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ECFGSC Family History Bibliography - L

Books are located in the following libraries:

CBL Central Brevard Library, Cocoa
IRCL Indian River County Main Library, Vero Beach
LDSFH LDS Family History Center, Fort Pierce
MBL Morningside Branch Library, Port St. Lucie
MCPL Martin County Public Library, Stuart
MPL Melbourne Public Library, Melbourne
NBPL North Brevard Public Library, Titusville
OCL Okeechobee County Library, Okeechobee
OCLS Orange County Library System, Orlando
OSCLS Osceola County Library System, Kissimmee
SLCHM St. Lucie County Historical Museum, Fort Pierce
SLCL Saint Lucie County Library, Fort Pierce
WPBPL West Palm Beach Public Library, West Palm Beach
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Lacey Moore OCLS Life of General Edward Lacey 1981
Lackor/ Lackore/ LaCore/ Lucore Middleton CBL NBPL MPL WPBPL The Lackor Family: Lackore, Lacore-La Core-Lucore. 1970
Lacy Lacy WPBPL The Lacy Family from Fairfield, Connecticut 1973
Lacy Davis OCLS Sketch of the Life and Character of John Lacey, A Brigadier General in the Revolutionary Army 1868
Ladd Garrity WPBPL The Ladd Family of Piscataquis, Maine 1974
Laffite Saxon OCLS Laffite the Pirate 1930
LaFoy Hooper IRCL Seven trails into the past: a compilation of some of the lineages and family lines of Hooper, Poarch, Wilbanks, Spence, Clardy, LaFoy, Watkins, and Lumpkin, with genealogical notes. 1980
Lain Sherman WPBPL Descendants of William Lain and Keziah Mather with her lineage from Reverend Richard Mather. 1957
Lakin Agricola WPBPL Lakin Family, Descendants of Abraham Lakin and Martha Lee Lakin of Prince George's Co., MD; 1989.
Lamb Lamb WPBPL Lamb Family nd
Lamb Minard OCLS Lambe/Lamb: Nine Generations from Thomas Lambe 1609-1646 to Charles Hamilton Lamb 1876-1927 1968
Lamb Brisack MPL Descendants of Daniel Brisack and His Wife, Catherine Lamb. (Gantz) 107 pages. 1979
Lamb Lamb OCLS Family Records: Lamb, Savory, Harriman 1900
Lamb Lamb OCLS IRCL Lamb Data for Genealogical Research and Index to the Family of Thomas Lamb of the Massachusetts Bay Colony to 1950 1992
Lambert Bertram OCLS History of the Lambert Family From Jugenheim in Rheinhessen 1993
Lamont Lamont WPBPL A brief account of the life at Charlotteville of Thomas William Lamont and his famiy. 1915
Lamont Lamont WPBPL The Thomas Lamont Family. 1962
Lampton Lampton WPBPL A history of the Lampton family in America from 1664. 1984
Lance Smith and Shepard IRCL Some ancestral lines: including Apgar, Apgard, Apker, Bunn, Clarke, Ebcher, Lance and Sutton. 1993
Lander Lander OCLS WPBPL History of the Lander Family of Virginia and Kentucky 1926
Landes Cary OCLS NBPL A Brief History of the Jacob Wissler Landes Branch of the Landes Family. 1978
Lane Chapman OCLS Lane Genealogies Vol. 1 William Lane of Boston Mass 1648 Including the Records of Edmund J. Lane and James P. Lane; Capt John Lane of York Co ME 1693; Capt John Lane of Fisherfield NH 1737 1891
Lane Brown MCPL Genealogy of John Brown of Hampton, NH. nd
Lane Lane WPBPL Genealogical notes on the families of Daniel Lane, 2nd and Mary Griswold Lane. 1899
Lane Lane OCLS Down Memory Lane: Descendants of John Lane and Joyce (Lester) Lane 1980
Lane Hall OCLS The Road to Washington: Henry S. Lane, The Rise of an Indiana Politician, 1842-1860 1990
Lane Jackson OCLS Adjusting Branches of the Lane, Slack, Bush, Chaney, Dodson, Williams, Grace and Blummer Family Trees 1988
Laney Biers CBL Family of Sidney Austin Williams and Margaret Catherine Laney. 1988
