkins MPL Hawkins Family History. (Gantz) 31 pages. 1967
Hawks Lane OCLS WPBPL John Hawks, A Founder of Hadley, Massachusetts. 1989
Hayden Hughes MPL Brisbin, Rose, Sevenker, Hayden, DeVol, Ward Family History. 150 pages. 1991
Hayes Hayes MPL The Hayes Family. 550 pages. nd
Hayman Frier OCLS Memorial Sketch of the Life and Ministerial Labors of Rev. J.M. Hayman, One of the Pioneer Baptist Preachers of South Florida 1901
Hayman Gordon OCLS The James Alderman Hayman Family and Their Ancestral Florida Pioneers 1986
Hayne/ Haynes Haynes CBL Walter Haynes of Sutton Mandeville, Wiltshire, England, and Sudbury, MA and his descendants, 1583-1928. 1929
Haynes Gray OCLS Alloys and Automobiles, The Life of Elwood Haynes 1979
Haynes Association WPBPL Haynes family eagle. 1963
Haynie Rossman OCLS Rev. John Haynie, Ancestry, Life and Descendants 1963
Haynsworth Haynsworth WPBPL Haynsworth-Furman and allied families. 1942
Hazard Robinson IRCL The Hazard family of Rhode Island, 1635-1894 : being a genealogy and history of the descendants of Thomas Hazard, with sketches of the worthies of this family, and anecdotes illustrative of their traits and also of the times. 1896
Hazelton Lapham IRCL Genealogical sketches of Robert and John Hazelton and some of their descendants : with brief notices of other New England families bearing this name. 1892
Heacock Heacock OCLS The Ancestors of Charles Clement Heacock 1851-1914 1950
Heard Heard IRCL Southern Heard families. 19??
Heard Heard IRCL Descendants of Charles Heard. 19??
Heard Zarnowitz IRCL The Heard journal and Herd, Hird, Hurd, too. - Vol. 1, no. 1-19, Vol. 2 with index. 1984-1989
Heard Heard IRCL Miscellaneous collections of Heards. 1985
Heard Heard IRCL Early records of Heards. 19??
Heath Giorgi WPBPL William Heath of Roxbury, Massachusetts and some of his descendants. 1993
Heath Giorgi WPBPL Bartholomew Heath of Haverhill, Massachusetts and some of his descendants. 1994
Heathcock Heathcock OCLS Our Heathcock Family: Descendants of Ransom G. Heathcock, Calhoun Co., Alabama 1831-1912 Vol II 1990
Heathcote Fox IRCL Caleb Heathcote, gentleman colonist : the story of a career in the Province of New York, 1692-1721. 1926
Heinemann Schadt IRCL WPBPL Echoes: Genealogies of Pennsylvania families with lineages to Schadt, Heinemann, Poorman, Kinley, et al. 1983
Helfenstein Sistrunk OCLS The Helfenstein Story nd
Helms Burnup MPL Long Ago Tomorrow. A History of My Grandfather's Family (Helms). 165 pages. 1994
Helms Helms CBL Helms descendants 1720-1984. 1984
Helms Helms MPL Helms Descendants 1720-1991. 650 pages. 1994.
Helseth Helseth IRCL Helseth family history and genealogy. 1993
Hemmenway Newton OCLS Ralph Hemmenway of Roxbury, Mass. 1634 and His Descendants Vol. 2 1943
Henderson Henderson OCLS Early Hendersons of Carther County Kentucky; The Family of Robert Henderson and Descendants of James Alexander Henderson, Jr. 1994
Henderson American Genealogical OCLS Henderson Family History 1978
Henderson Henderson MPL Henderson Descendant Charts. 75 pages. nd
Henderson Henderson OCLS Early Hendersons of Carter County, Kentucky; The Family of Robert Henderson and Descendants of Alexander Miller Henderson 1994
Henderson Henderson OCLS Early Hendersons of Carther County Kentucky; The Family of Robert Henderson and Descendants of Robert J. Henderson 1994
Henderson Hillard OCLS The Henderson Family of Pike Co, Alabama and Related Families Darby, Hilliard, Dixon, Burney, Talbot, Weedon 1964
Henderson Seaver NBPL WPBPL Henderson Family History. nd.