Langfitt Ewing OCLS Langfitt and Davis British and Colonial Ancestry; A History of Campbell, Clarke, Cornell, Davis, Fones, Hallett, Havens, Hubbard, Hughes, Jackson, Langfitt, Seamar, Winthrop ... 1485-1987 1987
Langhorne Langhorne WPBPL John Langhorne Family 1979
Lanier Boyd MCPL Family History of Lewis Moore Wright and Connected Families. 3 Vols. nd
Lanier Corbitt WPBPL Lanier. nd
Larkins Fenner OCLS The Life of Wilson A Larkins and His Family 1979
Larsen Foulke MPL Larsen and Uggerby Families. 103 pages. 1977
Lary Fisher OCLS WPBPL Lary Family Genealogy: Daniel Lary of New Hampshire and His Descendants 1977
Lash Hansborough CBL History and genealogy of the Hansborough - Hansbrough fmily with data on the Hanbury, Garrod, Lash, Devous, Davis, Wathen and Bell families. 1981
Lasseter Lasseter WPBPL In retrospect and reality - Compiled by the family of John Augustus, Sr., and Susie Lasseter. 1966
Lastinger Shaw OCLS The John Lastinger Family of America: A Record of the Descendants of John Lastinger, Immigrant 1760-1960; Index in Separate Volume 1960
Latham Latham OCLS WPBPL Lathams of Virginia & West Virginia; Thayers of Massachusetts and West Virginia; Ancestors & Descendants of George Robert Latham (1832-1917) & Caroline Amelia Thayer (1834-1938) 1977
Latham Worden OCLS WPBPL The Ancestry of Arthur Wood Latham and of His Wife Harriett May Phillips With Notes on Allied Familes Including Bennett, Heath, Leeds, Smith, Stevens, Wheaton, Whiltlesey and Wood Families of CT or MA, ... 1980
Lathrop Huntington IRCL A genealogical memoir of the Lo-Lathrop family in this country: embracing the decendants, as far as known, of the Rev. John Lothropp... and Mark Lothrop... and the first generation of descendants of other names. 1971
Lathrop Lathrop IRCL John Lathrop : arrival in America and family tree. 1988
Lathrop Thompson OCLS The Descendants of Rev John Lothrop Through the Thomas Fish Line 1965
Latimer Sayford WPBPL The Latimer Legacy. 1985
Lauver Slabaugh OCLS The Lauver Legacy of Life and Love: Jacob M Lauver 1871-1965 and Emma Graybill 1870-1942 - Their Ancestry and Their Descendants (2 Copies) nd
Lawing Johnson IRCL Johnston, Johnson, Lawing: a study in lineage of Johnston-Johnson-Lawing families of the central Carolinas. 19??
Lawrence Satterthwaite WPBPL Stokes, Wells, Lawrence, Brewster and allied families 1936
Lawrence Yates NBPL Family Group Sheet Exchange: Surnames Lawrence, Messer & Morrison. 1988
Lawrence Lawrence OCLS Memorials of Robert Lawrence and Robert Bartlett and Their Descendants 1888
Lay Webster OCLS Family History of John Lay, Sr 1610-1674/5 1995
Le Fever Margeson IRCL Our patriot New York families : maternal genealogy. 1991
Lea Lea OCLS The Lea Family in Nelson County, VA: Their History and Genealogy 1946
Leach Chessman WPBPL Leach family record, descendants of Lawrence Leach of Salem, MA 1629, through his son Giles of Bridgewater, Mass., 1665. 1898
Leach Phelps IRCL Lawrence Leach of Salem, Massachusetts and some of his descendants, Vol. 1. 1924
Leavitt Dodge WPBPL The Morgan-Leavitt families. 1958
Ledbetter Peters OCLS WPBPL The Richard Ledbetter Family of Rutherford County, North Carolina 1969
Ledford Edgerton OCLS WPBPL Generations: An American Family 1983
Ledlie Ledlie and Moody IRCL Joseph Ledlie and William Moody : Early Pittsburgh residents, their background and some of their descendants. 1961
Lee Nagel IRCL The Lees of Virginia : Seven generations of an American family. 1990
Lee Stern OCLS WPBPL Robert E Lee, the man and the soldier; a pictorial biography. 1963
Lee Seaver IRCL The Lee Genealogy. 19??
Lee Lee CBL Lee of Virginia 1642-1892: Biographical and genealogical sketches of the descendants of Colonel Richard Lee. 1983
Lee Lee WPBPL Lee Family Index, Vol. I 1969
Lee Lee IRCL John Leigh of Agawam (Ipswich) Massachusetts, 1634-1671 : and his descendants of the name of Lee with genealogical notes and biographical sketches of all his descendants, so far as can be obtained. 1888
Lee Lee WPBPL Descendants of James Lee. 1988
Lee Lattimore OCLS The Story of Robert E. Lee As Told in His Own Words and Those of His Contemporaries 1964
Lee Brock CBL Gen. Robert Edward Lee. 1897
Lee Freeman OCLS Robert E. Lee 1961
Lee Page OCLS Robert E Lee: The Southerner 1908
Lee Hendrick OCLS MPL WPBPL The Lees of Virginia. Biography of a Family. 455 pages. 1935
Leedy Ogier IRCL Longs and Leedys - pioneers: a chronological record of the Long and Leedy families of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio and points west. 1962
Leek Mack WPBPL The Leek family of Southern New Jersey. 1974
Leeper Gambill OCLS The Kith and Kin of Captain James Leeper and Susan Drake His Wife 1946
Leeper Leeper WPBPL Search for the Leeper descendants in America, 1733-1994. 1994?
Leete Leete OCLS (Microcard) The Family of William Leete, One of the First Settlers of Guilford, CT and Governor of New Haven and Connecticut Colonies.. 1810
Leete Leete WPBPL The family of William Leete, one of the first settlers of Guilford, Ct. & Governor of New Haven & Connecticut Colonies. 1884
Leffingwell Leffingwell WPBPL The Leffingwell record, 1637-1897, a genealogy of the descendants of Lieut. Thomas Leffingwell, one of the founders of Norwich, Connecticut. 1897
Lehew Lettue OCLS Peter Lehew of Front Royal, Virginia and Some of His Descendants 1967
Leibensperger Leibensperger IRCL History and genealogy of the Leibensperger family : descendants of John George Leipersberger and Catherine. 1943
Leighton Jordan OCLS Leighton Genealogy: An Account of the Descendants of Capt William Leighton of Kittery Maine ... Frost, Hill, Bane, Wentworth, Langdon, Bragdon, Parson, Pepperell, Fernald, Nason, and Other Families of York Co 1885
Leland Leland OCLS The Leland Magazine or a Genealogical Record of Henry Leland and His Descendants..1653 to 1850 1850
Lemaster Lemaster MPL Lemasters, USA 1639-1965. 308 pages. 1965
Lemaster Lemaster OCLS Lemaster Family, USA; Lemasters, USA 1639-1965 with Supplement, 1960 1960
Lempriere Landers MPL Poingdestre-Poindexter, A Norman Family. 199 pages. 1977
Lenher Lenher OCLS The Lenher Family of Lancaster Co, PA 1903
Lerch Heckman MCPL History of the Lerch Family. nd
Lestourgeon LeStourgeon OCLS The LeStourgeon Family Book 1989
Letchworth Larned OCLS The Life and Work of William Pryour Letchworth, Student and Minister of Public Benevolence 1912
Letton Letton OCLS The History of the Letton - Hamblin Families 1975
Leuel Harris LDSFH The Ancestors and Descendants of Ella Tibbits Cook and WIlliam Badger Tibbits Ronalds. Includes Surnames: Sylvester, Lloyd, Cook, Leuel, Bonefant, Moorman, Sapp. 1985
Levengood Levegood OCLS The Pennslyvania Germas From the Palantine Alsace and Switzerland: Genealogy of the Levegood, Levergood, Levengood, Livergodd, Livengood, Livingood Family; Americans for Over Two Centuries 1935
Levering Jones OCLS The Levering Family; or a Genealogical Account of Migard Lebering and Gerbard Lebering Two of the Pioneer Settlers of Roxbourough Township Philadelphia Co PA and Their Descendants 1858