Hendleman Hendleman MPL The Hendleman Genealogy - Douglas Branch. 150 pages. 1982
Hendricks Hendricks IRCL Descendants chart, Benjamin Hendricks (1796-1839). 1994
Hendrickson Hendrickson OCLS The Indiana Years 1903-1941 1983
Hendrickson Pratt MPL The Genealogy of Rev. W. H. Van Deusen and Related Families. 83 pages. 1969
Hendrix Hubbard OCLS Pinhook to Brazil 1936
Hendry Stone OCLS John and William, Sons of Robert Hendry (Rev. 2nd ed.) 1988
Hendry Hendry WPBPL Hendry, Joe B., Jr., Florida cattle baron & land developer. 1989
Henley Harvey OCLS The Henley Family of Maryland 1728: Descendants and Allied Families 1987
Henry Henry OCLS A Record of the Descendants of Simon Henry (1766-1854) and Rhoda Parsons (1774-1847) His Wife 1905
Henry Dawson OCLS Our East Tennessee Kinsmen Cate, Henry, and Related Families; Part 1: Meet Your Henry Kin; Part 2: Cate, Carmichael, Conway, Huffaker, Hudson, Mount and Related Families 1962
Henry Seaver WPBPL Henry family records. 1929
Henry Henry WPBPL The Henrys of Maryland and related families. 1982
Henry Eldridge OCLS Henry Genealogy, The Descendants of Samuel Henry of Hadley and Amberst, Mass 1734-1790 and Lurana (Cady) Henry, His Wife 1915
Henry Wirt OCLS The Life and Character of Patrick Henry nd
Henry McDaniel WPBPL History of the family of William and Sarah Pickens Henry. 1777-1961. 1961
Henry Henry OCLS Captain Henry of Geauga, A Family Chronicle 1942
Hensel Thompson OCLS History of Michael Hensel (Hentzel) Sr; His and Related Families nd
Henson Henson OCLS A Black Explorer at the North Pole 1989
Hepburn Briggs OCLS William Peter Hepburn (Iowa Biography Series) 1919
Herkimer Cowen IRCL The Herkimers and Schuylers : an historical sketch of the two families with genealogies of the descendants of George Herkimer, the Palatine, who settled in the Mohawk Valley, New York, in 1721. 1903
Herman Burnite WPBPL The Stark-Welker genealogy and family history: including Gangloff, Herman, Hess, etc. 1984
Hershe Thomas WPBPL Genealogy of the descendants of Benjamin Long and Mary Hershe Long. 1935
Hershey Hershey IRCL Hershey family history. 1989
Hershey Hershey OCLS (Microcard) History and Records of the Hershey Family from the year 1600 1852
Hess Hess LDSFH Family Record of the Hess Family. The First Emigrant to this Country Down to the Present Time as far as could be obtained. 1880
Hess Burnite WPBPL The Stark-Welker genealogy and family history: including Gangloff, Herman, Hess, etc. 1984
Hesser Hesser OCLS A History of the Hesser Family 1708-1945 1945
Heverly Mears OCLS Heverley/Everly: A History of the Heverly Family Including the Spellings, Hever, Heverle, Heverley, Everle, Everley, Everleigh, Eveleigh, Evelgh, Eveley, Everly, and Eveleth 1945
Heydt Smith WPBPL Hans Joest Heydt (Hite), The Story of a Pioneer nd
Heyward Heyward OCLS Heyward nd
Heywood Massara IRCL The Heywood history : John Heywood of Concord, Massachusetts, an history of one line of his descendants and allied families. 1969
Hiatt Bjorkman WPBPL The Descendants of Peter Simmons of Brunswick County, Virginia with allied lines of Hiatt, Mills, Patton, James, Harliss and McGriff. 1973
Hibbard Hibbard IRCL Genealogy of the Hibbard family who are descendants of Robert Hibbard of Salem, Massachusetts. 1901
Hibbard Bulloch OCLS A History and Genealogy of Mrs. Imogene A. Bateman Hibbard 1920
Hickman Johnson WPBPL Mink-Scherrer-Hickman-Harshman-Dickay. 1978
Hickman Wilson WPBPL The history of the Hickman-Sherer families. 1878
Hicks Boyd MCPL Family History of Lt. Thomas Fortson, 1742-1824. nd
Hiddleston Flack WPBPL Genealogy of the Gordon - Macy - Hiddleston - Curtis and allied families. 1967
Hiers Hiers OCLS The Hiers Genealogy (Heyer, Hyer, Hier, Hires, Hiers) and Allied Families: Platts, Rentz, Fender, Varn, Carter, Parker, Croft, Kinard, Others 1974
Higgins Higgins IRCL Richard Higgins : A resident and pioneer settler at Plymouth and Eastham, Massachusetts, and at Piscataway, New Jersey and his descendants. 1918
Higgins Higgins WPBPL Richard Higgins and his descendants. 1918. Supplement, 1924
Higgins Morse IRCL An American family and its ancestor predecessors : back to Adam through early American immigrants of British extraction according to past and present records. 1973
Highfill Roberts IRCL Roberts-Allen families and related families, Davis, Highfill, Rogers. 1985
Hilborn Hilborn NBPL Hilborn's Family Newsletter Directory. 1984
Hildebrand McDowell OCLS 'Among My Pioneer Ancestors' The Hildebrand Family nd
Hildreth Newman OCLS The Hildreth Family 1989
Hill American Genealogical OCLS IRCL The Hill Family. 1975
Hill UNK CBL Valentine Hill, c. 1637 of Durham, NH: 4 generations. nd
Hill Richards IRCL Hill family history. 1927
Hill Hill WPBPL The Hill family. n.d.