Levering Levering OCLS Levering Family History and Genealogy 1897
Lewis Long OCLS John Lewis: The Lost Pioneer - His Ancestors and Descendants (1670-1970) 1971
Lewis Boyd MCPL WPBPL A family history: Wright-Lewis-Moore and connected families, early settlers, Greene County, Georgia. 1968
Lewis Wright MPL IRCL Ancestors and Descendants of William Browning Greene and Mary Hoxsie Lewis with Allied Families. 778
Lewis Sorley IRCL Lewis of Warner Hall : the history of a family, including the genealogy of descendants in both the male and female lines, biographical sketches of its members, and their descent from other. 1937, Reprinted 1971
Lewis Lewis IRCL Lewis patriarchs of early Virginia and Maryland : with some arms and origins. 1991
Lewis Lewis IRCL Edmund Lewis of Lynn, Massachusetts and some of his descendants. 1908
Lewis Lewis OCLS John Lewis: A History and Genealogy 1985
Lewis Moses OCLS The Welsh Lineage of John Lewis (1592-1657): Emigrant to Glouster, VA 1984
Lewis Anderson MPL Lewises, Meriwethers and Their Kin. 650 pages. 1984
Lewis Sorley OCLS Lewis of Warner Hall: The History of a Family Including the Genealogy of Descendants on Both the Male and Female Lines, Biographical Sketches of Its Members and Their Descent From Other Early Virginia Families 1979
Lewis Duke WPBPL Kenmore and the Lewises. 1949
Lewis Dillin OCLS Meriweather Lewis: A Biography 1965
Lewis Boyd CBL NBPL MPL IRCL A family history: Wright-Lewis-Moore and connected families, early settlers, Greene County, Georgia. 1968
Libby Libby OCLS WPBPL The Libby Family in America 1602-1881 1882
Lightfoot Ragonesi NBPL The Lightfoot Family. nd.
Ligon Pearce OCLS Ligon Pioneers in Kentucky 1967
Lilley Shields OCLS The Lilley Family of Vermont 1650-1981 and Pennsylvania GRC Series 2 Vol 45 1992
Lilley/ Lyly/ Lilly/ Lillie Shields CBL John Lilley of Vermont and Bradford Co., PA: The history of the family to the seventh generation. nd
Lilly Madison OCLS Eli Lilly: A Life, 1885-1977 1989
Lincoln Tarbell MPL The Early Life of Abraham Lincoln. 240 pages. 1973
Lincoln Lea OCLS The Ancestry of Abraham Lincoln 1909
Lincoln Lincoln MPL Descendants of Apollos Lincoln. (Gantz) 50 pages. 1989
Lincoln Spephenson OCLS Lincoln, an Acount of His Personal Life, Especially of its Springs of Action as Revealed and Deepened by the Ordeal of War 1924
Lincoln Tolzmann WPBPL Abraham Lincoln's ancestry; German or English? 1993
Lincoln Morris WPBPL Stephen Lincoln of Oakham, Mass. His history and descendants. 1895
Lincoln Lincoln WPBPL History of the Lincoln family. An account of the descendants of Samuel Lincoln of Hingham, Massachusetts. 1637-1920. 1923
Lindberg Stoleson CBL Through the generations: A genealogy of the Coffin family, Shockney family, Wasson family, Lindberg family, Jones family. 1989
Lindly Lindly WPBPL The Lindlys and Allied Families nd
Lindsay Lindsay OCLS MPL The Lindsays of Americ:a A Genealogical Narrative and Family Record 1979
Lindsay Lindsay WPBPL Grandpas, in-laws and out-laws [A Lindsay family genealogy]. 1976
Lindsay Lindsay WPBPL Lives of the Lindsays: or, a memoir of the houses of Crawford and Balcarres. 3 vol. 1849
Lindsley Poole OCLS The Genealogy of John Lindsley 1845-1909 and His Wife Virginia Thayer Payne (1856-1941) of Boston MA 1950
Lineberry Lineberry OCLS The Lineberry Family 1918
Linley Linley WPBPL The Linley Genealogy, John Linley 1796-1882, Iowa, Wisconsin, His Desendants in the United States; 1975.