Hill Hill WPBPL Memorial addresses. 1883
Hill Hill NBPL Ebenezer Hill: The Little Minister of Mason, NH. 1923
Hill Hill OCLS William Hill, Northumberland Co, VA and Various Descendants 1983
Hill Hill OCLS Hill & Hill - Moberly Connections of Fairfield County, South Carolina 1961
Hill Furniss CBL OCLS Hill and allied families of Central Ohio. 1974
Hill Bartlett IRCL John Hill of Dorchester, Massachusetts, 1633 : and five generations of his descendants. 1904
Hill Arbogast OCLS The House of Hill; The Story of the Hills and Other Allied Familes: Covington, Hammond, Coleman, Florence, Galbreath, Gilliland, Kinnear, Sharp, Shawan, Hamilton, Yoakum, McKinley, Litten, Whiteside, Gulick, Wilson, Schleich, Davis,... 1982
Hills Hills OCLS The Hills Family in America (2 volumes) 1905
Hinckley Hinckley WPBPL Hinckley heritage and history. 1960
Hinckley Norton WPBPL Some descendants of Samuel Hinckley who came in 1635. 1976
Hinckley Groves IRCL Hinckleys of Maine : The ancestry, both in Massachusetts and in England, and descendants of Samuel Hinckley of Brunswick, Mainey. 1993
Hindman Hindman WPBPL Hindman genealogy. n.d.
Hinman Wright OCLS Ancestors and Descendants of Havilah Burritt Hinman of Stratford, NH with Lineage Back to Edward Hinman, the Youngest Son of Sgt. Wdward Hinman of Stratford, NH; with Barrett Family Notes 1966
Hitchcock Hitchcock IRCL The genealogy of the Hitchcock family : who are descended from Matthias Hitchcock of East Haven, Connecticut, and Luke Hitchcock of Wethersfield, Connecticut. 1894
Hobson Boone WPBPL Our Family Heritage, with Speer, Hobson, Oates, Ivey, Faison and related families. 1956
HodOCLn Hudson MPL Pioneer Families. (HodOCLn, Delesdernier, Rouleau, Graham) Vol.VI. 31 pages. 1990
Hodsden Weymouth IRCL Weymouth family history: the descendants of Edward Weymouth and Esther Hodsden of Kittery, Maine. 1978
Hoefelbauer Seebach WPBPL Hoefelbauer and allied families. 1974
Hoffelbauer Rohrbach IRCL Hoffelbauer genealogy, 1585-1993 : the American families Hefelbower, Heffelbower, Heflebower, Hefflebower, Heflybower, Hefflibauer, Heflibauer and Heffelbauer : together with their German and Austria ancestry. 1993
Hoffman Hoffman WPBPL Eleven generations of Hoffmans in New York. Descendants of Martin Hoffman, 1657-1957. 1957
Hoffman Hoffman WPBPL Hoffman, Manning and Simmons Families of Dutchess Co., New York
Hofstra Keeler WPBPL William Sake Hofstra. n.d.
Hoge Hogue WPBPL Hoge and Hogue: from a 1682 Scottish Immigrant to a 1986 Southern Clan. 1987
Hogg Ironmonger MPL Hogg Family of York and Gloucester Counties, VA. 495 pages. nd
Holbrook Lord OCLS Holbrook and Allied Families [Cummings] 1942
Holcombe McPherson OCLS The Holcombes - Nation Builders: Their Genealogy and Biography 1947
Holcombe Henke OCLS Holcombe - Doane - Henke Family History 1812-1983 Vol. I 1983
Holder Holder CBL Holders of Holderness. nd
Hole Rice MPL A History of the Hole Family in England and America. (Gantz) 134 pages. 1904
Holland Wilson MCPL Descendants of Dr. Lewis DeRochbrune of Queen Anne County, Maryland. nd
Holland Opdyke IRCL The Op Dyck genealogy: containing the Opdyck, Opdycke, Opdyke, Updike, American descendants of the Wesel and Holland families. 1889
Holland Holland OCLS Our Heritage Vol 2 Holland Genealogy 1966
Holliday Pendelton OCLS In Search of the Hollidays; The Story of Doc Holliday and His Holliday and McKey Families 1973
Holliday Halliday WPBPL John Holliday, a forthright man. 1962
Holliday Bordley WPBPL The Holliday and related families of the Eastern shore of Maryland. 1962
Hollingsworth Stewart IRCL Descendants of Valentine Hollingsworth, Sr. and Aaron Hollingsworth. 1976
Hollingsworth Hollingsworth MPL Descendants of Valentine Hollingsworth, Sr. (Gantz) 211 pages. 1976, Reprinted 1991
Hollister Case OCLS (Microcard) The Hollister Family of America; Lieut. John Hollister of Wethersfield, CT and His Descendants 1845
Holloway Holway IRCL (Holway-Rich heritage) Supplement and index to Holway-Rich heritage : a history and genealogy of two Cape Cod families. 1992
Holloway Holway IRCL Holway-Rich heritage : a history and genealogy of two Cape Cod families. 1988
Holloway Hopkins CBL Colonial cousins. 1940
Holman Holman WPBPL One man's family history. 5 Vol. 1985
Holmes Bowen OCLS Yankee From Olympus; Justice Holmes and His Family 1944
Holmes Maynard MPL The Descendants of William & Honor (Wells) Holmes. Vol.I-II-III. 266 pages. 1991
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