Linthicum Badger OCLS NBPL Genealogy of the Linthicum and Allied Families. 1934
Linville Eichholz WPBPL A Second Visit with the Linvilles 1976
Lipp Donbar OCLS The Lipp Family History: Descendants of Balsar Lipp 1800-1994 1994
Lipscomb Helmer OCLS Lipscomb: 300 Years in America 1679-1979 1979
List List OCLS IRCL WPBPL List Family Notes with Data on Banta and Demarest Families 1986
Littell Littell WPBPL Littell's living age. 1980
Little Sewell OCLS We the Little People, A Compilation 1987
Little Avery WPBPL The Warren, Little, Lothrop, Park, Dix, Whitman, Fairchild, Platt, Wheeler, Lane & Avery pedigrees of Samuel Putnam Avery [1847-1920]. 1925
Littlehale Little OCLS Littlehale Family in America From 1633 to 1880 1880
Littler Vale CBL Genealogy of the Vale, Walker, Littler and other related families. 1973
Litwiller Litwiller MPL The Family of Jacob B. Litwiller and Lydia G. (Iutzi) Litwiller. (Gantz) 50 pages. 1991
Litwiller UNK IRCL The family of Jacob B. Litwiller and Lydia G. (Iutzi) Litwiller. 1986
Livengood Livengood WPBPL The Jacob Livengood Family nd
Livingston Whitten NBPL WPBPL Livingston Lines. 1980
Livingston Rensselaer WPBPL The Livingston Family in America & its Scottish Origins 1949
Lloyd Harris LDSFH The Ancestors and Descendants of Ella Tibbits Cook and William Badger Tibbits Ronalds. Includes surnames: Sylvester, Lloyd, Cook, Leuel, Bonefant, Moorman, Sapp. 1985.
Lloyd McGaffey OCLS The Lloyd Family 1974
Lloyd Osann LDSFH Henry Lloyd's Salt Box Manor House. 1982
Lloyd Woolsey LDSFH The Lloyd of Manor of Queens Village. 1925
Lloyd Glenn OCLS Genealogical Notes Relating to the Families of Lloyd, Pemberton, Hutchinson, Hudson, and Parke and to Others Connected Directly or Remotely with Them 1898
Lockwood Holden IRCL Colonial and revolutionary history of the Lockwood family in America from A.D. 1630 : descendants of Robert Lockwood - Vol. 1 and 2. 1889
Logan Tolles OCLS George Logan of Philadelphia 1953
Lomax Lomax OCLS Genealogical and Historical Sketches of the Lomax Family 1894
London Vandlen WPBPL Pifer-Schlosser ancestry of Geraldine Williams Vandlen: ancestry of the Londons of Lakeview, Michigan. 1995
Long Long OCLS Twelve Months on Andersonville: On the March - In the Battle - In the Rebel Prison Pens, and At Last in God's Country 1886
Long Thomas WPBPL Genealogy of the descendants of Benjamin Long and Mary Hershe Long. 1935
Long Long IRCL The Long trek to Big Scrub. 1986
Long Long MPL The Longs and Related Families. 64 pages. 1990
Long Ogier IRCL Longs and Leedys - pioneers : a chronological record of the Long and Leedy families of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio and points west. 1962
Long Thomas WPBPL Genealogy of Benjamin Long, deceeased; Late of Tonawanda, Erie County, New York. 1898
Long Long OCLS The Family of Reverend George Long III; His Ancestors and Descendants including Atchley Family Lineage nd
Long Long OCLS Stonewall's 'Foot Cavalryman' Andrew Davidson Long Company, A First Virginia Regiment Stonewall Brigade 1965
Long Long OCLS The Long Family of Crawford County, GA 1972
Longstreth Taylor MPL The Longstreth Family Records. (Gantz) 805 pages. 1909
Lontz Lontz WPBPL Our German, Pilgrim and Quaker Ancestors 1968
Loomis Loomis IRCL The descendants (by the female branches) of Joseph Loomis : who came from Braintree, England, in the year 1638, and settled in Windsor, Connecticut, in 1639 - Vol. 1 and 2. 1880
Loomis Loomis IRCL WPBPL The descendants of Joseph Loomis : who came from Braintree, England, in the year 1638, and settled in Windsor, Connecticut, in 1639. 1875
Loomis Looms OCLS Descendants of Joseph Loomis in America and His Antecedents in the Old World 1909
Lothrop Avery WPBPL The Warren, Little, Lothrop, Park, Dix, Whitman, Fairchild, Platt, Wheeler, Lane & Avery pedigrees of Samuel Putnam Avery [1847-1920]. 1925
Lothrop Huntington IRCL A genealogical memoir of the Lo-Lathrop family in this country : embracing the descendants, as far as known, of the Rev. John Lothropp ... and Mark Lothrop... and the first generation of descendants of other names. 1971
Lothropp Price IRCL John Lothropp (1584-1653) : a Puritan biography and genealogy. 1984
Lott Vance IRCL Descendants of Cornelius Peter Lott, 1798-1972. 1973
Loucks McBrier OCLS Genealogy of the Loucks Family Beginning with Johann Dietrich Loucks and His Descendants in Direct Line to Joseph Loucks Fourth Generation and all His Known and Traceable Descendants to Date 1940
Love Love OCLS General Thomas Love of Western North Carolina and Western Tennessee and His Brothers Robert and James nd
Lovejoy Clarke OCLS The Lovejoy Genealogy Supplement 1 To the 1930 Edition of Lovejoy Genealogy 1460-1930 1980
Loveless Loveless OCLS Two Hundred American Ancestors: The Progenitors of Richard William Loveless 1968
Low Horner OCLS Low Family: Material Copied from the Original Letter by John Thomas Low nd
Low Augur OCLS Tall Ships to Cathay [Low Family] 1951
Low Loines OCLS The China Trade Post-Bag of the Seth Low Family of Salem and New York 1829-1873 1953
Loy Myers CBL Briner family history: A genealogy of George Michael Breiner and Anna Catherine Loy, married 1756/7 in Pennsylvania. 1984
Lucas Kemp WPBPL Lucas Genealogy 1964
Luce McCourt OCLS The American Descendants of Henry Luce of Martha's Vineyard 1640-1985 Luce New Pages and Addend & Errata 1985 (Volumes 1-4 & Index) 1985
Luce Jacques MPL Luce on Long Island. 109 pages. 1979
Lucius Wade OCLS Lucius Families USA Vol III 1977
Lucius Wade WPBPL Lucius Families, U. S. A. Vols. II and III 1971. 1077
Lucius Wade OCLS Lucius Families USA Vol II Concerning the Descendants of Samuel & Nancy Ann (Robertson) Lucius Who Settled in Chickasaw County, MS around 1843 1971
Ludlow Seversmith WPBPL The ancestry of Roger Ludlow. Book 1. 1958
Luffman Ramsey OCLS The Luffman and Allied Families 1710-1967 1968
Lumpkin Hooper IRCL Seven trails into the past: a compilation of some of the lineages and family lines of Hooper, Poarch, Wilbanks, Spence, Clardy, LaFoy, Watkins, and Lumpkin, with genealogical notes. 1980
Lundy Armstrong OCLS The Lundy Family and their Descendants of Whatsoever Surname With a Biographical Sketch of Benjamin Lundy 1902
Lupper Chambers WPBPL Foulke, Lupper and allied families. 1952
Lupton Lupton OCLS The Luptonian (2 Volumes: V. 1-21 1974-81, V. 23-42 1982-85) 1974
Luther Luther OCLS WPBPL The Luther Family in America: A Genealogy of the Descendants of Captain John Luther of the Massachusetts Bay Colony 1976
Luttrell Prichard WPBPL Allied families or Read, Corbin, Luttrell, Bywaters. 1980
Lyon Lyon LDSFH Lyon Memorial Vol. IV. 1976
Lyon Dunlop OCLS A Lyon Genealogy for the Descendants of Amos Mead Lyon 1988
Lyon Lyon LDSFH Lyon Memorial Vol. II. 1962
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